Little River County,AR


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Abney, Adkins, Allen, Altom, Anderson, Bailey , Barlow, Barney, Bass, Bass2, Beasley, Beck, Bellah, Bishop, Bowen, Boyd, Bradshaw, Brown, Brown-2, Burke, Bush, Coburn, Coburn 2, Cooper, Davis, Davis 2, Dowling, Dukes,Dukes 2, Dumas, Elliott, Farris, Felty, Finigan, Fitzgerald, Ford, Ford 2, Forte, Fullerton, George, Goodwin, Hampton, Hadaway, Harris, Harwell, Head, Hedgecock, Hinton, Holmon, Holt, Howard, Johnson, Jones, Jones 2, King, Kittley/Kitley, Lawler(Loller), Leach, Lee, Lewis, Luallen, Massey, McCuller, McElhannon, McIntosh, Merle, Miller, Mize, Moore, Mullins, Murray, Nunn, Post, Potts, Price, Reeves, Sessions,Shep(p)ard, Shimpock, Sloan, Smart, Smith, Spears, Spriggs, Stewart, Storie, Strebeck, Taylor, Teufel, Thearl, Thompson,Treadway, Treadway 2, Turner, Walker, Walkup, Ward, Ward 2,Watson, Whitemore, Whitemore 2, Wilkerson, Wilson, Wilson 2, Wright, Young, Youngblood


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