Official Service and Instruction Book
Sacred Heart Church
St. Edwards Church
Texarkana, Tex., Ark.  1912 – 1917.

Copyrighted 1912, by Church Publishing Company
Owensboro, Ky. All Rights reserved.

Sacred Heart Parish
Rev. James M. Hayes, Pastor

Rev. James M. Hayes, Pastor Sacred Heart


Sacred Heart Church and Rectory, Texarkana, Texas


Parish Regulations

Sundays – Low Mass, 8 a. m.; High Mass and Sermon, 10:30 a. m.;
Rosary, Congregational Singing, Sermon and Benediction, 8 p.m.;
Mass every morning at 8 o’clock.
Holy hour of Prayer, first Friday of each month from 8 to 9 p.m.
Office of the Blessed Virgin every Sunday after High Mass.
Confessions are heard on Saturdays.
The Vigils of Holy Days on Thursdays before the first Fridays from
4 to 6 and from 7 to 9p.m.; also every morning before mass.

The Parish Grammar and High School.
The schools of the Parish are conducted by the School Sisters of
Notre Dame and consist of the Grammar and High School Departments.
The attendance has increased in two years from sixty to over two
hundred pupils.  The school is for boys and girls and is directed by
Sister M. Pauline, assisted by five teachers.

The Choir
The Choir is composed of the boys of the parish, directed by Sister M.
Paulina. They are trained to sing the Gregarian Chant according to the
regulations laid down by our Holy Father Pope Pius X.



    Holy Name Society
Communion Day is the second Sunday of each month.
President : L. F. Esk, Vice President: C. T. Motz, Treasurer:
L. A. Tanhunson, Secretary: Pat Byrne, Choir Director: Thos. Trodden,
Organist: Clarence Motz, Chairman of Promotors: Thomas Hunter,
Promoters: John Egan, Frank Marks, Tiny Huck, Com Brice, Claude
Martin, F. G. Cook, Leo Sullivan, Henry Columbus;
Sacristan: Roy Motz, Librarian: H. L. Snook.

    St Ann’s Sodality
Communion Day is the first Sunday of each month.
Promoters: Mrs. Gimore, Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Schact, Mrs. Sullvan,
Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Motz, Mrs. Eck, Mrs. McDerment, Mrs. Mosher,
Mrs. Zimmerman, Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Snook, Mrs. Mackin, Mrs. Rodgers.

    Alter Society and School Building Association
President: Mrs. C. T. Motz, Vice President: Mrs. J. B. Preidhomme,
Secretary and Treasurer: Mrs. H. L. Snook,
Promoters: Mrs. Waight, Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. D’Arrigo, Mrs. McDermott,
Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Rodgers, Sacristan: Mrs. Eck,
Assistant Sacristan: Mrs. Blair.

    St. Aloysius Sodality
Communion Day is the fourth Sunday of each month.
Prefect: Frank Williams, Secretary: Charles Columbus,
Treasurer: Joseph Mundella.

    Children of Mary, Sodality
Communion Day is third Sunday of each month.
President: Miss O’Toole, Secretary: Miss H. Halderman,
Treasurer: Miss M. Quinn.

    Children of Mary, Junior Division – Prefect: Miss Florence J. Hunter,
Secretary: Miss Dorothy McNulty, Treasurer: Miss Lizzie Walsh.

    League of the Sacred Heart –
The members receive Communion on the first Friday of each month.
The Promoters are: Mrs. C. T. Motz, Mrs. J. B. Prudhomme,
Mrs. L. Eck. Mrs. James Sullivan, Mrs. Wm. Wright, Mrs. H. Snook,
Mrs. F. J. Rodgers.

    Knights of Columbus
The Texarkana Council includes in it’s membership the parishioners
of Sacred Heart Parish and St. Edwards Parish.  The council, however,
is a Texas Council subject to the general officers of the Order in Texas.
Chaplain: Rev. James M. Hayes, Grand Knight: Thomas W. Hunter,
Deputy Grand Knight: Victor A. Ghis, Chancellor: Rollen W. Rodgers,
Recorder; Anthony Sweeney, Financial Secretary: Will J. O’Dwyer,
Advocate: F. A. Thomas, Warden: Andrew L. Doyle, Inner Guard:
H. L. Sook, Outer Guard: John Grosse: Treasurer: Pat Byrne,
Lecutrer: J. L. Lontkowsky.


Saint Edwards Parish
Rev. Father Boyle, Pastor

Rev. Father Boyle, Pastor of St. Edwards Church

St. Edwards Church, School, and Parsonage.

    The new parish of St. Edwards, King and Confessor, was founded
bypermission of the Rt. Rev. Edward Fitzgerald, D. D. Bishop of Little
Rock, Ark., on the 20th day of June, 1903, by Rev.. E. W. Fowler.
Mass was at first celebrated at the Miller County Court House by
Father Fowler, by his successor, Rev. M. J. Delaney, and by Very
Rev. Fintan Kraemer, O. S. B. then Vicar General of the Diocese.
On the 25th of December, Christmas Day, 1903, Very Rev. Father
Kraemer dedicated the chapel on 4th and Hickory Sts., and celebrated
the first mass in the new chapel on the same day.

    Father Dougherty took charge on March 10th, 1904, and the present
Pastor, Father Boyle, succeeded him August 26th, 1906, his appointment
being the first made by Rt. Rev. John B. Morris, D. D., in his Dioses.


Parish Regulations
Winter Regulations – From the first Sunday in October, till the
second Sunday in June.
Sunday – First Mass, 7:30; High Mass, 10 o’clock.
Sunday School, 2 p.m.
Evening Devotions and Benedictions, 7:30 p.m.
Week days, Mass 7:30.

Summer Regulations – From the third Sunday in June until the last
Sunday in September.
Sunday – First Mass, 7 o’clock. Low Late Mass, 10 A.M.
There will be no Sunday School during the time of the Summer regulations.
Weekdays, Mass 7:30 o’clock.

Confessions are heard every Saturday afternoon from four o’clock till six,
and from seven o’clock till eight, and before first Mass on Sunday, by
special arrangement.
On the Thursday before the first Friday, confessions will be heard as above.
Confessions will also be heard any week morning before Mass.

St Edwards Parochial School
    This school, situated on East Fourth and Hickory Streets, Texarkana,
Ark., is a well ventilated and sanitary building, equipped with all modern
appliances for comfort.

    The School Superintended by the Pastor  of St. Edwards Church,
the Rev. P. H. Boyle, and conducted by the Benedictine Sisters of the
Congregation of Mt.Olivet.

    Although this is a Catholic Parochial School, it admits pupils of all
denominations; there is no interference with anyone’s religion, no
distinction in regard to creed.

    The scholastic year comprises nine moths, the first session commences
the second Monday of September, the second session begins February 1st.

    Tuition fee is one dollar a month, in advance, for each pupil, in all grades.
Pupils are admitted at any time, but not for a shorter period than one session.
No deduction is made for a pupil with drawing before the expiration of the

    St. Edwards School, in strict conformity to diocesan schedule, teaches
three primary and five grammar grades. The completion of the eighth grade
entitles to graduation certificate from Grammer School. St. Edwards has
been teaching two grades of high school work including French and Latin,
and is prepared to teach a full four years course of high school work.
The studies of each grade comprise all branches required by law for graded
schools.  At the close of each session a complete examination is required of
each pupil, 75 per cent, being the minimum for promotion.

    Monthly reports are sent out to parents informing them of the conduct
and progress of the pupils, also statement of the results of the examination.

    The pupils receive free lessons in drawing, water color work, and
embroidery. Besides class singing twice a week, the schools give yearly two
entertainment’s affording the pupils  special training in singing, evolution and

    The Sisters teach instrumental music on piano and violin at $3.00 per
month, two lessons weekly.  They also give lessons in art painting and
embroidery on Saturdays, at moderate prices.

Membership of St. Edward’s Church

Mr. P. J. Ahern Mr. Con Brice Miss Ethel Connerton
Mrs. P. J. Ahern Mr. Pat Brice Joseph Connerton
Joseph Ahern Mrs. Pat Brice Edward Connerton
Mary Ahern Pat Brice, Jr. Agnes Connerton
Anna Ahern Annie Brice Mr. Jos. Connerton
Mr. John Brown Mary Brice Mr. Peter Costello
Mrs. John Brown Mr. John Brenan Mrs. Peter Costello
James D’Arrigo Brown Mrs. John Brenan Miss Lizzie Costello
Mrs. Bradfield Audrey Brenan Mr. Louis Coleridge
James Bradfield Winifrer Brenan Mrs. Louis Coleridge
Mamie Bradfield Mary Brenan John Coleridge
Myrtle Bradfield Mr. F. L. Carrara Miss Louise Coleridge
Myrtle Bradfield Mrs. F. L. Carrara Vincent Coleridge
Cyril Bradfield Louis Carrara Mr. Cigainero
Mr. Will Bann Caroline Carrara Mrs. Cigainero
Mrs. Will Bann Miss Rose Carrara Joseph Cigainero
John Bann Mrs. Paul Crouch Louis Cigainero
Margaret Bann Miss Louise Cella Gus Cigainero
Miss Kate Bann Miss Matilda Cella Miesch Cigainero

Mr. John C. Culver John Cigainero Miss Joanna Darrigo
Mrs. John C. Culver Gilda Cigainero Mrs. F. Darrigo
Frank Culver Manny Cigainero Mr. Jas. Doyle
Louis Jean Culver Charlie Cigainero Mr. Andrew Doyle
Mary Culver Victor Cigainero Mr. C. C. Dorrian
Pauline Culver Rudolph Cigainero Mrs. C. C. Dorrian
Mr. Pat Conners Rosie Cigainero Miss Anna DeGrazier
Mr. Pat Cawley Mary Cigainero Miss Amboline DeGrazier
Mr. Mike Cawley Mr. Vince Cegainero Mickey DeGrazier
Miss Annie Cawley Mrs. Vince Cegainero Mr. W. F. Daniels
Mr. Mike Cassidy Lena Cegainero Mrs. W. F. Daniels
Mrs. Mike Cassidy Alma Cegainero Harry Daniels
Kathleen Cassidy Albert Cegainero Agnes Daniels
Elizabeth Cassidy Mr. John Cegainero Mary Daniels
Margaret Cassidy Mrs. John Cegainero Thomas Daniels
Mary Agnes Cassidy Matilda Cegainero Mr. John Fant
Edward Cassidy Lawrence Cegainero Mrs. John Fant
Mr. Flora Cigainero Frances Cegainero Edward Fant
Mrs. Flora Cigainero Mr. O. Darrigo Miss Agnes Fant
Peter Cigainero Mrs. O. Darrigo Clarence Fant

Walter Fant Mr. F. J. Graves Harvey Howard
Lucile Fant Mrs. F. J. Graves Helen Howard
Claude Fant Florence Graves Hessey Howard
Mrs. Fielden Edna Graves Mr. D. C. Harrington
Clayton Fielden George Graves Mrs. D. C. Harrington
Russ Fielden Miss Amelia Gragnani Dan Hardin
Margaret Fielden Miss Aneta Gragnani Mrs. Davis Jones
Mr. A. W. Grant Miss Grace Gragnani Isabel Jones
Mrs. A. W. Grant Mr. John F. Hunter Mr. Jno. P. Kline
Margaret Grant Mrs. John F. Hunter Mrs. Jno. P. Kline
Allen Grant Hester Hunter Miss Ollie Kline
Phenie Grant John Hunter Cyril Kline
Mary Grant John Hunter, Jr. Myril Kline
Josie Grant Evelyn Hunter Mr. Frank Kuhn
Mr. M. Gazzola George Hunter Mrs. Frank Kuhn
Mrs. M. Gazzola Mr. George Halter Mr. Peter Kuhn
Mr. Jos. Gazzola Mrs. George Halter Mrs. Peter Kuhn
Joseph Gazzola, Jr. Adolph Halter Mr. George Lansdale
Mr. G. Gonzales Joseph Halter Mrs. George Lansdale
Mrs. G. Gonzales Mr. Wm. Howard Mary Lansdale
Marie Gonzales Mrs. Wm. Howard *

Mr. Jas. Lavelle Mr. Jos. McDermott Mrs. Meir
Mrs. Jas. Lavelle Mr. Jos. Milazzo Joseph Meir
Miss Annie Lavell Mrs. Jas. Milazzo Margaret Meir
Miss Margaret Lavelle Leon Milazzo Theresa Meir
Gertrude Lavelle Mr. Dominick Milazzo Mrs. O. E. Moore
Mr. W. R. Lambeth Mrs. Dominick Milazzo Catherine Geneva Moore
Mrs. W. R. Lambeth Camille Milazzo Olive Elizabeth Moore
Will R. Lambeth Lee Milazzo James Clark Moore
Jack Lambeth Baby Milazzo Mr. Manny Nash
Roy Lambeth Mr. Ellis W. Murray Mrs. Manny Nash
Miss Mary Langford Mrs. Ellis W. Murray Mr. R. J. O’Dwyer
Miss Louine Lambeth Mr. Wm. H. Mangan Mrs. R. J. O”Dwyer
Mr. M. J. Loftus Mrs. J. J. Maughan Will O”Dwyer
Mrs. M. J. Loftus Arthur Maughan May O”Dwyer
Joseph Loftus Ralph Maughan John C. O”Dwyer
Walter John Loftus Ralph Maughan Roger J. O”Dwyer
Katherine Loftus Charles de Maesada Thomas O”Dwyer
Matt McGoune Mr. Pat Maher Bernard O”Dwyer
Mrs. Wm. McKiernan Mr. Jos. Murphy Emiline O”Dwyer
Margaret McKiernan Mrs. Jos. Murphy *

Mr. Jos. Pecorella Mary Powers Mr. Frank Symonds
Mrs. Jos. Pecorella Charles Powers Mrs. Frank Symonds
Joseph Pecorella Mr. Thos. Quinn Miss Ruth Symonds
Marie Pecorella Mrs. Thos. Quinn Harold Symonds
Nancy Pecorella Nellie Quinn Frances Symonds
Josie Pecorella Louise Quinn Mr. A. Sweeney
John Pecorella Margaret Quinn Mrs. A. Sweeney
Mr. Chas. Phillips Henry Quinn John L. Sweeney
Mrs. Henry Platz Cecelia Quinn Miss Mamie Sweeney
Andrew Platz Thomas Quinn Anthony Sweeney, Jr.
Henry Platz Francis Quinn Joseph Sweeney
Mr. John Platz Theresa Quinn George Sweeney
John Platz, Jr. Jas. F. Roach Leo Sweeney
Mrs. M. Platz Rollin Rodgers Miss Kate Thompson
John Emile Platz Mr. Fred Sava Miss Ester Thompson
Mrs. J. A. Pondrom Mrs. Fred Sava Miss Louise Thompson
Samuel Pondrom Louis Sava Mr. F. A. Thomas
Andrew  Pondrom John Sava Mrs. F. A. Thomas
Mrs. Powers Anna Sava Elizabeth Thomas
Margaret Powers * Francis Jos. Thomas

Mr. Robt. Taylor Mr. A. Wakin Frank Williams
Mrs. Robt. Taylor Mrs. A. Wakin Clayton Williams
Robert Taylor, Jr. Boston Wakin Clarence Williams
Miss Clara Taylor Joseph Wakin Mr. J. Wolff
Ben Taylor Aneus Wakin Dan Wolff
Daniel Taylor Mr. John Ward John Wolff
Elizabeth Taylor Mrs. John Ward Miss Agnes Worley
* Miss Edna Ward *


Pew Renters of St. Edwards - 1911

Pew # Name $ Per Month Pew # Name $ Per Month
3 M. Cassidy  2.00 * AISLES *
3 Mrs. Frye 1.00 23 A. W. Grant 2.00
4 Benedictine Sisters * 24 Mrs. Powers  1.00
5 C. C. Dorrian 2.00 24 Mrs. Manghan 1.00
5 Mrs. M. Gazzola 1.00 25 F. A. Symonds 1.00
6 J. P. Kline 3.00 25 Mrs. D. H. Jones 1.00
7 R. J. O’Dwye 3.00 26 Wm. Howard 1.00
8 Mrs. J. Lavelle 2.00 26 Mrs. Costello 1.00
8 Wm. Bann  1.00 27 John Hunter 2.00
9 Mrs. J. A. Pondrom 2.00 28 Mrs. Fielden 1.00
9 Mrs. Percy Wiggins 1.00 28 Mrs. Bradfield 1.00
10 Dan Harrington 2.00 29 Fred Graves  1.00
10 Mrs. C. J. Morahan 1.00 29 Mrs. R. Taylor 1.00
11 E. W. Murray 2.00 30 * *
11 Roland Rodgers 1.00 30 * *
12  A. Sweeney 2.00 31 M. J. Loftus 1.00
12 Pat Cawley 1.00 31 Mrs. Paul Couch 1.00
13 Mrs. M. Platz 2.00 32 * *
13 Jos. Murphy  1.00 32 * *
14 Jno. Fant  2.00 33 Mrs. O. Darigo 1.00
14  M. Nash 1.00 33  John Ward 1.00
15 Tom Quinn 2.00 34 Mrs. Daniel 1.00
15 Joe McDermott 1.00 34 Mrs. O. E. Moore 1.00
16 P. J. Ahern  2.00 35 Mrs. Meyers 1.00
16 Mrs. McKierman 1.00 35 Agnes Worley 1.00
17 Mrs. J. Millazzo 1.00 36 W. R. Lamberth 2.00
17 Mrs. Harry Fouke 1.00 37 John Brannon  1.00
18 Misses DeGrazier  1.00 37 Jas. Doyle 1.00
18 Mrs. Cooter  1.00 38 Con Brice 1.00
19 John Culver 1.00 38 Pat Brice 1.00
19  F. Thomas 1.00 39 Free Free
20 Mrs. J. Wolff 1.00 40 Mrs. L. Slimer 1.00
20 Mrs. F. D’Arrigo 1.00 40 M. Crawley 1.00
* * * 42 Kuhn Bros 1.00
* * * 42 Louis Colerige 1.00
44 Free Free 43 Cigainero Bros. 1.00



 The merchants and business people advertised herein,
for it was their help that was the means of our getting this publication.

* The State National Bank of Texarkana
Would Appreciate and Account from You
Capital - $2,000,000.00 – Surplus – 55,000.00

*The Texarkana Trust Company  -  Capital $200,000.00
Offers you every Accommodation, Courtesy, and
Service that a Modern Trust Company can.

*Owensboro Wagon Company  “The Quality Wagon”

* Owensboro Buggy Company, Owensboro, Ky.

* Texarkana Saddlery Co. 313 E. Broad St., J. A. Mitchell, Manager.
The House with a reputation. A full line of Harness and Accessories.
Harness made to order. Repairing all kinds. Rubber tires put on.

* Burton Peel Dry Goods Co. (The Store Ahead).
Texarkana’s Largest Department Store.
Carried Everything: For Men, women and children, Piece goods of all kinds,
notions, novelties, etc. and many household needs. We appreciate your business.

* Your Spiritual Welfare is protected by: Your Pastor and Church.
Justice to your family demands the further protection of a good Life Insurance Policy.
The Four States Life Insurance Co. of Texarkana
Sells the best and most up tp date forms of policies.
This company has the endorsement of your pastor.

* Texarkana Lumber Company
Jno. H. Floyd, President. R. H. Whatley, Vice President. R. Brunazzi, Sec.& Treas.
Manufactures and Retail Dealers in Short Leaf Yellow Pine Lumber,
Texarkana, Texas.  Specialties: Lath, Shingles, Roofing, Novelties.
Planning Mill & Yard Texarkana, Texas.
“Our Grades Are Our Best Advertisement.”

* The East Undertaking Co.
Funeral Directors and Licensed Embalmers. Both Phones 4-6-8
218 Vine Street, Texarkana, Tex. – Ark.

* F. W. Offenhauser Co. Insurance, Oldest, Largest, Best.
Established 1882. Phone 65, State Line.
* Hardin Electric Co., Texarkana, Texas.
The Welcome Light – the sunshiny, clear, white, bright light of an electric
lamp is the light for the home. Is your home wired for electricity?
Have you a full equipment of artistic brightness -–shedding lamps?
Let me show you what we can do for you.

* Carmichael’s Creamery and Ice Cream Co.
Ice cream and Dairy Products
315 State Line, Texarkana. Phone S-200. Open the Entire Year.

* The Texarkana Trust Company
Handles Real Estate of All Kinds. 226 State Line Avenue.
4% Interest on Savings Accounts.
If you are interested in building or buying a home it will pay you to
Advise with us before making a decision.

* Huddleston Bros. Meat, Produce, Fish and Oysters.
“Everything good to eat.” We’d Like to “MEAT” You.
420 State Line, Both Phones 45, Texarkana, Ark.

* The State Savings and Trust Co., Texarkana, Ark. – Tex.
Capital and Surplus, One Quarter Million Dollars.
Deposits Over a Million Dollars.
Total resources One Million and a Quarter of Dollars.
Interest Allowed on Checking Accounts,
Certificates of Deposit and Time Deposits.

* Logan Electric Co. 210 East Broad St.
Why buy fixtures from a book?
Visit our Display Room and Select You Chandeliers.

* Ralph Bros. Steam Laundry. The Laundry with a reputation.
Prompt and Reliable, Your Patronage Appreciated.

* Rembrandt Studio, John Whealdon, Proprietor.
104 East Broad Street, over Smith Drug.
Fine Portraits, Views, Post Cards, and Kodak Finishing.
All work strictly First – Class and Up to date.
Baby Pictures a Specialty.

* E. A. Dryer, Carpet and Furniture Co., 115 West Broad Streets.
Complete Line of House Furnishings. We extend a liberal credit.
Come in and see us for anything to be used in the house.

* C. Hannon Home Laundry, 203 W. Braod St., Texarkana, Tex.
Something New in Town! Silks, Flannels, Kid Gloves, Cloaks,
Gent’s Clothing. Thoroughly  Cleaned Without Using water.
Guaranteed Without Injury to Fabric or Cloth.

* J. G. Hoffman, Plumbing, Steam and Gas Fitting.
219 Pine Street, Texarkana, Ark. Both Phones: 489.
Tinning and Sheet Metal Work of All Descriptions.
Gas Lights, Fixtures, and Stoves.

* Dr. Jno. T. Taylor, Dentist.
122 East Broad Street, Texarkana, Ark.

* Arthur S. Herrington, Wholesale and retail Dealer in
Wall Paper, Paints, Varnishes, and Window Glass.
Canvas and Tacks, Picture Framing and Glazing.
223 West Broad St., Texarkana, Ark., Tex.

* Hoffman Hardware Co.
A full and complete stock of Hardware and Queensware.
Mantels and Grates, Atlas Cement, Lily Lime.
218-220 E. Broad Street, Texarkana, Ark.

* Texarkana Ice Co.  Ice and Coal.
Texarkana, Ark.


The above material was graciously submitted by:
Mr. William A. Sweeney
Date: 8/1/00


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