Arkansas State Penitentiary Records - Mississippi County

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Deb Robinson, the Saline County Coordinator made an exciting find in the Saline County Courthouse-The Arkansas State Penitentiary Books. I have extracted the records for Mississippi County

We should all thank Cindy Gill for transcribing File #1 and File #2, and especially thank Deb Robinson for all the work she did on transcribing the rest of the files and sending them to other county coordinators.

There are files that still exist for these entries. So, if anyone wants to contact the prison, this is how to do it: 1800's - 1995 - - call either Gean Yelverton or Sheila Moses at the Arkansas Department of Correction, 1-870-267-6425. They will look for the file and if it exists, they will make copies at $.75 a page.

1995 - present - - call Gail Ramsey at Central Records at Pine Bluff, 1-870-267-6684. The cost will be the same.

Many of the records did not survive the moves throughout the years, so they may not exist.

Work in Progress

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