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Emery Monroe TATE, his wife Nancy Alecia STARLING TATE, their daughter (my grandmother) Hattie D.. TATE. Contact Mary Lou at

Can you guess what this is a picture of and where it was located in Mississippi County. Carrier pigeon coops?
Mailboxes for tall Mississippi County residents? Email any guesses to me at

Spence Carr, World War I soldier in 1918, Author: Hubbell, Ken
Published: 1918.

Birds-eye view looking north from court house, Blytheville, AR
Ben Shahn, Untitled, Mississippi County, Arkansas), October 1935. A young girl pulls the cotton from the plant. She is careful not to damage the seeds that, if broken, release thick oil that will spoil the cotton. School did not open in this part of Arkansas until January first in order for children to help pick the autumn cotton.

A picture of a postcard, date unknown, but probably circa 1937-40.  The man in the hat and dark suit, standing among the pickers at the left center of the picture is my grandfather, Thomas L. Cassidy, Sr., according to my late aunt, Jessie B. Cassidy Bennett.  I remember as a child going to the field to watch the start of the contest, which lasted the day long.  Good pickers could pick 200 pounds a day, but to win the contest, it was necessary to weigh in with 350 to 400 pounds, if I remember correctly.  The contest was a yearly event, coinciding with the county fair. Submitted by Tom Cassidy

American Environmental Photographs Collection, [AEP Image Number, e.g.,
AEP-MIN73], Department of Special Collections, University of Chicago Library. The home of homesteader C. M. Bourland two miles north of Blytheville, Arkansas

Wilson Tavern
Title: Interior Wilson Tavern
Photographer: Jack Pavoa
Publication Date: 1939

Interior John Deere Farm Implements Store, Wilson, Arkansas
Photographer: Jack Pavoa
Publication Date: 1939, Courtesy Arkansas History Commission

This was a "picture postcard". Written on the back is: Lizzie Mills, Carsons, AR. If anyone knows who is in this photo, please contact me.
It is probably members of the Mills family from Mississippi County, AR. Contact:
Vernon DuBar

The Creamery Float for the Blytheville Industrial Parade c. 1912. All riders on this "float" are unknown to me except for the little girl second from left at rear of cart. She is Mattie Dell Westbrook Fletcher at age 10. Mattie Dell is my
Great Aunt.
Submitted by Jim Walden

Lindsey Burchells mother was Lillie (Mills) and Emily (Stamps) parents were Symantha Stamps and Elijah Weldon. Anyone with information on these families please email Hope

James E.C. Maxberry and his grandson Lloyd Maxberry. They lived around the Chickasawba township area in the late 1800's. James was a farmer and is listed in Desmond Walls Allen's Arkansas Land Donation Records: 1 May 1880 - 30 June 1882 for Mississippi county, AR

From left to right:
My grandmother, Gertrude Staggs,
great grandmother,Martha Jackson Brown and her daughter Effie Mae Cunningham. The picture was taken
in Leachville, Ms, AR
Glenna Cunningham Davidson

Robert E. Lee Wilson built several small railroads to facilitate the transportation of goods and timber. Wilson's first line spanned the distance from Wilson to Marie, to Keiser and on to Victoria. Later the company bought the Jonesboro, Lake City and Eastern railway, running from Jonesboro to Lake City, AR.

Mr. James A. Shivers and family, 1930. Mr. James A. Shivers was principal of Harrison School in Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas.
Photographer: Hubbell, Ken
Publication info: 1930, Courtesy of Arkansas History Commission

Photographer: Jack Pavoa
Summary: A black mother and daughter cook in a small kitchen at Wilson Farm, Mississippi County, AR

Photographer: Jack Pavoa
Publication Date:1939
Summary: Jim Crain examines stove for cooking in the kitchen of a black workers' home at Wilson Farm, Mississippi County, Arkansas. On the right are a woman and a girl holding an infant. Pots and pans decorate the stove and walls.

Daughter of sharecropper, Mississippi County, AR.

Arkansas Sharecropper 1935

Merry Christmas from Blytheville!
Lora and Robin Nunn, Christmas, 1981
Photographer: Ken Hubbell

Santa's Workshop, Second Street, Dell Arkansas 1994
Photographer: Curtis Duncan
Photo Courtesy of Dru King

Cotton Weighing
Photographer: Jack Pavoa Date: 1939
Description: Cotton weighing at Wilson Farm, Mississippi County, AR

Cotton Weight Book
Photographer: Jack Pavoa Date: 1939
Place: Lee Wilson Farm Mississippi County, AR

Blytheville in 1950's

Westbrook Family
Second & Cherry St. Blytheville, Arkansas. Date App. 1905. Ira Oneal, Euvallah, son Ira Brandon & Euvallah Brother Henry Brandon on Porch.
Submitted by: Jim Walden

This is a picture of (from left to right) Mattie (b. 1906), Dicye (b. 1895), and Nora Elizabeth (Lizzie) Mills (b. 1900). They lived in the Carson Lake area and later moved to the Mangrum community in Craighead County. Their parents were James Madison Mills and Susanne Florence Randall. Mattie married Jethro Z. McCrackin. Dicye married Henry Farrar. Nora Elizabeth married John Wesley Boyd whose family was also from Mississippi County. They are descendants of Thomas J. Mills, one of the first settlers in Mississippi county.

Thomasson Family
The photo is of (left to right, back to
front)....(back)Loreen "Toad" Thomasson, Mable Thomasson, Hosea Rodgers (2nd husband), Rosa Perkins Thomasson Rodgers, Cameleen "Camie" Thomasson, (front) Gladys Thomasson, Edith "Dued" Thomasson, Lawrence Jefferson "Buddie" Thomas. It looks like it was taken circa 1917

I am attaching a photo of Mary Elizabeth Davis.  Willie Davis was the cook for my great grandparents and this is a picture of her little girl.  She also helped in raising my Mom who was raised by her grandparents.  Her grandparents were William James Knox and Minnie McBride Kelley of Blytheville.

James (Jim) Winston