Chickasawba/North Sawba Cemetery (partial)

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1875- 1942
North Sawba has its official beginning on the 10th day of Oct 1875, when a tract of land was given to the New Hope Church of the Methodist Episcopal Church South to be used for a cemetery.This tract of land which was on high ground, was used for burials years before it officially became a cemetery. Since it was a "free" cemetery people from all areas including Armorel, Huffman, Delt, Blytheville,Yarbro, Gosnell and even some from Missouri buried their family members and friends here. It is believed North Sawba Cemetery may contain Civil War casualties from the military action that took place on the Pemiscot Bayou. It is known there are Civil War and WW1 veterans buried here.

On the 17th day of April 1942, the War Department authorized the U.S. Army to acquire 2670 acres of land, including North Sawba Cemetery to establish a twin engine flying field on the Gosnell site. On the 10th day of June 1942 the U.S. Army Air Force Advanced Flying School(T.F) was activated.

The U.S. Army surveyed , recorded and made a gird showing monuments and numerous markers of metal and other materials, and a total of 1806 pieces were removed and replaced . In 1945 the U. S. Army Air Field was deactivated and the cemetery reverted to the City of Blytheville Arkansas.

In 1955 North Sawba Cemetery once again returned to government jurisdiction with the activation of Blytheville Air Force Base later renamed Eaker Air Force Base, until base closure December 1992. Of the 339 monuments and markers of other materials totaling 1806 pieces the U.S. Army listed in 1942, only 125 tombstones remain. It was discovered that the grid to the cemetery was missing the tombstones replaced in no certain order.

There may be as many as 5000 persons buried in North Sawba Cemetery , however, there are no available records before 1920. Cobb and Holt Funeral Home records, McHaney Monument records, the Blytheville Courier news newspapers were researched and individuals have given the names of their relatives and friends that they know are buried there. A complete listing will never be accomplished. This monument is dedicated to all persons buried in North Sawba Cemetery.

Erected 1998
North Sawba Cemetery Committee
Andy Bevill- Chairman
Howard Cameron
Alex"Bo" Daniels
I. D. "Buck" Harris
Gene Hunzicker

Partial LIsting of Surnames

Surnames A-D

Surnames J-L (Partial)

Jackson, Joe G.
Jackson, Lee D.
Jackson, Mary
Jackson, Millie A.
Jackson, Sidie
James Will
Jammurson, James E.
Jarrett, Della
Jarrett, Eliza
Jarrett, J.M. (mine) James Monroe Jarrett
Jebel, Sarah
Jennings, Martha J.
Jesson, Virgie
Joanas, Infant
Johnson, Arch
Johnson, Birdie
Johnson, Clinton
Johnson, Delmer
Johnson, Infant
Johnson, Infant
now these are the other side of the photo and last names only sorry

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