Townships of Mississippi County

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Township Map of Mississippi County, pre-1998
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Current Townships in Mississippi County include:
Big Lake Township — Named for the lake that is located nearby.
Bowen Township — Named for  the Bowen family. Capt. Charles Bowen  came to the county in 1828 and was the county's third sheriff. John C. Bowen was the county's second Sheriff.  The township was organized from part of Chickasawba Township in 1901.
Burdette Township — Organized from part of Fletcher Township in 1908.
Carson Lake Township — Named for a man named Carson, one of the first county settlers, arriving here around 1812.
Chickasawba Township — Named for the Chickasaw Indian chief Chickasawba who lived in the vicinity in the 1800s.
Dyess Township — Named for W. R. Dyess, founder of Dyess Colony.
Fletcher Township — Named for Col. Elliott H. Fletcher, who settled here in 1840.
Golden Lake Township —Takes its name from an early settlement located on the Mississippi River.
Hector Township — Named for the Hector family who came to the area in 1837 settling on land near Big Lake. Organized from part of Chickasawba Township in 1901.
Little River Township — Named for the river that flows through it.
McGavock Township — Organized from part of Scott Township in 1901. Namedfor Dr. F.G. McGavock who purchased land here in 1833.
Neal Township — Organized from part of Big Lake Township in 1901.
Other townships in the county include Whitton, Swayne , Monroe, Scott,  Clear Lake and Halfmoon.

Former townships include:
Hickman Township — Named for Dr. Elliot Hickman who purchased 1000 acres at Hickman Bend in 1840.  Hickman was absorbed into Canadian township  in 1998.
Pecan  Point Township — Named for a part of the McGavock plantation.  Pecan Point was an early river landing. Pecan Point was absorbed in Golden Lake township in 1998.