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Submitted by Jerry McKelvy

Date is issue of paper
Name; age; cemetery; cause of death if given

Note: The first few issues of 1911 are dated 1910 in newspaper

A. L. DICKERSON; former resident of Nevada Co.; moved to Strong; survived by wife and two children

R. D. MARTIN; died 12-31-1910; survived by wife and several children; also see 3-10-1911 issue

MRS. WALTER CHEEK; nee Goldie Chappell; drank carbolic acid; died two hours later; DeAnn Cem.

JUDGE ARTHUR GIBSON; judge in Hempstead Co.

MISS IDA WHITTEN; heart failure; DeAnn Cem.

HENRY H. WOODUL; pneumonia; Harmony Cem.

MRS. MOLLIE NEAL; wife of Jim Neal; born 11-27-1855; died 1-19-1911; lived west of Prescott; survived by husband, 5 daughters, 1 son; Sweet Home Cem.; 3 articles

J. E. ARNOTT; died 1-18-1911; Forest Hill Cem.; survived by wife and 3 children; Sutton local news item

LACY R. HILL (son); burned to death; died 1-18-1911; Harmony Cem.; Sutton local news column

MISS MAY CARLTON; 14; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Josh Carlton; lived near Bodcaw; survived by parents, 6 brothers, 2 sisters

S. R. StEWART; died 2-7-1911; once lived near Glenville; moved to Prescott one month ago; survived by 4 girls and 4 boys

CLARENCE PURTLE; poisoned by beverage offered by stranger; New Home Cem.

ROBERT D. MARTIN; born 12-1-1849; died 1-1-1911 from blood poisoning; also see 1-6-1910 issue

MRS. J. M. THOMPSON; well known lady of Emmet; mentioned in Piney Grove local column

W. C. HEBER-??; unknown man committed suicide on railroad track; relatives could not be located; this name was on his clothing; probably buried in potter’s field at DeAnn Cem.

FREDDIE DOW McCARGO; born 6-21-1893; died 1-17-1911; oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. McCargo; grave found at Mt. Olive Cem.

MRS. ROY MONTGOMERY; nee Pearl Hendrix; measles and pneumonia; Mt. Moriah Cem.; 2 articles

FANNIE C. HAYES; died at son’s home in Minden, LA; DeAnn Cem.

JOHN L. CLEM; born in Okolona

GEO. HENRY HITT; age 2 yrs., 10 mths., 25 days; son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hitt; DeAnn Cem.

MRS. HILLAR E. SCOTT; died giving birth to twins; Woodlaw Cem. at Texarkana-??

MARTHA ANN HOLCOMB HAMILTON; born 4-15-1839 in GA; married T. W. Hamilton 1857; had 3 children-2 survive; grave found at Harmony Cem.

MRS. JANE GIFFORD; dropsy; survived by husband and 3 children

JOHNNIE BURKE; born 9-29-1890; died 4-24-1911; oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Burke; died from swamp fever after being cut on leg with an axe

MARGUERETTE E. STEPHENS; 79; Old Macedonia graveyard

INFANT CALLAWAY; born 4-9-1911; died 5-28-1911; child of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Callaway; Snell Cem.

FRED H. PHILLIPS; buried in Dardenelle

DR. J. W. BAKER; died in Ft. Worth; a Prescott druggist for five years

JANE B’SHERS; 74; DeAnn Cem.; survivors listed

CLARA YOUNG MENDENHALL SMITH; born 8-17-1890; daughter of E. C. and L. L. Mendenhall; married Carl Smith 1906; died from septic poison; buried in Magnolia

JOHN M. MILBURN; overdose of morphine; DeAnn Cem.

(CHILD) GOAD; child of Will Goad; mentioned in Piney Grove local news column

MRS. G. B. McGRAW; grave found at Moscow Cem.

CHARLEY NORWOOD; committed suicide in hotel in Waldo

COL. ADAM CLARK; editor of paper in Arkadelphia

MRS. HESTERLY WHITE; died 8-7-1911; survived by parents; husband and 5 children; DeAnn Cem.; also see 8-25-1911 issue

J. R. MARSH; grave found at White Church Cem.

UNKNOWN MAN; found dead in city park; later named “Old Mike”; relatives could not be located; finally buried in 1975 (this is not a misprint)

MRS. HESTERLY WHITE; a memorial; also 8-11-1911 issue

J. T. W. GILL; Oak Hill Cem.; a long article

JOE BEAN; age about 38; born in KY; died while sitting on porch; survived by wife and 8 children; Mt. Nebo Cem. (now called Liberty Cem.)

SUSAN HAWKINS; 93; DeAnn Cem.; wife of John Hawkins; to Prescott from Camden; operated hotel and stage stop at Prescott; survived by 4 boys and 3 girls

G. P. CHALFANT; 78; DeAnn Cem. – Old Section

MARY PITTMAN; 8; died 10-19-1911; DeAnn Cem.- Old Section

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