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This is a listing of obituaries and death notices taken from copies of old Nevada County newspapers. I hope that this information will help someone in the search for information about their ancestors. Some obits had much useful information and other deaths were just mentioned in a local news column or in a card of thanks from the family. I am sure I probably overlooked some of them.

These papers were used to compile this information---
The Nevada News
The Nevada County Picayune
The Prescott Daily News

The time period covered----
1886 through 1949, although some issues of the papers were missing and a few had some obits cut out. The largest time period not covered is from 1893 through most of 1906. No papers exist for that time period. The Prescott Daily News and The Nevada News existed at the same time, so some obits are found in both papers. The only information taken from The Prescott Daily News is from the period April, 1907 through Sept., 1910. Later issues of this paper are available.

Where you can find these papers----
The Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives in Old Washington has most of the papers on microfilm. The Archives is located about one half mile west of the center of town on Hwy. 195. Old Washington is located about 6 miles north of Hope, AR.

The Nevada County Public Library in Prescott has actual copies of the newspapers bound into large books the size of a newspaper, but many of them are very fragile and some have had termite damage.

Neither of these locations has the capability of making copies, so the obits would have to be copied by hand if someone wanted a complete obituary.

How to interpret the information in this index----
Sample Entry (not an actual person):
SMITH, JOHN age 72; died in farm accident; surv. by wife, 2 daus.; 2 sons; buried at Liberty Cemetery (NN; 9-12-1925)

The name of the person is in capital letters, listed in alphabetical order by last name. Next is a condensed version of what is in the obituary. You should check the actual obit. to get more information and to check for accuracy. I could have easily made a mistake in compiling the information. At the end is the code for the newspaper and the issue date where the obituary is found.

NN -- stands for Nevada News
NCP -stands for Nevada County Picayune
PDN -stands for Prescott Daily News

Some things to remember when using this information----
1. Names in the obits may be different from the names on the grave markers at the cemeteries. They may be spelled differently or be listed by the name the person was known by at the time they lived.

2. There are some mistakes in the obits. I have found a few cases in which the person is not buried in the cemetery that the obit names as the burial place.

3. There could be mistakes in such things as the person's age, number of children, or other information. Newspapers do make mistakes, so some information could have been printed wrong. A few papers were just hard to read, due to smudges, tears, etc.

4. In some cases, the birth and death dates in the obituaries may be off a few days from what is on the grave markers in the cemeteries.

5. The burial place is given in some of the obits and not mentioned in others. I have tried to find the burial place of each person by searching the 1999 cemetery records my wife and I did. A note was included showing where the person is buried or that the grave was not found during the 1999 cemetery surveys.

6. Some of the people mentioned are from other areas of the country or from adjoining counties. They probably were former residents or had family in Nevada County.

7. Some cemetery names have changed over the years. I mentioned this in the remarks if the cemetery is now known by another name.

8. I have also included items about some family reunions that I found as I was doing this research.

If you have any questions about cemetery locations, comments, etc., you may contact Jerry McKelvy

Indexed obituaries from the Nevada County Picayune from 1884 to 1976 (A-L)
Indexed obituaries from the Nevada County Picayune from 1884 to 1976 (M-Z)

Miscellaneous Years:


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