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Submitted by Jerry McKelvy

Date is issue of paper
Name; age; cemetery; cause of death if given

Buera Hesterly Stephens; born 11-7-1900; died 12-12-1914; services at Midway

Millard Garrett; son of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Garrett; born 1-24-1912; died 12-12-1914; typhoid fever; survived by parents, 2 sisters, 3 brothers;

Thomas J. Wylie; pneumonia; Harmony Cem.

Mrs. Eliza Weaver; 89; native of TN; mother of 13 children; 8 survive (listed); Mt. Moriah Cem.

Miss Ollie Robinson; born 1-19-1901 in Franklin Co., AR; died 1-14-1915; Shady Grove Cem.

Mrs. Mary Rachel Rhodes; born Newton Co., GA in 1842; to Cale, AR 1848; age 73; mother of 11 children; 4 preceded her in death

Jane Fairchild; Bluff Springs Cem.; mentioned in local news column

Infant Kirk; child of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kirk; mentioned in local news column

Grandma Riddle; death mentioned in local news column

Andy Crumby; died from pain in his breast

Walter Wiggins; buried at Emmett; wife died several months ago

Elizabeth Graham; 87; 6 children; had 111 grand and great-grandchildren; Nubbin Hill Cem.

Nettie Barham; wife of John Barham; 1 boy and 1 girl; Liberty Cem.; see 4-2-1915 issue also

Mrs. J. P. Callicutt; hard to read

Arnold J. Winstead; born 10-5-1881; died 3-8-1915; son of William and Laura Winstead

Nettie Barham; 31; died 3-21-1915; see 3-26-1915 issue also

Major Johnson; a Negro from Millville; influenza; died at age 123; article hard to read

Elvin Steed; 14; son of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Steed; killed by a train; DeAnn Cem.

Lois Vernata Whitten; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pomeroy Whitten; membraneous croup; born 9-15-1911; died 4-11-1915

George W. Munn; 66; survived by wife and 3 children (listed); Laneburg Cem.

Mrs. Annie Evans Parker; 21; died 4-17-1915; survived by husband, 1 child, mother, 2 sisters, 4 brothers

(Girl) Briley; 12; Negro; was shot by unknown persons who were trying to whip her parents; guns fired into house

Ida Gullick; Bluff City Cem.; mentioned in local news column

Mrs. Emily Bryson; born Adair Co., KY; came to AR with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bean 1847; married P. E. Bryson 1868; 7 children—3 survive (listed); grave found at Liberty Cem.

Miss Ruth May; 14; tuberculosis; was left an orphan at age 2; Artesian Cem.

Ida Gullick; wife of P. H. Gullick; born 7-23-1855; first married to George Dewoody; had several children; after his death, married P. H. Gullick 1899; survived by husband, 1 son, 1 brother, 1 sister; Bluff City Cem.

Mrs. C. W. Cook; survived by husband and several children; buried at Emmet (Snell Cem.)

Hazel Reeder; 5; daughter of Dr. and Mrs. A. A. Reeder; Harmony Cem.

Mrs. A. E. Shankle; died while visiting in Texas; DeAnn Cem.

James A. Gorham; born 1-5-1884; died 6-24-1915; a Mason; former justice of peace; survived by wife, Mary and 6 children (listed); Friendship Cem.

Mrs. Sarah A. (Hall) Cook; born Willcox Co., AL 5-15-1842; died 6-23-1915; married Chas. W. Cook in 1865; had 3 sons (listed)

Della Gullick; born 1-20-1880; died 7-6-1915; wife of W. F. Gullick; married 1898; member of New Hope church; 2 girls survive; obituary written by her brother, Jim; Bluff City Cem.

Valtie Brown Ledbetter; daughter of W. N. Brown; born 7-25-1897; married W. W. Ledbetter 1914; died 7-11-1915; age 17

Samuel B. Gee; born Tuscaloosa, AL 6-22-1848; son of John H. and Rachael Cobb Gee; to AR in 1859; settled in Amity; married Elizabeth Adams 1870; 6 children (listed)

W. N. Parker; born near Bluff City 9-23-1882; died 7-5-1915; legs had been broken in an accident; married Sallie Adams 1902; had one girl

May Franks; Holly Springs Cem.; death mentioned in local news column

Mrs. Sevier Warmack; died 7-31-1915 from la grippe; Mt. Olive Cem.; death mentioned in local news column

W. C. Franklin; born in TN 4-1-1839; died 7-16-1915; age 78; married Amanda Deramous

Lucy McAteer; burial at Bluff City Cem.; mentioned in local news column

Child Bradley; diphtheria; Bluff City Cem.; death mentioned in local news column

Arch Young; killed in LA by falling tree; mentioned in local news column

John M. Rose; attorney; committed suicide in his office in Prescott

Mrs. James Alexander; colored; killed by her husband with an axe (news article)

James Alexander; colored; found on railroad with his head severed next day after killing his wife; may have been killed while attempting to catch a train

George F. House; died in hospital in Idaho 10-14-1915 from peritonitis; 36; survived by mother, 2 sisters, 1 brother (listed)

Ernest Billingsley; Bluff City Cem.; mentioned in local news column (also see 11-26-1915 issue)

Ernest Billingsley; died 11-16-1915 after being hit by a tree limb on Aug. 4 while working for Valley Lbr. Co. in Reader; born 10-10-1887; lived at Sayre; married Artie Stinnett 1911; had 2 girls—one dead; survived by wife, 1 daughter, mother, 5 brothers, 3 sisters; Bluff City Cem.

Tom Edwards; hanged himself in blacksmith shop in Prescott

Miss Annie Sullivan; funeral in Goodwater, AL; had relatives in Prescott

Leona Gillespie; wife of Henry Gillespie of Foss; paralysis; mentioned in local news column

Alvah D. Taylor; son of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Taylor; born 4-13-1913; died 10-15-1915

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