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Submitted by Jerry McKelvy

Date is issue of paper
Name; age; cemetery; cause of death if given

Mrs. W. P. Buchanan; born Pulaski, TN 1852; died 12-17-1915; had 9 children—four dead; survivors listed; two articles; grave found at Smyrna Cem.

Wert Avery; 16; a deaf mute; ran away from deaf school in Little Rock; killed by a train; son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Avery; Midway Cem.

John M. Barr; 87; Pleasant Hill Cem. near Willisville

Mrs. Rosella King; age past 75; survived by 4 boys (listed); DeAnn Cem.

John Bright; a merchant at Sutton; grave found at Harmony Cem.

Gay Jauanita Smith; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Smith; died 1-11-1916; believed to be buried at DeAnn Cem.

Noel Nichols; son of John T. Nichols; survived by parents and 5 sisters (listed); Bluff City Cem.

Betty Lambert Waddle; born in AL 2-16-1855; died 1-16-1916; survived by husband, 3 sons, 2 daughters; grave found at Harmony Cem. (also see 11-1-1917 issue)

Susan Haltom; 72; a Methodist; survived by 3 sons, 2 daughters (listed); Snell Cem.

Mrs. Frank Garrett; 76; survived by six sons; Harmony Cem.

Dan Vickers; 52; apoplexy; survived by wife and 3 children; Midway Cem.

Frank Steele; railroad accident; survived by 3 brothers and 1 sister (listed); Moscow Cem.

Dr. R. L. Hinton; 86; to Prescott in 1876; a Methodist; survived by 2 sons and 2 daughters; DeAnn Cem.

Mrs. Virginia Terrell; born Spotsylvania Co., VA 1824; died 6-30-1916; to St. Louis 1836; to Crawford Co, AR 1824; to Hempstead Co., AR 1863; married William Terrell 1834; 4 children; 2 living (listed)

Benjamin F. Fore; heart failure; born Albany Twp.; survived by wife, parents, 5 brothers, 2 sisters (listed); obit is hard to read; grave found at Harmony Cem.

Miss Vera White; 22; survived by mother, 7 brothers, 4 sisters (listed); grave found at Caney Cem.; see 9-7-1916 issue also

Vernon Hatley; son of Mr. and Mrs. Watson Hatley; DeAnn Cem.

Harold Paul Atkins; son of Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Atkins; mentioned in local news column; grave found at Mt. Olive Cem.

Doris Hesterly Buchanan; age 22 months; son of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Buchanan; DeAnn Cem.; see 9-14-1916 issue also

Mrs. Grace Lowdermilk; 22; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Sanders; survived by husband, 1 child, parents, 2 sisters, 1 brother; Artesian Cem.

Miss Vera White; born 1-5-1894; died 7-25-1916; see 7-27-1916 issue also

Doris Hesterly Buchanan; born 9-29-1914; died 8-20-1916; see 9-7-1916 issue also

Georgie Lee McWilliams; age 4 yrs, 3 mths.; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Quint McWilliams; died 9-13-1916; obit hard to read; grave found at Bluff City Cem.

Will Neal; colored; killed by an unknown person; grave found at DeAnn Cem.

Mrs. Robert Martin; died 10-16-1916; typhoid fever; known as “Dinkie”; daughter of H. T. and Sallie Ursery; survived by 1 son, 1 daughter, 5 brothers (2 of them have typhoid); grave found at Piney Grove Cem.; grave marker has Ida M. Martin

Mrs N. A. Weaver; died at El Dorado; born 5-27-1853; married W. H. Loomis 1872; 5 children (listed); married second to D. C. Weaver 1893; 2 children (listed)

Eugene Cheatam; died in Texas

George W. Kizer; 59; cancer; born in TN 6-3-1857; married Martha Moore 1877; 2 sons, 7 daughters; DeAnn Cem.

Ed Edgar; died 11-4-1916; stabbed by Cole Graham; Providence Cem.

Virgil Tomlin; 16; congestion; mentioned in Mt. Moriah local news column

Brady Hunter; death mentioned in Mt. Moriah local news column

(Girl) Dillard; age about 5; clothes caught fire; daughter of Charley Dillard; Bluff Springs Cem.; death mentioned in local news column; grave marker has Loice Dillard

W. J. Raiford; born 8-20-1887; died 10-23-1916; raised in TX; to Prescott 1913; married Gertrude Moreland 1910; had one son, Douglas; known as “Jeff”; body sent to Jayton, TX

Mrs. James McCuller; from Gurdon; had relatives in Prescott

(Baby) Boswell; child of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Boswell; death mentioned in Bodcaw local news column; grave found at Union Cem.; marker has Alvie Christine Boswell

Barnie Woodul; son of Jody Woodul; Mt. Moriah Cem.; mentioned in local news column

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