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Submitted by Jerry McKelvy

Date is issue of paper
Name; age; cemetery; cause of death if given

Note: Some pages of the paper were too dim to read on microfilm

Mary C. Ellsworth; died 12-5-1917; a memorial (see 1917 papers also)

Rachael A. Carlisle; age 1; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Carlisle; DeAnn Cem.

Paul Davis; 10; son of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Davis; diabetes; DeAnn Cem.

Capt. W. B. Thomason; past 94 years old; died in Pike Co.

Maudie Cox Whitney; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Cox; survived by parents, 1 sister, Helen Claudia, 2 brothers, Arlie and Nelson, husband, E. O. Whitney; son Edwin Olen, age 3; died 1-23-1918; grave found at Bluff City Cem.

C. H. Morgan; pneumonia following appendicitis operation; married Miss Callaway; survived by wife, 2 sisters, 1 brother; Snell Cem.

Thomas J. Cook; died 1-28-1918 in Great Lakes, Illinois

Mrs. John Norman; age 70+; died 2-26-1918; Moscow Cem.

Kellie Andrews; son of J. R. and Rosalie Andrews; born 9-16-1902; died 12-28-1917; survived by parents, 4 brothers, 4 sisters; listed in Liberty Cem. record

W. L. Cole; Holly Grove Cem.; mentioned in Midway local news

Grandpa Billingsley; mentioned in local news column

Mrs. Sam Bright; survived by husband and 4 children; Harmony Cem.

Mrs. G. M. Franks; 71; mother of Mrs. Sam Bright; survived by husband and several children; Harmony Cem.

Mrs. Sudie Burrow; measles/pneumonia; survived by husband and 3 children; Laneburg Cem.

Nannie Cooper Dowdle; born 5-24-1884; married W. P. Dowdle 1900; died 4-3-1918; survived by husband and 4 children; grave found at Midway Cem.

Mrs. Snow Stubblefield; wife of John Stubblefield; complications of measles; survived by husband, 1 daughter, 2 sisters, 3 brothers; DeAnn Cem.

Lewis Matthews; Baird’s Chapel Cem.

(Baby) Camp; child of Wylie Camp; mentioned in local news; grave found at Union Cem.; listed as Dale Camp

J. T. Calhoun; died 5-19-1918; survived by 6 sons, 3 daughters (listed); Mt. Moriah Cem.

Willis Bailey; accidentally shot when he dropped a pistol; burial at Rosston

Lee McMillian; 45; unmarried; son of Matthew McMillian; served with Rough Riders at San Juan Hill; wounded; survived by 4 brothers, 3 sisters; Cantley Cem. (now called Pleasant Ridge Cem.)

Amanda Westmoreland; age 3 yrs, 9 months, 2 days

Mrs. Ben Auxier; Smyrna Cem.

Mrs. E. J. Bell; died at Little Rock; burial at DeAnn Cem.

John H. Hale; 51; DeAnn Cem.

Mrs. Susan Elizabeth Parker; wife of Rev. J. A. Parker; tuberculosis; survived by husband, 3 sons, 2 daughters (listed); DeAnn Cem.

Mr. Dye; died at home of Grant Dye; survived by wife and 8 children; mentioned in local news column

Capt. Felix Baker; 84; Providence Cem.

H. T. Ingram; 67; survived by wife, 3 sons, 1 daughter (listed); DeAnn Cem.

T. P. Dixon; 83; survived by wife, 4 sons, 2 daughters (listed); Rocky Mound Cem.

Ned Christopher; hard to read; grave found at Snell Cem.

W. B. White; died at Texarkana from stroke; DeAnn Cem.

Mrs. C. C. Calhoun; survived by husband, father, 2 sisters, 2 brothers (listed); DeAnn Cem.

Leonard Hamby; died in Chicago from pneumonia; DeAnn Cem.

David Butcher; 23; son of Thad Butcher; survived by parents, 2 sisters, 1 brother (listed); DeAnn Cem.

Mrs. Willie Hudson; wife of T. K. Hudson; pneumonia; survived by husband, mother, 1 daughter, several sisters; burial at Conway

Hubert Ellis; 38; survived by wife, 3 children; mother, 1 brother; Cantley Cem. (now called Pleasant Ridge Cem.)

Robert Young; from Okolona; killed in France

Tom Bryan; 72; paralysis; survived by wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters (listed); DeAnn Cem.

F. M. Odell; 74; died following recent surgery; born 5-6-1844; died 11-27-1918; survived by wife and 3 children from former marriage; two articles; grave found at Artesian Cem.

Mrs. Lillian Hines; wife of Leslie Hines; survived by husband, 2 children, 1 brother, several sisters; DeAnn Cem.

Miss Violet Whitehead; 29

Sallie E. Witt

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