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Submitted by Jerry McKelvy

Date is issue of paper
Name; age; cemetery; cause of death if given

Mrs. Harry Morton; survived by husband, 2 daughters, 1 son, mother, 1 brother, 1 sister (listed); DeAnn Cem.

Mrs. W. C. Felts; 72; survived by 2 daughters, 2 sons (listed); DeAnn Cem.

Sid Purtle; 47; pneumonia; survived by wife and several children

Mary Olive Harris; 10; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Harris; buried at Okolona

Mrs. Julia Goode Smoote; 84; died at Hot Springs; DeAnn Cem.

Mrs. Elizabeth Jones; 76; survived by 1 daughter, 3 brothers; Richland Cem. in Clark Co.

Orven Glyndon Lewis; born 10-5-1926; died 1-28-1927; son of Carl and Retha Lewis; New Hope Cem.

P. Norman; 85; Civil War veteran; survived by wife, 2 daughters, 1 son (listed); Cantley Cem. (now called Pleasant Ridge Cem.)

Billy Charlene Cavaett; born 4-3-1926; died at Dallas; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Cavaett; City Cem. at Dallas

Louise Tompkins; 8 months; died 2-11-1927; pneumonia; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arnel Tompkins

G. W. Griffin; 73; born Union Co., NC 1-13-1854; moved to Theo in Nevada Co. 1893 until 1905; to Columbus; survived by wife and 6 children; Columbus Cem.

Luther E. Hitt; 56; survived by wife, 3 children, mother, 4 brothers, 2 sisters; Caney Cem.

(Baby) King; child of Mr. and Mrs. Levy King; Moscow Cem.; local news column

(Baby) Smith; child of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Smith; brought to old home place for burial; Thomasville local news column

Rev. Jesse Galloway; 35; from Carlisle; died following surgery; survivors listed

P. M. Frizzell; 74; survived by wife, 5 sons, 3 daughters (listed)

Ernest Miller; 21; shot by Solon Winberry at Falcon; grave found at Falcon Cem.

David Glen Snell; born 2-9-1907; died 3-16-1927; hit by car; Snell Cem.

T. P. Hovarter; 72; died 3-17-1927; survived by wife, 2 sons, 4 daughters (listed); Falcon Cem.

???? Buchanan; 86; died 3-19-1927; married Josie Billingsley 1863

P. C. Upton; 58; merchant; survived by wife, 4 daughters, 1 son (listed); Bluff City Cem.

Mrs. Ellen Cliffe James; born Tipton Co., TN 1844; married P. H. James; to Hempstead Co. 1869; died 4-22-1927; survived by 2 daughters (listed); Ebenezer Cem.

William Marion Crabb; died at Ft. Worth 4-10-1927; married Emma Clark from Mt. Moriah in 1903; survived by 2 sons, 1 daughter (listed); Mt. Moriah Cem.

W. M. Cantley; 51; died at Hope; survived by wife, 2 children, mother, 1 brother, 1 sister

Carrie Galloway

Mrs. L. C. Merchant; 83; survived by 3 daughters, 5 sons (listed); buried at Texarkana

Mrs. Morris Salyers; born 4-1-1888; died 4-23-1927; married O. U. Galloway 1903; 5 children (listed); erysipelas of the face; died in Chandler, AZ; body returned; Harmony Cem.

Mrs. C. E. Gregory; 50; survived by husband and 6 children; Providence Cem.

Mrs. Amanda Wheat; 77; died at home of son, Levi Wheat; survived by 2 sisters, 3 brothers; Liberty Cem.

J. B. Hannah; 76; survived by 2 daughters, 1 brother; Moscow Cem.

Willie Dyer; 7; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Dyer; Macedonia Cem.

Mrs. C. B. Bailey; survived by husband and 5 children; Holly Springs Cem.; see 9-15-1927 issue also

James Ausie Waddle; born 2-5-1879; survived by wife, 8 children; 2 brothers, 1 sister (listed); Harmony Cem.

Sam Munn; 49; survived by wife, 1 sister, 1 daughter; DeAnn Cem.

Mrs. John Crumley; survived by parents, husband, 1 child, 1 sister, 1 brother (listed); buried at Emmet; grave found at Snell Cem.; spelled Crumby on grave marker; see 8-25-1927 issue also

J. A. Waddle; 4 (age is not correct); survived by wife and several children; Harmony Cem.; see 7-7-1927 issue also

J. J. Sampson; 69; known as “Uncle Jack”; survived by wife, 5 sons, 5 daughters (listed); 3 brothers, 2 sisters; Laneburg Cem.

Mrs. Mary Burke; 82; wife of J .F. Burke; survived by 1 sister (listed); DeAnn Cem.

F. M. Urry; 67; stroke; 8 children; Union Grove Cem. (Hempstead Co.)

Hurbert Tomlin; 23; survived by wife, Hester Tomlin; 1 child age 2

Will Sandige; 35; shot by Louis Capps at Gurdon

Mrs. Katie Pittman; survived by husband, 3 daughters, father, 4 brothers, 2 sisters; DeAnn Cem.; see 9-1-1927 issue also

?? Graham; 77; killed himself; survived by several children; Providence Cem.

Mr. Lane; survived by his wife; Harmony Cem.; John W. Lane on grave marker

(Mother) Brooks; 76; survived by 4 children (listed); Elizabeth Brooks on grave marker

Cottus Morgan; died 8-18-1927; Shover Springs Cem. (Hempstead Co.); from local news

Benjamin Daniel; 9; son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Daniel; Laneburg Cem.; see 9-1-1927 issue also

Mrs. May Crumby; 37; died 7-7-1927; wife of John Crumby; survived by husband, 1 son, parents, 1 brother, 1 sister; grave found at Snell Cem.; see 7-14-1927 issue also

Jake May; 5 months; son of Mr. and Mrs. Thurman May; Thurman May is buried at Harmony Cem.; assume child is there also in unmarked grave

Mrs. B. H. Thomas; 34; wife of Gurdon editor; survivors listed

James Henry Woodul; 28; survived by parents, 2 brothers, 6 sisters (listed); Laneburg Cem.

Benjamin Franklin Daniel; born Dec., 1917; died 8-13-1927; see 8-25-1927 issue also

Mrs. Katie Pittman; born 11-16-1866; married S. H. Pittman 1884; died 7-20-1927; survived by 7 sons, 1 daughter (listed); DeAnn Cem.; see 7-28-1927 issue also

Mrs. C. B. Bailey; died 6-30-1927; Effie Jarvis Bailey; born 8-10-1890; married C. B. Bailey 1908; 3 sons, 4 daughter—1 dead; grave found at Holly Springs Cem.; Effie Jarvis Bailey on grave marker; see 7-7-1927 issue also

Mrs. T. D. Buchanan; born July, 1843 in MS; age 84 yrs., 2 mths., 11 days; died 10-4-1927; survived by 1 sister, 3 sons, 1 daughter (listed); grave found at Buchanan Cem.

Mrs. Fannie Emerson; 80; survived by 1 son, 1 brother (listed); Oakland Cem. at Little Rock

Mrs. Emma McLelland; 55; survived by husband, Steel McLelland, 1 daughter, 1 son; Liberty Cem.

Mrs. Josephine Jones; 73; wife of Calvin Jones; survived by husband, 2 sons, 1 daughter; Liberty Cem.

Chandes Alee Johnson; son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson; age 1 yr., 2 mths., 25 days; died 12-4-1927

Mrs. M. M. Mason; 76; survived by husband, 2 sons, 1 daughter (listed); Mt. Moriah Cem.

S. T. Boyd; died at Little Rock; one of most prominent colored men in AR; ; grave found at DeAnn Cem.- Black Section; see 1-26-1928 issue also

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