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Submitted by Jerry McKelvy

Date is issue of paper
Name; age; cemetery; cause of death if given

Betty Nan Moran; 4; daughter of Mrs. Cordelia Moran; clothes caught fire; see 2-9-1928 issue also; grave found at DeAnn Cem.-Old Section

Mrs. Jane A. Boyd; 83; widow of Travis P. Boyd; survived by 4 sons, 2 daughters (listed); funeral at Emmet

(Grandma); Johnson; 75; survived by 3 children (listed); Cantley Cem. (now called Pleasant Ridge Cem.); from local news column; Josephine C. Johnson in cemetery record

W. B. White; 68; stroke; survived by 3 sons, 2 daughters; Ebenezer Cem.

Edith Whitten; 4; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Whitten; clothes caught fire; Bluff City Cem.

Dr. R. A. Wilson; 57; Richard Wilson; died 1-5-1928; survived by father, 2 sisters, wife, 4 children; found a Richard Wilson at Mt. Olive Cem.; no dates on stone; could be this person

W. P. Massey; 65; survived by wife and 4 sons; burial at Pine Bluff

Grandmother Gilsky; death mentioned in local new column from Center

J. K. Waddle; 82; Mt. Moriah Cem.; see 3-22-1928 and 4-12-1928 issues also

Andrew H. Avery; 53; poured kerosene on himself and lit it, ran across field, then asked family to shoot him with shotgun; survived by wife and 4 children; Midway Cem.

J. E. Eaves; 73; survived by wife, 1 daughter, 4 sons (listed); Snell Cem.

S. T. Boyd; a memorial poem; see 12-29-1927 issue also


Mrs. N. J. Starritt; 78; survived by 7 children (listed); Riddick Cem. in Ouachita Co.

Jim Gage; born 7-13-1834; died 1-8-1928; a memorial

Mrs. H. O. Giles; 49; died at Little Rock; survived by husband and 2 daughters; DeAnn Cem.

Arline Westmoreland; 6; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ivy T. Westmoreland; died following operation to remove tonsils; DeAnn Cem.; Erline Josephine Westmoreland on grave marker; see 2-23-1928 issue also

Betty Moran; 3; daughter of Mrs. W. S. Moran; see 1-5-1928 issue also

J. W. Bradley; Ebenezer Cem.; mentioned in Ebenezer local news column

William Clay Hatcher; 82; born in MS; an orphan at early age; to AR at age 16; married Theodosia Whitten of GA at age 28; 8 children—3 died in infancy (listed); died 2-5-1928; Shiloh Cem. at Lamartine (Columbia Co.)

Mrs. Lula Brooks; 67; died at Jacksonville; survived by 5 daughters, 3 sons (listed); DeAnn Cem.

Mrs. Laura Morris; 49; died at Little Rock; survived by husband, H. H. Morris, 2 daughters, 2 sons (listed); New Salem Cem.; Luna Ann Marris on grave marker

Arline Westmoreland; a memorial; see 2-28-1928 issue also

Willie S. Durham; son of Mr. and Mrs. Noah Durham; born 7-13-1877; married Dollie Harris 1905; died 1-16-1928; 8 children; grave found at Harmony Cem.

Mary Elizabeth Daily Simpson; 77; born 1-27-1851; married P. S. Simpson 1875; died 2-11-1928; grave found at Holly Springs Cem.

J. B. Williams; died at Paris, TX; buried at Ennis

Mellie Loe; 53; pneumonia; died 2-3-1928; wife of Lee Loe; survived by husband, 5 daughters, 4 sons; Harmony Cem.; grave marker has Rachel M. Loe

J. M. Graham; 68; apoplexy; survived by wife, 4 daughters, 2 sons (listed); Graham Cem.

Rev. David A. Bolls; died at Little Rock; New Salem Cem.

Mrs. Mary Ester Arnett; 32; Snell Cem.

Mrs. Ella Phillips Ware; died at Decatur, IL; Snell Cem.

J. W. Gordon; 62; apoplexy; survived by wife, 5 sons, 5 daughters; Midway Cem.

Mrs. Samantha McFarland; 81; died 2-29-1928; survived by 3 daughters, 1 brother, 1 sister (listed); Snell Cem.

Cleve Jarvis; 18; son of Grover C. Jarvis; shot himself near Rosston High School; grave found at Mt. Moriah Cem.; see 4-5-1928 issue also

Mrs. J. A. Spoonamore; 67; survived by husband, 3 sons, 2 daughters; DeAnn Cem.

J. M. Holland; 83; survived by wife, 4 daughters, 1 son (listed); Baird’s Chapel Cem. (Hempstead Co.)

Mrs. Lacinda A. Steele; 80; survived by husband, 2 sons, 1 daughter, 3 brothers, 1 sister (listed); Moscow Cem. (two articles)

Nan Mason; 67; died 12-16-1927; survived by husband, 2 sons, 1 daughter (listed); Mt. Moriah Cem. ; see 12-22-1927 issue also

Joseph K. Waddle; born 3-12-1845; died 1-15-1928; married Katie Ghormley 1866; Mt. Moriah Cem.; see 1-19-1928 and 4-12-1928 issues also

Mrs. Lucinda Ann Steele; 80; wife of B. F. Steele; died 3-15-1928; born Tippe Co., TN 5-27-1848; married 1876; 7 children (listed); Moscow Cem.; two articles

Buck Thomas; 16; son of Jess Thomas; wreck; Marlbrook Cem. (Hempstead Co.)

John Print; pneumonia; White Oak Cem. (Hempstead Co.); local news column

Miss Annie Moon; former Prescott teacher; died at Russellville

Stephen P. Meador; 69; former editor of Okolona Messenger and Arkansas Clipper; survivors listed; reprinted from Arkadelphia paper

John F. Trevillion; survived by wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters; DeAnn Cem.

Mrs. Effie Martin; Union Cem.; mentioned in local news column; see 4-12-1928 issue also

Mrs. Rose May; Corinth Cem.; mentioned in local news column; see 5-3-1928 issue also

Cleveland Jarvis; 18; born 12-31-1909; died 3-7-1928; son of G. C. Jarvis; survived by parents, 4 brothers, 4 sisters; see 3-8-1928 issue also

Herm Butler’s baby; mentioned in local news column; see 5-17-1928 issue also

Mrs. Effie Martin; died 3-28-1928; survived by husband, 2 children; a memorial; see4-5-1928 issue also

J. K. Waddle; born Shelby Co., TN 1856; see 1-19-1928 and 3-22-1928 issues also

Mrs. W. A. Hatley; 76; survived by husband, 1 son, 2 daughters, 1 brother (listed); DeAnn Cem.; grave marker has Virginia Caps Hatley

J. T. Wortham; 69; survived by wife, 3 daughters, 2 sons (listed); Holly Springs Cem.

W. K. Yancey; 50; car/train accident; survived by wife, 1 daughter, 4 sons (listed); DeAnn Cem.

E. E. White; 63; survived by wife, 2 sons, 1 daughter (listed); reprinted from Hope paper

R. T. W. Holloway; 76; survived by wife, 4 sons, 6 daughters (listed); Mt. Olive Cem.; grave marker has R. W. T. Holloway

Rosa May; 71; born 5-20-1856; died 3-24-1928; survived by husband, 2 sons (listed); Corinth Cem.; two articles; see 4-5-1928 issue also

Virgil Martin; 42; swamp fever; died 3-20-1928; had 10 children—3 dead; survived by wife, 7 children; Friendship Cem. near Cale

D. C. Barnes; 83; survived by 3 sons, 2 daughters; Kay Cem. (now called Pleasant Hill Cem.); grave marker has David C. Barnes

Walter Edward Cromer; 12; son of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Cromer; Baird’s Chapel Cem. (Hempstead Co.)

Mrs. Mary Bright; 93; Harmony Cem.; 6 children; survivors listed; local news column; see 3-28-1929 issue for more information

Mr.s Edna West; from Hope; survived by husband, infant daughter, mother, 4 sisters, 2 brothers; Bluff City Cem.; local news column; hard to read

Wilton Butler; 5 weeks, 4 days; son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Butler; died 4-8-1928; Union Cem.; see 4-12-1928 issue also

Will Cantley; 53; survived by wife, 1 daughter, father, 5 sisters; Cantley Cem.; Pine Bluff Cem.

Mrs. Jewel Pearce; 43; wife of Dave Pearce; survived by husband, 2 daughters, 2 sons; Piney Grove Cem.

(Grandmother) Rowe; 70; died 5-23-1928; survived by 2 sons, 1 daughter (listed); grave marker has Theodosia Rowe

Clifford Grant; 58; survived by wife, 1 child; Sweet Home Cem. (Hempstead Co.)

A. M. Carter; 60; survived by wife, 3 sons, 3 daughters, Bluff City Cem.

Mrs. J. M. Holland; 81; 5 children (listed); Baird’s Chapel Cem. (Hempstead Co.)

J. R. Harrell; 81; from Columbus, IN; survived by wife, 2 daughters, 3 sons (listed); DeAnn Cem.-Old Section; grave marker has Joseph R. Harrell

Lavern Johnson; 7 months, 3 days; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Johnson; died 6-6-1928

Mrs. Maud Orr; 52; died at Cushing, OK; stroke; survived by 2 children, 2 brothers, 3 sisters (listed); Mt. Moriah Cem.

J. O. Tippitt; survivors listed; reprint from Lonoke paper

(Grandmother) McKinnon; 71; died 7-3-1928; 6 children; see 7-19-1928 issue also

Mrs. Emma Starks; Harmony Cem.; mentioned in local news column

Lorna Ruth Schooley; 6 months; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Schooley; a memorial

(Unknown boy); hit by train; no other information

Mrs. Artie Roach; mentioned in local news column

Sarah E. McKinnon; born 12-8-1856; married H. T. McKinnon 1874; had 4 sons, 4 daughters—2 dead; survived by husband, 3 sons, 3 daughters, 2 orphans, 2 sisters (listed); grave found at Pleasant Hill Cem.; see 7-12-1928 issue also

Mrs. John Bryson; 79; survived by 1 son, 1 daughter, 1 sister, 6 brothers (listed); Liberty Cem.; grave marker has Nancy Ann Bryson

Wallis Gillespie; 11months; son of Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Gillespie; survived by parents, 2 sisters, 3 brothers; see 8-16-1928 issue also

T. P. Parks; 76; Missionary Grove Cem. (also called Nubbin Hill Cem.)

Miss Mary Edwin White; survived by father, 3 brothers, 1 sister; DeAnn Cem.

Monroe Ellis Gillespie; 10 months, 20 days; died 7-18-1928; Holleman Cem. (Ouachita Co.); see 8-9-1928 issue also

Horace C. Yancey; army truck accident; survived by mother, 3 brothers, 1 sister (listed); DeAnn Cem.

Stewart Cummings; 79; died 8-14-1928; survived by wife, Nancy, 2 sons, 4 daughters (listed); Bluff City Cem.

Capt. Edward Miller; 84; survived by wife, 1 son,, Frank; Mt. Moriah Cem.; see 11-29-1928 issue also

Dr. W. W. Rice; 60; survived by wife, 2 sisters (listed); DeAnn Cem.

(child) Stewart; 3; child of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Stewart; fell into boiling water; Mt. Moriah Cem.; see 12-27-1928 issue also

John Prince; survived by wife, 7 children; 2 sisters, 1 brother; Holly Grove Cem. (Hempstead Co.); mentioned in local news column

Capt. Edward R. Miller; born 3-1-1845 in CT; died 10-29-1928; married Mollie J. Roane 1902; no children; survived by wife and 1 son from previous marriage; Mt. Moriah Cem.; see 11-1-1928 issue also

?? Knott; 50; filled at Falcon; news article

Tom Wallace; Wallace Cem. (Ouachita Co.); from Sayre local news column

Pink Merritt; Bluff City Cem.; from local news column

Mrs. E. M. Harvey; Bluff City Cem.; from local news column; grave marker has Martha Ann Harvey

(Unidentified Negro woman); car/train accident; news article

Maurine Stewart; born 8-20-1924; died 11-26-1928; Mt. Moriah Cem. see 11-29-1928 issue also


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