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Submitted by Jerry McKelvy

Date is issue of paper
Name; age; cemetery; cause of death if given

Melvin Delaney; 20; drank carbolic acid and wrecked car

Mrs. Nena Glass; 29; wife of Grady Glass; died in Baton Rouge, LA; buried at Prescott; gas explosion; Grady Glass is buried at Laneburg Cem.; she may be buried there also, but grave was not found

J. M. Neal; 77; survived by 6 children; Sweet Home Cem. (Hempstead Co.); see 1-16-1930 issue also

J. M. Neal; a memorial; see 1-2-1930 issue also

Evie Loe; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Loe; died 1-27-1930; flu/pneumonia; Corinth Cem.; obituary had Lee instead of Loe

John T. Nichols; 73; survived by wife, 3 daughters (listed); Bluff City Cem.

W. H. Toney; gas explosion at Hope; news article

(Grandma) Martindale; died 2-1-1930; survived by 5 sons, 1 daughter; grave found at Moscow Cem.; marker has Elizabeth Ann Martindale

Mrs. Lillian Pryor Sparks; died at Ft. Smith; survivors listed

W. J. Stuart; born 1-23-1852; died 12-11-1929; married Dink Stewart 1873; survived by parents, 4 brothers, 1 sister; Pleasant Ridge Cem.

Henry Burnett; 44; tonsillitis; worked with carnivals; weighed between 500 and 600 pounds; survived by parents, 4 brothers, 1 sister; Pleasant Ridge Cem.; grave not found during survey

Mrs. Minnie Purtle; born 9-9-1890; died 11-28-1929; married 1909; 7 children; Bluff Springs Cem.

Isadora Brown; died 2-26-1930; survived by husband, 5 children; father, 4 sisters, 2 brothers; grave found at Piney Grove Cem.

Mrs. R. Lee McCain; 37; survived by husband, 2 children, 3 brothers (listed); DeAnn Cem.; grave marker has Katie Steele McCain

Martha Jane Woosley; 83; died 4-20-1930; from a pioneer family from West Virginia; survived by 5 sons, 1 daughter (listed); Harmony Cem.

J. J. Chambers; 72; survivors listed; buried at Wilmot

W. G. Cornelius; 79; survived by 5 sons, 2 daughters (listed); Missionary Grove Cem. (also called Nubbin Hill Cem.)

Mrs. Dora Phillips; killed by Obe McCoy in south Nevada Co.; news article

S. J. Gentry; about 50; county treasurer; survived by wife, 1 daughter, 1 brother, 2 sisters (listed); DeAnn Cem.; grave marker has Sidney J. Gentry

Mrs. Regis Arguad; survived by husband and several children; DeAnn Cem.

Will Mitchell; 58; survived by wife, 1 brother; DeAnn Cem.; grave marker has John William Mitchell

(Grandma) Foster; died at home of her son in Malvern; Ebenezer Cem.; mentioned in local news column; grave marker has Mary Caroline Foster

Paul Durham; 14; son of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Durham; survived by parents, several brothers and sisters; Harmony Cem.

Mildred Jobe; shot by John Daniels; news article; grave found at Caney Cem.

Wiley A. Hatley; 86; married Jennie Watson 1868; survived by 1 son, 1 sister (listed); DeAnn Cem.

Will Rhodes; 52; survived by 2 brothers, 2 sisters; Friendship Cem.; see 7-31-1930 issue also

Mrs. Mary White; 80; widow of Capt. W. R. White; survived by 2 sisters, 1 brother, and her husband’s children; DeAnn Cem.

Julius Wegner; born in Germany 2-2-1853; died 6-16-1930; to America at age 16; settled in Wisconsin; married Caroline Brockman at West Point, NB 6-10-1880; had 3 sons, 5 daughters, one died in 1917; to Prescott 1918; survived by wife, children (listed); grave found at Midway Cem.

Newt Murphy; died 6-20-1930; Piney Grove local news column

A. D. Sherrill; of Oklahoma; died 7-4-1930; apoplexy; survived by wife, 2 daughters, 1 son, mother, 2 brothers, 3 sisters

E. D. Murphy; 62; died 7-4-1930; survived by wife, 3 daughters, 2 sons, 4 brothers (listed); Laneburg Cem.; grave marker has Edgar B. Murry

Clint W. Hamilton; 72; survived by wife, 3 sons, 3 daughters (listed); Harmony Cem.

Mrs. Lizzie Hamric; buried at Pisgah Cem.; from local news column

S. H. McMahan; 57; survived by wife, 1 sons, 6 daughters (listed); DeAnn Cem.

Mrs. R. H. Orr; born 3-20-1846; died 7-12-1930; survived by 8 children (listed)

W. L. Rhodes; born 1878; died 6-13-1930; survived by 2 brothers, 2 sisters; Friendship Cem.; see 6-19-1930 issue also

J. S. Stephenson; 60; born in Sparta, IL; died 7-27-1930; survived by wife and 7 children; funeral at Harrison, AR

Elmer Tullis; 46; shot at Hope by C. W. Ashcraft; news article

O. V. White; born 2-20-1894; died 5-2-1930; Union Cem.; grave marker has Onie V. White

W. R. Honea; 72; Marlbrook Cem. (Hempstead Co.)

George Hays; 44; survived by 3 brothers, 1 sister; DeAnn Cem.

Jasper Newton Kirk; born 9-9-1853 in Hurd Co., GA; died 7-22-1930; to AR in 1855; married Nancy Ann Honea 12-3-1874; had 14 children—9 survive; survived wife, widowed sister, Amanda Wadley, 9 children; Ebenezer Cem.

Mrs. E. Adams; 30; survived by husband and 3 children; DeAnn Cem.; grave marker has Margaret Burt Adam

John G. Wreyford; age 80 yrs., 5 months, 22 days; died 8-19-1930; survived by wife, 6 children, 3 brothers, 3 sisters (listed); Pleasant Hill Cem. near Willisville

Mr.s. Gertrude Butler; died 8-30-1930; Union Cem.; from local news column

Edgar Wells; 57; survived by 2 children; buried near Blevins

Clarence Cagle; died 9-7-1930; shot himself with shotgun; family unknown; Mt. Moriah Cem.

J. K. Hamilton; 81; died 9-21-1930; survived by 1 grandson (listed); DeAnn Cem.

E. R. Colbert; 42; survived by wife, 3 daughters, parents, 3 sisters (listed)

??? Ward; about 60; survived by wife and several children; auto accident; news article

Henry Lewis; about 60; survived by wife and several children; auto accident; news article

Mrs. Lucy Regan; died 10-13-1930; heart trouble; survived by 3 sons (listed); DeAnn Cem.

Sim C. Hays; 48; survived by 6 brothers, 2 sisters (listed); buried at Okolona

Mrs. Roxie Munn; wife of Allen Munn; died 10-30-1930; Harmony Cem.; from local news column

Mrs. I. H. Stuart; 72; survived by husband, 2 sons, Providence Cem. grave marker has Isaac Henry Stuart

D. S. Easterling; survived by wife and 12 children (listed); Forest Hill Cem.; grave marker has Daniel S. Easterling

Fred Fuller; 42; died at Dallas from blood poisoning; grave found at Bodcaw No. 1 Cem.

Mr.s Tom Shell; 62; survived by husband and 5 children (listed); White Church Cem.; grave marker has Nettie Regan Shell

Noel Buckley; 18; son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Buckley; auto accident; news article

Jim Munn; died 12-15-1930; buried at Bodcaw; from local news column; grave found at Union Cem.; marker has James Knox Munn

Perry Burkett; died 12-19-1930; Caney Cem.; from local news column


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