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Submitted by Jerry McKelvy

Date is issue of paper
Name; age; cemetery; cause of death if given

J. L. Ward; 61; Bright’s Disease; survived by wife, 8 sons, 3 daughters; Sweet Home Cem. (Hempstead Co.)

Pearl Hall; 5; daughter of Jimmie Hall; Cantley Cem. (now called Pleasant Ridge Cem.)

I. A. McCoy; 54; survived by wife, 3 sons, 1 daughter; DeAnn Cem.

W. J. Gill; born 2-16-1865; married 12-20-1888; died 11-26-1920; survived by wife and 8 children; grave found at Liberty Cem.; grave marker has James Whitman Gill

John M. White; died 1-9-1921; son of Mr. and Mrs. G. O. White; grave found at Caney Cem.

Thomas Nolen; 46; survived by wife and 1 daughter; Macedonia Cem.; from local news

Mrs. Georgia Gulley; born 7-28-1849 in Herd Co., GA; to AR with parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Kirk 1854; married Samuel Luther Gulley at age 18; 10 children (some listed); Gulley Family Cem.

Mrs. T. A. Potter; from Gurdon; 73; pneumonia; survived by 6 daughters, 1 son (listed); White’s Chapel (now called White Church Cem.); see 2-23-1921 issue also

C. C. Hamby; 69; pneumonia/stroke; survived by wife, 2 daughters, 2 sons; DeAnn Cem.

Unknown; 45; shot at hobo camp near Hope (news article)

Mrs. Nancy Jane Huffman; 76; DeAnn Cem.

George Roney Smart; 20; son of Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Smart; abcess of brain; Snell Cem.

Mrs. Mary J. Potter; born 10-25-1848; wife of T. A. Potter; 11 children—7 living; see 1-29-1921 issue also

D. F. Andrews; 71; survived by wife; DeAnn Cem.

Brownie Tuggles; 28; colored; lynched at Hope by a mob

W. H. Gorman; killed by a falling tree; Boughton’s oldest citizen; grave found at Providence Cem.

4-16-1921 and 4-18-1921; news articles about Blevins tornado; 19 dead in Blevins area; more dead near Hope and in Miller Co.; includes list of dead

Mr. Phebe Shackleford; killed with entire family in tornado; Midway Cem.; in record as Thead Shackelford

Mrs. Shackleford; killed with entire family in tornado; Midway Cem.; in record as Hattie Shackelford

Mildred Shackleford; 6; killed with entire family in tornado; Midway Cem.

Harles Shackleford; 6 months; killed with entire family in tornado; Midway Cem.; grave marker has Orles Shackelford

John W. Smith; died 4-29-1921; Piney Grove Cem.

Travis Gulley; colored; about 40; killed by Willie Gulley, his son to protect his mother from attack by father

Corrie Reyenga; died 4-25-1921; wife of Herman Reyenga; born 11-5-1898; married 1916; survived by husband, 3 children, 1 sister, 2 brothers, parents

William L. Coe; 26; survived by wife and 1 child; DeAnn Cem.

Dr. J. H. Sutton; 55; cancer; survived by wife and 2 children (listed); Harmony Cem.

Levi D. Cox; 63; hemorrhage of lungs; survived by wife, 4 sons, 1 daugher (listed); Liberty Cem.; see 6-15-1921 and 9-14-1921 issues also

(Child) Munn; child of Fred Munn; died 5-16-1921; Ebenezer Cem.

Mary Catherine Smith; 13 months; daughter of Mrs. Nannie Smith; survived by mother and grandparents; DeAnn Cem.

P. M. Purtle; 74; survived by wife and 9 children; New Home Cem.

Levi David Cox; born 6-25-1858; died 5-24-1921; justice of peace in Redland Twp.; survivors listed; picture included; see also 5-24-1921 and 9-14-1921 issues

Mrs. Julia A. Gill; 94; died in Telephone, TX; survived by 1 son, 2 daughters (listed); DeAnn Cem.

Mildred Burr; 14 months; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pete Burr; DeAnn Cem.

Wiley D. Burke; 65; killed by lightning while picking beans; survived by wife, 2 sons (listed), 1 sister, 11 brothers; Holly Grove Cem.

J. M. Moore; 53; died at Oil City, TX; body returned; Providence Cem.

Mrs. Lou Billingsley; 56; Sweet Home Cem.; see 6-29-1921 issue also

Mrs. O. M. Billingsley; nee Lou Shults; born 2-10-1864; married 1884; survived by husband, 1 sister, 1 brother; see 6-27-1921 issue also

Mrs. Allen Malone; 34; survived by husband and 3 children; Nubbin Hill Cem. (also called Missionary Grove Cem.)

A. B. Luck; 83; survived by 6 sons, 3 daughters (listed); Mt. Olive Cem.

E. J. Lewis; 45; drowned in Little Missouri River; news article

Henry Luther Pittman; died 7-4-1921; son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Pittman; New Home Cem.

Mrs. Mary C. Livingston; 92; born near Tuscaloosa, AL 9-14-1828; married Thaddeus Livingston in Tippah Co., MS Sept, 1849; 6 children (listed); Moscow Cem.; husband died 35 years ago

Capt. W. R. White; 92; died 7-17-1921; long sketch about his life with picture; see 7-27-1921 issue also

Capt. W. R. White; a resolution of respect and sketch of his life; see 7-18-1921 issue also

Mrs. Martha M. Evans; 71; injury to head in accident; survived by husband, 2 daughters, 4 sons (listed); New Salem Cem.

Mrs. Jewel Hoover; 20; wife of James Hoover; Bluff Springs Cem.

Jasper Estes; killed in France in war; body returned; State Line Cem. at Texarkana

Harris Bryan; 22; appendicitis; only son of J. A. Bryan; survived by wife, parents, 4 sons (listed); DeAnn Cem.

Charles Williams; son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Williams; buried at Murfreesboro

Dr. J. W. Warren; died at Snyder, TX; survived by wife and 3 sons; former physician at Prescott

L. D. Cox; see 5-24-1921 and 6-15-1921 issues also

W. R. Munn; from Arkadelphia; survived by wife and 6 children (listed)

Ben Regan; 64; from Bryant; a former resident of Prescott

Mrs. Pauline Sutton Waddle; 30; survived by mother, husband, 2 sons, 1 daughter, 3 sisters, 1 brother (some listed); Harmony Cem.

Daniel W. Johnson; 81; married India Phillips of Lavanna Co., VA; she died 8 months ago; had 6 children—4 living (listed); India Phillips Johnson is buried at DeAnn-Old Section

William R. Ward; 78; Sweet Home Cem. (Hempstead Co.)

Pvt. Samuel Hooker; son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hooker; 33; only Nevada Co. man to be killed in World War I; body returned; Nubbin Hill Cem.; see 10-4-1921 issue also

Pvt. Samuel Hooker; see 10-1-1921 issue also

Mersa Bethany; 45; Caney Cem.; from local new column

Mrs. A. H. Lambert; 35; malaria; survived by husband, 4 sons, 2 daughters, mother, 2 sisters, 6 brothers (listed); Caney Cem.; see 10-26-1921 issue also

Miss Margie Nelson; 22; survivors listed; relatives in Prescott; buried at Conway

W. M. Stroud; survived by wife and 5 children; funeral at Hope

A. H. Gibson; about 50; Bright’s disease; survivors listed; funeral at Conway

Green R. Blake; 70; survived by wife, 2 daughters, 3 sons (listed); pioneer citizen of county and former tax assessor; Ebenezer Cem.

Mrs. Retta Lambert; wife of Rev. A. H. Lambert; married Albert Lambert 1903; died 10-17-1921; survived by husband, 6 children, mother, Mrs. M. J. Hitt, 2 sisters, 6 brothers; Caney Cem.; see 1-18-1921 issue also

J. V. Hulse; 84; survived by wife and 2 daughters; first sheriff of Nevada Co.; Snell Cem.

F. P. Harris; 75; survived by wife, 4 sons, 1 daughter; New Home Cem.

B. S. Almand; 86; survived by 3 sons, 4 daughters (listed); Laneburg Cem.; called Bennit Almand in local news column

(Child) Mathis; child of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mathis; Laneburg Cem.; from local news

Peyton R. Simpson; 45; former resident of Prescott; survived by wife and 4 children

Gosby McCarty; colored; 40; shot by Willie Washington; news article

Miss Georgie Roberts; 25; Moscow Cem.

Dr. G. O. Marsh; born near Carolina church in Jackson Twp.; fell dead at home; survived by wife, 3 daughters, 2 sons (listed); see 11-17-1921 issue also

Arnold Beaver; from Boughton; killed by Negro during robbery on train; grave found at Piney Grove Cem.; name is Beavert on marker; see 11-19-1921 issue for related article

Dr. G. O. Marsh; see 11-16-1921 issue also

William Gee; 70; see 11-29-1921 issue for full obituary

William Gee; born Tuscaloosa, AL 8-31-1851; to Prescott 1876; married Nancy Temperance Wilson Oct., 1875; had 5 children—2 dead; died 11-26-1921; survived by mother, 1 son, 2 daughters, 1 brother (listed); grave found at DeAnn Cem.; see 11-26-1921 issue also

Mrs. W. E. McFarland; survivors listed; Snell Cem.

Ollie McKinney; colored; shot by Wylie Beasley (news article); grave found at St. Peters Cem.

Mrs. Augusta Clemons; 72; DeAnn Cem.

Mrs. Mattie Wilson;70; survived by 2 sons, 2 daughters (listed); Midway Cem.; see 12-28-1921 issue also

Mrs. T. Murray; survived by 5 sons, 1 daughter (listed); Pisgah Cem.

Mrs. Jane B. Bowlin; 61; survived by husband, John, 2 daughters, 3 sons (listed); Moscow Cem.

Mrs. Mattie Wilson; born in Florida; to AR 1877; a memorial; see 12-22-1921 issue also

George A. Stainton; 51; died in Toronto, Canada; had relatives in Prescott; survived by wife and 1 child

Mrs. Sarah A. Nelson; 72; wife of J. A. Nelson; survived by 3 sons, 5 daughters, 1 sister (listed); Laneburg Cem.

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