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Emmet School (1927)
Emmet School

A Nevada County School
Prescott (?) School

Sayre School
Sayre School

Jerry McKelvy
has generously offered to share some photos of early Nevada County Schools.

Gum Grove School (1928-1929)
Gum Grove School
Back row, left to right: Mary Barksdale, Lee Plyler, Thelma Dunn, Harland McKelvy, Grace Griffith, Carl Greer, Maxine Irvin
Third row, left to right: Geneva Irvin, Lee Roy McKelvy, Brodie Barksdale, Ellis Griffith, Ed Cross (school master), Lois Nelson, Garland Plyler, Nellie Irvin, Alvin Dunn
Second row, left to right: Goldie Barksdale, Silas McMurray, Euna Norman, Coy Plyler, Mae Plyler, Ruel McKelvy, Elaine Dunn, Foy Nelson
Front row, left to right: Myrtie McKelvy, Bernice ??, Al Plyler, Annie Mae Barlow, Roy McKelvy, Dorothy Meador, Joe Plyler

Old School at Bluff City about 1910
This was the school at Bluff City about 1910. The building was also used as a church.
Photo courtesy of Mrs. Elsie Beaver (1908-1998)

School at Bluff City Early 1920s
Front Row (left to right): Nellie Morgan, Myrtle Martin, Charlie Payne, Dovie Black, Joe Bevill (Teacher), Gladys Hildebrand, Sula Nichols, Elsie Mae Moore, Grady Starnes
Middle Row (left to right): Bill Nichols, Doyle Crowell, Hollis Walker, Inita Henry, Mae Crowell, Edna Hildebrand, Penny Black, Clinton Robinson ?, Georgia Carter, Marie Hildebrand, Lewis Carter, Lawrence Walker, Ruby Carter, Florence Carter, Dennis Walker, Ray Robinson
Back Row (left to right): Hazel Walker, Hudson Crowell, Elsie Moore, Byris Thompkins, Marie Martin, Clyde Moore, Mildred Moore, Garland Moore, Mattie Carter, Clyde Hildebrand

Identified by Mrs. Elsie Moore Beaver (age 88) on October 21, 1996

Bluff City High School Dragons - Boys Basketball Team of 1929
Pictured left to right: Carl Greer, Coy Plyler, Lee Roy McKelvy, Elwood Byrd, Sid Dewoody, Bill Nichols, Harland McKelvy, James Neal Byrd, Everett Wynn, Herbert Moore, Hassel Starnes

Bluff City School Picture (Before 1920)
Front Row (left to right): Mr. Oscar Dawson, Principal, Herbert Dawson, Olive Henry, Unknown, Lela Barlow (married name), Ed Harvey, Unknown
Back Row (left to right): Unknown, Ruby Harvey, Elma Gulley, Unknown, Unknown, Tula Barlow, Zadie Gulley, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
Identified by Mrs. Elsie Moore Beaver on October 21, 1996

School at Bluff City; Baptisms at Church of Christ
Submitted by Judy Moore.