Prairie County, Section 28, Township 4 North, Range 6 West


This cemetery is also known as the Magby Cemetery. It is spelled McBee but it is pronounced Mag'-bee. I (Marilyn Hambrick Sickel) believe McBee to be a family name but where the McBee's are or went is a mystery to me. It is an old cemetery that is still actively used. Many of the early family names are still prevelant today.

I was given to understand this area of Prairie County was once quite active. It was related to me that a national farm organization, known as the Agricultural Wheel, had it's beginnings in this vicinity.

At one time, there was also a McBee church and school just west of the cemetery.

Reprinted with permission from the book, Prairie County, Arkansas - Cemetery Inscriptions by Marilyn Hambrick Sickel (1989). Data submissions, corrections, and/or updates may be sent to the Prairie County Website Coordinator.

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