Prairie County, Section 4, Township 4 North, Range 7 West


This listing is over twenty years old. Today (1989), only two stones were found. According to the locals, a man cleared the area of timber under orders of his boss. Before the man could complete the job, his boss caught him and made him stop clearing that part because there was a cemetery there. By that time, half of this cemetery was denuded of markers. Tradition has it that the markers from this area were all pushed up together and buried. Also, a few years ago, so the locals report, a man from Illinois came to the cemetery looking for some relatives. The man left after looking for some time and stated he would come back another time. When he returned, all but the two reported stones were gone. Locals report family names of Dixon and Jones were also in this cemetery, at one time. This cemetery has not been active for a number of years.

Reprinted with permission from the book, Prairie County, Arkansas - Cemetery Inscriptions by Marilyn Hambrick Sickel (1989). Data submissions, corrections, and/or updates may be sent to the Prairie County Website Coordinator.

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