Monroe County, Section , Township 1 South, Range 4 West


I (Marilyn Hambrick Sickel) am not even sure this is the proper name for this cemetery site. This is almost a lost cemetery. I do not have enough information to even enable me to classify this cemetery as a black or white cemetery. There are a pair of massive oak and pine trees that stand as silent sentinels over the resting few. There is a derelect wrought-iron fence enclosing the marker of T.M. Gibbons and wife with room enough for several other gravesites. Adjoining this fence is a makeshift barbed wire fence that guards over the English family marker, the Duke marker, and several other unmarked gravesites.

My ten-year-old son, after visiting numerous cemetery sites with his mother, located two totally hidden markers. The first was an iron marker that has a glass plate cover still intact belonging to the Bowlin Child. This marker was at the base of one of the largest pine trees on this knoll. Next, my son located a footmarker and couldn't understand why there was no headstone. He shuffled the layer of woodland carpet and located a five foot marble marker lying flat on the ground belonging to Sarah Mathis. There are many unmarked gravesites. Most probably the forrest, over the years, has hidden several other stones from view. With all of these markers (except one) dating after the Civil War, I am going to make the broad assumption that this cemetery originated as a pre-Civil War burial ground.

This cemetery is totally inaccessible by vehicle today. It is now in the possession of an individual who has posted numerous "No Trespassing" signs and access is only with permission. In April, when I visited, there was a solid cover of blooming buckeye plants gracing this cemetery.

This cemetery is located on the top of the most prominent knoll near LaGrue Bayou, just over the Prairie County line, in Monroe County.

Reprinted with permission from the book, Prairie County, Arkansas - Cemetery Inscriptions by Marilyn Hambrick Sickel (1989). Data submissions, corrections, and/or updates may be sent to the Prairie County Website Coordinator.

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