By: Robert N. Boggan

Reprinted by permission of the White County Heritage Society, June 27, 1970
White County, near the center of Section 12, Township 5 North, Range 6 West


I (Robert Boggan) visited this graveyard on this date taking with me my father, Troy P. Boggan (born January 22, 1893) of Griffithville, Arkansas, and his sister, Mrs. Vesta Boggan Holiday (born November 1887), also of Griffithville (White County). Both are of sound mind and memory. The following was copied from grave markers and from memory.

In one gravesite near the cemetery is buried a Mr. Brantley, who died in February 1902. The ground frozen, timber iced over, creeks running full, more rain expected and thawing began, Andrew Boggan, William Harris, Pat Wallace, Jess Patty, Will Adamson, and Doug Garner tried to dig a grave but were unsuccessful because of conditions. These young men cut small hardwood trees and built a pyramid around Mr. Brantley's coffin. They then covered it with whatever leaves, etc., they were able to collect. When the soil was workable, the men further covered the pyramid, making an above ground burial. Some citizens of the community attempted to prosecute the men because they thought it not a proper burial.

(Robert N. Boggan is the eldest son of Troy Pet and Lillie Story Boggan.)

Reprinted with permission from the book, Prairie County, Arkansas - Cemetery Inscriptions by Marilyn Hambrick Sickel (1989). Data submissions, corrections, and/or updates may be sent to the Prairie County Website Coordinator.

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