Sebastian County Arkansas Births

These records were abstracted from records at the Family History Center by Sherri.

For female children the names in the records listed mothers maiden name. There are some, though, that evidently were the mother's maiden names.

Surnames Beginning with the letter



Last Name First Name Date of Birth Location of Birth Father Mother
Nance Lucas 19 Jul 1848 Russellville, Franklin Co., AL Rufus J. Nance Margaret L.
Narwood Claudie Henry 8 May 1881   James H. Narwood Ilda Selig
Nathan Henry Lovelock 19 Dec 1894 Ft. Smith, AR George L. Nathan Julia B.
Nathan Maud Rebecca 28 Oct 1890 Ft. Smith, AR George L. Nathan Julia B.
Nathan George Lovelock 12 Apr 1868 Ft. Smith, AR Henry Nathan Emma Jemima
Nathan Mary Maud   Ft. Smith, AR Henry Nathan Emma J.
Nave .-- 26 Jul 1882 Ft. Smith, AR Alfred Nave Annie Walker
Neale .. Elizabeth 24 Feb 1886 Ft. Smith, AR Patrick Neal Miller
Neale Baby 7 Oct 1891 Ft. Smith, AR George M. Neale Mamie Garner
Neale Ellen 26 Jul 1889 Ft. Smith, AR Geo. M. Neale Marnie Garn
Neufh .-- 13 Jun 1892 Ft. Smith, AR George Neufh Leonard
Newman Nancy Jane 12 Jan 1924 Monett, Bary Co., MO George W. Newman Mildred Joe Keithley
Newsum Jack Saint Clair 29 Oct 1912 Terre haute, Vigo Co., IN Lawrence Newsum Ida Jackson
Newsum Jo Lynne 13 Sep 1940 Ft. Smith, AR Jack St. Clair Newsum Olive Victoria Rodenbury
Newton Esther Irene 10 May 1911 Quinn, Pennington Co., DS Albert A. Newton Clara Graves
Nichols Amanda 23 Dec 1860 TX Arver Nichols Mary
Nicholson Minnie 26 Oct 1893 Cor. 6th & Hickory Sam Nicholson Albertie Sevio..
Nickel Anna Margaretha 27 Nov 1883   H.J. Nickel Anna M. Nickel
Nickel Georg Conrad 18 Feb 1881   H.J. Nickel M.C. Nickel
Nickel Laurence Raymond 18 Jun 1893 Home Add. Julius Geo. Nickel Adda Belle Campbell
Niggly Christine Marie 3 Mar 1869   Peter Niggly Margarett Niggly
Niggly Johann 14 Sep 1871   Peter Niggly Margareth Niggly
Niggly Margaretha Elisabeth 1 Aug 1870   Peter Niggly Margareth Niggly
Nixon Exene T. 1870 Arkansas John B. Nixon Lydia R.
Norman .-- 23 Feb 1883 Ft. Smith, AR E.R. Norman unknown
Norris Levi Allen 1849 North Troy, Orleans Co., VT Wilbur Norris Viola
Norton Ida Belle 18 Sep 1908 Casper, Natrona Co., WY John B. Barnes Alta Rowe
Norton Thomas Dalin 4 Oct 1938 Casper, Natrona Co., WY Clifford J. Norton Ida Belle Barnes
Norwood Effie May 27 Jun 1885 Denison, Grayson Co., TX Benjamin Norwood Arminie Givens
Norwood Laura H. 22 Feb 1882   J.H. Norwood Ilda Selig
Norwood Olive Elizabeth 14 Aug 1875 Van Buren, Crawford Co., AR Benjamin Norwood Arminie Givens
Norwood Sallie B. 1 Jan 1888   Benjamin Norwood Arminie Givens
Nye Joan 7 Aug 1932 Casper, Natrona Co., WY Ira J. Nye Ida Belle Barnes
Nye John Frederick 10 Jun 1934 Casper, Natrona Co., WY Ira J. Nye Ida Belle Barnes

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