Sebastian County Arkansas Births

These records were abstracted from records at the Family History Center by Sherri.

For female children the names in the records listed mothers maiden name. There are some, though, that evidently were the mother's maiden names.

Surnames Beginning with the letter


Last Name First Name Date of Birth Location of Birth Father Mother
Zachary .-- 22 Jul 1888 Ft. Smith, AR Alex Zachary Zachary
Zackary .-- (child of) 4 May 1884 Ft. Smith, AR Alex Zachary Emma Ellis
Zanone Edith 4 Sep 1888 Ft. Smith, AR Laine Zanone Cornelia Pope
Zimmerman Christian Johannes 30 May 1870   Christ Zimmerman Anna Zimmerman
Zimmerman Maria Anna Christine 18 Jun 1878   Christ Zimmerman Anna Zimmerman
Zone .-- 17 Oct 1892 Ft. Smith, AR Wm. Zone Jelliā€¦ Buckner

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