Original Land Patent Owners in Sebastian County

Click on underlined name to see location of land - please note section number for reference.
The links are a work in progress. Until then you will have to note the T&R number and find it on the Lands front page.

You can also check the official Bureau of Land Management site for complete name list.

L Name               F Name          MI   Sec      T       R        

AARON                JOHN                 34       9N     32W       
ADAMS                HILLERY         A    9        5N     31W
AKE                  CASTLETON       B    22       7N     30W
AKE                  FELIX           G    5        7N     30W
AKE                  FELIX           G    9        7N     30W       
AKE                  FELIX           G    30       8N     29W       
AKE                  FELIX           G    31       8N     29W       
AKE                  FELIX           G    32       8N     29W      
AKE                  FELIX           G    13       8N     30W       
AKE                  FELIX           G    36       8N     30W       
AKE                  NAPOLEAN        R    34       8N     30W       
AKE                  NAPOLEON        R    8        7N     30W       
AKIN                 JAMES                30       7N     30W
AKIN                 PETER                34       6N     32W
ALDRIDGE             ALFRED               33       7N     29W
ALEXANDER            JOHN            B    11       4N     32W
ALEXANDER            WILLIAM         M    29       5N     32W
ALEXANDER            WILLIAM         W    28       5N     32W
ALISON               JAMES           C    18       7N     31W
ALLEN                ALANSON         D    6        4N     31W
ALLEN                ALANSON         D    7        4N     31W
ALLEN                ALANSON         D    12       4N     32W
ALLEN                ALANSON              18       4N     32W
ALLEN                JOHN                 12       6N     32W
ALLEN                STEPHEN         G    25       5N     32W
ALLEN                VINE                 32       7N     32W
ALLISON              JAMES           B    9        5N     30W
ALLISON              LEWIS           D    8        7N     31W
ALLISON              LEWIS           D    12       7N     32W
ALLISON              SAMUEL               6        6N     30W
ALLISON              SAMUEL               31       7N     30W
ALVAN                                     28       7N     32W
AMOS                 CHARLES              19       8N     29W
AMOS                 THOMAS          H    30       8N     29W
AMOS                 WILLIAM              15       7N     30W
ANDERSON             HUGH            A    9        8N     30W
ANDERSON             HUGH            A    18       8N     30W
ANDERSON             HUGH            A    15       8N     31W
ANDERSON             HUGH            A    21       8N     31W
ANDERSON             HUGH            A    22       8N     31W
ANDERSON             JESSE           A    29       5N     32W
ANDERSON             JOHN                 27       5N     32W
ANDERSON             LUCIAN          N    21       9N     32W
ANDREWS              JOHN                 20       6N     32W
ANTHONY              GREEN           C    18       4N     31W
ANTHONY              JESSE                4        4N     31W
ARBUCKLE             JOHN            D    28       8N     29W
ARBUCKLE             JOHN            D    1        8N     30W
ARBUCKLE             JOHN            D    31       9N     29W
ARBUCKLE             JOHN            D    25       9N     30W
ARBUCKLE             MATTHEW              1        8N     30W
ARBUCKLE             MATTHEW              31       9N     29W
ARKANSAS COAL & MINING CO.                6        5N     31W
ARMORER              CAMPBELL             23       8N     32W
ARMSTRONG            JAMES                10       4N     32W
ATKINS               JOHN                 23       6N     32W
ATKINS               JOHN                 24       6N     32W
ATTERBERRY           FRANCIS         M    36       7N     32W
ATTERBERRY           ISAAC                36       7N     32W
AVERY                ELISHA               31       6N     30W

BABB                 SINGLETON       T    29       4N     32W
BAGWELL              ISAAC           L    33       8N     29W
BAILEY               FRANCIS         B    3        7N     31W
BAILEY               JOSEPH          H    20       8N     31W
BAILEY               THOMAS          B    20       6N     32W
BAKER                A               L    3        6N     31W
BAKER                EDWARD               18       4N     32W
BAKER                JAMES           J    2        6N     31W
BAKER                JAMES           M 	           6N     29W 

BAKER                PETER           S    24       4N     32W
BAKER                PLEAS           M    24       4N     32W
BALES                EARLEY          S    3        4N     31W
BALL                 HARRISON                      6N     29W
BALL                 WILLIAM                       6N     29W
BALLOU               ALANSON              28       8N     30W
BANKS                WILLIAM              31       6N     30W
BARLING              AARON                33       8N     31W
BARNES               JOHN            J    10       4N     32W
BARNES               JOSEPH               7        4N     32W
BARNES               JOSEPH               9        4N     32W
BARNES               JOSEPH               10       4N     32W
BARNES               JOSEPH               18       4N     32W
BARNES               MARY            W    3        4N     32W
BARNES               ROBERT               10       4N     32W
BARNES               ROBSON          M    7        7N     29W
BARNES               SOLOMON              5        5N     32W
BARNES               THOMAS               3        4N     32W
BARNES               WILLIAM         C    29       4N     32W
BARNES               WILLIAM              10       4N     32W
BARNETT              CURRY                33       9N     32W
BARNHILL             ALFORD               29       7N     30W
BARNHILL             ALFORD               32       7N     30W
BARNHILL             SAMUEL          W    34       5N     31W
BARRETT              LEVI            P    25       5N     31W
BARRINGTON           JANE                 25       6N     32W
BARTOLICH            FRANK                31       5N     31W
BASHAM               JOSEPH          P    36       6N     30W
BATEMAN              JAMES                         6N     29W
BATES                JAMES           W    15       8N     30W
BATES - cancelled    JOHN            C    15       6N     31W
BATES                ROBERT          E    32       6N     31W
BATES                ZACHARIAH       N    8        6N     31W
BATES                ZACHARIAH       N    9        6N     31W
BATSON               FELIX           J    17       4N     32W
BATY                 ISIAH                26       5N     31W
BAUKSTON             HENRY                         6N     29W
BEAL                 JOSEPH               6        4N     31W
BEACH                LARKIN          L             6N     29W
BEALS                MARY            E    2        7N     30W
BEAN                 HENRY           W    1        5N     31W
BEARD                ELIJAH          W    35       6N     30W
BEARD                WILLIAM         J    26       7N     30W
BEASLY               ELIZA           J    23       8N     32W
BEATTY               DAVID           W    14       7N     32W
BEATY                JOHN                 4        8N     32W
BECK                 CHARLES              4        6N     32W
BECK                 JOHN            F    4        4N     32W
BECKEL               JOHN                 19       4N     32W
BECKEL               JOHN                 25       4N     33W
BEEBE                DAVID                32       7N     29W
BEEN                 EDMUND               13       5N     30W
BEEN                 HAZZARD         N    18       6N     30W
BEEN                 HAZZARD              4        6N     30W
BEEN                 WILLIAM         J    34       7N     30W
BELL                 HENRY           P    8        6N     30W
BELL                 HENRY           P    17       6N     30W
BELL                 JEREMIAH                      6N     29W
BELL                 JESSE           H             6N     29W
BELL                 JESSE           H    32       7N     30W
BELL                 JOHN            G             6N     29W
BELL                 MOSES                29       7N     30W
BELL                 MOSES                33       7N     30W
BELL                 OSCAR                         6N     29W
BELL                 WILLIAM         H             6N     29W
BELL                 WILLIAM         H    17       6N     30W
BELL                 WILLIAM         J    5        5N     32W
BELL                 ZETTA                         6N     29W
BELSHEY              JOSEPH               35       7N     31W
BELT                 DOTSON               4        5N     30W
BELT                 DOTSON               8        5N     30W
BELT                 WILLIAM         F    26       6N     30W
BENDER               JACOB           W    20       6N     32W
BENDER               JACOB           W    21       6N     32W
BENEFIELD            HENDERSON       J    18       5N     31W
BERKSHIRE            CHARLES         A    34       7N     30W
BERRY                CALVIN               7        7N     29W
BERRY                CALVIN               18       7N     29W
BERRY                SANDFORD             17       4N     32W
BERRY                SANFORD         W    24       4N     32W
BERRY                WILLIAM              17       7N     29W
BESHEARS             LUMUS           W    33       9N     29W
BETHELL              BENJAMIN        F    1        4N     31W
BETHELL              ELECTA          S    12       4N     31W
BETHELL              G               F    11       4N     31W
BETHELL              GREEN           L    21       4N     31W
BICKNELL             JOHN                          6N     29W
BIRCKEL              SUSAN                5        4N     31W
BIRKETT              HENRY           A    35       5N     32W
BIRNEY               GEORGE          S             6N     29W
BIRNEY               GEORGE          S    22       8N     32W
BIRNEY               CHARLES         A    22       8N     32W
BIRNIE               GEORGE          S             6N     29W
BIRNIE               GEORGE          S    3        7N     31W
BIRNIE               GEORGE          S    13       7N     32W
BIRNIE               GEORGE               19       8N     31W
BISHOP               CHARLES         W    13       5N     32W
BIVEN                JOHN                 18       6N     31W
BLACK                AARON                1        5N     30W
BLACK                JOHN                 35       5N     31W
BLACK                W               S    12       5N     30W
BLACK                VICTORIA                      6N     29W
BLACK                WILLIAM         A             6N     29W
BLACK                WILLIAM         S    13       5N     30W
BLACKBURN            LEROY                18       4N     31W
BLACKMAN             JAMES           K    31       5N     31W
BLACKMAN             WILLIAM         H    6        5N     31W
BLACKWELL            DIAL                 8        5N     30W
BLACKWELL            DIZZARD              24       6N     31W
BLAIR                JESSE           T    21       5N     32W
BLAIR                WILLIAM         A    23       5N     32W
BLAN                 HENRY           W    1        5N     31W
BLAN                 JAMES           W    1        5N     31W
BLASSINGAME          MELINDA         J    9        4N     32W
BLAYLOCK             FRANCIS         M    34       5N     31W
BLAYLOCK             FRANCIS         M    15       6N     31W
BLAYLOCK             JAMES           L    15       6N     31W
BLAYLOCK             JAMES           L    22       6N     31W
BLAYLOCK             MATHEW          G             6N     29W
BLAYLOCK             WILLIAM         M    15       6N     31W
BOGGS                SARAH           J             6N     29W
BOLLINGER            WASHINGTON           7        5N     30W
BONDS                ISAAC                10       7N     30W
BONNAVILLE           BENJAMIN        L    3        8N     32W
BONNAVILLE           BENJAMIN        L    10       8N     32W
BONNAVILLE           BENJAMIN        L    11       8N     32W
BONNAVILLE           BENJAMIN        L    20       8N     32W
BONNAVILLE           BENJAMIN        L    34       9N     32W
BOOKOUT              CHARLES              7        6N     31W
BOOKOUT              GEORGE          B    12       6N     32W
BOOTH                JOEL                 29       6N     32W
BOOTH                JOHN            P    28       7N     32W
BOOTH                JOHN                 22       7N     32W
BOOTH                JOHN                 24       7N     32W
BOOTH                JOHN                 27       7N     32W
BOOTH                JOHN                 28       7N     32W
BOOTHE               LUNA            A             6N     29W
BOOTHE               PRESTON         R    14       6N     30W
BOREN                LOSSEN          B             6N     29W
BORLING              AARON                33       8N     31W
BORUM                JOSEPH          A             6N     29W
BOSTAIN              GEORGE          W    20       4N     31W
BOSTICK              JOHN                 3        8N     32W
BOURN                WHITFIELD            23       5N     32W
BOWEN                MARY            A             6N     29W
BOWEN                WILLIAM         R             6N     29W   
BOWERMAN             JAMES           P    11       4N     31W
BOYER                JOHN                 32       8N     31W
BOYER                JOHN                 13       8N     32W
BOYETT               THOMAS               9        6N     31W
BRALEY               HERSCHEL        C    19       6N     30W
BRALEY               JOHN                 17       6N     30W
BRANTLY              JOSEPH          K    18       4N     31W
BRAY                 WILLIAM         S    8        5N     30W
BREWER               DANIEL          J    30       6N     30W
BREWER               DANIEL          J    36       6N     31W
BREWER               JOHN            O    1        5N     32W
BREWER               WILLIAM         C    12       5N     32W
BREWER               WILLIAM         L    7        5N     31W
BREWER               ZEBEDEE              21       8N     29W
BRIDGES              FREELAND        H    28       6N     30W
BRIDGES              HENRY                10       5N     32W
BRIDGES              LEMUEL          S    25       6N     31W
BRIDGES              WILLIAM         D    25       6N     30W
BRIDGES              WILLIAM         H    28       6N     30W
BRIGGS               ARCHIBALD            10       6N     32W
BRISCOE              WILLIAM         J    13       5N     30W
BRITTON              FORBUS               28       8N     32W
BRIZZOLARA           JAMES                6        5N     31W
BROADAWAY            HENRY           B    33       9N     29W
BROOK                WILLIAM         A    2        8N     32W
BROOKE               WILLIAM         A    28       9N     32W
BROOKS               ANDERSON             18       7N     29W
BROOKS               ANDERSON             12       7N     30W
BROOKS               ANDERSON             13       7N     30W
BROOKS               HENRY                12       7N     30W
BROOKS               ORVILL          S             6N     29W
BROOKS               THOMAS               12       4N     32W
BROOKS               W               F    14       4N     32W
BROOKS               WILSON               6        7N     29W
BROOKS               WILSON               33       8N     30W
BROUGH               HENRY           S    15       7N     30W
BROWN                BENJAMIN        O    3        4N     32W
BROWN                DANIEL               4        5N     32W
BROWN                ELVIN           J    27       8N     32W
BROWN                GEORGE          W    22       6N     32W
BROWN                HENRY                32       7N     30W
BROWN                JAMES                         6N     29W
BROWN                JAMES           A    3        4N     31W
BROWN                JOSEPHUS             31       8N     30W
BROWN                MINYARD         H             6N     29W
BROWN                REUBEN               9        5N     30W
BROWN                REUBEN               10       5N     30W
BROWN                RICHARD         J    11       5N     30W
BROWN                SARAH           C             6N     29W
BROWN                W               LIGE          6N     29W
BROWN                WILLIAM         H    3        4N     31W
BROWN                WILLIAM              1        5N     30W
BROYLES              NANCY           A    5        4N     32W
BRUCE                JAMES           W    30       5N     30W
BRYAN                JOHN            L    4        6N     30W
BRYAN                MARTHA          L    4        6N     30W
BUCHANAN             LOU             A    23       5N     32W
BUCKNER              WILLIAM         P             6N     29W
BULL                 JOHN                 15       5N     30W
BULLARD              REUBEN          G    15       7N     30W
BUNCH                HIRAM                15       7N     31W
BUNCH                MARTIN          W    19       7N     31W
BUNCH                MARTIN          W    13       7N     32W
BURCH                HIRAM                15       7N     31W
BURGESS              ANTHONY              14       7N     31W
BURNEL               GEORGE          S    22       8N     32W
BURNEY               CHARLES              9        7N     32W
BURTON               JAMES                14       7N     31W
BUSH                 JOHN            A    21       7N     30W
BUSH                 JOHN            B    27       7N     30W
BUSH                 PALEMON         C    19       7N     30W
BUTLER               JAMES                22       6N     31W
BUTLER               THOMAS          M    10       5N     32W
BUZAN                JOHN            W    4        6N     32W
BYERS                WILLIAM              9        5N     30W

CAHOON               A               M    12       6N     30W
CAHOON               ALEXANDER       M    12       6N     30W
CAIN                 JAMES           B    13       4N     31W
CAIN                 JAMES           S    15       4N     31W
CAINE                HIRAM                4        8N     29W
CALDWELL             ALEXANDER            18       7N     30W
CALDWELL             ROBERT          A    4        6N     31W
CALDWELL             WILLIAM         C    14       7N     32W
CAMPBELL             GEORGE          W    2        8N     31W
CAMPBELL             JAMES                         6N     29W
CAMPBELL             JAMES                17       8N     30W
CAMPBELL             JOHN            W    6        6N     31W
CAMPBELL             SAMUEL          P    19       7N     30W
CAMPBELL             SAMUEL               30       8N     30W
CAMPBELL             SAMUEL               23       8N     31W
CAMPBELL             SAMUEL               24       8N     31W
CAMPBELL             SARAH                2        6N     31W
CAMPBELL             SUSANNAH        M    28       7N     29W
CAMPBELL             WILLIAM         B             6N     29W
CAPPS                NIMROD               17       8N     31W
CAPPS                WILLIAM              4        4N     31W
CAPPS                WILSON               33       5N     31W
CARDEN               ROBERT         G              6N     29W
CARDEN               SAMUEL          G    29       7N     29W
CARDEN               SAMUEL          G    30       7N     29W
CARDIN               JAMES           F    30       7N     29W
CARDIN               JAMES           F    25       7N     30W
CARLISLE             JASPER          E    36       4N     32W
CARLISLE             THOMAS          G    30       6N     31W
CARNALL              JOHN                 18       7N     30W
CARPENTER            JEFFERSON       D             6N     29W
CARPENTER            JOHN                          6N     29W
CARPENTER            SAMUEL          W             6N     29W
CARR                 GUY             B             6N     29W
CARRELL              WILLIAM         M    18       7N     30W
CARROLL              CHARLES         M    17       6N     31W
CARROLL              WILEY           B    20       7N     29W
CARRUTH              O               P    32       6N     32W
CARTER               AMOS            M    29       7N     29W
CARTER               ELI             T    14       6N     31W
CARTER               ELIAS           G    7        6N     30W
CARTER               HENRY           F    4        7N     29W
CARTER               HENRY           F    9        7N     29W
CARTER               JOHN                 18       6N     30W
CARTER               ROBERT          G    18       6N     30W
CARTER               SEBORN               18       6N     30W
CARTER               THOMAS          A    4        7N     29W
CARTER               THOMAS          A    9        7N     29W
CARTER               THOMAS          H    20       8N     29W
CARTER               THOMAS          H    21       8N     29W
CARTER               THOMAS          H    28       8N     29W
CASEY                W               W    3        4N     31W
CASEY                W               W    5        4N     31W
CASEY                WILLIAM              10       4N     31W
CATHEY               JANE                 22       9N     33W
CAZY                 RANDOLPH        W    10       4N     31W
CECIL                SOLOMON              4        4N     32W
CHANDLER             ALBERT               6        5N     31W
CHANDLER             BENJAMIN        F    7        6N     31W
CHANDLER             BENJAMIN        F    12       6N     32W
CHANDLER             BENJAMIN        T    12       6N     32W
CHANEY               HEZEKIAH             35       6N     31W
CHAPLIN              DANIEL               11       5N     32W
CHAPLIN              WILLIAM              20       6N     32W
CHASTEEN             HENRY           S    19       4N     31W
CHASTEEN             JAMES           B    20       4N     31W
CHERAZ               JOSEPH               30       4N     31W
CHESTER              GEORGE          W    5        4N     31W
CHICK                JAMES                30       8N     30W
CHRONISTER           HENRY                29       4N     32W
CHRONISTER           THOMAS               29       4N     32W
CHRONISTER           THOMAS               32       4N     32W
CILIAX               GOTTLOB              31       7N     31W
CLABORN              A               L    11       4N     31W
CLABORN              ALFRED          L    10       4N     31W
CLABORN              BENJAMIN        B    3        4N     31W
CLABORN              JAMES           E    2        4N     31W
CLABORN              ROBERT          P    11       4N     31W
CLARK                ASA             B    34       5N     32W
CLARK                CHARLES              18       7N     30W
CLARK                EASON           P    32       8N     30W
CLARK                GEORGE          W    34       5N     32W
CLARK                GEORGE          W    34       7N     30W
CLARK                JAMES                27       5N     32W
CLARK                JOSIAH               1        8N     30W
CLAUNTS              WILLIAM         N             6N     29W
CLAYTON              ELIZABETH            27       6N     30W
CLAYTON              FRANCES              8        4N     31W
CLEM                 GEORGE          H    23       6N     30W
CLIFT                WILLIAM         F    25       5N     31W
CLYMA                WILLIAM         W             6N     29W
COBB                 JAMES                26       4N     32W
COFER                JAMES           T    17       6N     31W
COFFEE               ALFRED               13       7N     30W
COFFEE               ALFRED               14       7N     30W
COFFEE               HOLLAND              2        8N     32W
COFFEE               HOLLAND              11       8N     32W
COKER                SEABORN              8        4N     32W
COLE                 JEREMIAH             14       5N     30W
COLE                 WILLIAM         C             6N     29W
COLEMAN              FREDERICK            12       6N     30W
COLLEY               THOMAS               6        5N     30W
COLVILLE             SILAS           C    11       8N     32W
COLVILLE             SILAS                11       8N     31W
COLVIN               ALBERT          A    35       4N     32W
COLVIN               DARIUS          H    35       4N     32W
CONAWAY              ASHLEY               1        5N     30W
CONAWAY              JOHN                 29       6N     30W
CONDRAY              HAMON                4        6N     31W
CONNALLY             JOHN                 36       4N     33W
COOK                 GIDDY           J    21       5N     30W
COOK                 JOSIAH          H    26       7N     30W
COOK                 THEO            E    9        5N     31W
COPE                 MARTIN               36       7N     31W
COPE                 SAMUEL               24       6N     31W
COPPECK              NANCY           E    2        6N     32W
COPPS                NIMROD               17       8N     31W
COPPS                WILLIAM              2        8N     31W
COPPS                WILLIAM              11       8N     31W
CORBITT              WILLIAM         J    2        4N     31W
CORMACK              ABSALOM         W    29       8N     29W
CORMACK              ABSALUM         W    20       8N     29W
CORMACK              DAVID           L    7        8N     29W
CORMACK              DAVID           L    18       8N     29W
CORMACK              JAMES           M    8        8N     29W
CORMACK              JAMES           M    18       8N     29W
CORNELIUS            JAMES           A    15       4N     32W
CORNUTT              SARAH                8        5N     31W
COTNER               JACOB                10       5N     30W
COTTINGHAM           MILLARD         F    23       6N     30W
COTTON               JAMES           E    8        7N     29W
COTTON               JAMES                18       7N     29W
COUCH                PETER                         6N     29W
COUNCIL              GEORGE          H    10       5N     31W
COUNCIL              JAMES           J    2        5N     32W
COWAN                JOHN            S    19       5N     30W
COWAN                JOHN                 5        5N     30W
COWAN                WILLIAM         M    20       5N     30W
COX                  CHRISTOPHER          18       7N     30W
COX                  DANIEL          R    4        5N     32W
COX                  NATHAN               10       6N     31W
CRABTREE             REES                 33       9N     29W
CRAWFORD             CHARLES         M    36       4N     33W
CRAWFORD             CUNNINGHAM      A    7        4N     32W
CRAWFORD             NEDOM                22       7N     31W
CRAWFORD             NEEDOM               22       7N     31W
CRAWFORD             WILLIAM         H    17       5N     30W
CRISP                JOHN                 6        8N     31W
CROCKETT             ROBERT          B    14       7N     31W
CROMWELL             SUSAN           M    29       7N     30W
CROSBY               JOHN            T    28       6N     30W
CROSBY               WARREN               25       6N     31W
CROSBY               WILLIAM         H    27       6N     30W
CROSBY               WILLIAM         H    34       6N     30W
CROSBY               WILLIAM         M    35       6N     30W
CROSBY               WILLIAM              21       7N     31W
CROSS                JOHN            W    27       6N     31W
CROSS                KINCHEN         R             6N     29W
CROSSEN              EDWARD               12       5N     31W
CROSSEN              EDWARD               21       6N     31W
CROSSEN              HENRY           F    7        6N     30W
CROSSEN              HENRY           F    17       6N     30W
CROSSEN              HENRY           F    18       6N     30W
CROSSEN              OLIVER          E    24       6N     31W
CROSSEN              OLIVER          E    36       6N     31W
CROSSLAND            CHARLES       MARVIN          6N     29W
CROSSLAND            JEPTHA          E             6N     29W
CROWDER              JAMES           M    31       8N     29W
CROWDER              JAMES           M    32       8N     29W
CRUTHES              JOSEPH               19       6N     30W
CULVER               SIMEON               2        4N     31W
CURNUTT              JAMES                H        6N     29W
CURNUTT              WALTER          A             6N     29W

DAIL                 SYRUS           W    24       5N     31W
DAKE                 JONATHAN        O    18       5N     31W
DANIELS              FRANCIS         W    19       5N     31W
DANIELS              FRANCIS         W    24       5N     32W
DANIELS              STEPHEN              33       5N     31W
DAVID                JAMES           M    15       6N     30W
DAVIS                COLUMBUS        L    27       4N     32W
DAVIS                GEORGE          W    18       7N     29W
DAVIS                ISAAC                1        5N     31W
DAVIS                JOHN            E    22       6N     30W
DAVIS                JOHN                 21       8N     30W
DAVIS                JOHN                 36       8N     30W
DAVIS                JOSEPH          J    4        6N     32W
DAVIS                THOMAS          W    2        6N     32W
DAVIS                TOLIVER         P    17       5N     31W
DAVIS                WILLIAM              29       8N     29W
DAVIS                WILLIAM              32       8N     29W
DAWSON               BENJAMIN        F    25       6N     30W
DAWSON               J               B    27       6N     30W
DAWSON               LEROY                26       6N     30W
DAWSON               PETER                15       5N     30W
DEAN                 FRANCIS         J    7        4N     31W
DEES                 DANIEL          R    24       7N     32W
DEES                 EDMUND          G    5        7N     29W
DEES                 EDMUND          G    31       8N     29W
DEGRAW               ABRAHAM         C    6        5N     30W
DEHART               JOHN                 32       8N     32W
DELANY                                    32       7N     32W
DENSON               JOHN            W    24       6N     31W
DEPRIEST             HUGH            A    26       7N     30W
DEPRIEST             PROTESTENT      P    21       6N     30W
DICE                 JACOB                23       7N     30W
DICE                 JACOB                24       7N     30W
DICKEY               JEREMIAH        H    25       4N     32W
DIFFIE               JOSEPH          R    31       6N     31W
DILDAY               NANCY                18       7N     31W
DILLAHUNTY           ADOLPHUS             12       6N     30W
DILLARD              GEORGE               36       8N     30W
DILLARD              JOHN                 1        8N     32W
DILLARD              JOHN                 2        8N     32W
DILLARD              JOHN                 11       8N     32W
DILLARD              JOSEPH          M    10       6N     31W
DILLARD              JOSEPH          S             6N     29W
DILLARD              SARAH           P    29       5N     32W
DILLINGER            WILLIAM              33       8N     29W
DOBBS                LENARD          W    32       5N     32W
DODSON               ALEXANDER       L    22       5N     32W
DODSON               WILLIAM         G    12       5N     32W
DONNALLY             RICHARD              9        5N     31W
DOSHER               RICHARD              2        5N     30W
DOSHIER              JOSEPH               28       6N     30W
DOSHIER              THOMAS               26       6N     31W
DOUGLASS             ROBERT          M    3        5N     32W
DOWNS                ANDREW          M    35       6N     30W
DOYLE                JOHN                 33       7N     32W
DRAKE                JAMES                27       7N     30W
DRENNEN              JOHN                 6        8N     31W
DUCKETT              ALLEN           T             6N     29W
DUDLEY               ALVERS          B    21       5N     32W
DUGAN                J               W    23       5N     32W
DUNAGAN              THOMAS          J    3        4N     31W
DUNCAN               BROWNING             30       5N     30W
DUNCAN               ELKANAH         D    14       6N     32W
DUNCAN               SAMUEL          K    31       5N     30W
DUNCAN               SAMUEL          K    36       5N     31W
DUNN                 FRANCIS              9        6N     30W
DUNN                 GEORGE          G    32       5N     32W
DUNN                 LYDIA           M    14       6N     30W
DUNN                 SAMUEL               9        6N     30W
DURDEN               J               P    13       6N     30W
DUVAL                WASHINGTON           19       8N     30W
DUVALL               BENJAMIN        T    13       6N     31W
DYER                 B               W    24       6N     31W

EARHART              JOSEPH          B    9        7N     32W
EARHART              THOMAS          J    9        7N     32W
EARNEST              JAMES                         6N     29W
EAST                 MARTIN          A             6N     29W
ECHOLS               BELLE                         6N     29W
ECHOLS               BELLE                36       6N     30W
ECHOLS               S               S             6N     20W
ECHOLS               SAMUEL          S    35       6N     30W
ECHOLS               W               W    36       6N     30W
EDMAN                WILLIAM              7        5N     30W
EDWARDS              JAMES                8        7N     29W
EDWARDS              JOHN            A    18       6N     31W
EDWARDS              NANCY           E    8        6N     31W
ELKINS               HENRY                17       7N     29W
ELKINS               HENRY                18       7N     29W
ELLIOTT              SAMUEL               11       6N     32W
ELMORE               ERIC          HUGH            6N     29W
ELMORE               JAMES           T             6N     29W
ELMORE               THOMAS          E    26       6N     30W
ELMORE               THOMAS          E    35       6N     30W
ELMORE               WILLIAM         P             6N     29W
EMMERT               GEORGE               1        4N     32W
EMMERT               GEORGE               1        4N     32W
EMMERT               GEORGE               12       4N     32W
EMMERT               JACOB           C    14       5N     32W
EMMERT               JACOB           S    32       5N     31W
EMMERT               JOHN            S    14       5N     32W
ENLOWS               HENRY           H    10       8N     31W
EPPLER               JOHN                 13       6N     30W
EPPLER               MARCUS                        6N     29W
EPPLER               MILES                         6N     29W
ESTES                WILLIAM         A    29       6N     30W
EUPER                CASPER               3        6N     32W
EUPER                MELCHIOR             3        6N     32W
EVANS                BURNELL         P    8        5N     31W
EVANS                BURWELL         P    7        6N     31W
EVANS                CATHARINE            14       7N     30W
EVANS                JOSEPH          M    34       6N     31W
EVENS                ELIJAH          L    23       5N     32W
EZZELL               SAMUEL          R    6        7N     29W

FALCONER             ELIZA           F    34       8N     32W
FALCONER             G               L    4        7N     32W
FALCONER             WILLIAM         A    34       8N     32W
FARR                 JOHN            R             6N     29W
FARRIS               JAMES           S    5        7N     29W
FARRIS               JAMES           S    9        7N     29W
FAY                  NEWEL           C    29       7N     29W
FELLOWS              SAMUEL               30       5N     30W
FERGUSON             JOHN            M    8        5N     30W
FERGUSON             JOHN            W    10       6N     30W
FERGUSON             LEWIS           W    12       6N     30W
FERGUSON             NANCY           L             6N     29W
FERGUSON             THEODORE        A    5        5N     30W
FERGUSON             WILLIAM                       6N     29W
FIELDS               WILLIAM         A    30       6N     30W
FIGHTMASTER          JOHN                 17       5N     30W
FINTON               WILLIAM         F    3        5N     30W
FISHER               JOHN            H    17       5N     31W
FISHER               JOSEPH               12       8N     32W
FISHER               JOSHUA               8        8N     31W
FISHER               JOSHUA               9        8N     31W
FISHER               JOSHUA               15       8N     31W
FISHER               JOSHUA               9        8N     32W
FISHER               KING                 5        8N     31W
FISHER               MOSES                8        8N     31W
FITEMASTER           JOHN                 17       5N     30W
FLEMING              WILLIAM         W    10       8N     32W
FLEMING              WILLIAM         W    11       8N     32W
FLETCHER             JAMES           W    28       7N     31W
FLORENCE             AARON                22       6N     31W
FLOYD                GEORGE          W             6N     29W
FLOYD                LOUISA                        6N     29W
FLOYD                SAM                           6N     29W
FLOYD                WILLIAM              33       6N     31W
FLOYD                WILLIAM         D             6N     29W
FLURRY               HENRY           E    31       6N     31W
FLURRY               HENRY           E    36       6N     32W
FLURRY               WILLIAM         J    11       4N     32W
FLYNN                MARTIN          J    1        6N     32W
FORBESS              WILLIAM         P    7        7N     31W
FORBESS              WILLIAM         P    12       7N     32W
FORD                 ALBERT                        6N     29W
FORD                 JAMES           R    5        5N     30W
FORD                 LEWIS           C    5        5N     30W
FORRESTER            ELIZABETH       E    13       8N     30W
FOX                  WILLIAM         O    14       6N     32W
FRAMELL              DAVID                4        4N     31W
FRAZIER              ANDREW          J    4        7N     29W
FRAZIER              MAHALA               20       7N     29W
FRAZIER              MARMON          D    34       5N     31W
FRAZIER              WILLIAM         R    4        7N     29W
FRAZIER              WILLIAM              21       7N     29W
FREEZE               WILLIAM         A              6N     29W
FROST                ARCHABALD       B    28       7N     31W
FROST                ARCHIBALD       B    13       7N     32W
FRY                  CALVIN          M    23       6N     30W
FRY                  JAMES           P    28       7N     29W
FRY                  MIDDY           P    12       6N     32W
FRY                  NEWELL          C    29       7N     29W
FULCHER              ELIZABETH            22       7N     31W

GALIHAR              DREWERY              8        5N     30W
GALLANT              WILLIAM         P    17       7N     30W
GANN                 ADAM            A    35       7N     30W
GANN                 DANIEL               36       7N     32W
GANN                 ROBERT               36       7N     30W
GARDNER              JOHN                 29       8N     32W
GARHART              LAWRENCE             9        5N     31W
GARRETT              WILLIAM         M    4        6N     30W
GARTRELL             ROBERT          B    19       6N     31W
GEHEB                MICHAEL              26       7N     31W
GENTRY               GRANT                30       5N     30W
GENTRY               JOSEPH          G    26       7N     31W
GEORGE               BYRD                 15       7N     32W
GERMAN               ROMELIE         E    21       7N     30W
GIBBS                WILLIS          F    6        6N     31W
GIBSON               JOHN            T    21       5N     32W
GIBSON               ROBERT          S    6        7N     30W
GIBSON               JOSIAH          L             6N     29W
GIBSON               ROBERT          S    13       8N     32W
GIBSON               ROBERT          S    26       9N     30W
GIBSON               ROBERT          S    27       9N     32W
GIBSON               ROBERT          S    35       9N     32W
GIBSON               T               M    13       4N     31W
GIBSON               T               M             6N     29W
GIBSON               THOMAS          M    4        4N     32W
GIBSON               THOMAS          M    6        4N     32W
GIBSON               THOMAS          M    14       4N     32W
GIBSON               THOMAS          M    25       4N     32W
GIBSON               THOMAS          M    27       4N     32W
GIBSON               THOMAS          M    28       4N     32W
GIBSON               THOMAS          M    32       4N     32W
GIBSON               THOMAS          M    33       4N     32W
GIBSON               THOMAS          M    34       4N     32W
GIBSON               WILLIAM         N    4        6N     32W
GIBSON               WILLIAM              28       5N     32W
GILBREATH            LAWSON          G    6        5N     30W
GILLAM               NANCY                         6N     29W
GILLIAM              JAMES           T    34       6N     31W
GILLIAM              JASPER          N             6N     29W
GILLIAM              JOHN            L    28       6N     31W
GILLIAM              SKELTON         S    24       6N     31W
GILLIAM              THOMAS          E    28       6N     31W
GILLIAN              JOHN                 12       6N     30W
GILLILAND            ELIZABETH       A    36       5N     31W
GILSTRAP             JOHN                 12       5N     31W
GIVIN                WILLIAM         W    29       7N     32W
GIVIN                WILLIAM         W    35       8N     30W
GIVINS               ISAIAH               3        6N     31W
GLASS                DANIEL          B             6N     29W
GLASS                JAMES           A             6N     29W
GLENN                ALFRED          T    2        6N     32W
GLISSON              THOMAS          G    21       5N     30W
GLOVER               GEORGE          W    21       6N     30W
GLOVER               WILLIAM         M    27       6N     31W
GODARD               COLUMBUS        E    10       4N     32W
GODARD               COLUMBUS        E    11       4N     32W
GODARD               COLUMBUS             2        4N     32W
GOFORTH              SILAS                28       4N     32W
GOINES               EMMA                 5        5N     31W
GOINES               JAMES           Y    31       6N     31W
GOINES               MARTIN          E    32       6N     31W
GOLD                 GEORGE               29       9N     29W
GOLDEN               REUBEN          T             6N     29W
GOOCH                WILLIAM         W    18       7N     30W
GOOCH                WILLIAM              24       7N     30W
GOODNIGHT            HENRY           P             6N     29W
GOODWIN              WILLIAM         T    20       6N     30W
GORDON               HENRY           S             6N     29W
GOSS                 CHARLES         E    23       6N     32W
GOTHARD              WILLIAM         W    32       6N     30W
GOUGER               HENRY           A    28       7N     31W
GOWFORTH             JAMES                8        4N     32W
GOYNES               AMANDA               8        5N     32W
GRADY                JANE                 32       4N     32W
GRAHAM               GEORGE               27       9N     32W
GRAHAM               HENRY           P    24       4N     32W
GRAVES               ELIAS                         6N     29W
GREB                 MICHAEL              9        7N     31W
GREEN                CASWELL         C    10       4N     32W
GREEN                ELISHA               19       7N     30W
GREEN                JAMES           A    8        4N     31W
GREEN                THOMAS               21       6N     32W
GREEN                THOMAS               19       7N     30W
GREGG                JOHN            R    33       7N     32W
GRIFFETH             SAMUEL          A    30       6N     31W
GRIFFITH             SAMUEL          A    19       6N     31W
GRIFFITH             SAMUEL          A    29       6N     31W
GRIFFITH             SAMUEL          A    30       6N     31W
GRIFFITH             SAMUEL          A    25       6N     32W
GRISSOM              THOMAS          W    7        7N     29W
GRIST                MIDDY           F    36       5N     31W
GROBER               CARLO                33       7N     32W
GROBER               ERNST           W    26       7N     32W
GROBER               ERNST           W    27       7N     32W
GROBER               FREDERICK            33       7N     32W
GROBER               JOHN            C    27       7N     32W
GROVES               ORIET                2        5N     30W
GUINN                GEORGE          W             6N     29W
GUTHERY              THOMAS               5        8N     31W
GUYN                 M               E    24       5N     32W
GWIN                 WILLIAM         W    4        8N     31W
GWYN                 JAMES           R    3        4N     32W
GYWN                 MATTIE          C    30       5N     31W

HACKER               ELI                  21       6N     31W
HACKETT              A               A    22       6N     32W
HACKETT              B               F    28       5N     32W
HACKETT              BENJAMIN        F    32       6N     32W
HACKETT              JEREMIAH             28       6N     32W
HACKETT              JOHN            B    15       7N     32W
HAGAN                SAMUEL          T    29       7N     30W
HAGAR                SAMUEL          T    28       7N     30W
HALBERT              MARK            H    9        4N     31W
HALES                THOMAS               34       7N     31W
HALEY                JOHN                 2        6N     31W
HALEY                JOHN                 2        6N     31W
HALEY                SARAH           J    32       8N     29W
HALL                 MATHEW          A    18       7N     29W
HALL                 WILLIAM         P    10       4N     31W
HALLOWAY             ZINA                 3        4N     31W
HAMBY                ISAAC           M             6N     29W
HAMILTON             HUGH                 26       5N     32W
HAMMOND              WILLIAM              21       8N     32W
HAMMONS              JAMES                2        4N     32W
HAMMONS              JOSEPH               8        7N     31W
HANCOCK              JOHN            H    1        4N     31W
HANDFIELD            WILLIAM         L    10       7N     31W
HANEY                GEORGE          W    21       5N     31W
HANEY                HIRAM                18       5N     31W
HANEY                MARION          E    17       5N     31W
HANEY                WILLIAM         H    12       5N     32W
HANG                 JOHANNA              2        6N     32W
HANNAH               JAMES           M    31       6N     30W
HANNAH               SAMUEL          W    8        5N     30W
HANNAH               THOMAS          J    30       6N     30W
HANSARD              THOMAS          J    25       5N     32W
HARDER               FREDERICK       W    31       4N     32W
HARDER               HENRY                36       4N     33W
HARDIN                JOHN                 10       8N     30W
HARGROVE             JAMES           A    29       6N     30W
HARLOW               ELZA                 10       6N     32W
HARLOW               ELZA                 11       6N     32W
HARMON               JOHN            C    4        4N     31W
HARP                 ROBERT          J    14       5N     30W
HARPER               BLANEY               30       5N     30W
HARPER               EDWARD               8        7N     30W
HARPER               THOMAS          J    35       6N     30W
HARRELL               ISHAM                6        8N     30W
HARRELL              JOEL                 15       8N     31W
HARRIS               ALLEN           F    9        5N     32W
HARRIS               CHARLES              26       6N     31W
HARRIS               ELBERT               26       4N     32W
HARRIS               MARTHA          J    10       6N     31W
HARRIS               MATHEW          H    23       4N     32W
HARRIS               TACT                 33       6N     31W
HARRIS               W               J    20       5N     32W
HARVEY               JAMES                26       9N     32W
HASKELL              RENEL                25       5N     32W
HASKELL              RENEL                26       5N     32W
HASKELL              RENEL                36       5N     32W
HASKELL              RENELL               25       5N     32W
HASKELL              REVEL                6        4N     32W
HASKELL              REVEL                35       5N     32W
HATTERY              JACOB                3        4N     32W
HAWKINS              JAMES                         6N     29W
HAWKINS              JAMES                13       6N     30W
HAYLE                BENJAMIN             22       9N     32W
HEAD                 JAMES           A    11       7N     31W
HEAD                 JOHN            C    23       7N     30W
HEAFER               NATHAN          H    21       8N     29W
HEARN                J               J    4        6N     30W
HEATHCOCK            JOHN                 28       6N     31W
HEAVENER             JOHN            T    13       4N     32W
HEAVNER              FLOYD                22       4N     32W
HEAVNER              JOHN                 14       4N     32W
HENDERSON            JOHN                 21       6N     32W
HENDRICKS            GEORGE          W    4        5N     32W
HENLEY               MICHAEL                       6N     29W
HENNESSY             JOHN                 2        6N     31W
HENNESSY             JOHN                 3        6N     31W
HENRY                JOHN                 2        8N     30W
HENRY                JOHN                 7        8N     30W
HENRY                JOHN                 18       8N     30W
HENRY                JOHN                 2        8N     32W
HENRY                JOHN            A             6N     29W
HENSLEY              PALLAS          M    19       5N     31W
HERROD               HARRISON             6        4N     32W
HESTELOW             JOHN                 27       7N     31W
HESTILAU             JOHN                 27       7N     31W
HICKS                JOSHUA          M    8        5N     32W
HICKS                JOSHUA          M    9        5N     32W
HICKS                JOSHUA          M    17       5N     32W
HICKS                MARTHA          J             6N     29W
HICKS                WILLIAM         F             6N     29W
HILL                 AARON                15       4N     32W
HILL                 ANDREW          J    30       4N     31W
HILL                 DANIEL          H             6N     29W
HILL                 FREDERICK                      6N     29W
HILL                 FREDERICK            14       7N     30W
HILL                 FREDERICK            23       7N     30W
HILL                 GEORGE          H    6        7N     30W
HILL                 JAMES           M    22       4N     32W
HILL                 JAMES           M    35       5N     32W
HILL                 LORENZO         B    33       5N     32W
HILL                 LORRANZO        B    27       5N     32W
HILL                 ROBERT          J    7        4N     32W
HILL                 ROBERT          J    8        4N     32W
HILL                 RUFUS           A    18       6N     31W
HINDS                ALBERT               9        8N     31W
HINDS                DAVID                8        8N     31W
HINDS                DAVID                9        8N     31W
HINDS                DAVID                17       8N     31W
HINDS                JOHN                 8        8N     31W
HINDS                JOHN                 9        8N     31W
HINDS                JOHN                 10       8N     31W
HINTON               SEBORN          A    23       7N     30W
HOCKETT              WILLIAM         J    15       7N     32W
HOCKETT              WILLIAM         W    15       7N     32W
HODGES               JOSIAH               4        5N     32W
HODGES               JOSIAH               9        5N     32W
HODGES               PLEASANT        B    11       5N     32W
HOFSTATLER           JACOB                4        7N     30W
HOFSTATLER           JACOB                10       7N     30W
HOLDERBEY            DEMPSEY         H    17       7N     30W
HOLLAND              CALEB           A    34       6N     30W
HOLLAND              MOSES           K    35       6N     30W
HOLLAND              THOMAS          S    24       6N     30W
HOLLAND              WILLIAM         R    35       6N     30W
HOLLEMAN             HARMAN          L    30       8N     30W
HOLLEMAN             HARMAN          L    32       8N     30W
HOLLEMAN             HARMON          L    30       8N     30W
HOLLEMAN             JOHN            B    32       8N     30W
HOLLEY               JAMES           W    17       5N     31W
HOLLEY               WILLIAM         F    30       7N     29W
HOLLIDAY             PETER           E    20       4N     32W
HOLMES               FILMER          A    5        5N     31W
HOLT                 WILLIAM         D    30       9N     32W
HOPKINS              JAMES           F    3        4N     31W
HOUK                 LORENS               1        6N     32W
HOUSTON              JOHN            S    6        8N     29W
HOWARD               RIGDON               26       6N     32W
HOWARD               STEPHEN              19       7N     31W
HOWARD               STEPHEN              25       7N     32W
HOWARD               WILLIAM         T             6N     29W
HOWELL               JOHN                 32       9N     32W
HOY                  IRA             D    36       6N     31W
HOYL                 FRANKLIN             20       4N     32W
HUBBELL              JAMES           E    3        4N     32W
HUCKABY              WILLIAM              13       4N     31W
HUCKLEBY             RICHARD              11       4N     31W
HUDGINS              WILLIAM         A    33       5N     31W
HUGGINS              WILLIAM         T    10       5N     32W
HUGHES               ELIJAH          N    8        6N     31W
HUGHES               THOMAS          S    1        5N     32W
HULSEY               ELIJAH               7        4N     31W
HULSEY               ELIJAH               8        4N     31W
HUMPHREYS            DAVID                21       7N     29W
HUMPHREYS            GEORGE          W    17       7N     29W
HUMPHREYS            GEORGE          W    20       7N     29W
HUMPHREYS            NATHAN               29       7N     29W
HUNTER               OBADIAH         W    33       7N     31W
HUNTER               OBADIAH         W    27       8N     32W
HUNTER               WILLIAM         D    35       5N     31W
HUNTER               WILLIAM         H    30       5N     31W
HUNTER               WILLIAM              11       8N     31W
HURST                WILEY                8        7N     30W

INGRAHAM             PLEASANT        C    31       9N     29W
INGRAM               J               C    8        6N     32W
IRVIN                MATTHEW         J    11       6N     31W
IRVIN                SIMEON               14       6N     32W
IRVING               MATTHEW         J    10       6N     31W
IVEY                 JOSEPH               34       8N     31W

JACKSON              SOLOMON              32       7N     29W
JACKSON              WILLIAM         A    8        4N     32W
JACKSON              WILLIAM         N    5        5N     30W
JAMISON              SARAH           A    5        8N     29W
JANSEN               THOMAS               9        5N     32W
JARBOE               WILLIAM         C    20       7N     32W
JETTON               DICKSON         M    8        7N     29W
JETTON               ISAAC                8        7N     29W
JEWELL               JOHN            H    33       9N     29W
JOHNSON              AMOS            S    25       5N     32W
JOHNSON              CHARLES         B    24       4N     33W
JOHNSON              JAMES           A    22       6N     30W
JOHNSON              MOSES                33       8N     31W
JOHNSON              WILLIAM         B    19       5N     31W
JOHNSTON             F               S    30       7N     30W
JOHNSTON             JAMES                7        6N     30W
JOHNSTON             SAMUEL          F    30       7N     30W
JOHNSTON             WILLIAM         H    15       4N     31W
JOINER               LUCIUS          L    6        5N     31W
JONES                EDMUND               5        4N     31W
JONES                ELIZABETH       A             6N     29W
JONES                GEORGE          K             6N     29W
JONES                GEORGE          W    26       7N     30W
JONES                HIRAM                33       5N     31W
JONES                JACKSON         W    17       6N     31W
JONES                JOHN                 33       7N     29W
JONES                JOHN                 25       7N     30W
JONES                JOHN                 25       7N     30W
JONES                MARY            J             6N     29W
JONES                SARAH           E    28       7N     29W
JONES                TALITHE         L    17       4N     32W
JONES                WILLIAM              17       4N     31W
JONES                WILSON               29       4N     32W
JORDAN               JOHN            W    10       5N     32W
JOY                  GILES                30       8N     29W
JOY                  JILES                30       8N     29W
JOY                  JILES                31       8N     29W
JOY                  RICHARD              4        7N     29W
JOY                  WILLIE               4        7N     29W
JOY                  WILLIE               32       8N     29W
JOY                  WILLIE               33       8N     29W
JOY                  WILLIE               13       8N     30W
JOY                  WILLIE               14       8N     30W
JOYNER               LUCIUS          L    11       7N     31W

KASPIN               ANDREW               24       4N     31W
KEARSEY              GEORGE          W             6N     29W
KEENY                RICHARD         W    30       8N     30W
KEES                 JOSEPH          W    5        5N     30W
KEFFER               JOHN            T    2        4N     32W
KEFFER               LAFAYETTE            29       4N     32W
KEFFER               MARY            A    29       4N     32W
KEITH                NATHAN               36       8N     32W
KELLAM               CHARLES         R    36       7N     30W
KELLER               SARAH                31       7N     31W
KELLOGG              JAMES           J    24       4N     32W
KELLUM               CHARLES         R    6        7N     29W
KELLY                JAMES           J    4        4N     31W
KELLY                WILLIAM         D    12       4N     31W
KELLY                WILLIAM              27       7N     30W
KENNADY              JAMES           F    18       5N     31W
KENNEDY              JEREMIAH        R    9        8N     32W
KERR                 JOSEPH          W    32       6N     30W
KERSEY               GEORGE          M             6N     29W
KERSEY               THOMAS                        6N     29W
KERSEY               THOMAS               10       6N     31W
KERSEY               WILLIAM              7        6N     30W
KERSEY               WILLIAM              24       6N     30W
KERSEY               WILLIAM              25       6N     30W
KERSH                ALLEN           A    23       5N     31W
KERSH                WILLIAM         H    21       5N     31W
KEYS                 WILLIAM              31       8N     30W
KIDD                 NATHAN          J    28       7N     29W
KIRK                 ELIZABETH            20       5N     32W
KIRK                 JAMES                17       5N     32W
KIRKPATRICK          JAMES                19       7N     30W
KNAPP                SIMON           R    29       6N     31W
KNAPP                SIMON           R    30       6N     31W
KNOX                 GEORGE          W    4        7N     31W
KNOX                 GEORGE          W    17       8N     30W
KNOX                 GEORGE          W    20       8N     30W
KNOX                 GEORGE          W    28       8N     31W
KNOX                 GEORGE          W    33       8N     31W
KNOX                 GEORGE          W    34       8N     31W
KNOX                 GEORGE          W    35       8N     31W
KNOX                 MARION          B    34       6N     30W
KNOX                 MARION          B    35       6N     30W
KUBALA               MIKE                 26       5N     32W
KURSH                JOSEPH               23       6N     31W

LACKEY               WILLIAM         A    1        4N     31W
LAFAVE               STEPHEN         R             6N     29W
LAIRAMORE            JOHN            H             6N     29W
LAIRAMORE            MILTON          L             6N     29W
LAIRAMORE            OBEDIAH              32       7N     29W
LAMBERT              JOHN                          6N     29W
LANDUS               CLARK                3        8N     32W
LANGLEY              JACKSON              5        5N     30W
LANGSTON             JOHN            P             6N     29W
LARAMORE             OBEDIAH                       6N     29W
LARREMORE            OBEDIAH                       6N     29W
LASTER               J               W    32       6N     30W
LASTER               J               W    33       6N     30W
LASTER               JOHN            H    4        5N     30W
LASTER               JOSEPH          W    32       6N     30W
LASTER               ROBERT          C    29       6N     30W
LATHAM               GEORGE          Y    11       8N     31W
LAWRENCE             L               F    12       6N     32W
LEDBETTER            JOHN            M    2        5N     32W
LEDBETTER            JOHN            M    8        5N     32W
LEDBETTER            JOHN            M    21       5N     32W
LEE                  JOHN                 28       6N     30W
LEE                  SOPHIA               28       5N     32W
LEEPER               MATHEW               22       8N     31W
LEEPER               MATHEW               23       8N     31W
LEEPER               MATHEW               24       8N     31W
LEFORS               JAMES           J    19       7N     31W
LEFORS               JAMES           J    30       7N     31W
LEONARD              MARTIN          W    28       6N     31W
LEVI                 LEOPOLD              34       7N     30W
LEWALLEN             JONATHAN             4        5N     30W
LEWIS                ANTHONY              10       4N     32W
LEWIS                JOHN                 6        8N     30W
LEWIS                JOHN            W             6N     29W
LEWIS                THOMAS               1        4N     32W
LEWIS                THOMAS               2        4N     32W
LEWIS                THOMAS               11       4N     32W
LEWIS                THOMAS               19       4N     32W
LEWIS                ZORA            P    4        6N     32W
LITTLE               HOWEL                35       7N     31W
LITTLE               JESSE                33       7N     31W
LITTLE               JOSIA           A    21       6N     31W
LITTLE               MILES           W    15       5N     30W
LITTLE ROCK FORT SMITH RR CO              11       5N     31W 
LIVELY               LEWIS                8        8N     29W
LLOYD                JAMES           H    34       6N     36W
LOCHRIDGE            FRANCIS         M    34       7N     30W
LOFTON               SARAH                11       4N     32W
LOGAN                JAMES                4        7N     32W
LOGAN                JASPER          N    22       6N     31W
LOGAN                WILLIAM         A    20       5N     31W
LONG                 ELIJAH               10       5N     30W
LONG                 ISAAC                9        6N     31W
LONG                 MARIAH          A    10       6N     31W
LONG                 PETER           B    10       5N     32W
LONG                 SEBORN               32       6N     31W
LONG                 WILLIAM              11       5N     30W
LOOMAN               GILBERT              6        7N     31W
LOUCK                GEORGE               19       8N     31W
LOUCK                GEORGE               20       8N     31W
LOUDERMILK           WILLIAM         F    4        5N     31W
                     LOUISA               33       7N     32W
LOVELEY              H               K    34       5N     31W
LOW                  JOSEPH          C             6N     29W
LOWRIMORE            LAFAYETTE       W    3        4N     32W
LOWRY                WILLIAM              5        8N     32W
LOYD                 PRESTON              35       8N     31W
LUGG                 HIRAM                5        4N     31W
LUMAN                JOHN                 20       7N     31W

MADDOX               ARTHUR          W             6N     29W
MAGNESS              CHARLEY         W    5        4N     32W
MAGNESS              LAWRENCE        E    7        4N     32W
MAGNESS              MORGAN          H    4        4N     32W
MAGNESS              THOMAS               11       8N     32W
MAGNESS              TILFORD         D    30       4N     31W
MAHON                RHOADS                        6N     29W
MAHON                WILLIAM         B    6        5N     31W
MAIN                 JOHN            H    4        7N     32W
MAIN                 JOHN            H    15       7N     32W
MAIN                 JOHN            H    30       8N     30W
MAINARD              GEORGE               2        5N     31W
MAINARD              GEORGE               3        5N     31W
MAINARD              GEORGE               35       6N     31W
MANNAN               JOHN            W    4        5N     32W
MANNERS              WILSON          B    3        6N     32W
MARSH                WILSON               18       7N     30W
MARSHALL             JESSE                10       5N     31W
MARTIN               HENRY           W    2        5N     30W
MARTIN               JESSE                8        5N     31W
MARTIN               JOHN            H    36       6N     32W
MARTIN               JOHN            W    23       6N     30W
MARTIN               RACHEL               30       6N     30W
MARTIN               SAMUEL          A    24       6N     30W
MARTIN               SAMUEL               13       6N     30W
MARTIN               THOMAS          F    8        5N     31W
MARTIN               WILLIAM         P             6N     29W
MARTINDALE           JOHN                 3        5N     31W
MARTINDALE           JOHN                 34       6N     31W
MARTINDALE           JOHN                 35       6N     31W
MATHEWS              GEORGE          T    26       7N     30W
MATHIS               ELISHA          W    21       6N     32W
MATHIS               JOHN            F    9        6N     32W
MATTHEWS             ANDREW               9        8N     32W
MATTHEWS             THOMAS          M    24       6N     30W
MAXWELL              JAMES                29       9N     29W
MAXWELL              JOSEPH          H    6        5N     30W
MAYO                 LOUISA          P    33       7N     31W
MAYS                 JOHN                 14       7N     31W
MAYS                 JOHN                 27       9N     32W
MAYS                 MATHEW               24       9N     30W
MAZNASS              WILSON                        6N     29W
MCALISTER            WILLIAM              6        7N     31W
MCALISTER            WILLIAM              8        7N     31W
MCALLISTER           WILLIAM              7        7N     31W
MCBRIDE              HENRY           G    24       7N     31W
MCBRIDE              JOHN            P    4        5N     32W
MCBRIDE              JOHN                 3        5N     32W
MCCAMIE              ALEXANDER                     6N     29W
MCCARTNEY            BERT                          6N     29W
MCCASLIN             WILLIAM              29       9N     29W
MCCLAIN              JAMES           W    3        5N     30W
MCCLAIN              JAMES           W    7        5N     30W
MCCLUNEY             THOMAS          J    34       5N     32W
MCCLURE              JOHN                 4        5N     31W
MCCLURE              JOHN                 34       6N     31W
MCCLURE              WILLIAM         R    34       6N     31W
MCCONNELL            JOSEPH          A    17       6N     32W
MCCONNELL            ROBERT          H    28       7N     30W
MCCONNELL            SAMUEL          C    32       7N     32W
MCCONNELL            WILLIAM         C    9        5N     32W
MCCONNELL            WINBERT         F    5        4N     32W
MCCORMICK            MARY            E    5        8N     29W
MCCOWAN              ELIZA                36       6N     31W
MCCOWN               JOSEPH               25       6N     31W
MCDANIEL             JOHN            E    32       5N     31W
MCDERMED             FRANCES              26       9N     32W
MCDONALD             ALLEN           A    26       6N     32W
MCDONALD             HUGH            W    8        5N     32W
MCDONALD             JAMES           C    21       4N     32W
MCDONALD             JOSEPH          M    8        4N     31W
MCDONALD             JOSEPH          M    17       4N     31W
MCDONALD             POLLY           A    35       6N     32W
MCEACHIN             BELLE           A    19       5N     31W
MCFARLAND            FRANKLIN        J    3        6N     31W
MCFARLANE            ROBERT          S    24       7N     32W
MCFARLANE            ROBERT          S    26       7N     32W
MCFARLANE            ROBERT          S    32       7N     32W
MCGEE                JONATHAN        D    2        8N     30W
MCGEE                JONATHAN        D    14       8N     30W
MCGWIN               WILLIAM              32       7N     31W
MCHALE               OWEN                 30       7N     31W
MCKAMEY              JOHN            S    2        4N     31W
MCKAVETT             HENRY                20       8N     31W
MCKAVETT             HENRY                30       8N     31W
MCKAVETT             HENRY                31       8N     31W
MCKEEL               DAVID                9        8N     32W
MCKELVY              MARY            A             6N     29W
MCKELVEY             N               S    24       6N     30W
MCKENZIE             PATRICK              6        7N     31W
MCKILVY              WILLIAM         H             6N     29W
MCKINNEY             ELIZA                9        5N     30W
MCKINNEY             J               W    8        6N     32W
MCKINNEY             JAMES           W    8        6N     32W
MCKINNEY             LEWIS           B    19       6N     30W
MCKINNEY             LEWIS           B    20       6N     30W
MCLAIN               JAMES           M    33       5N     32W
MCMICHAEL            ABSALOM         B    21       6N     31W
MCMILLIAN            LOUVINDA        V    2        6N     31W
MCMULLEN             WILLIAM              26       7N     31W
MCMURTRE             WILLIAM         H    32       7N     32W
MCMURTREY            JOHN                 17       7N     32W
MCMURTREY            WILLIAM         H    23       5N     31W
MCMURTREY            WILLIAM         H    29       6N     32W
MCMURTREY            WILLIAM         H    9        7N     32W
MCMURTREY            WILLIAM         H    34       8N     32W
MCMURTRY             JOHN                 29       7N     32W
MCMURTRY             WILLIAM         H    4        7N     32W
MCMURTRY             WILLIAM         H    29       7N     32W
MCMURTY              WILLIAM         H    5        7N     32W
MCMURTY              WILLIAM         H    34       8N     32W
MCNABB               KERMIT          S             6N     29W
MCNUTT               JAMES           R    7        5N     31W
MCPHERSON            CROFFORD        K    4        5N     30W
MCPHERSON            HENRY           M    3        5N     30W
MCPHERSON            LEWIS                22       6N     30W
MCPHERSON            SARAH           C    29       6N     30W
MCQUIN               WILLIAM              33       8N     32W
MEDLIN               JOHN            A    35       5N     32W
MEDLIN               P               J    31       5N     31W
MEEK                 WILLIAM         S    10       4N     31W
MEEKS                JULUS           D    3        4N     32W
MELLETE              ADELINE         E    24       6N     32W
MENDENHALL           JOSEPH          H    2        5N     31W
MENDENHALL           JOSEPH          H    33       6N     31W
MENDENHALL           THOMAS          N    33       7N     31W
MERRILL              ANNIE           B    32       6N     32W
MERRITT              JAMES                30       6N     30W
MICKLE               GEORGE          W    27       8N     32W
MICKLE               HARMON               5        7N     32W
MICKLE               HARMON               32       8N     32W
MICKLE               JAMES           A    9        6N     32W
MICKLE               WILLIAM              10       6N     32W
MICKLE               WILLIAM              31       8N     31W
MILAM                CALAWAY         J    1        8N     32W
MILAM                DUDLEY               31       6N     30W
MILAM                DUDLEY               36       6N     31W
MILAM                JOHN            K    20       8N     29W
MILAN                DUDLEY               30       6N     30W
MILAN                JOHN            R    18       8N     29W
MILEHAM              CASALTON             12       7N     30W
MILEHAM              DUDLEY               36       6N     31W
MILLER               CROSBY          W    5        5N     31W
MILLER               JOHN            E    19       6N     30W
MILLER               JOHN                 28       7N     32W
MILLER               JOHNATHAN       H    9        8N     31W
MILLER               LEWIS           W    33       6N     31W
MILLER               SIMON           P    10       5N     30W
MILLER               WILLIAM         L    11       5N     32W
MILLETT              JOHN                 11       5N     30W
MILLS                HENRY           M    34       7N     30W
MILLWE               MINERVA              9        5N     31W
MILTON               WILLIAM         A    8        7N     30W
MITCHELL             JOSEPH               31       8N     31W
MOLTHAN              HENRY                27       6N     31W
MONROE               WILLIAM              20       5N     30W
MOON                 CLARISSA             27       6N     31W
MOONEY               ISAAC                1        5N     30W
MOOR                 EDWARD          C    20       5N     32W
MOORE                ALFRED               4        7N     32W
MOORE                AUSTIN               33       6N     30W
MOORE                AUSTIN               34       6N     30W
MOORE                BENJAMIN        L    12       8N     30W
MOORE                BENJAMIN        L    26       8N     30W
MOORE                BENJAMIN        L    35       8N     30W
MOORE                BENJAMIN        L    36       8N     30W
MOORE                BENJAMIN             12       8N     30W
MOORE                BENJAMIN             13       8N     30W
MOORE                BENJAMIN             22       8N     30W
MOORE                BENJAMIN             23       8N     30W
MOORE                BENJAMIN             32       8N     30W
MOORE                EDWARD          C    19       5N     31W
MOORE                FRANCIS         M    34       6N     32W
MOORE                JEREMIAH             33       6N     30W
MOORE                JOHN            B    19       5N     31W
MOORE                MANERVIA        A    19       4N     31W
MOORE                MARGARET        M    3        4N     32W
MOORE                MARTHA          E    6        4N     31W
MOORE                MATTHEW              27       6N     32W
MOORE                MATTHEW              4        8N     32W
MOORE                W               G    17       6N     30W
MOORE                WILLIAM         H    19       5N     31W
MOORE                WILLIAM         H    34       6N     32W
MOORE                WILLIAM         M    9        4N     32W
MOORE                WILLIAM         M    8        8N     31W
MOORE                WILLIAM              23       7N     31W
MOORE                WILLIAM              32       8N     32W
MOREHEAD             IRA             G    6        7N     29W
MORGAN               CHARLES              27       7N     30W
MORGAN               FRANKLIN        L             6N     29W
MORGAN               GEORGE          R             6N     29W
MORGAN               J               C    14       4N     31W
MORGAN               JENRAL          C    32       7N     29W
MORGAN               MATHEW         LOU            6N     29W
MORGAN               WILLIAM              5        7N     32W
MORGAN               WILLIAM              23       8N     32W
MORGAN               WILLIAM              32       8N     32W
MORRIS               ARCHIBALD       W    23       6N     32W
MORRIS               FLEETWOOD            7        7N     29W
MORRIS               IRA             L             6N     29W
MORRIS               IRA             L    25       6N     30W
MORRIS               JAMES           W             6N     29W
MORRIS               RUPHINA         J    19       6N     30W
MORRIS               SARAH                30       6N     30W
MORROW               BENJAMIN        F    19       7N     29W
MORROW               GEORGE          N    18       7N     29W
MORROW               GREEN           B    21       6N     32W
MORROW               JOHN            M    32       7N     30W
MORSON               JOHN            M    32       7N     30W
MOSBY                JAMES           M    33       6N     30W
MOSS                 JOHN                 4        4N     31W
MOTE                 JAMES           R    4        5N     31W
MOULDER              THOMAS          B    4        6N     31W
MUKS                 WILLIAM              8        7N     30W
MULVANIA             CHARLES         C    31       8N     30W
MURDOCK              WILLIAM         A    13       8N     32W
MURPHY               HARRISON             4        8N     29W
MURPHY               JOHN                 22       5N     32W
MURRY                ANN                  9        8N     31W

NEAL                 C               B    35       5N     32W
NEAL                 C               B    36       5N     32W
NEEDHAM              REECE                2        6N     31W
NEEDHAM              WYETT                15       6N     30W
NELSON               JOHN                 27       5N     31W
NELSON               JOHN                 34       5N     31W
NELSON               M               A    9        5N     31W
NEWCOMB              MARY            J    28       5N     32W
NEWMAN               JAMES          A.C.           6N     29W
NEWMAN               MILES           E             6N     29W
NEWSOM               JAMES           E    3        5N     32W
NEWSOM               JAMES           E    34       6N     32W
NEWTON               BAZIL                31       9N     29W
NICHOLS              CHESLEY         H    29       6N     30W
NICHOLS              ELECTA               3        5N     30W
NICHOLS              FRANKLIN        P    11       5N     32W
NICKS                JOHN            Q    20       8N     31W
NICKS                JOHN            Q    21       8N     31W
NIGRA                PETER                22       4N     31W
NINE                 ERNEST          C    34       5N     32W
NIXON                JAMES           A    26       6N     31W
NIXON                JAMES           A    35       6N     31W
NIXON                JOHN            C    6        5N     30W
NIXON                PHEREBY              21       4N     32W
NOBLES               MARY            J             6N     29W
NORRIS               COLEMAN              12       6N     31W
NORRIS               COLEMAN              13       6N     31W
NORRIS               COLEMAN              1        7N     31W
NORRIS               JACKSON         L    13       5N     30W
NORRIS               NELSON               2        5N     30W
NORTON               DANIEL               28       7N     31W
NORTON               JOHN            T    20       7N     31W
NORVELL              ELBERT          T             6N     29W
NORWOOD              FRANKLIN             30       6N     30W
NORWOOD              HENRY                20       6N     30W
NORWOOD              ISHAM                29       6N     30W
NORWOOD              JACKSON              3        5N     30W
NORWOOD              ROBERT               33       6N     30W
NORWOOD              WILLIAM              19       6N     30W
NOWLAND              WILLIAM         B    36       6N     30W

OCONNOR              PETER                9        7N     31W
OGILVIE              WILLIAM         S    15       4N     32W
OLIVER               EDWARD          T    12       6N     31W
OLIVER               ISAAC                12       7N     30W
OLIVER               JOHN            H    2        4N     31W
OLIVER               SHADDUCK        S    34       8N     31W
OLIVER               SHADDUCK        S    35       8N     31W
OLIVER               SHADRACK        S    5        7N     31W
OLIVER               SHADRACK        S    8        7N     31W
OLIVER               SHADRACK        S    34       8N     31W
OLIVER               SHATTUCK        S    4        7N     31W
OLIVER               SHATTUCK        S    5        7N     31W
OLIVER               SHATTUCK        S    6        7N     31W
OLIVER               SIAMBRA              3        5N     30W
OLIVER               THOMAS          P    2        6N     31W
OLIVER               THOMAS          P    11       6N     31W
OLLIVER              LUNSFORD             30       9N     29W
ONEAL                ASA                  7        4N     31W
ONEAL                ASA                  8        4N     31W
ONEAL                HEZEKIAH             21       4N     31W
ONEAL                JOHN            L    31       8N     29W
ONEAL                JOSEPH          H    10       4N     31W
ONEAL                JOSEPH               34       9N     32W
ONEAL                WILEY           J    5        7N     29W
ONEAL                WILEY           J    6        7N     29W
ONEAL                WILEY           J    31       8N     29W
OSBORN               NATHANIEL       D    4        6N     30W
OSBORN               NATHANIEL       D    5        6N     30W
OWEN                 FRANCIS         M    19       4N     31W
OWEN                 JOHN            T    18       4N     31W

PADDOCK              ETHELBERT            30       7N     29W
PADEN                ADAM                 36       8N     31W
PADEN                THOMAS               36       8N     31W
PADGETT              ROBERT               9        4N     32W
PADGETT              ROBERT               28       4N     32W
PAGE                 MADISON              33       8N     29W
PAGE                 WILLIAM         A    19       6N     30W
PAMPLIN              JOHN            W    4        5N     30W
PARKER               CHESLEY         C    30       8N     29W
PARKER               JOSEPH          T             6N     29W
PARKER               MATTIE          E    36       6N     30W
PARKER               NELSON          S    17       8N     29W
PARKER               NELSON          S    20       8N     29W
PARKER               WILLIAM         C    28       8N     29W
PARKER               WILLIAM         C    32       8N     29W
PARKER               WILLIAM         C    33       8N     29W
PARRISH              FOUNTAIN             15       6N     32W
PARRISH              ISAAC           H    13       7N     32W
PARSONS              AMASA                4        5N     32W
PARSONS              JOHN            B    12       5N     32W
PARTIN               MALACHI         J             6N     29W
PATE                 LEWIS           R    21       8N     29W
PATE                 MARY            E    31       6N     31W
PATE                 MOSES           A    20       8N     29W
PATE                 MOSES           A    21       8N     29W
PATTEN               THOMAS               21       6N     32W
PATTERSON            ARMSTID         T    13       6N     32W
PATTERSON            ARMSTID         T    14       6N     32W
PATTERSON            FERNANDO        D    33       5N     32W
PATTERSON            JAMES           H    31       4N     32W
PATTERSON            JAMES           K    17       4N     31W
PATTERSON            JAMES                2        4N     31W
PATTERSON            NANCY                35       6N     32W
PATTERSON            PHILIP               18       6N     31W
PATTERSON            PHILIP               13       6N     32W
PATTERSON            PHILIP               33       7N     30W
PATTERSON            WILLIAM         J    32       4N     32W
PATTON               AUGUSTUS        E    23       6N     31W
PATTON               CATHARINE       S    22       4N     32W
PATTON               JAMES           G    22       6N     31W
PATTON               JAMES           G    27       6N     31W
PATTON               JOHN                 14       4N     32W
PATTON               JOHN                 21       4N     32W
PATTON               THOMAS               27       6N     32W
PATTON               THOMAS               27       6N     32W
PATTON               WILLIAM              8        6N     32W
PAYNE                SAMUEL          H    8        7N     31W
PAYTON               ELIJAH               12       4N     31W
PEARCE               DAVID                29       8N     29W
PEARCY               JAMES                24       7N     31W
PEARSON              JOHN            P    4        6N     31W
PECK                 WILLIAM              21       5N     32W
PENEL                PETER                         6N     29W
PENINGER             JAMES                         6N     29W
PENNY                ANN                  25       5N     31W
PENNY                MARSHALL             25       5N     31W
PERRY                                     28       7N     32W
PERRYMAN             JOHN                 4        6N     30W
PETTIGREW            EBINEZER        M    4        7N     29W
PETTIGREW            JOHN            H    26       7N     32W
PETTIGREW            JOHN            H    27       7N     32W
PETTIGREW            JOHN            W    4        8N     29W
PETTUS               WILLIAM         W    1        4N     31W
PETTUS               WILLIAM         W    20       5N     30W
PEW                  MATHEW          P    28       5N     31W
PHILLIPS             ISRAEL               32       7N     29W
PHILLIPS             LINZIE          L             6N     29W
PICKETT              GEORGE          C    20       8N     30W
PICKETT              JOHN            C    9        8N     30W
PIERCE               DANIEL               36       8N     30W
PIERCE               ELIZABETH            2        8N     31W
PIERCE               ELIZABETH            11       8N     31W
PIERCE               FRANCIS              1        8N     31W
PIERCE               HUGH                 36       9N     32W
PIERCE               JOHN                 12       8N     32W
PIERCE               JOSIAH               11       8N     31W
PIERCE               WILLIAM              11       8N     31W
PILLEY               RANSOM               7        5N     30W
PINKSTON             JOHN            D    13       5N     30W
PINNELL              PETER                         6N     29W
PITCHFORD            HENRY           M    7        4N     32W
PITMAN               JACOB                6        6N     30W
PITMAN               JACOB                1        6N     31W
PITONAK              GEORGE               36       5N     32W
PLEASANTS            CHARLES         E    12       6N     31W
PLUNKETT             NATHAN               20       6N     31W
POGUE                ELIAS           T    15       6N     31W
POGUE                ELIAS           T    22       6N     31W
POOL                 JOHN            J    20       5N     30W
POPE                 JAMES           H    12       6N     32W
PORTER               JOSEPH          M    17       6N     32W
POSTON               HENRY           F    6        4N     32W
POWELL               D               W    7        5N     31W
POWELL               JOSEPH               17       6N     31W
POWER                THOMAS          J    2        5N     31W
PRICE                ALBERT               13       7N     30W
PRICE                ELIZA           A    28       6N     30W
PRICE                WILLIAM              27       5N     32W
PRICE                WILLIAM              1        6N     31W
PRIME                ELLEN                6        5N     30W
PROCTOR              JOHN            B    17       8N     29W
PUCKETT              WILLIAM         D    33       6N     30W
PUGH                 LILLIE               32       5N     31W
PURL                 JAMES           P    33       7N     29W
PUTMAN               BERRY           B    19       7N     29W
PUTMAN               BERRY           B    25       7N     30W
PUTNAM               SAMUEL               2        8N     32W
PUTNAM               SAMUEL               35       9N     32W

QUESENBERRY          HENRY           A    5        8N     32W
QUESENBERRY          HENRY           A    10       8N     32W
QUESENBURY           HENRY           A    9        8N     32W
QUESENBURY           HENRY           A    10       8N     32W
QUESENBURY           RICHARD              27       8N     32W
QUESENBURY           THOMAS               24       8N     32W
QUICK                HESEKIAH             31       8N     30W
QUICK                HESEKIAH             36       8N     31W

RABURN                RICHARDSON      C    7        6N     31W
RADFORD               ALFRED          H    12       5N     30W
RADFORD               GILLY           H    12       5N     30W
RAGON                 JOHN            C             6N     29W
RAINEY                WILLIAM              28       5N     32W
RALLS                 NANCY         ANN             6N     29W
RALLS                 WILLIS          R             6N     29W
RAMSEY                HENRY           E    1        5N     30W
RAMSEY                WILLIAM         G    36       6N     32W
RATCLIFF              THOMPSON             7        8N     31W
RATTERN               JOHN            C    23       6N     31W
RATTERREE             JAMES           H    33       6N     30W
RATTERREE             JOHN            C    23       6N     31W
RATTERREE             THOMAS          G    6        5N     30W
RATTERREE             THOMAS          G    25       6N     31W
RATTERRIE             THOMAS          G    6        5N     30W
RAY                   ISAAC           S    14       6N     32W
RAY                   JEREMIAH             5        5N     30W
RAYMOND               A               L    36       5N     32W
REASONER              MARTHA          A    20       5N     32W
RECTOR                ELIAS                8        8N     32W
RECTOR                ELIAS                9        8N     32W
RECTOR                ELIAS                10       8N     32W
RECTOR                ELIAS                13       8N     32W
RECTOR                ELIAS                15       8N     32W
RECTOR                ELIAS                21       8N     32W
RECTOR                ELIAS                22       8N     32W
RECTOR                ELIAS                24       8N     32W
RECTOR                WHORTON              13       8N     32W
RECTOR                WHORTON              35       8N     32W
REDDING               J               L    15       6N     30W
REDDING               THOMAS               23       6N     30W
REDDING               WILLIAM         B    18       6N     30W
REDING                CALEB           J    8        6N     30W
REDING                CALEB           J    9        6N     30W
REDING                JOSEPH               7        6N     30W
REDING                JOSEPH               18       6N     30W
REDING                THOMAS               22       6N     30W
REED                  ISIAIAH         N    32       5N     32W
REED                  JAMES           B    17       7N     32W
REESE                 ELIJAH          C    17       4N     31W
REEVES                JASPER          S    26       5N     31W
REFELD                LEWIS           L    29       9N     32W
REID                  JOHN            T    9        5N     30W
REID                  ZACCHEUS        P    9        5N     30W
RENTZEL               HENRY                19       4N     31W
RENTZEL               HENRY                30       4N     31W
RENTZEL               HENRY                24       4N     32W
RENTZEL               HENRY                6        6N     31W
REVELS                JAMES           E    11       5N     32W
RHOADES               RANDOL                        6N     29W
RICE                  JAMES           G    5        4N     31W
RICHARDS              JOHN            M    36       8N     30W
RICHARDS              JULIUS               5        6N     32W
RICHARDSON            HARBIRT              10       6N     32W
RICHARDSON            HENRY           H    28       8N     29W
RICHARDSON            JOHN                 3        5N     30W
RICHERTS              JULIUS               5        6N     32W
RIDDLESPERGER         JAMES           D    19       5N     30W
RIDDLESPERGER         JAMES           D    30       5N     30W
RIDDLESPERGER         JAMES           D    22       5N     31W
RIDDLESPERGER         JAMES           D    24       5N     31W
RIDING                THOMAS               14       6N     30W
RILEY                 ROBERT          C    15       5N     30W
RIMMER                JAMES           R    8        6N     32W
RIMMER                THOMAS               8        6N     32W
RIPPY                 THOMAS          A    9        7N     29W
RIPPY                 THOMAS          A    26       7N     30W
ROBBINS               JOHN            G    17       6N     31W
ROBBINS               JOHN            G    29       6N     31W
ROBBINS               ROBERT          J    26       6N     31W
ROBBINS               THOMAS               26       6N     31W
ROBBINS               WILLIAM         C    26       6N     31W
ROBERSON              JAMES           R    4        5N     32W
ROBERTS               PINKNEY         J    2        5N     30W
ROBERTS               SILVESTER            17       7N     29W
ROBERTS               WILLIAM         T    25       6N     31W
ROBERTSON             CHARLES         W    30       5N     31W
ROBINSON              ALEXANDER            12       8N     30W
ROBINSON              ALEXANDER            13       8N     30W
ROBINSON              AMOS            P    6        4N     31W
ROBINSON              CHARLES              6        6N     30W
ROBINSON              RICHARD              6        8N     30W
ROBINSON              SHELTON              12       5N     30W
ROBINSON              STERLING        S    14       5N     32W
ROBINSON              WILLIAM         R    8        4N     31W
ROBINSON              WILLIAM              6        8N     30W
ROBISON               JOEL            P    32       6N     30W
RODDEN                THOMAS          M    4        6N     31W
RODGERS               JOHN                 23       8N     32W
RODGERS               JOHN                 31       9N     29W
ROGERS                ARTHUR          L    21       4N     31W
ROGERS                JAMES           B    18       6N     30W
ROGERS                JOHN                 29       5N     31W
ROGERS                JOHN                 15       8N     32W
ROGERS                JOHN                 17       8N     32W
ROGERS                JOHN            C             6N     29W
ROLLINS               JAMES           D    24       7N     31W
ROPER                 JOHN                 29       8N     30W
ROSENHAHN             GOTTLOB              5        6N     32W
ROSS                  ELIJAH               33       5N     31W
ROSS                  HENRY                19       7N     31W
ROSS                  JESSE                13       7N     32W
ROSS                  JESSE                15       7N     32W
ROSS                  REDLEY          B    12       7N     32W
ROWE                  R               A    18       6N     30W
ROWLAND               JANE                 20       6N     30W
ROWLAND               LEVI                 20       6N     30W
ROWLAND               LEVI                 21       6N     30W
RUDDELL               STEPHEN         T    7        6N     30W
RUDEL                 EDWARD               5        6N     31W
RUSH                  FRANKLIN        P    25       6N     31W
RUSSEL                ROBERT               19       6N     30W
RUSSELL               ELIZABETH       F    21       6N     31W
RUST                  LEMUEL          N    26       6N     30W
RUST                  LEMUEL          W    27       6N     30W
RUTHERFORD            AUGUSTUS             11       6N     31W
RUTHERFORD            AUGUSTUS             31       7N     30W
RUTHERFORD            AUGUSTUS             32       7N     30W
RUTHERFORD            CLINTON              6        7N     31W
RUTHERFORD            SAMUEL          M    36       7N     31W
RYE                   WILLIAM         T    19       7N     31W

SALES                  JOHN                 1        4N     31W
SALES                  JOHN                 2        4N     31W
SALES                  SAMUEL          J             6N     29W
SAMPSON                WILLIAM         R             6N     29W
SANDLIN                JOHN            L    7        4N     32W
SAUNDERS               RICHARD         M    28       9N     32W
SAUNDERS               WILLIAM         R    33       9N     29W
SCHAEFER               VINCENI              18       6N     31W
SCHAPPA                BERNHARD             34       7N     32W
SCHAPPE                ALEXANDER            5        6N     32W
SCHEIDEL               TITUS                30       7N     30W
SCHOTT                 CHRISTIAN            22       4N     32W
SCOTT                  ABSALOM         P    20       6N     31W
SCOTT                  ALEXANDER       D    28       7N     32W
SCOTT                  ANDREW          J    15       6N     32W
SCOTT                  JAMES                8        8N     31W
SCOTT                  JOHN                 4        8N     31W
SCOTT                  JOHN                 5        8N     31W
SCOTT                  M               N    15       5N     32W
SCOTT                  NIMROD               32       9N     29W
SEABOLT                DAVID                12       4N     32W
SEAMANS                WILLIAM         O             6N     29W
SEVIER                 LAFAYETTE            2        7N     30W
SHADLE                 SAMUEL               13       6N     30W
SHADLE                 SAMUEL               22       6N     30W
SHANKLE                LAFAYETTE       M    3        4N     32W
SHANNON                ISAAC                36       9N     32W
SHARP                  ALEXANDER            10       6N     30W
SHAW                   AMERICA         A    2        4N     32W
SHAW                   MARY            E    1        4N     32W
SHAW                   THOMAS          H    27       5N     32W
SHEASBY                SAMUEL               8        5N     31W
SHELBY                 GEORGE          W    11       7N     31W
SHELBY                 WILLIAM         T    6        6N     31W
SHIPMAN                WILLIAM              8        5N     31W
SHORT                  THOMAS          B    5        4N     32W
SIGERSON               WILLIAM              7        4N     31W
SIGERSON               WILLIAM              17       4N     31W
SILLIN                 JOHN                 21       4N     31W
SIMCO                  THOMAS               21       9N     32W
SIMMONS                DAVID           H             6N     29W
SIMMONS                ENOCH           A    14       4N     31W
SIMMONS                GEORGE               4        4N     32W
SIMMONS                JOHN            F    17       4N     31W
SIMPSON                CHARITY         C    34       5N     31W
SIMPSON                W               C    35       6N     31W
SIMPSON                WILLIAM         C    36       6N     31W
SIMS                   JAMES                8        4N     31W
SIMS                   WALTER          P    5        7N     29W
SIMS                   WALTER          P    6        7N     29W
SINCLAIR               MOSES                21       9N     32W
SKAGGS                 HENRY                19       5N     30W
SKAGGS                 JOHN                 5        4N     31W
SKINNER                DUANE                6        6N     30W
SKINNER                DUANE                31       7N     30W
SKINNER                DUANE                36       7N     31W
SKOPJAK                FEDOR                13       4N     31W
SLOAN                  ISAAC           B    34       7N     32W
SMEDLEY                JOHN            R    6        4N     31W
SMEDLEY                JOSEPH               33       5N     31W
SMEDLEY                SAMUEL          H    5        4N     31W
SMEDLY                 JOHN                 6        4N     31W
SMITH                  ALBERT          H    30       5N     31W
SMITH                  ANTHONY              26       6N     30W
SMITH                  BASS                 21       5N     31W
SMITH                  BIRDEN          M    19       7N     30W
SMITH                  CLAUD                         6N     29W
SMITH                  DAVID           J    31       5N     30W
SMITH                  DUNCAN          C    24       7N     31W
SMITH                  EDGAR                34       5N     31W
SMITH                  HENRY                17       7N     32W
SMITH                  ISAAC                20       7N     32W
SMITH                  JOHN                 2        5N     32W
SMITH                  JOHN                 11       5N     32W
SMITH                  JOHN            M             6N     29W
SMITH                  JORDAN               11       6N     31W
SMITH                  LORA            L    20       6N     32W
SMITH                  RICHARD              33       5N     32W
SMITH                  SARAH           J             6N     29W
SMITH                  TERENCE              3        8N     31W
SMITH                  THEOPHILUS           12       5N     32W
SMITH                  THOMAS          R    14       6N     31W
SMITH                  WILLIAM         V    20       5N     31W
SMITH                  WILLIAM              11       6N     32W
SMOAT                  SAMUEL               11       8N     30W
SMOLEY                 ALBERT          G    10       5N     30W
SMOOT                  JOHN            R    26       5N     31W
SMOOT                  JOHN                 26       5N     31W
SMOOT                  SAMUEL          D    20       5N     31W
SNELGROVE              AMY                  7        7N     30W
SOLSBEE                JAMES           A    14       6N     31W
SORRELS                LEWIS                33       5N     32W
SORRELS                WILLIAM              2        5N     32W
SPAIN                  WILLIAM         H    14       6N     30W
SPARKS                 ISAIAH          H    13       4N     31W
SPEEGLE                LORENZO         J    28       7N     29W
SPEER                  JOHN            E    6        4N     31W
SPENCER                ROBERT          B    21       5N     31W
SPENCER                ROBERT          B    19       8N     31W
SPRATT                 ANDREW          J    11       4N     31W
SPRING                 NICHOLAS             5        4N     31W
SPUGLE                 ANNE                 18       6N     31W
STAFFORD               ELIZABETH            17       4N     32W
STALLCUP               GEORGE          W    33       6N     30W
STANDEFER              THOMAS               27       8N     32W
STANDEFER              THOMAS               34       8N     32W
STANDIFER              JESSE                20       7N     32W
STANDLEY               THOMAS          J    35       5N     32W
STANFILL               ANNA            E             6N     29W
STANFILL               FELIX           B             6N     29W
STANFILL               JAMES           S             6N     29W
STANTON                SIMON                22       7N     32W
STATHAM                RICHARD         H    22       4N     32W
STEADMAN               FRANCIS         G    27       4N     32W
STEFANI                JOHN                 21       4N     31W
STEFANI                VENANZIE             22       4N     31W
STEFANI                VENANZIE             28       4N     31W
STEPHENS               DELILAH              17       6N     32W
STEPHENS               ELIZABETH            20       7N     32W
STEPHENS               JAMES           B    17       6N     32W
STEPHENS               JEREMIAH             2        5N     32W
STEPHENS               JEREMIAH             35       6N     32W
STEPHENS               SAMUEL          B    6        6N     31W
STEPHENS               SAMUEL          B    20       7N     31W
STEPHENS               SAMUEL          B    31       7N     31W
STEPHENS               SAMUEL          B    32       7N     31W
STEPHENS               SAMUEL          B    25       7N     32W
STEPHENS               SAMUEL          B    33       7N     32W
STEPHENS               THOMAS          D    6        5N     30W
STEPHENS               WILLIAM              33       9N     32W
STERLING               S               E    19       6N     30W
STETZEL                MARTIN               10       6N     32W
STEVENS                LESTER         LEE            6N     29W
STEWART                JAMES                20       8N     32W
STEWART                JOHN                          6N     29W
STEWART                WILLIAM         R    18       4N     31W
STEWART                WILLIAM         W    6        4N     31W
STIFELY                JOSEPH               26       5N     32W
STINNETT               ISHAM                22       6N     30W
STOCKTON               HUGH            P    1        6N     31W
STOCKTON               HUGH            P    22       7N     31W
STOCKTON               MEREDITH             13       6N     30W
STOCKTON               MERIDITH        B    13       6N     30W
STONE                  MARGARET        J    13       6N     30W
STUBBLEFIELD           REBECCA              11       5N     32W
STYLES                 LEWIS           R    22       7N     30W
SUGG                   HIRAM                6        4N     31W
SUTCLIFFE              E                    18       4N     31W
SUTHERLAND             JOHN            W    4        7N     30W
SUTHERLAND             WILLIAM              24       7N     30W
SUTTON                 JAMES           P    21       8N     32W
SUTTON                 JAMES                15       5N     32W
SUTTON                 WILLIAM         B    17       4N     31W
SWEETEN                FRANCIS         M    2        4N     32W
SWIGART                WILLIAM         S    2        5N     31W
SWIGART                WILLIAM         S    34       7N     31W
SZULEWSKI              JOHN                 25       5N     32W

TALAMENE               JACOB                20       4N     31W
TALBOTT                BENJAMIN        C    19       5N     30W
TALBOTT                DAVIS                18       5N     31W
TALBOTT                RUFUS           L    12       6N     31W
TALKINGTON             JAMES           A    5        5N     31W
TALKINGTON             JOSEPH               3        6N     31W
TATE                   ANDREW          J    21       5N     31W
TATE                   ANDREW          J    28       5N     31W
TATUM                  EATON                32       7N     31W
TAYLOR                 FELIX           H    9        7N     29W
TAYLOR                 JOHN            C    20       7N     29W
TAYLOR                 JONATHAN        S    20       6N     30W
TAYLOR                 JUDY                 23       5N     32W
TAYLOR                 MARTIN          T    31       5N     30W
TAYLOR                 NATHANIEL       B    23       5N     32W
TAYLOR                 WILIE                11       5N     31W
TAYLOR                 WILLIE               6        4N     32W
TAYLOR                 ZACHARIAH            2        7N     30W
TEAGUE                 MARY            A    21       7N     30W
TEDFORD                CAROLINE             6        6N     31W
TEDFORD                JOHN                 6        6N     31W
TERRY                  FRANCIS         M    10       5N     32W
TERRY                  GIDEON               9        5N     32W
THAMES                 HARMON               36       7N     30W
THAREL                 TILMON          L    18       6N     31W
THEURER                GEORGE               4        6N     32W
THOMAS                 BENJAMIN        W    23       4N     32W
THOMAS                 JOHN            D    27       4N     32W
THOMAS                 JOSEPH          C    23       4N     32W
THOMPSON               ARCHIBALD            22       7N     30W
THOMPSON               DAVID                18       7N     30W
THOMPSON               DAVID                13       7N     31W
THOMPSON               DAVID                19       8N     30W
THOMPSON               DAVID                7        8N     31W
THOMPSON               DAVID                8        8N     31W
THOMPSON               DAVID                18       8N     31W
THOMPSON               DAVID                24       8N     31W
THOMPSON               DAVID                25       8N     31W
THOMPSON               DAVID                28       8N     31W
THOMPSON               DAVID                2        8N     32W
THOMPSON               DAVID                32       8N     32W
THOMPSON               JOHN            C    19       5N     30W
THOMPSON               LAWRENCE             4        7N     30W
THOMPSON               THOMAS          A    33       8N     30W
THOMPSON               ZACK                 5        5N     30W
THURMAN                THOMAS               24       6N     31W
THURMAN                WILLIAM              18       7N     31W
THURSTON               JOHN            T    4        7N     30W
TICKER                 JOHN            B    18       4N     32W
TIGERT                 HUGH                 17       8N     32W
TINKER                 WILLIAM         J    14       6N     31W
TINSLEY                JAVAN           T    5        5N     31W
TITCHENAL              WILLIAM         H    20       7N     32W
TITCHENAL              WILLIAM         H    21       7N     32W
TOLBOTT                BENJAMIN        C    19       5N     30W
TOLLESON               WILLIAM         S    2        4N     32W
TOWNLEY                BENJAMIN        R    2        6N     31W
TRAMELL                HENRY           H    10       6N     31W
TRAMELL                HENRY           H    11       6N     31W
TRAMMEL                JAMES           R    14       6N     31W
TRAMMELL               DENNIS               21       6N     31W
TRAMMELL               DENNIS               8        7N     30W
TREADAWAY              BENJAMIN        F             6N     29W
TREADWAY               JAMES           D             6N     29W
TREADWAY               CAROLINE                      6N     29W
TRIGG                  TRAJAN          P    3        5N     32W
TRIGG                  WILLIAM         C    11       5N     32W
TRIGG                  WILLIAM         C    11       5N     32W
TRIPLETT               JOHN                          6N     29W
TUCKER                 DAVID           J             6N     29W
TUCKER                 ENOCH                         6N     29W
TUCKER                 JOHN            B    18       4N     32W
TUCKER                 MARTHA               19       4N     32W
TUCKER                 MATHEW          D    19       6N     31W
TUCKER                 MATHEW          D    20       6N     31W
TUCKER                 ROBERT               30       4N     32W
TUMBLIN                JOHN            W    3        4N     32W
TUPPER                 CHARLES         P    20       4N     32W
TURNBEAUGH             JAMES                10       4N     32W
TURNBEAUGH             JAMES                20       5N     32W
TURNBRAUGH             MARTHA          A    28       5N     32W
TURNER                 ELISHA               35       6N     31W
TURNER                 JOHN            H    27       7N     30W
TURNER                 STERLING        M    1        5N     31W

ULMER                  JOHN                 12       6N     32W

VAILS                  WILLIAM         B    19       5N     30W
VANDAGRIFF             JACOB                29       7N     32W
VARGA                  HELEN O.     AHLGREN          6N     29W
VARNER                 LEWIS                24       6N     31W
VARNER                 ROBERT               20       6N     30W
VAUER                  ROBERT          A    20       6N     30W
VAUGHAN                JOHNSON              28       8N     33W
VAUGHN                 ALFRED                        6N     29W
VAUGHN                 GEORGE               9        5N     32W
VAUGHN                 JOHNSON              28       8N     32W
VAUGHN                 SUSAN           F    7        4N     31W
VAUGHN                 WILLIAM         R    7        4N     31W
VENABLE                JAMES           D             6N     29W
VINEYARD               WILLIAM         J    23       6N     31W
VINYARD                JOHN                 8        5N     31W

WADDLE                 ABRAHAM         S    22       5N     32W
WADE                   ASA             D    21       5N     31W
WAGNON                 BURRELL              2        4N     31W
WALDEN                 ELIZA                6        6N     31W
WALKER                 CALVIN               2        7N     30W
WALKER                 HENRY           P    17       7N     30W
WALKER                 SAMUEL          W    7        8N     30W
WALKER                 SAMUEL          W    8        8N     31W
WALKER                 SAMUEL          W    9        8N     31W
WALKER                 SAMUEL          W    36       9N     32W
WALKER                 TANDY           C    9        7N     31W
WALLACE                GEORGE          W    17       5N     31W
WALLACE                PETER                25       8N     32W
WALLIS                 ROBERT          G    31       4N     32W
WALLIS                 THOMAS               31       4N     32W
WALTON                 WILLIAM         J    33       5N     32W
WARD                   CASELTON             12       7N     30W
WARD                   HENRY                21       5N     31W
WARD                   JEREMIAH             34       7N     31W
WARD                   JOHN                 13       7N     30W
WARD                   WILLIAM              36       8N     30W
WARD                   WILLIAM         R             6N     29W
WARDRUP                JAMES                         6N     29W
WARE                   WILLIAM         H    13       5N     32W
WAREN                  GIDEON          H    21       5N     31W
WARREN                 ABEL                 21       8N     32W
WARREN                 MARCUS          L    26       7N     30W
WATERS                 WILLIAM         A    7        5N     30W
WATERS                 WILLIAM         A    17       5N     30W
WATTS                  ALFRED          J    4        4N     31W
WATTS                  MARION          J    3        4N     31W
WEATHERLY              WARREN          C    5        6N     30W
WEAVER                 BENJAMIN             22       9N     32W
WEAVER                 JAMES           M             6N     29W
WEAVER                 TEMPERANCE           18       5N     32W
WEBB                   BENNET               29       8N     31W
WEBB                   BENNETT              28       8N     31W
WEBB                   BENNETT              29       8N     31W
WEBB                   MCD                  18       7N     29W
WEBB                   WILLIAM         J    32       7N     29W
WEIR                   JAMES           P    30       7N     31W
WEIR                   JOHN            H    30       7N     31W
WEIR                   JOHN            H    25       7N     32W
WELCH                  SAMUEL          D    17       7N     30W
WELLS                  THOMAS          J    15       5N     30W
WEST                   JESSE                35       5N     31W
WEST                   JESSE                36       5N     31W
WEST                   NATHAN          A    36       5N     31W
WEST                   W               W    18       7N     29W
WEST                   WILLIAM         E    34       5N     32W
WESTBROOK              JOSEPH          N    14       6N     30W
WETTY                  JACOB                28       7N     31W
WHITE                  ABRAM           T    35       7N     30W
WHITE                  ABRAM           T    36       7N     30W
WHITE                  ALEXANDER       C    20       5N     30W
WHITE                  ALEXANDER       C    21       5N     30W
WHITE                  CLAIBORN        M    21       6N     30W
WHITE                  HENRY                4        8N     31W
WHITE                  JAMES           A    29       4N     32W
WHITE                  JAMES           M    21       6N     30W
WHITE                  JOHN            C    2        6N     32W
WHITE                  MITCHEL         C    34       6N     30W
WHITE                  WILLIAM         J    33       6N     30W
WHITE                  WILLIAM         O             6N     29W
WHITE                  WILLIAM         T    24       5N     32W
WHITLEY                NEEDHAM              30       5N     30W
WHITSILT               MOSES           G    28       7N     30W
WHITSON                CHARLES              36       7N     31W
WHITSON                JANE                 36       8N     30W
WHITTENBURG            E               G             6N     29W
WIGGINS                SAMUEL          F             6N     29W
WIGINGTON              SOLOMON         A    36       6N     32W
WILBOURN               MADISON         A    14       4N     32W
WILCOX                 CICERO          C    20       8N     29W
WILCOX                 CICERO          C    29       8N     29W
WILCOX                 JASPER               21       8N     29W
WILCOX                 WASHINGTON      F    7        7N     29W
WILKINSON              WILLIAM         G    8        6N     31W
WILLBURN               FRANCIS         D    33       7N     29W
WILLBURN               JAMES           R    25       7N     30W
WILLBURN               JAMES           R    36       7N     30W
WILLHITE               LUCY            L    26       6N     30W
WILLHITE               WILLIAM              26       6N     30W
WILLIAMS               ANGELINA             18       8N     29W
WILLIAMS               DANIEL               11       5N     30W
WILLIAMS               DANIEL               12       5N     30W
WILLIAMS               GEORGE               20       8N     29W
WILLIAMS               JENKEN               9        8N     29W
WILLIAMS               JENKIN               18       8N     29W
WILLIAMS               JENKINS              6        8N     29W
WILLIAMS               JINKIN               13       8N     30W
WILLIAMS               JOHN            D    21       4N     32W
WILLIAMS               JOHN                 2        5N     30W
WILLIAMS               JOHN                 5        5N     30W
WILLIAMS               LUCINDA         M    5        4N     32W
WILLIAMS               S               M             6N     29W
WILLIAMS               SARAH                4        8N     29W
WILLIAMS               SERILDA         J    28       4N     32W
WILLIAMSON             I               N    18       7N     29W
WILLIAMSON             JAMES           J    12       4N     32W
WILLIS                 WILLIAM              8        5N     30W
WILLSIE                MICHAK               6        7N     30W
WILSIE                 WILLIAM              12       7N     31W
WILSON                 CHARLES         H    35       5N     31W
WILSON                 ELIZABETH       C             6N     29W
WILSON                 HEROD                18       8N     31W
WILSON                 HIRO            T    29       9N     32W
WILSON                 JAMES           C             6N     29W
WILSON                 JAMES           M    2        4N     31W
WILSON                 JOHN            W    27       8N     32W
WILSON                 JOHN                 23       7N     31W
WILSON                 LEWIS           G    22       5N     31W
WILSON                 THOMAS          J    9        4N     32W
WILSON                 THOMAS               1        6N     32W
WILSON                 WILLIAM              21       5N     30W
WINCHESTER             ROBERTSON            9        6N     32W
WINCHESTER             ROBERTSON            9        6N     32W
WINDHAM                JEPTHA          C    4        5N     32W
WINFIELD               JOSEPH               4        8N     29W
WININGER               LEVI                 1        4N     32W
WISDOM                 FRANK           K    8        6N     32W
WISWELL                WILLIAM              30       4N     31W
WITCHER                WILLIAM         J    7        5N     30W
WITCHER                WILLIAM         J    1        5N     31W
WITHERS                THOMAS          C    8        8N     29W
WITTY                  ABRAHAM         S    14       7N     31W
WITTY                  RACHEL               27       7N     31W
WOLLAGE                ELIJAH          J    2        5N     31W
WOLLAGE                ELIJAH          J    27       5N     31W
WOLLAGE                ELIJAH          J    28       5N     31W
WOMACK                 LARKIN               35       9N     32W
WOOD                   DANIEL          D    3        4N     32W
WOOD                   DAVID                19       8N     29W
WOOD                   FLEMING              9        8N     32W
WOOD                   FLEMING              17       8N     32W
WOOD                   FLEMING              20       8N     32W
WOOD                   GIDEON          B    2        6N     32W
WOOD                   GREEN                10       6N     32W
WOODRUFF               JAMES           W    6        5N     31W
WOODRUFF               JAMES           W    1        5N     32W
WOODRUFF               JAMES           W    31       6N     31W
WOODRUFF               JAMES           W    15       6N     32W
WOODRUFF               WESLEY          C    9        6N     32W
WOODS                  GIDEON          B    11       6N     32W
WOODS                  ISAAC                9        7N     29W
WOODS                  SUSAN                12       5N     31W
WOODSON                EDWIN           D    1        5N     31W
WOODSON                RUFUS           B    12       5N     31W
WOODSON                WILLIAM         G    17       4N     32W
WOODY                  JAMES           B    24       6N     30W
WOOSLEY                WILLIAM         W    15       4N     31W
WOOTEN                 DAVE                 31       4N     31W
WOOTON                 GEORGE          W    20       4N     31W
WOOTTEN                JEPHTHAH                      6N     29W
WORD                   JOHN            H             6N     29W
WORTEN                 THOMAS               33       6N     32W
WRATHER                LEWIS           L    4        5N     30W
WRATHER                LEWIS           L    11       5N     30W
WRIGHT                 ANDREW          J    23       6N     30W
WRIGHT                 ANDREW          J    24       6N     30W
WRIGHT                 JAMES           L    19       6N     30W

YADEN                  GEORGE          P    4        6N     31W
YADON                  JOHN            C    5        6N     31W
YADON                  SARAH           L    4        6N     31W
YADON                  THOMAS          H    6        6N     31W
YADON                  THOMAS               5        6N     31W
YANDELL                ELLEN                5        4N     31W
YEADON                 THOMAS               6        6N     31W
YEOMAN                 DANIEL          A    26       7N     30W
YOUNG                  HARRY                23       5N     31W
YOUNG                  THORNTON        T    22       5N     31W
YOWELL                 WILLIAM         M    12       4N     31W

ZACHARY                BARTLETT             14       8N     32W