A letter from George Washington AMOS(Jr.) to William Greenberry AMOS - 1871

Contributed by Ron Head 11-28-1999

This letter that was written to my great-great grandfather, William Greensberry AMOS,of Coffee County, Alabama in 1871, from his brother, George Washington AMOS(Jr.) who had moved a short time before, from Alabama to Sebastian County Arkansas. He really extols the wonders of Sebastian County. Perhaps he should have been in advertising (but then he might have had to learn to spell.) A photocopy of this letter was given to me in the 1970's by a cousin, who is also a descendent of George Washington (Sr.) and Catherine (Hammock) AMOS. He was John AMOS, then the president of the American Family Life Assurance Company, of Columbus, Georgia, (later to become AFLAC.) Here is my transcription:

febuary the 19 1871

To Mr. Wm. G. Amos

Der Brother it is with mutch pleasure that I seat myselfth this eavening to drop you A few lines to let you no that mea and my famerley is well at this time and I hope that these few lines may cum safe to hand and find you and your famerley snjoying they saim blessings brother I hant got no nuse to right to you onley we are getting A long verry well if I can just have good helth and A plenty to eat I think that I am all right brother this is A grate farmeing cuntry A man can make as mutch as he can gether here and not have to wirk near as hard as they do there if you was here you cold make as mutch in one year as you can there in too and stop every saturday and go A fishing land an't as hy here as it is there but it is wirth three times as mutch A man can make enny thing here that he wants and there is A verry good range here and there is timber A plenty we don't have no pine here but we can have just as mutch good oak wood to burn as we wont and hit burnes as well without lightwood here as hit does there with it brother hit lookes like ruiming A man to sell out everything and moove this fure but I dont burgrudge my move my selfth I han't got nuthing but I hope hit won't bea so all ways I have wirked A nuff since I landed here to get as mutch corne as I wont and to get 10030 lbs of meat I am getting A doler A hundard for splitting rails and they ant but 8 feet long timber is as good as I ever saw

Brother A man can get wirk to do here at enny time there is a right smart of people that han't dun picking coton yet A man can get a doler and a quarter for every hundard poundes of coten they will pick brother you must excuse my bad rightting and spelling for this time for I am so fat and lazy that I can't right good brother you must right to mea as soon as you get this and right to mea all of they nuse Tell all of my friendes to right to mea and al so tell them howdy brother it lookes like that you all wait for mea to right first I have rote this makes 7 or 8 leters that I have roten but I han't got no anser from men onley those that I rote to pa and beckey brother I will Close for this tim by saying to you that I remain as ever your loveing brother until death so give my love to all of they famerly and receive A potion for your selfth so good by

G.W. Amos to W. G. Amos, Sabaston Conty Ark Greenwood To