Huntington School District #74

Source: The History of Mansfield School District Area. October 1994
Submitted by Jack W. James

Huntington School District was formed by action of the Sebastian County Court on October 6, 1887. A majority of the qualified electors of the Huntington School District petitioned the County Board of Education for dissolution and consolidation was effective on July 1, 1947. In 1929, Huntington Schools had one hundred thirty-six students in grades one through eight. Students completing eighth grade could take a test in Greenwood at the County Superintendent ’s office.

Some of the teachers at Huntington were: Juanita Harwell Cunningham, Vera McGlothin, Lester Bull, A. C. Houser, Ralph Vines, Patti Anderton, Neosho Cross, Mrs. Gardener and Mrs. Yowell.

Mr. Russell Sisco remembers that their was only one classroom on the first floor along with a boiler room that produced steam to the radiators in the building and across the hall was the auditorium. The hallway had two staircases on the north and on the south. They were wide enough for three or four students to go up and down.

Professor Lester Bull introduced basketball, algebra and geometry to the Huntington Schools.

Among those attending school at Huntington were: Jimmy Hollister, Bob Alexander, Bill Doctorman, Burge Travis, Burge Travis who helped Bob Jack, the custodian with his chores, Earl Fox, Lillian O’Grady, Pauline Frizzer, Christine Bradley, Pearl Freeman, Vernon Clouse, Fay Hunter, Motely Beauchamp, Nadine Findley, and Blanche Coffelt.

The auditorium was always filled every time a play was staged to raise funds for some worthy school project. At the back of the building was a well and Bob Jack kept four barrels filled with drinking water. Each barrel had a spigot and each child had his or her own drinking cup. There were two outdoor toilets, the girls was on the east side neat the building at the property line.