West Pine Grove School District #26

Source: The History of Mansfield School District Area. October 1994
Submitted by Jack W. James

The West Pine Grove School District, #26, was formed by action of the Sebastian County Court on January, 3, 1892. It was located approximately four miles west of Mansfield, on what is now Frazier Road.

Theodore McKown remembered that the school was a one-room, frame building and that in 1918, the school year was only four months long--November, December, January and February. Sometimes they would have two months of summer school.

Some of the teachers in the 1918 time period included: Allie Brown McKown, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Philips, Georgia Clayton Matthews and Mrs. Guinn.

Some of the students attending the West Pine Grove School were: Edna Shelby, Bill Shelby, Elsie Shelby, Jake Shelby, Mable Shelby, Jim McKown, Theodore McKown, Wayne McKown, Jim Kenneth, Bill Kenneth, Darwin Dunn, Faye Jobe, Welden Jobe, Bill Jobe, Ethel Guilbert, Rose Hampton, Mildred Hampton, Dama Hampton, Doris Hampton, Jesse James, Frank James, Joe James, Jack James, Nellie James, Robert James, George Payton, Tom Payton, Hilda Payton, Ida Hampton, Billie Crittenden, and Eddie Crittenden.

It is reported that, in 1929, the school had one teacher for twenty-seven students in grades one through eight.

Teachers in the 1929 vicinity of time included: Miss Ophelia Norris, Mrs. Mearl Hunt and Mr. Lee Gilliam.

The Pine Grove School District was consolidated with Mansfield by petition of the majority of qualified electors and by order of the County Board of Education on October 4, 1929. This action was taken for the benefit of high school students.