Phyllis Wheatley School

Information provided by Jerry Moore; Submitted by Jack W. James
Phyllis Wheatley School was a school for black students located in the South Sebastian community of Huntington. Students in grades one through eight attended the school. Those students above the eighth grade had to attend high school in Fort Smith, even though a high school was just less than a mile away across Cherokee Creek and two miles away in Mansfield. The Phyllis Wheatley was consolidated with Mansfield Public School in 1962.

In the 1944-45 school year, Mrs. Ailette M. Craig was the teacher. Her students were Marie Spenser, Arlean Freeman, Louis Cole, John William Cole, Paul Eugene Johnson, Merl Johnson, Douglas Patterson, Doris Johnson, Herston Feimster, Melvin Moore, Augustus Moore, Betty Norwood, Carlene Johnson, Claudette Cole, Billy J. Cole, J. D. Freeman, Eugene Patterson, Daiswell Moore, Adella Spenser, Charles Hutchinson, Billy Frank Johnson, John Wesley Johnson, Sylvester Freeman, Anita Freeman, Doris Jean Moore, Warren Edward Cole, Harold Jasper Cole, Glennis Feimster, Arve Patterson, Leotis Smith, Carol Feimster, Doris Hutchinson, Iva Mae Moore, Hastleteed Patterson, Douglas Moore, Nathaniel Cole, Eugene Johnson, James Johnson, Jr., Richard Johnson, Johnnie B. Spencer, Eugene Cole, Willie Hailey, Frank Martin, Mary Martin, Dorothy Reed, Bruce Hutchinson, Ezell Johnson and Helen Bussey.