Witcherville School

Picture submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove
Can you tell us the names of any of the children and what year this was?

Witcherville School District #27 history submitted by Jack W. James
From the book "The History of the Mansfield School District Area". October 1994

Witcherville School District #27 was formed by action of the Sebastian County Court on January 3, 1882. The school was located at Buckner Park. A new building was built when Mr. Oren Colley was in the sixth grade. Some of the Buckner College building stones and foundation were used in the building.

Some of the teachers were Miss Lee Counsel, Mrs. Irma Overton, Mr. Davis and Earl Cross. More of the teachers were I. L. Carter, Clarissa Stephens, Romalee Boyd Strang, Wanda Moore Watts, Tommy Phillips, Dorothy Lee Barnett Hampton, Iris Broughton Jones and Neosho Cross. Irma Overton and Neosho Cross were the last teachers of the Witcherville School when it consolidated with the Mansfield schools. Some of the students were Otis Arrington, Charlie Counsel, Bruce Hocott, Paul Allen and Willie Williams.

The school was housed in a wooden building with a coal stove and a separate building for the coal. Electricity wa installed in 1946 and a lunch program was started in 1945-46. The old rock building served as the kitchen and Mrs. Mollie Coplin was the cook. The school building burned.

Students graduating the eighth grade had to take a test at the office of the County School Superintendent, Mr. Redwine. In 1929, the Witcherville School had fifty students, two teachers.