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April 25,1935 Emissary-No.30


This is presented courtesy of Fredi Miller, Class of 1958!
Representing Forrest City in the Literary and Track Event:
Spelling-Jean Prince
Geometry-Albert Myers
Algebra-John Eldridge
History-Robert Lyons
English-Martha Hine
Latin-Frances Whittington
Shorthand-Elizabeth McDaniel
Typing-William Campbell
Boys Declamation-Jack Bridgeforth
Girls Voice-Mary Bernard
Violin-Demaris Graham
Boys Voice-Edwin Wright
Girls Reading-M.T. Eason
Piano-Rose Lee Sanders
Girls E. Speaking-E. Devereux
Girls Trio-Frances Whittington/Laura Louise McDaniel/Mary Bernard
Boys Quartet-Edwin Wright/Eugene Ferguson/Jerry Burns/Jack Schlosser
Forrest City Track:
Aldridge Parker/James Cox/Paul Forrester/Bobby Wright/Thadric Tatum/Maxie Vance/Harold Knowlton/Eldon Dacus/Lowry Durborrow/Billy Frye/Philip Frye/Brooks Borden/Joe Ferguson/Eugene Ferguson/Sam Danehower/Walter Allen/and Wiley May
Among the Faculty:(notice the Grammar)
Mr. L. J. Lieblong was born in Greebrier, Arkansas; and finished the eight grade there. He received his high school education at Conway High School, and later entered State Teachers College where he received his L.I. and B.A. degrees. While in college he was initiated into the Sphinx Frat. He has since taught two years in Faulkner and White Counties; and three years in Union County, teaching and coaching.
Mr. Lieblong is a member of the Methodist Church. He has been teaching in Forrest City High School two years, during which time he has taught geometry, biology, and commercial geography.
New Article:Spring Football Practice
Coach Irving states that there will be spring football practice, although no definite date has been set for its start. In all probability it will start next week.
It's not known just how many will come out to practice.

New Article:The Emissary Staff:
Editor Albert Myers/Co-Editor Martha Hine/General Manager Billy Hudson/Staff:Evelyn Surginer/John Eldridge/Eva Davidson/Jack Schlosser/Clinton McCoy
New Article:Anna Nonamus: (Kind of like gossip)
Well! Well! Marie Hunt and Robert Handley were shooting craps down in the West End a few days ago.
The other day while taking a note around, Elizabeth Devereux made eyes at John Gatling
Why did K.I. and J. H. spend last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Hughes?
Demarious, you had better watch your stuff for your boy friend called on Elizabeth Dorris one night last week.
With whom did Porkey spend Saturday in Memphis?
Velma Gene, did you know Leo came out to the school Monday to see Allyne Brown?
Two, or was it three, hearts went pit-a-pat when Bud came to School Friday. (Ask a redhead, a brunette, or a blonde.)
What was "Dot" Harris doing in Brinkley a week ago Sunday?
Looks as if "Chas." Heustess and Estelle Sharpe are about to fall in love. Look out "Pinky."
We hear that Joe Ferguson has had a date for the Jr.-Sr.Banquet with Charline Johnson since October 28.
Wouldn't Kitty Higgins and "Wild Bill" Irving make a pair?
John E. says if you don't like what Eleanor says or does, you can't just lump it--she makes you like it--.
Who had a date with Fred Harrelson the other night? Did she have a good time? She did not!
Misc. Notes
Today is Evelyn Arden's birthday
Thomas Cope won the prize of two theatre tickets for selling a total of eighty-six boxes of Hexagon salt for the Junior Class. This was the most sold by anyone in the class.
A motorist in a "T" model Ford came into a town one day and saw a sign which said, "Speed Limit, 20 Mi.Per Hr." He got out and looked over his car and said, "I don't know whether you can make it or not but I'M going to give you all I can.
New Article:Continued from the Front Page shown above:
The Revue, an entirely different show, will feature some very artistic scenes, especially on entitled "Memories," which brings out that famous old song, "Down by the Old Mill Stream."Cast to be made up six of our most distinguished Seniors and Faculty members. They are Mr. Moore, Mr. Irving, Neil Snyder, William Campbell, Clinton McCoy and John Plummer. This show is a fitting sequel to the "Jungle Minstrel" of 1934. A very billiant production--one you'll never forget. Prices will be 35 Cents for adults and 25 cents for school children.

See the website where these come from:Courtesy of Walter Ferguson, Jr.

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And now, some pictures of the 1935 Mustangs, and Coach Irving. They were called the "Thoroughbreds"

Coach Bill Irving

1920 Baseball Champions, FCHS

1933-1934 Football Champion Mustangs

Hendrix-Henderson State College in 1928

1909 Girls Basketball Team

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