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The Forrest City Times Newspaper
Here are pictures of the OWNER AND EDITOR, RESPECTIVELY, Mr.Landvoight and Mr.Vadakin from 1905 and The Banner Line in 1898

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Selected Articles in The Paper [Deaths/Births/Marriages/Announcements, and Phone List]
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Forrest City Times Newspaper-Year 1896 Articles have been summarized! Paul V. Isbell
Motto:Forrest City Times:"Fear God, Tell the Truth and Make Money"
1-3-1896 - Cason - J.W. - Dr. - Dr.J.W.Cason Will Locate In Jackson, Tenn. Soon. And While Regretting His Determination To Leave Forrest City, The Times Wishes Him Much Success In His New Place.
1-3-1896 - Vaccaro - A.J. - - It Is With Regret We Announce The Contemplated Removal To Brinkley Of Mr.& Mrs.A.J.Vaccaro. While Still Retaining His Business Interests Here, He Is Needed For Business In That City.
1-3-1896 - Hereford - - Mrs. - Mrs.Hereford Of Senatobia, Miss., A Relative Of J.W.Avan, Of Colt, Was In The City Wednesday Looking For A Location For A Boarding House, In Which Business She Has Had A Number Of Years Experience.
1-3-1896 - Burgess - W.H. - - W.H.Burgess, Of Henderson, Ky., Arrived In This City To Take A Position With A.Chapman As A Barber.
1-3-1896 - Sanders - Harvey - - Harvey Sanders And His Wife, Of Devalls Bluff, Arrived Saturday On A Visit To The Former's Father, Prof.J.B.Sanders And Family.
1-3-1896 - Mcdaniel - Price - - Price Mcdanel, Of Mcdaniel, Has Removed To The City, And Now Occupies The Ingram Homestead.
1-3-1896 - Ten Carloads Of Potatoes Shipped - - - Graham And Coffman, The Potato Kings Of St.Francis County, Sold And Shipped Ten Carloads (5000 Bushels) Second Crop Potatoes To Dallas.
1-3-1896 - Mallory - J.W. - Jr. - J.W.Mallory Jr., Who Has Been In Charge Of Capt.Parham's Mud Lake Farm Was In Town.
1-3-1896 - Pullen - J.J. - Dr. - Dr.J.J.Pullen, Who Has Been Practicing In Memphis, For The Past Four Years, Has Located In Our City, With Headquarters At The Drugstore Of J.Q.Roberts. He Is Not Only A Practicing Physician, But A First Class Prescriptionist.
1-3-1896 - Prewitt - P.Henry - Capt. - The Many Friends Of Capt.P.Henry Prewitt Congratulate Him On His Appointment To Chief Clerk At The Richelieu Hotel In Little Rock.
1-3-1896 - Davis - D. - Jr. - D.Davis Jr. Is In Town Enjoying Congratulations Of His Many Friends Of His Reputation He Has Made As A Musician. "Dee" Enjoyes The Reputation Of Being One Of The Best Corneters In America.
1-10-1896 - Harkreader Rents Widow Hodges Farm - - - Henry Harkreader And Family Of Wilson, Tenn., Arrived In Town Saturday, To Become Identified With Arkansas. Mr.Harkreader Has Rented The Widow Hodges Farm Near Yocona Church, This County.
1-10-1896 - Widow Hodges Farm For Sale - - - A Truck And Dairy Farm Of 40 Acres; Good Outlet For Stock; Corn Cribs; Dwelling;Two Cisterns;Two Acres In Strawberries; Apple And Peach Orchard One Mile From Town. For Particulars Contact J.W.Mccormick, Forrest City, Ark.
1-10-1896 - M.V.Hancock Saloon Closes - - - The East Side Of Washington Street Saloon, Owned By M.V.Hancock, Did Not Renew Its License And Is Closed Indefinitely.
1-10-1896 - Howell - B.G. - - Wheatley-B.G.Howell And Family Expect Soon To Move Near Helena, Where They Will Make Their Home In The Future.
1-17-1896 - Marianna Quarantines Forrest City - - - Marianna Has Quarantined Forrest City. The Citizen Here Wonders Why? The Case Of Smallpox Which Was Found Last Week Near The Graveyard Was Promplty Isolated By The Board Of Health.
1-17-1896 - Methodist Church Installs Minister - - - Rev.Thos Settles And Family Arrived At Wheatley Friday. Mr.Settles Has Charge Of The Methodist Church For The Ensuing Year.
1-17-1896 - Off For Liberia-Over One Hundred Strong - - - The Iron Mountain Railroad Depot Presented A Regular Camp Meeting Monday Afternoon, It Being The Departure Day Of The First Installment Of Liberia Emigrants. The Movement Of The Participants In This Emigration Scheme Has Been Faithfully Kept A Secret, So Much So That It Was Almost Train Time Before Outsiders Were Aware Of Their Intended Departure. At About 3 O'clock Many Folks From Every Part Of St.Francis County Commenced To Gather At The Depot, On An Average Of Five Well Wishers Against One Emigrant. This Contingent Met Another Group In Wynne, And Thence To Savannah, Ga. For A Ship To Take Them To Their "Dreamland", South Africa.
1-17-1896 - Marshall Wolff Alerted To Smallpox - - - Last Saturday Afternoon Marshall Wolff Was Taken Aback By An Almost Breathless Young Girl Who Ran Up To Him With Alarming News That A Man With Smallpox Was At The Cemetery Gate. It Was Learned He Had Come From Hopefield To Mcdaniel About Two Weeks Ago. He Died On Wednesday, Jan.22.
1-24-1896 - Palace Saloon Sold - - - J.M. And T.W.Allinder Have Purchased The Palace Saloon And Are Preparing To Open Under The Firm Name, J.M.Allinder & Sons. Mr.W.B. Young Will Be In Charge As Manager.
1-24-1896 - Two More Cases Of Smallpox - - - Two More Cases Of Smallpox Have Developed Across The St.Francis River Making Eleven In All.
1-31-1896 - Tenth Anniversary Of Editor - - - Today Marks The Tenth Anniversary Of My Editor Position With The Forrest City Times, Having Assumed The Management For The Lamented, Mr.Thos.J.Hicks The Sole Owner
1-31-1896 - Gorman Brothers Closes - - - Gorman Bros., Executed A Mortgage Wednesday On Their Stock Of General Merchandise And Other Assets, In Favor Of W.A.Gage & Co. Of Memphis And W.P.Brandon, L. Mallory, And Hunter Dawson Of This City.
2-7-1896 - Contract Let For Capt.Dennis New Home - - - The Contract For Building Capt.J.W.Dennis' New Residence Has Been Let To M.L.Monroe, And Work Will Begin At Once.
2-7-1896 - Dr.Mickleberry Visits - - - Dr.J.A.Mickleberry Of Caldwell, Was In Town Tuesday.
2-7-1896 - Report On Small Pox Outbreak - - - There Have Been Two New Cases During The Week. One At The Pest House And One At Dr.Eaves, Mrs.Eaves Youngest Brother. This Makes At Total Of Nineteen To Date. Only One Death At The Pest House On The 31st. Dr.C.C.White
2-14-1896 - New Case Reported - - - Little Bard Nichols Was Ill, And Dr.W.H.Alley Reported The Case Of Small Pox To The County Physician, Quarantining The Premises.
2-14-1896 - Red Pest At Surrounded Hill - - - The Red Pest Has Again Made Its Appearance At Surrounded Hill, This Time On Col.Naill's Beautiful Egypt Plantation. Dr.Dunnavant, President Of The State Board Of Health Found Nine Cases Fully Developed, And Three More. They Have Been Quarantined.
3-6-1896 - R.J.Izard - - - R.J.Izard And Family Arrived In The City This Morning And Will Hereafter Make This Their Home. He Will Practice Law And Embark In The Insurance Business.
3-6-1896 - Forrest City Herald Arrives - - - A New Paper Called The Forrest City Herald, Edited By Rev.H.G.Harrison, With Rev.W.S.Sherrill And Rev.R.R.Block, Associates, And Published By The Forrest City Herald Publishing Co. Made Its Appearance In The City Last Saturday. It Is Devoted To Religious And Literary Work, And The Betterment Of The African Race.
3-6-1896 - C.R.Izard And Joe Sanders Move To Louisiana - - - Joe Sanders Has Resigned His Position With Sol Lewis, And Left Wednesday Night For Louisiana, Accompanied By C.R.Izard, Where He Has The Right To Sell The "Sweagle's Little Giant Axle Cutter". They Intend To Seek Their Fortune In That State And Texas.
3-6-1896 - Yellow Flag Removed - - - The Yellow Flag Which Has Been For Three Weeks Stood A Silent Picket At The Home Of J.M.Nichols And Family, Warning All Friends And Others Of The Presence Of The Red Pest In That Home. It Was Removed This Week Yesterday, And The Home Has Been Lifted From The Quarantine.
3-6-1896 - J.E.Wilkins Returns - - - J.E.Wilkins, A Man Living Near Caldwell, Returned From Birmingham Last Week. He Was Among The First Party Who Left Here About A Month Ago Destined For Liberia. On Account Of The Non Arrival Of The Ship At Savannah, The Group Was Stopped At Birmingham, And Put To Work In The Coal Mines. Wilkins Wrote To E.A.Rolfe, Of This City, To Send Him A Ticket As He Wanted To "Come Back Home Bad". The Ticket Was Forwarded And Wilkins Returned Home A Poorer But Wiser Man. He Says To Speak To People In Birmingham About The African Immigration Scheme, That All Are Disgusted. A Number Of The First Party To Leave This County Have Died From Exposure And Want Of The House Comforts They Were Used To.
3-6-1896 - Dog Bites Horse - - - G.E.Shelton's Horse Was Bitten In The Nose By A Dog While He Was Hunting On The Road For A Missing Mare, In About Five Minutes She Began To "Rare And Charge", And Became Wild And Unmanageable, Whereupon He Rode To Colt, To Procure Some Chloroform And Gave It To Her. She Shortly Thereafter On The Road To Forrest City, He Desided To Let Her Loose Due To Her Actions. Upon Arrival At Mr.Roy's Home, He Found Her And Had Her Put In A Pen, Where She Died In A Few Minutes From Hydrophobia.
3-13-1896 - An Injunction Payed For Madison Road Crossing - - - The Madison Road Has At Last Attracted The Attention Of The Memphis And Little Rock Railroad Company. Judge Cowan Has Been In Correstpondence With Them Concerning Building Of A Crossing For The New Road. They Have Refused Saying That They Were Not Requried By Law Or Equity To Build New Approaches To New Or Contemplated Roads By The County. An Legal Notice Has Been Filed By Judge Cowan.
3-13-1896 - Thief Absconds With C.H.Havens Pork - - - A Thief Entered The Smokehouse Of Mrs.C.H.Havens Friday Night And Absconded With Over 240 Pounds Of Pork. There Is No Clue As To The Perpetrator.
3-20-1896 - Dr.Massie Leaves - - - Dr.D.M.Massie Plans To Leave The City And Return To Mississippi About April 15th. We Will Miss Him.
3-20-1896 - Battleship Oregon Ready - - - March 18-San Francisco-The Battleship Oregon Is Practically Completed And Ready To Be Turned Over To The Government. The Ship's Big Guns Are In Place, And Everything Is In Order For A Trial Trip. It Is The Largest War Ship Ever Constructed On The Pacific Coast.
3-20-1896 - Cherokee Bill Hanged - - - Crawford Goldsby, Alias "Cherokee Bill" Hanged In Fort Smith By The Hanging Judge.
3-27-1896 - Beautify The Silent City - - - Posted By F.P.Todd-There Will Be A Meeting For All Persons Who Have Friends And Relatives Buried In The Wylds Cemetery March 31 In The Interest Of Cleaning And Planting At The Cemetery.
4-3-1896 - Madison Times - - - Mrs.Anna Eppes Went To Forrest City On Tuesday To Be Present For The Birthday Of Her Mother, Mrs.Lucy Crippen, Who Will Be 79 Years Of Age On That Day.
4-10-1896 - Battleship Iowa Launched - - - Philadelphia-March 30-The Battleship Iowa Was Launched From Cramp's Shipyard By Miss Mary Lord Drake, Daughter Of The Governor Of Iowa.
4-10-1896 - Tom Nichols Departs - - - Tom Nichols Has Severed His Connection With The Depot And Left For San Antonio, Texas Saturday.
4-10-1896 - Election In Palestine - - - Results Of The Recent Election In Palestine:Mayor S.F.Sulcer;Marshall-J.O.Sullivan; Recorder-F.M.Gorum; Treasurer-D.K.Burnes;Aldermen-R.L.Wesland, C.M.Wilkerson,A.Coffey, J.H.Holwell, And J.H.Coffey.
4-10-1896 - Election In Forrest City - - - Results Of The Recent Election In Forrest City:Mayor-John M.Brown;Marshall-O.P.Wolff;Recorder-R.L.Arnold;Treasurer-J.M.Nichols;Aldermen:
4-17-1896 - Wm.Ruff - - - Sheriff Williams Conveyed Wm. Ruff To The Insane Asylum At Little Rock Sunday, Returning Monday.
4-17-1896 - Cement Piers On Bridge - - - Madison-R.L.Stockard, Of Goodwin, Is Assisting R.W.Ford. They Are Cementing The Piers For The River Bridge.
4-17-1896 - New Goodwin Residents - - - Among The Late Arrivals In Goodwin Is Mrs.Joseph Dusek, Who Comes Here To Live From Hazen. Mr.Dusek Has Bought Some Land And Will Build A Residence On It At Once. Mr.Mathew Mitchell, A Wealthy Citizen Who Came Here Two Months Ago From Chicago, For His Daughter's Health. He Is Putting The Finishing Touches On His New Residence.
4-17-1896 - Battleship Indiana Launched - - - April 15-Washington-The Report Of The Board Of Naval Officers, Appointed To Conduct The Final Or Efficiency Trial Of The Battleship Indiana, Has Been Received And It Passes. The Trial Took Place Between Port Royal, S.C. To Norfolk, Va., Made In 40 Hours, Not At Flank Speed Or With All Boilers Going At Once. The Ship Is Designed To Do 15 Knots Under The Best Conditions.
4-24-1896 - Post Office Moving - - - We Have Been Advised That The Post Office Will Be Moved To The Winthrop Building On North Washington. It Has Been Located At The Same Place For Seven Or Eight Years
4-24-1896 - New Residence Rising - - - The New Residence Of Capt. J.W.Dennis Can Now Be Seen Looming Up Above The Trees And Other Housetops. It Is To Be One Of The Handsomest Residences In The City When Completed.
4-24-1896 - New Printing Press - - - The Times Has Sold It's Printing Press To The Herald, And Is Expecting It's New Larger Press In Time For Next Week's Issue.
4-24-1896 - Visitors From Mud Lake - - - Madison-John Eppes, Wes Mcfall, And Al Quigley Came Up From Mud Lake Saturday And Remained Until Monday.
5-8-1896 - Battleship Massachusetts Finishes Trial Run - - - April 29-Philadelphia-The Battleship Massachusets Reached Her Wharf At Cramp's Shipyard And Will Probably Be Put Into Commission In 6 Weeks.
5-8-1896 - T.B.Reisor Visits Capt.Knight - - - T.B.Reisor And Wife, Of Chicago, Are Guests At The Home Of Capt.C.L.Knight. Mr.Reisor, Who Lost His Right Arm In Mississippi, Was A Member Of The Regiment, 9th Illinois-In With Capt.Knight In The War.
5-15-1896 - E.L.Vadakin And Family Depart For Meeting - - - E.L.Vadakin, Wife And Two Children, Hurlbert And Edith, Left Sunday Afternoon For Springdale, Ark. To Attend The Meeting Of The Arkansas Press Association And Take Their Annual Pleasure Tour, This Time To Texas. Their Daughter Dora Is Visiting In Brinkley With Mrs.Allen.
5-15-1896 - Jim Adams Arrested - - - Bob" Adams Of South Pittsburg, Tenn., Alias "Jim" Adams Of St.Francis County,Ark., Alias C.Crowley Of Pittsburg, Pa., Was Captured At The Last Named Place And Brought Back To Forrest City Wednesday By Williams Ralston, The City Marshall Of South Pittsburg, Tenn. It Will Be Remembered That Jim Adams Killed A Stavemaker Named James Laney, February 22 At The Camp Of A.Whyte Four Miles North Of Cicalia
5-22-1896 - Telephone Line To Madison - - - Mr.F.M.Chaney States That He Is Meeting With Great Success In Perfecting Arrangements For A Telephone Line Between Forrest City And Madison, Cost Estimated At $100.
5-29-1896 - Times Museum - - - Mr.Price Mcdaniel Contributed To The Times Museum A Skull Of A Mammoth Turtle. It Measures Seven Inches Across The Forehead.W.T.Clifton Contributed A Fine Collection Of Stone Arrow Heads And Skin Knives Found On Crowley's Ridge.
6-5-1896 - Miss Lucile Dye Returns - - - Miss Lucile Dye, Who Has Been Attending School At Byhalia, Miss., Since October Last Has Returned Home Wednesday.
6-5-1896 - The Road Will Pay For It - - - The Controversy Over Building A Certain Crossing On The Little Rock And Memphis Railroad, At The Intersection Of The New Road In Madison, Between The County And The Railroad Was Decided In Favor Of The County.
6-12-1896 - Miss Norma Rollwage Returns - - - Miss Norma Rollwage Arrived Home Yesterday From Valpariso, Ind., Where She Has Been Attending College.
6-12-1896 - Col.Poindexter Dunn Of Washington Visits - - - Col.Poindexter Dunn Of Washington Visits Our City This Week, Staying With His Host Col.James Fussell. Col.Dunn Advises He Feels That He Thinks The Democratic Party Will Win In The Next Election, And That The Nicaragua Canal Will Be Built.
6-12-1896 - Miss Emma Havens To Memphis - - - Miss Emma Havens Is Visiting In Memphis This Week.
6-12-1896 - Capt.J.G.Stern Sells Potatoes - - - Capt.J.G.Stern. Of Madison, Is In The City To Sell A Carload Of Potatoes, Which He Did At 36 Cents Per Bushel. He Informs That About 25 Carloads Will Be Shipped From Widener.
6-12-1896 - Catastrophic Fire Snuffed Out - - - About 2:30 Tuesday Morning, The Night Watchman Jennings Discovered Smoke Issuing From The Dye Store Building Occupied By S.Brady, Jeweler, And B. Levy, Dry Goods. The Alarm Was Given And The Hustling Fire Laddies Were Soon On The Spot, With Hose And Plenty Of Water From The Waterworks. The Inside Of The Building Was Ablaze And Rapidly Spreading When The Water Was Turned On. The Fire Was Quickly Subdued And The Damage Was $2000 For Mr.Brady, And Mr.Levy About $1500 Instead Of $200,000. Origin Of Fire Unknown, And Partially Covered By Insurance.
6-19-1896 - Steamer Sinks In St.Francis River - - - The Small Steamer Henrietta, Plying On The St.Francis River, While At Big Eddy, Nine Miles North Of Madison, Sank In Mid Stream In Forty Foot Of Water Last Friday. No Lives Were Lost, And Was Piloted By Capt.Swift. She Is A Total Loss And Insured For $4000.
6-26-1896 - Capt.T.E.Haskins Leaves For Confederate Reunion In Richmond - - - Capt.T.E.Haskins Leaves Tomorrow For Richmond,Va. To Attend The Confederate Reunion At That Place On June 30. The Capt. Goes As Representative Of N.B.Forrest Encampment Of This City.
7-3-1896 - Dr.William Crutcher Puts Out His Shingle - - - Dr.Wm.Crutcher, Of Pine Bluff, Has Located To This City. The Doctor Is A Graduate Of Jefferson College, Philadelphia, And Comes Well Recommended As A Physician, A Sholar, And A Gentleman.
7-10-1896 - Major Mcdonald Opens Factory - - - Appreciating The Magnificent Timber Of This Country, Major J.P.Mcdonald Of New Castle, Has Started A New Factory, On A Small Scale, On The Manufacture Of Plow Handles.
7-10-1896 - New Post Office In Pine Tree - - - The New Post Office In Pine Tree, Is Progressing Nicely, With Mr.Jesse Hill As Postmaster.
7-17-1896 - Steamer Raised - - - The Small Steamer Which Sunk At Big Eddy, Some Fifteen Miles North Of Madison, A Short Time Since, Has Been Raised.
7-17-1896 - Capture Of Webb - - - The Murderer Webb, Who So Brutally Murdered Jim Smith, And Subsequently Escaped From Jail At This Place, Has Been Captured In Byhalia, Miss. In Company Of Two Of His Brothers. After Trial In Arkadelphia For Horse Stealing, He Will Be Returned Here For Trial For Murder.
7-17-1896 - Prof.Wilson Teaches - - - Jericho-School At Bible Union Is Progressing Nicely With Prof.James Wilson As Teacher.
7-24-1896 - C.H.Havens Meets Painful Accident - - - C.H.Havens Met With A Painful Accident Last Saturday. While Attending To An Emory Wheel In His Factory, It Burst, And The Flying Pieces Struck Him In The Face, Making Some Ugly Wounds. He Barely Escaped A Fatal Injury.
7-24-1896 - Water Mains Being Laid - - - The Laying Of Water Mains On Washington Street Has Commenced. The Mains Will Be Run Out Washington To Fifth Avenue, Thence To Institute Alley, East. Nearly Every House Will On The Line Will Use The Water.
8-7-1896 - Mrs.C.H.Havens Returns From Memphis - - - Mrs.C.H.Havens Returns From Memphis Where She Was Visiting With Her Daughter, She Remarked It Is Too Hot There For Me.
8-14-1896 - County Road Machine Arrives - - - Judge Cowan Advises The Road Machine Has Arrived For The County.
8-14-1896 - W.M.Harkrider Visits - - - W.M.Harkrider, Of Lebanon, Tenn., Has Been Visiting His Brother Henry, Who Is Dangerously Ill At His Home In Yocona. Mr. Harkrider Has Been County Court Clerk In Lebanon Since 1870.
8-14-1896 - Democratic Ticket In November - - - President-William J.Bryan Of Nebraska, And Arthur Sewall Of Maine For Vice President.
8-28-1896 - Wilber Izard To Visit Aunt - - - Wilber Izard And Wife Mildred Will Leave Saturday Morning On A Weeks Visit To His Aunt, Mrs.Bickerstaff Of Marianna.
8-28-1896 - Dr.Mcdougal Suffers Fit - - - Dr.J.H.Mcdougal, Of New Castle, While Engaged In Conversation With Judge Cowan, Sunday Night Suffered A Fit And Fell Down, Dr.Crutcher Met Them At The Court House And Attended To Him.
8-28-1896 - Letter From Liberia - - - Clerk Folbre Is In Receipt Of A Letter From Gilbert Dean, Who Departed To Move To Liberia, Brewersville, West Africa With A Load Of Others, And Writes That The Land Is Good, But The Government Is Bad, And Warns Them To Stay Away.
9-4-1896 - Miss Josie Montgomery Visits - - - Miss Josie Montgomery, Of Memphis, Is The Guest Of Col.And Mrs.John Fitzsimmons The Past Week.
9-11-1896 - New Schoolmarm - - - Madison-Miss Sarah Keener Of Little Rock, Is Teaching Public School Here. She Is A Young Lady Of Superior Education.
9-11-1896 - New Steamer - - - Madison-Capt.J.A.Spencer Is Building A Steamboat To Run On The St.Francis River. He Regrets That He Did Not Have His New Boat Ready To Carry His Defeated Candidates, But He Thinks The Emma 2 Can Carry Them Up Safely.
9-18-1896 - S.B.Trapp Family Arrives - - - The S.B.Trapp Family, Of Anniston, Alabama, Arrived In The City Wednesday To Make This Their Home. Mr.Trapp Will Be Engaged In Merchandising.
9-25-1896 - Made Moonshine - - - Deputy Sheriff Frank Sherman Brought In Alb.Richardson, From The Northwestern Portion Of The County Late Sunday Evening And Landed Him In The County Jail Under The Charge Of Operating A Wildcat Distillery In That Region. The Grand Jury Found Three Indictments Against Richardson, And It Is Reported That The Production From His Still Is Responsible For The Death Of Young Butler, Which Occurred In That Locality A Few Days Sense From An Overdose Of That Concoction.
9-25-1896 - Mind Reader Coming - - - A Mind Reader, Prof.James M.Boyer Will Be Appearing In The Local Opera House Sept.30 And Oct.1, 1896, He Claims To Be The World's Greatest Mind-Reader.
9-25-1896 - Jas.Dennis Departs For School - - - Jas.W.Dennis And His Sister, Miss Pearl Left Monday Evening For School, The Former Will Attend The Vanderbilt University-Dental Dept.In Nashville, Tenn., And Miss Pearl Will Enter The Famous Institution At Washington, D.C., Presided Over By Miss Stuart.
9-25-1896 - Cattle Loss To Railroad - - - Jno.Stephens, Of Blackfish Siding, Was In Town Monday And Bemoaning The Loss Of A Lot Of His Poland Galloway Cattle By The Railroad. He Feels The Railroad Should Fence The Right Of Way.
9-25-1896 - W.J.Lanier Goes To Michigan - - - Wm.J.Lanier Left Saturday For Ann Arbor, Mich. To Attend State University In Thepursuit Of A Law Degree.
10-9-1896 - Bear Hunt Success - - - Geo.Mallory And Bob Patterson Are Jubilant Over Their First Bear Hunt Of The Season. It Took Them Just Two Hours Last Friday At Shell Lake To Down And Kill A Half Grown Cup. They Report Bears Ripe And Plentiful, And Anticipate Fine Fun This Winter.
10-9-1896 - Dr.D.M.Massie Departs City - - - We Regret To Inform Of The Intention Of Dr.D.M.Massie To Move To Guatemala City, Central America.
10-9-1896 - John Seaborn Surrenders - - - John Seaborn, Who Killed Tom Tally Last Year, Who Has Been Evading The Authorities, Came Into Town And Surrendered To Sheriff Williams In Company Of Two Of His Brothers.
10-9-1896 - Mr.& Mrs.Sam Hodges Go To Memphis - - - Mr.& Mrs.Sam Hodges Spent Several Days In Memphis, Leaving Here Last Friday.
10-9-1896 - Willis Beckwith - - - Announcing The Opening Of A New Meat Market By Willis Beckwith On The South Side And Solicits Your Business.
10-9-1896 - Belle Boyd To Appear At The Opera House - - - Belle Boyd, The Famous Confederate Spy, Will Appear At The Opera House Tonight. She Is Famous Entertainer Of The First Rank.
10-9-1896 - Sellars And Lyon - - - The Southside Liverymen, Sellars And Lyon, Are Attracting Attention To Their Patrons.
10-16-1896 - His Second Escape - - - Henry Webb, Murderer Of Jim Smith Again At Liberty And A Man Named Smith. Something Of A Sensation Was Created In The City Sunday Morning When It Became Known That Two Prisoners, Confined In The County Jail, Had Taken Leg Ball And Departed For Parts Unknown The Night Before. Assisted By Deputy J.Q.Roberts Who Was Arrested On The Spot By Sheriff Williams.
10-23-1896 - Votes Outnumber Registered Voters - - - Complaints Have Reached Chairmain Taylor That The Vote In Griggs Township Outnumbered The Number Of Legal Voters.
10-23-1896 - Webb Recaptured - - - A Telegram From Lula, Miss. To Sheriff Williams, Tuesday Noon, Announces The Recapture Of Henry Webb.
10-23-1896 - Good Family Gone - - - Walter Gorman And Family Are Now Residing In Chattanooga, Tenn. Miss Elise And The Two Boys, Walter And Henry, Left Saturday For That City. The Son Paris Will Remain Here.
10-30-1896 - Hanging Postponed - - - An Appeal Has Been Granted By The Supreme Court In The Case Of Bill Williams The Convicted Murderer. Consequently The Hanging Will Be Postponed.
10-30-1896 - F.W.Derossitt Elected Representative - - - Mr.F.W.Derossitt Has Been Elected Representative From St.Francis County To Fill The Vacancy Resulting From The Death Of Dr.J.W.Matthews.
10-30-1896 - Battleships Named - - - Washington-Secretary Herbert Announces The Unnamed Ships Under Construction As: Battleships-Alabama, Illinois, And Wisconsin.
10-30-1896 - Bruin Routed - - - The Early Part Of Last Week The Baying Of Dogs And The Scurrying About Of Men Afoot And Ahorse On The Corner Of Washington Street, Denoted More Than The Usual Activity. The Grandest Bear Hunt Since The '50s" Started With Geo.Mallory, Dan Wylds, Capt.Richards, John Richards, Bob Hodges, Tom Rowland, And C.A.Walker Departed For Fifteen Mile Bayou, Head Of Spring Creek. They Bagged Three Bear In Three Days Hunt, With Help From Captain Of The Bottom Capt.John Patterson, His Son Bob And Tom East.
11-6-1896 - Fire--Fire - - - Narrow Escape Of The County Records And Main Business Block-Heroic Work Of The Fire Laddies-At 12:15 Am O'clock Last Saturday Night Alarm Was Sounded. A Fire Brock Out In The Levy Store, And The County Clerk's Office Is Right Above. The Fire Nearly Went Thru The Roof Before Being Extinquished. The Books In The Clerk's Office Were Very Warm.
11-6-1896 - Wilson Family Departs - - - Mrs.D.M.Wilson And Daughter Gertie Leave For Beaumont,Texas To Reside Permanently. We Will Miss Them.
11-6-1896 - Fusion Did It - - - As The Sun Sank Beneath The Western Horizon Yesterday Evening, The Gloom That Followed Shut Out The Last Ray Of Hope, And Democracy Surrendered In Its Gallant Struggle As Ever Engaged In This Country. The Combined Forces Of Bribery, Corruption, And Coercion Were Too Much For Honesty. Despair Does Not Follow The Democratic Party. The East, North And Northwest Arrayed Under The Presidential Candidate Wm. Mckinley Banner And Several Southern States Join With Them.
11-13-1896 - Rev.F.A.Taylor Departing - - - It Has Been Annoucned That Rev.F.A.Taylor Will Preach His Last Sermon Sunday.
11-13-1896 - Cross County Gazette Ceases To Exist - - - The Cross County Gazette Has Ceased Publication At Wynne, And Has Been Moved To Walnut Ridge To Be Published There.
11-20-1896 - Mrs.Jefferson Daivs Visits St.Louis - - - Mrs.Jefferson Davis Visits St.Louis For First Time In Over 50 Years, With Her Daughter Miss Winnie Davis, They Arrived From New York City To Attend The Ball Given By The Daughters Of The Confederacy. First Visit Since The 1840's.
11-27-1896 - County Records Survive Again - - - Last Friday Night A Fire Broke Out In S.H.Mann Office When A Lamp Began Flairing Up, It Is Next To The County Clerk's Office. Thankfully The Fire Was Put Out When Mr.Mann Thru It Out The Window.
11-27-1896 - Rev.Jas.Jernigan Appointed - - - Rev.Jas.F.Jernigan, Batesville, Has Been Appointed Paster Of The Methodist Church.
11-27-1896 - Rev. Bozeman Leaves - - - Rev.Francis Bozeman Has Declined His Call To The Baptist Church Here, Last Services To Be Held Next Sunday Morning.
11-27-1896 - Hotel Izard Changes Hands - - - The Hotel Known As The Izard House Will Change Hands Dec.1st,1896. Mrs.W.H.Izard Vacating In Consequence Of Her Visit To Friends And Relatives In Alabama, And The House And Furniture Will Be Turned Over To M.W.Izard And Wife Who Will Conduct The Business In The Future. We Wish Her The Best In Her Quest For Better Health.
12-4-1896 - J.W.Wheeler & Co. Ship Lumber - - - The J.W.Wheeler & Co. Of Madison Shipped Seven Carloads Of Timber Last Week To Buyers In The East.
12-11-1896 - Mrs.Bettie Izard - - - Mrs.Bettie Izard Is Visiting Friends And Relatives At Marianna, Before Departing For Extended Visit To Alabama.
12-11-1896 - Two Men From Goodwin Encarcerated - - - Two Men From Goodwin, Marshall Nipple And Tom Jeter Were Put In County Jail For Five Days Confinement For Theft Of An Axe.
12-11-1896 - Ex Mayor Winthrop - - - Ex Mayor And Hotel Keeper, H.W.Winthrop, Visited His Farm Near Raggio, Lee County, This Week.
1-10-1896 - Tubbs - Jas. - - Widener-A Man Named Jas.Tubbs Died From Smallpox About 3 Miles North Of Widener, Last Monday. Some Three Weeks Ago, Tubbs Rode A Car With A Woman Who Went To Surrounded Hill And There Died From That Dreaded Disease. Precaution Has Been Taken To Prevent Its Spread.
1-10-1896 - Neel - Jennie Casteel - Mrs. - The Sad Intelligence Reaches Us Just As We Go To Press Of The Death Of Mrs.Jennie (Casteel) Neel, Wife Of S.C.Neel. She Died Last Night At Six O'clock And Was Buried This Afternoon At Forrest City Cemetery. Rev. F.E.Taylor Officiating The Religious Exercises. She Leaves A Sorrowing Husband, Four Sons And One Daughter, All Of Whom Have Our Tender Sympathy On Their Bereavement. Mrs.Neel Was A Model Wife And Mother, And A Noble Christian Woman, And She Will Be Greatly Missed By Her Family And Friends
1-10-1896 - Johnson - J.H. - - We Are Pained To Learn Of The Death Of Mr.J.H.Johnson Which Occurred Early This Morning. The Many Friends Of The Family Had Hoped For His Recovery, But He Had Been So Badly Weakened By Severe Illness More Than A Year Ago, And Was Not Able To Withstand The Long Siege Of Malarial Fever. He Is Favorbly Known At Forrest City, Where He Had Been Deputy Sheriff Under Capt.John Parham, And His Host Of Friends In That City Will Be Saddened In That Announcement. He Was A Native Of Alabama, Coming From Near Huntsville. He Leaves A Widow, To Whom He Was Married A Few Years Ago At Corinth, Miss. Arkansas Democrat.
1-10-1896 - Cooke - Clifton - Mrs. - Wheatley-Mrs.Clifton Cooke Died Sunday The 29th, And Was Buried In Johnson Graveyard Monday. Her Death Was Very Sad, As She Had Only Been Married A Little More Than A Year.
1-10-1896 - Logan - W.D. - - Fergusonville-W.D.Logan Was Shot And Instantly Killed By His Father-In-Law, W.G.Ferguson, Sunday Afternoon About 3 O'clock, At Fergusonville, South Of Forrest City. W.D.Logan Was Married Two Or Three Years Ago, And Was Not A Happy One, And She Had Deserted Him And Moved Back To Her Father's Home. Mr.Logan Did Not Take Too Kindly To This, And As Logan Approached The Home, He Moved Out And Shot Logan.
1-17-1896 - Lindauer - Annie - Katie - The Sympathy Of The Community Goes Out To Mr.& Mrs.C.Lindauer In The Death Of Their Infant Daughter Annie Katie. The Little Spirit Winged Its Way To Pearly Gates Of Heaven Last Saturday Night, Jan.11, And She Was Laid To Rest At The Cemetery Sunday.
1-31-1896 - Roberts - Saidie Lou - Miss - Forrest City-Miss Saidie Lou Roberts, The Bright And Little Seven Year Old Daughter Of Mr.& Mrs.J.Q.Roberts Died Saturday, Jan.25th,1896 At Their Home In This City, Of Tonsilitus Succeeding Pneumonia, And Was Tenderly Laid To Rest In The Forrest City Cemetery Sunday Afternoon, The Rev.F.E.Taylor Officiating.
1-31-1896 - Mallory - Jennie - Mrs. - Little Rock-Mrs.Jennie Mallory, Wife Of J.W.Mallory Jr., Who Has Been In The Asylum In Little Rock Some Three Or Four Years, Died Last Friday Morning. The Remains Were Brought Here For Interment And Took Place Last Sunday From The Residence Of J.W.Mallory,Sr., Rev.F.E.Taylor Conducting The Religious Services At The Grave In The Forrest City Cemetery.
1-31-1896 - Hardin - John - - Mud Lake-John Hardin, Stepson Of Billy Rough, Was Instantly Killed By A Falling Tree Near Capt.Parham's Mud Lake Place Tuesday. It Seems That Hardin And John Cobble Were Cutting Down The Tree And As It Fell He Was Unable To Clear, And It Crushed His Head.
1-31-1896 - Raphaelsky - M. - - Wynne-Mr.M.Raphaelsky Died Suddenly At His Home In This Wynne, Ark., At 3:15 Am O'clock Ofa Complication Of Kidney Disease And Paralysis. He Was Born In Berlin, Germany And Has Been In This County About 30 Years. He Is Survived By Sister, Mrs.Kopple Of New York, And Two Nieces, Mrs.Kopple Of This City, And Mrs.Morris Lester Of Marianna. He Was Taken To St.Louis And Cremated. Cross County Gazette.
1-31-1896 - Timmons - D.M. - Mrs. - Mcdaniel-Mrs.D.M.Timmons, After A Long Illness Departed This Life, Wednesday Last. Mrs Timmons Was Hightly Esteemed By All To Whom She Was Known.
2-7-1896 - Brown - Lena - Miss - Johnson Township-Lena, Infant Daughter Of Mr.& Mrs.Robt. And Lucy Brown, Died At Their Home In Johhson Township, Sunday, Feb.2nd,1896 Of Brain Fever, Age 4 Months And Fifteen Days. She Was Buried Monday Afternoon At 3 O'clock Pm, At The Family Cemetery.
2-7-1896 - Wilkinson - Sallie - Miss - Palestine-Sallie Wilkinson, Of Capillary Bronchitus, Palestine, Ark., Died Feb.2,1896. Daughter Of Mr.& Mrs.C.M.Wilkinson, Age Two Years And Six Months.
2-14-1896 - Henderson - H.H. - - Wynne-News Was Received Here At Mcdaniel Sunday Of The Killing In Wynne Of H,H.Henderson, Employed Here As A Blacksmith. From The News It Is Told He Was Murdered Ruthlessly In Cold Blood.
2-21-1896 - Maye - F.A. - Mrs. - Wheatley-Mrs.F.A.Maye Died Saturday At The Home Of Her Daughter, Mrs.Jones, In Clarendon. She Had Been Ill With Pneumonia Early In The Winter. Her Husband And Children Mourn Her Loss.
2-28-1896 - Lynch - John F. - - Forrest City-John F. Lynch Died At His Home South Of Town On Saturday Afternoon Last, And Was Buried At The Family Burying Ground On Sunday, He Was 67 Years Of Age. Kidney Complications Caused His Death. He Was An Ex-Confederate Soldier Having Served Under Gen.Sterling Price. He Leaves A Widow, A Son, Sydney, And Two Daughters, Mrs.Kate Minor, Phoenix, Ariz., And Mrs.A.D.Mcdaniel Of This Place, Mcdaniel.
2-28-1896 - Laney - James - - Madison-James Laney, As Stave Maker In The Employee Of A.Whyte, Of Madison, And Who Was At Work In The Camp About Four Miles North Of Cicalia, Was Mortally Wounded On Tuesday About 11 O'clock By A Pistol Fired By Jim F.Adams, And Died The Next Morning. The Fight Arose Over An Alcohol Fueled Argument And Thence Adams Went Home And Got His Pistol And Returned To Kill Laney.
3-6-1896 - West - Son - - Wheatley-Dr.J.R.West And Wife Have Our Deepest Sympanty On The Death Of Their Bright Little Son.
3-6-1896 - Pool - G. C. - - Wheatley-G.C.Pool, Who Lives South Of Wheatley A Short Distance, Died Friday Night. He Was A Good Citizen And Had A Large Circle Of Friends Who Regret His Demise.
3-27-1896 - Parrott - John M. - Judge - It Is With The Feeling Of Great Sorrow That The Times Chronicles The Death Of Judge John P.Parrott. Which Sad Event Occurred At His Home, Five Miles North Of The City, On Monday, March 23rd, 1896, In The Eighty Second Year Of His Age. He Was Buried In The Family Cemetery, Near Andrew's Landing, On The Following Day, Under The Auspices Of The F.& A. Masons. Judge Parrott Settled In This County In 1835, Having Moved From Knoxville, Tenn. He Represented The County In The Only Two Constitutional Conventions Held By Our State, And Held The Office Of Circuit Court Clerk For Fourteen Years., And Served As County And Probate Judge For One Term. There Never Lived A Purer Or More Honored Citizen In This County, And To His Last Day On Earth Wore His Crown Of Labor, Love, And Forbearance Meekly, Submitting To His Long Suffering With Resignation And Courage To The Last. May The Rising Generation Imitate His Noble Life, And That In Death They Too May Be Prepared To Go In Peace. Judge Parrott Was A Member Of The Bar Of Eastern Arkansas, And Highly Esteemed By All The Courts. The Service Was Officiated By Dr.H.P.Dooley And Gen.Geo.P.Taylor, In A Sweetly Impressive Manner. He Was A Charter Member Of The W.M.W. And Brethren Of The Rising Star Lodge, And Was The First Secretary Of The Lodge.
4-17-1896 - Littell - Philander - - Linden Island-Mr.Philander Littell Shot By J.W.Hines, Who He Quarreled Over A Settlement. It Was Ruled A Justifiable Homicide By The Coroner's Jury. On The Afternoon Of Last Wednesday, April 15, About 8 O'clock, On Littel's Place, On Linden Island, Philander Littell, A Member Of The Bar, Met His Death At The Hands Of J.W. (Pony)Hines, A Tenant Farmer Living On The Place. A Pistol Was Found In The Deceased's Pockets During The Inquiry, And This Gave Reason For Mr.Hines Having To Defend Himself With His Shotgun Which He Had Out In The Quarrel.
4-17-1896 - Minor - Kate - Mrs. - Phoenixl, Az.-The Remains Of Mrs.Kate Minor, Who Died At Phoenix, Ariz., April 9th, Arrived In The City Monday Accompanied By A.J.Halbert, Formerly A Resident Of This Place, And Two Children Of The Deceased. Mrs.Minor Was The Eldest Daughter Of The Late Jno.O.Lynch Of This County.The Remains Were Interred In The Lynch Cemetery Tuesday.
4-17-1896 - Neel - Dock - - Jericho-The Daughter Of Mr.& Mrs.Dock Neel Died In A Fire Friday. The Body Was Laid To Rest In Bell Cemetery Sunday Morning.
4-24-1896 - Alexander - Mattie - - Forrest City-The Funeral For Mattie Alexander Last Sunday, Was The Largest Turnout Of Ever Seen In This County. Fully Five-Hundred Were In Line And Vehicles Of Every Description Were Brought Into Requisition.
4-24-1896 - Hill - Mary - Ms. - The Funeral Of An Invalid Sister Of Mrs.Geo.Hill, Known As Aunt Mary, Was Held Here Yesterday. She Was Fifty Two Years Of Age And Had Never Walked.
5-15-1896 - Tally - Tom - - Caldwell-News Reached This City Thursday Morning That John Seaborn Had Shot And Killed Tom Tally At Their Homes, Which Are In On The Cook Place, About Four Miles Northwest Of Caldwell On The L'anguille River. Coroner Rolfe Summoned A Jury And Went To The Scene Of The Killing. It Was Determined That A Scuffle Occurred On Wednesday, And Tally Had Won About Some Hand On The Place, The Only Two Eyewitnesses Were Mrs.Tally And Mrs.Seaborn. Mrs.Seaborn Got Between Her Husband And Tally Who Bran Dished A Razor, Whereupon Seaborn Went In And Retrieved A Gun And Shot Twice.
6-12-1896 - Bozeman - Father - - Bell's, Tenn.-Rev.Frances Bozeman Received A Telegram Tuesday Morning Informing Him Of The Death Of His Father At Bell's, Tenn., And Left Immediately For That Place.
6-12-1896 - Howell - Leon - - J.L.Howell, Father Of Mrs.R.J.Izard Of This City, And Rev.Maynard Of Howell, Ark. Arrived In The City Monday With The Remains Of Mr.Howell's Infant Son, Leon, Age 1 Year And 2 Days, Which Were Entered In The Family Plot In Forrest City Cemetery The Same Evening.
6-12-1896 - Eldredge - Mollie - Mrs. - Mrs. Mollie (Dawson) Eldredge, Who Has Been Ill For Some Time, But Who, It Was Thought, Was Improving, Had A Relapse Tuesday Night, And Died Wednesday Morning, June 10, About 7 O'clock, At The Residence Of Mrs.M.E.Hatcher. She Was The Widow Of Mr.Rolfe Edredge. Deceased And Leaves One Child, A Sweet Little Girl, And Numerous Relatives To Mourn Her Loss. She Was A Woman Of Many Lovable Traits, An Earnest Member Of The Methodist Church, And Will Be Sadly Missed By Her Associates. Her Remains Will Be Shipped To Augusta, Ark. For Interment.
6-12-1896 - Jackson - Nellie - Miss - The Family Of Prof. And Mrs.Geo.L.Jackson Have The Sincere Sympathy Of The Entire Community In The Loss Of Their Sweet Little Three Year Old Daughter, Nellie Who Died Suddenly, Tuesday Noon, June 9, At The Country Home Of Mr.& Mrs.T.R.Hoshal. She Was Interred Wednesday, In The Family Cemetery In Franks Township.
6-12-1896 - Gatling - Mary - Mrs. - Mrs.Mary Elizabeth Gatling, Mother Of John Gatling Of The Forrest City Bar, Died At The Residence Of Her Son, Wednesday, June 10,1896, And Was Buried In The Forrest City Cemetery Thurday. Rev.F.E.Taylor Officiating. Mrs.Mary Elizabeth Gatling Nee (Commander), Was Born In Pasquotank County, N.C., July 21st, 1825. Graduated At Wesleyan Female College In Wilmington, Delaware, In 1841. Married To James L.Gatling In Perquimans County, N.C., Jan.7,1814, Where They Lived Until His Death, Jan.26,1882. Her Home Was Then With Her Youngest Child, Emily, Wife Of C.W.Harred, In Norfolk, Va., Until Her Daughter's Death In Jan.1894. She Came To Forrest City, Nov.16,1895, To Visit Her Son, John Gatling, Where, After An Illness Of Several Months She Died June 10,1896, As Stated Above. Of Her Thirteen Children, Only Five Survive Her. Mrs.Parthenia G. Hollowell Of Pasquotank County, N.C.;John Gatling, Of Forrest City;Mrs.Nancy E. Harrell, Perquimans County, N.C.;James Gatling, Perquimans County, N.C.; And Mrs.Etta Codield Of Edenton, N.C.. She Became A Member Of The Methodist Episcopal Church Early In Her Life. She Was Interred In Forrest City Cemetery By The Side Of Her Mother, Mrs.Parthenia Williams, Who Died Here In April,1885.
6-19-1896 - Fondren - Jessie E. - Mrs. - This Community Was Overspread With Gloom Sunday Morning When The News Became Circulated That Mrs.Thos.Fondren Was Dead. Mrs.Jessie E.Fondren, Was A Daughter Of Jas.S.Izard. She Was Born Dec.29,1856-Died Sunday June 14,1896, And Was Interred In The Forrest City Cemetery The Following Day.Rev.Bozeman Officiating. When But 15 Years Of Age She United With The Baptist Church In This City, And Has Always Lived A Devoted Christian Life. She Was Married To Mr.J.T.Fondren Oct.5,1885, And Their Union Has Been One Filled With Happiness. She Was The Indulgent Mother Of 7 Children, Four Of Whom Survive Her. It Was Her Constant Delight To Make Home Pleasant, In Which Laudable Ambition She Succeeded Beyond Ordinary Success. The Sorrowing Husband And Motherless Little Ones Have The Deep And Sincere Sympathy Of A Host Of Relatives And True Friends, In This, The Darkest Hour Of Their Lives. The Husband Desires Us To Say That He Can Find No Words To Express, And That The Master Only Can Know, How Thankful He Is For The Expressions Of Sympathy And Deeds Of Kindness Shown Him In This Greatest Trial. Mr.&Mrs.W.S.Hemenway Of Wheatley Attended The Funeral Of Mrs.J.T.Fondren Monday.
6-19-1896 - Parham - John - Capt. - Capt.John Parham, Ex-Sheriff Of St.Francis County, And Well Known Throughout This And Adjoining States, Died At 11 O'clock Monday Night, June 15,1896 At The Residence Of His Daughter, Mrs.W.B.Mann, Of Congestion Of The Brain And Was Buried The Following Day, Tuesday, In The Forrest City Cemetery. Rev.F.Bozeman Officiating. Capt.Parham Was The Son Of Mary Hill Parham And John Parham. His Parents Moved From Sussex Co.,Va., In The Year 1835. He Was Born Mar.14,1838 In Fayette Co., Tenn., Was Educated At Oxford, Miss., And Married To Miss Anna Westwood Harwell, Of Lagrange, Tenn. Dec.10,1860. Moved To Arkansas The Same Year. He Was Elected Sheriff Of St.Francis Co.,Sep.9,1872, And Filled The Office For Eight Years. Then Was Legislator From St.Francis Co. For Four Years. For Many Years He Was A Man Of Wonderful Personal Poplularity , And Was Well Known Throught Arkansas. He Leaves One Daughter, Mrs.W.B.Mann, And One Son, Willie Lee Parham, And Little Tom, An Orphaned Grandson, Who Has The Sympathy Of A Large Circle Of Friends And Relatives In Their Sad Bereavement.
6-26-1896 - Aldridge - Ruth - Miss - The Sympathy Of The Community Is Tendered To Mr.& Mrs.W.H.Aldridge On The Loss Of Their Infant Daughter Ruth. The Little On Had Hardly Budded On Earth, But It Is A Consolation To The Parents To Know That She Will Bloom In Heaven. The Death Occurred On The 19th Of June, 1896, And Her Remains Were Buried In The Mt.Vernon Cemetery On The 20th.
6-26-1896 - Partridge - Mary Willie - Miss - Monday Afternoon's Train Brought The Remains Of Mary Willie Partridge, Daughter Of Wm.And F.R.Partridge,Aged 13 Years, 1 Month And 26 Days. Whose Death Occurred At Palestine Sunday Afternoon, June 21,1896. Friends Of The Family Met At The Train, And The Loving Hands Tenderly Laid To Rest In The Forrest City Cemetery All That Was Mortal Of The Loved One. By Gertrude Wilson In The Jul.10,1896 Paper, A Eulogy.
7-3-1896 - Dennis - J.W. - Capt. - At Forrest City On Saturday Evening At 8:10 P.M., James W.Dennis Died. James W.Dennis Was Born In Portsmouth, Ohio, 1836, Came To Forrest City In 1869, And Was A Salesman For The Firm Of Abe Long & Co. For Three Years. After That The Firm Of Wynne, Dennis, & Beck, , Composed Of J.W.Wynne, J.W.Dennis, And J.W.Beck Was Established, And For Twenty Years They Continued In Business. In 1889 He Withdrew From The Firm And Devoted His Interests To Farming Interests. He Was A Careful, Consistent, Energetic And Successful Business Man; Very Charitable And Benevolent, A Good Husband, A Devoted Father, And A Good Citizen. He Leaves A Widow And Three Children To Mourn Their Irreparable Loss, And To Whom Kind Words Of Sympathy From All Who Knew Him Are Offered In This Their Deepest Hour Of Grief. Capt.J.W.Wynne And Wife, Of Memphis, Came Over Sunday To Attend The Funeral Of Their Friend, Capt.J.W.Dennis.
7-3-1896 - Hardee - William Earnest - - William Earnest Hardee, Son Of W.H. And M.E.Hardee, Was Born Feb.17,1894 And Died Jun.29,1896 At Bay Village, Ark., Of Congestion. We Do Hope The Parents Of This Little Boy Can Say From Their Heart, "It Is Well With The Lord". Notice By Jas.T.Bledsoe.
7-17-1896 - Moss - Mahaly - Mrs. - Mrs.Mahaly Moss Of This County Died Wednesday Of Acute Meningitis. Her Remains Will Be Taken To Memphis For Burial.
7-17-1896 - Roscoe - Mr. - - A Mr.Roscoe Died At His Home At The Mcdaniel Place, Five Miles Below Madison, Last Monday Morning, June 13, Of Hematura.
7-17-1896 - Rowland - Jesse - F. - Memphis-The News Of The Suicide Of Jesse Rowland In Memphis Reached This City Sunday, And His Remains Arrived Monday Morning, And Were Taken To His Mother's Home In Haynes For Interment. The Following Account Was Taken From The Memphis Scimitar:The Clerk On Duty At The Gaston Hotel Remembers Well The Arrival Yesterday Of Jesse F.Rowland And His Pretty Little Bride. The Pair Had Just Been Married Six Weeks Previous At Their Home In Haynes, Ark.,Where Rowland Had Been Engaged In Business.After The Ceremony The Couple Went To Helena, Ark., And Remained A While And Then Went To Friar's Point, And From That Point Came To Memphis And Remained Her A Few Days Prior To Returning Home. Rowland Several Years Ago Had A Reputation As A "Heavy Drinker", And Had Undergone Treatment At The Keeley Institute. While In Memphis, He Started Drinking And Gambling, Spending His Entire Fortune. Shortly Thereafter He Bought Some Poison, Kissed His Wife Goodbye, And Went Elsewhere In The City Where He Took The Poison And Died. He Had Owned A Plantation In Haynes, Ark.
7-17-1896 - Flow - Baby - - Colt-In Memoriam-The Sweetest Little Jewel, And The Idolized Son Of Mr.&Mrs.D.C.Flow Of Colt,Has Gone To His Eternal Reward.
7-24-1896 - Rorie - David - - David Rorie, A Resident Of Dr.Sparkman's Place, About Six Miles South Of Town, Died Sunday, July 19,1896, Of Pneumonia. He Was About Fifty Years Of Age. His Remains Were Carried To His Old Home At Holly Springs, Miss. By His Son, R.S.Rorie.
7-24-1896 - Samford - Ophelia - Mrs. - Mrs.Ophelia Samford, Residing One Mile West Of Caldwell Station, Died At 3 O'clock Last Saturday Morning, July 18, And Was Buried At The Hughes Cemetery That Evening.
7-24-1896 - Thompson - Emma - Mrs. - We Regret To Learn Of The Death Of Mrs.Emma O. Thompson, Wife Of Mr.Will Thompson, Of This County, Which Occurred At Harrisburg, Poinsett Co., Yesterday, July 23rd,1896. The Remains Were Brought On The Cars This Morning And Buried At The Mcdaniel Cemetery, South Of Town. The Times Offers Heartfelt Sympathy To The Bereaved Family.
7-31-1896 - Wood - Martha - Mrs. - In Memoriam-The Subject Of This Sketch Is Mrs.Martha J. Wood, Was Born In Georgia, On The 18th Of March, 1849, And Died At The Residence Of Her Husband. Wm.R.Wood, In Poinsett County, Arkansas, On The 12th Of July, 1896. Of The Ten Children Who Knew Her Tender Care, Only Eight Survive Her, And Mourn The Loss Of One Who Constantly And Without Fail, For So Many Years, Fulfilled All The Loving And Holy Duties Of Motherhood. Mrs.Wood, Was In The Best Sense, A Christian Mother, Who Taught To All About Her By Conduct And Precept That It Was Not Allof Life To Live, Nor Happily All Of Death To Die.
8-7-1896 - Thomas - Jolly - - Killing At Haynes-Charles Bloom Shot And Instantly Killed Jolly Thomas Sunday Night About 10 O'clock, Aug.2,1896, On The Brittain Farm Half Mile East Of Haynes. Bloom Had Warned Thomas Not To Go With A Certain Girl, For Whose Affections Both Were Rivals. But Thomas Did Not Heed The Warning, And As He Was Returning From Church With The Girl Bloom Met Him In The Woods Near The Girl's Home And Fired Three Shots Into His Breast. Bloom Made His Escape.
8-7-1896 - Detter - Gus - - Another Killing At Haynes-Lum Davis Shot And Instantly Killed Gus Detter Tuesday Night With A Double Barrelled Shotgun On The Jesse Briley Farm, Half A Mile West Of This Place. Better Was Having His Meals Cooked At Davis' House, And Upon The Refusal Of The Latter's Wife To Cook On The Night In Question, A Quarrel Ensued, With Threatening Demonstrations On The Part Of Detter, Whereupon Davis Seized The Gun And Fired At Him With The Results. Davis Gave Himself Up.
8-14-1896 - Long - W.E. - - W.E.Long, Father Of Mrs.T.C.Folbre And Mrs.John Brown, Died At His Home In Mississippi On The 6th Of July, At The Advanced Age Of 71 Years. The Deceased Is Also The Uncle Of Mrs.P.D.Boyle.
8-14-1896 - Bull - Dock - - Died, At The Residence Of His Father, S.C.Bull, Near Moscow, Tenn., Aug.8,1896, Dock C.Bull, Mr.Bull For Several Years, Lived Near Lula, Ark. In The Blackfish Township, And Has Been Extensively Engaged In The Timber Business. His Many Friends Were Shocked To Learn Of His Death.
8-21-1896 - Mcdaniel - John - Mrs. - Franks Township-Mrs.John L.Mcdaniel, Died Yesterday, Aug.20,1896, At Four O' Clock, Of Congestion, And Was Buried At The Family Cemetery This Forenoon. She Had Been Ill For Several Weeks, And On Wednesday Night Had A Congestive Chill And Sank Rapidly. She Was The Mother Of Our Townswoman, Mrs.L.Rollwage, And Was Greatly Loved And Respected By Her Host Of Friends And Neighbors. The Bereaved Family Have Our Deep And Sincere Sympathy Of The Entire Community In This Dark Hour Of Grief.
8-28-1896 - Butler - Will - - Chas.Delano, Of Telico Township, Was In The City Monday, And Of Him We Learned Of The Death Of Will Butler, Son Of Widow Elkins, Whose Husband Was Formerly Of This City,. Young Butler Had Been Engaged In Timber Work, And As The Crew Was Closing Down The Weeks Labor, Last Saturday, Aug.22,1896, A Jug Of Whiskey Was Tapped, And All Around Drank Freely Of It's Contents, And Butler Who Had Not Been Used To Drinking, Became Quite Immoderate. He Started For Home And As He Neared The House He Took A Last, Long Pull At The Jug. Very Soon After This He Laid Down In The Wagon And, As All Thought, Went To Sleep. But He Never Regained Consciousness And Died Shortly There Afterwards. He Was Laid To Rest In Martin Cemetery On Monday.
9-4-1896 - Durham - Hugh - - The Engine To Train No.3, West Bound On The L.R.&M.R.. Which Passes This Point At 9:50 P.M., Jumped The Track Betweeen Wheatley And Brinkley Last Night. The Engine Struck A Yearling And Was Derailed. Fireman Hugh Durham Jumped From The Engine, Striking His Head On A Tie Which Caused His Death. His Body Was Carried To Little Rock. He Was 25 Years Of Age And Is Survived In Cabin Creek By A Brother And A Wife. He Had Been Married Only Six Months.
9-11-1896 - Kincaid - Fannie - Mrs. - Mrs.Fannie Kincaid, Died At Her Home Near Widener, Last Wednesday, And Was Buried The Next Day In The Widener Cemetery. Rev.F.E.Taylor Officiating. Mrs. Kincaid Was The Daughter Of J.W.Mccullars, And Was Only Twenty Two Years Of Age, And Has Been Married Only A Few Short Years. The Times Offers Heartfelt Sympathy To The Bereaved Relatives.
9-11-1896 - Elliott - R. L. - - R.L.Elliott Of L'anguille Township, Died Monday Night.
9-11-1896 - Lutz - Isaac H. - - Isaac H.Lutz Died Monday, Sep.7,1896, At 11:15 Am After A Long And Tedious Illness Covering A Period Of Years. He Has Been Confined To His Room For Several Months, During Which Time He Has Borne Courageously And Nobly With The Most Intense Suffering. His Remains Were Interred In The Mallory Cemetery Tuesday Under The Auspices Of Apollo Commandery No.11 K.T. With Divine Service By Rev.F.E.Taylor. In His Capacity As Undertaker He Has Administered To The Last Requirements Of Loved Ones In Nearly Every Family In This Community. He Leaves His Family In Comfortable Circumstances, Having A $10,000 In Life Insurance, A Good Home, Etc. He Was Born In Schuylkill County, Pa., March 29,1826, And Was A Son Of Jacob And Catherine Lutz. He Enjoys The Distinction Of Having Superintended The Construction In 1850 Of The First Highway Bridge Across The Mississippi River, Which Spanned The River At St.Paul, Minn. He Came To Arkansas In 1860 And Superintended The Railroad Bridge Across The St.Francis River At Madison, His Last Work In That Line Being The Building Of The Bridge Across The L'anguille River At Palestine. Owing To Physical Disabilities, He Did Not Enter The Regular Army, But Was Detailed As Scout Duty On The Confederate Army. After The War He Began Farming, Which Vocation He Followed Until About Fourteen Years Ago He Opened An Undertaking Establishment In This Place. In 1856 He Was Married To Miss Davis Of This County. She Died Without Offspring, And In 1875 He Was Married To Miss Baxter. To This Union Four Children Were Born, Two Whom Survive-Annie Age 16, And Walter, Aged 11. The Name Of I.H.Lutz Is A Synonym For Integrity And Manliness, And No Better Or More Desirable Citizen Lived In This Or Any Other Community.
9-18-1896 - Matthews - W.J. - Dr. - To The Good People Of St.Francis County-On Last Friday Evening, Sept.10,1896, The Remains Of One Of The Truest And Kindliest Of Men Was Laid Away In The Cemetery At Forrest City And While The Last Sad Rites Were Pronounced, While Eight Of His Fellow Brother Templars Knelt Around The New Made Grave And With Clasped Hands Repeated The Grand Application, "Our Father, Who Art In Heaven." , It Seemed To Me I Had Never Realized The Awful Majesty, The Great Solemnity Of Death. Dr.Matthews Was Indeed The Good Samaritan To Hundreds Of People Of St.Francis County. After An Acquaintance Of Thirteen Or Fourteen Years With Him, I Can Truly Say That He Must Have Known That For Much Of The Service, No Reward Would Ever Be Received By Him On This Earth. Miss Nonie Prewitt And Brother, P.H.Prewitt, Attended The Funeral Last Week Of Dr.W.J.Matthews, And Spent Several Days With Friends.
9-18-1896 - Scott - Charles R. - Prof. - A Sad Suicide:Gloom O'er Spread The City Monday Upon Hearing Of The Death Of Prof.Chas.B.Scott, Sept.14, 1896, From An Overdose Of Morphine Taken During A Temporary Fit Of Despondency. Charley Was Beloved By A Large Circle Of Friends, And Though He Had His Faults, Was Ever A Kind And True Friend And Citizen. He Has Taught School In Many Districts Of The County At Various Times And Quite Recently At New Castle, And Was Universally Beloved By His Pupils. In 1885 He Was Associated With N.B.Fizer In The Circulation Of The St.Francis Co.News, And There Learned A Considerable Of The Mysteries Of The Composing Room. For Several Years He Has Been The "Extra Man" At The Times Office, And We Are Glad To Say He Was Always Painstaking And Reliable When So Employed. He Was 36 Years Of Age, Unmarried, And A Man Of Above Average Intelligence. His Family Removed To St.Francis County In 1883 From Danceyville, Tenn. He Was A Member Of The Knights Of Pythias, And One Of It's Most Regular Attendants. He Was Buried Tuesday In The Forrest City Cemetery Under The Auspices Of The Above Order, And The Services Were Conducted By Rev.F.E.Taylor In A Very Impressive Manner.
9-18-1896 - Oury - W.L. - - Death Of W.L.Oury-He Was Once The Owner Of The Forrest City Times-Mr.Thos.F.Oury Received A Telegram Yesterday Evening At 3:30 Pm, Announcing He Death Of His Brother, Wm.L.Oury At Poplar Bluff, Mo. At 12:10pm. Mr.Oury Some Years Ago Was The Editor And Propietor Of The Butler County Advocate, But Sold The Plant Some Time Ago Running A Job Office. Some Years Ago He Was Owner And Editor Of The Times, Selling That Office To Mr.Thos.J.Hicks. He Was An Ex-Confederate Soldier, Having Served Through The War In Company K Eleventh Mississippi Volunteers, Davis' Brigade, Eighth Division, A.P.Hill's Corps With Three Brothers-Thos.G., Geo.W., And W.T.Oury, Of Carrollton, Miss., Two Of Whom Survive Him. He Leaves A Wife And Several Children. He Was Buried Yesterday At Poplar Bluff, Under The Auspices Of A.O.C.W.-Per Arkansas Democrat.
10-16-1896 - Roy - John Lewis - - Uncle" John Lewis Roy, A Native Of St.Francis County, And The Oldest Resident Of The County, Died At His Home Seven Miles North Of The City, Monday Afternoon, Oct.11,1896. He Was 69 Years Of Age, A Member Of The Masonic Fraternity, The Knights Of Honor, And A Devout Member Of The Baptist Church. He Held The Esteem Of All Who Knew Him, And In His Death The Communtiy Loses One Of It's Most Worthy Citizens.
10-23-1896 - Osborne - Newt - - A Sad Suicide Occurred At Jno.C.Lynch's Place, About Four Miles East Of Haynes, Last Saturday Morning, Oct.17,1896. Newt Osborne Was The Victim, A Treetopper. About Ten O'clock In The Morning He Went To His Room And Rigged Up A Shot Gun By Tying Up A String To The Trigger With The Barrell In His Mouth, And Pulled The Trigger. He Was Considered Eccentric And Was Considered Unbalanced In His Head.
10-30-1896 - Mcvey - John - - A Telegram From Memphis To L.C.Mcvey Tuesday Announces The Death Of His Son, John Mcvey Of That City, By Slipping And Falling Down A Flight Of Stairs Leading From The Herald Office, Which Caused A Concussion Of The Brain And Soon Pronounced Dead. John Was About 35 Years Of Age, A Printer By Trade, And Resided Here Many Years. His Father Still Resides Here.
10-30-1896 - Farmer - Tennie - Mrs. - The Sympathy Of The Entire Community Goes Out To Mr.J.N.Farmer And Family, In The Loss Of Wife And Mother Mrs.Tennie Farmer, Who Died Last Sunday Night, Oct.24,1896, And Whose Remains Were Laid To Rest In The "City On The Hill". Monday Afternoon. Rev.F.E.Taylor Officiating
10-30-1896 - Townsend - Anna - Mrs. - Mrs.M.Townsend Died In Helena Recently After An Illness Of Two Weeks. She Arose From Her Bed Two Weeks Ago Before To Be Married To Her Husband, And Then Went Back To Bed, And Steadily Declined. Mrs.Townsend Was Miss Anna Hubbard Before Her Marriage, And Was A Very Attractive Young Woman.
10-30-1896 - Shade - Bert R. - - At A Call To Meeting Of The Citizens Band, October 29,1896, The Following Resolution Was Resolved And Approved. That B.R.Shade, Leader On Oct.24,1896, Lost To The Music Lovers Of This Area. Respectively-B.L.Adkins/J.G.Boyle/Charles R.Izard-Committee
11-6-1896 - Shade - Bert R. - - Mr.H.A.Knight Accompanied By Mrs.B.R.Shade Returned Tuesday From Quincy, Whither They Had Attended The Funeral For B.R.Shade, Husband Of The Latter. Mr.Shade Was The Chief Of The Local Fire Department In Forrest City.
11-20-1896 - Parker - Isaac C. - Judge - The Hanging Judge Dies At Fort Smith Nov.17th,1896.
11-27-1896 - Evans - Jas. - - The N.B.Forrest Encampment Of Ex-Confederates Again Performs Taps For Member Jas.Evans, Late Of The 3rd Confederate Cavalry.By Capt.J.B.Sanders, And E.Landvoight, Adjutant.
11-27-1896 - Crawford - J.S. - - The N.B.Forrest Encampment Of Ex-Confederates Again Performs Taps For Member J.S.Crawford, Late Of The 15th North Carolina Regiment. By Capt.J.B.Sanders, And E.Landvoight, Adjutant.
12-11-1896 - Kirby - Elisha - - A Good Man Gone- A Highly Worthy And Old Landmark Of The County Passed Away At 6:30 O'clock On Last Saturday Evening, Dec.5,1896, In The Person Of Elisha Kirby, Who Died At His Residence Four Miles Below This Town In The 72nd Year Of His Life, And Was Laid To Rest In The Mcdaniel Graveyard The Following Day. The Deceased Was Raised Near Mcminnville, Tenn.. At An Early Age He Moved To Carroll County, This State, And Again Moved To Calhoun County, Miss., And From Thence To Panola Co.Miss., And In Jan.1871 Hecast His Lot In This County And Has Resided Since That Time. He Was A Member Of The Methodist Church For Forty Years, An Indulgent Husband And Parent, Qne One Of God's Noblest Men Among His Neighbors. The Immediate Cause Of Death Was A Stroke Of Paralysis Which Crept Upon Him By Degrees. On Last Tuesday He Was Taken To His Bed, And Never Regained Consciousness. He Leaves Seven Children And Nineteen Grandchildren.Rev.H.C. Kirby Of Ravenwood, Mo. Spent A Few Days In The Community, Having Been Called To The Bedside Of His Late Deceased Father, E.Kirby. Elisha Kirby
12-11-1896 - Cobble - Dee - - Dee Cobble, Age 18, Whose Relatives Live 3 Miles Below Town, Lost His Life By A Railroad Accident On The Valley Road, Near Friar's Point, Miss. On Last Sunday, Dec.6,1896. Both His Legs Were Crushed And Stated He Fell While Stepping From One Coach To Another While The Train Was In Motion. He Died The Following Day, Dec.7,1896.
12-18-1896 - Izard - Sallie - - In Memoriam-Sallie (Whitaker) Izard, Daughter Of Isaac And Juliet Whitaker, Was Born At Somerville, Tenn., May 6,1836. She United With The Church In Her Sixteenth Year And Was Married To F.J.Izard, Of St.Francis County, Arkansas May 4,1854. Her Death Occurred Dec.11,1896,She Died Of Congestion. Six Children Blessed Her Life, Two Died In Their Infancy-The Others Are M.W.Izard, Of Forrest City;Mrs.J.W.Hemenway, Of Wheatley;Mrs.N.P.Beachaump, Of Riverside; And Dr.John Izard Of Riverside. To Those Who Knew Her Intimately, Her Presence Was A Perpetual Benediction. Her Cheerfulness, Patience, And Winning Grace Of Manner, Made Her A Delightful Spot, Not Only To Husband And Children, But To The Passing Guest As Well. Her Consistent Christian Life, Quiet, Yet Full Of Brightness, Will Ever Be A Cherished Memory Of Those Left Behind.
12-18-1896 - Arnold - Robt.L. - - Robt.L.Arnold Died At The Home Of His Parents Yesterday, Dec.17,1896 At Noon.His Remains Were Laid To Rest In The Cemetery Today At 3 O'clock.
1-3-1896 - Wilson - George - - Squire Mcslarrow Of Griggs Township, Comes To The Front With A Full Grown Romance This Week. George Wilson And Miss Belle Fink Rode Up To His House One Day Last Week And Hailed. When Questioned On The Cause Of The Alarm, Mr.Wilson Produced A Marriage License, And The Marriage Took Place While They Stayed On Their Horses.
1-3-1896 - Neeley - Jeff - - At Wheatley, Ark. On Sunday, Dec.22,1895, At 7:30 Pm By Rev.N.B.Fizer. Jeff Neeley To Miss May Brookes, Both Of Wheatley.
1-10-1896 - Bordren - John - - John Bordren And Miss Silvey Gamble Were Married Sunday, Jan.5, At The Residence Of The Bride's Parents Near Widener. Squire David Duncan Officiating.
1-10-1896 - Keysacker - Will - - Will Keysacker And Miss Minnie Williford Were Married At The Residence Of Dick Cox, At Burnt Cane, Monday, Jan.6th, 1896 By Squire David Duncan.
1-17-1896 - Parham - William - - At The Residence Of The Bride's Parents On Wednesday Night Mr.William Lee Parham, Son Of Capt.John Parham, Of This County, Was Happily Married To Miss Lula Mason, Daughter Of Rev.And Mrs.J.A.Mason, Of This City. Rev.F.E.Taylor Officiating.
1-17-1896 - Danforth - Susan - - Rev.Otto Rollwage, Jr. Wed Susan And Marietta Danforth Last Friday Night, Emerging As Mrs.Susan Klautsburger At The Home Of Mrs.Oscar Wolff.
1-17-1896 - Danforth - Marietta - - Rev.Otto Rollwage, Jr. Wed Susan And Marietta Danforth Last Friday Night, Emerging As Mrs.Marietta Anzeiger At The Home Of Mrs.Oscar Wolff.
1-24-1896 - Fizer - N.B. - Rev. - Wheatley-Miss Pauline Murphy Was Married To N.B.Fizer, Of Forrest City, At The Home Of Mrs.P.J.Neeley. Niece Of Mrs.Fizer, Rev.T.J.Settle Officiating.
1-24-1896 - Stayton - J.L. - - Mr.J.L.Stayton And Miss Mattie Rhodes Were Married At The Palestine Hotel, Sunday Jan.11,1896 At 10 O'clock A.M., Rev.Jas. A.Mason Officiating.
1-31-1896 - Gibson - O.S. - - Mr.O.S.Gibson And Miss Pearl Mcdaniel, On Jan.28th Inst., Were Married In The Baptist Church In Haynes. Eld.W.H.Paslay Officiating.
1-31-1896 - Parham - W.L. - - Miss Lula Mason, Daughter Of Rev.J.A.Mason, Late Of This Place, Was Married To W.L.Parham, Son Of Capt.John Parham, At Her Parents Home In Forrest City On Wednesday Evening Of Last Week. Cross County Gazette.
1-31-1896 - Sanders - W.S. - - At The Residence Of The Bride's Father, B.F.Hughes, W.S.Sanders Was Married To Miss Melissa Hughes, Sunday Evening At 7 Pm O'clock. Squire J.L.Scott Officiating.
2-7-1896 - Scanlon - Ed - - Ed Scanlon, A Railroad Conductor, Well Know Here Is Dead.
2-14-1896 - Davis - William - Earle - Invitations Have Been Received In This City Announcing The Marriage Of Miss Sarah Cheaira Hickey To Mr.William Earle Davis, First Methodist Church, Columbia ,Tenn. On Feb.18th,1896. Mr. Davis Is The Son Of Mrs.Jennie Davis Of This City, They Will Be At Home In Memphis Feb.21st.
2-14-1896 - Nines - Clarence R. - - Wednesday Night At 8 O'clock A Wedding Was Solemnized At The Residence Of Robert Lindsey, At Which Time Clarence R.Hines And Miss Nannie Lindsey, Daughter Of Mr.W.J.Lindsey, Were United In The Holy Bonds Of Matrimony By Rev.N.E.Garner.
2-21-1896 - Clark - Samuel - - Last Wednesday Night, Feb.19,1896, The Holy Bonds Of Matrimony Were Published Between Samuel Clark And Miss Minnie Nivins At 7:30 O'clock, John Upshaw Acting As Best Man, At The First Baptist Church, Performed By Rev.J.M.Suggs, Pastor Of The Church.
3-6-1896 - O'connor - John - - Wheatley-John O'connor And Miss Mary Doshier Were Happily Married Saturday.
4-10-1896 - Caldwell - Mr. - - Married-At The Residence Of Mrs.Brookfield, In North Wynne, On Thursday Afternoon. Mr.Caldwell Of Caldwell, A Prosperous Farmer Of St.Francis County, To Miss Fannie Farley, Of Wynne. The Rev.Thommason Presiding. Cross County Gazette.
4-17-1896 - Wheelock - Ed - - Ed Wheelock, A Young Business Man Of Clarendon, Came To Town Last Wednesday And Led One Of The City's Most Popular And Estimable Young Ladies To The Alter In The Name Of Miss Mollie Runyan. Miss Runyan Resided In Batesville, But Had Spent Several Months In This City, The Guest Of Mrs.Mollie Hannah. The Ceremony Was Performed By Rev.Francis Bozenian In The Parlor Of Mrs.Hannah. They Left For Cripple Creek, Colorado To Begin A New Life.
4-24-1896 - Berry - R. L. - - Last Sunday Evening Quite A Large Gathering Of Friends And Relatives Gathered At The Hospitable Home Of Mr. & Mrs.J.W.Crippen To Witness The Rights Of Matrimony Between Mr.R.L.Berry And Their Oldest Daughter, Miss Minne Lee Crippen. Mr.Berry Is One Of Madison's Most Popular And Thorough Going Young Man. The Ceremony Was Performed By Father Newburger.
5-22-1896 - Gunter - Jas. - - Esq.David Duncan Married At The Residence Of The Bride's Mother, Jas.Duncan To Miss Bertie Adkins, May 7th.
6-12-1896 - Wadlington - Joe - - Colt-Joe Wadlington And Miss Bertie Parker Were United In Holy Matrimony Sunday Morning Last.
7-3-1896 - East - T.P. - - Squire Raiford Performed The Marriage Ceremony:Between T.P.East And Mrs.Tennessee Helvery, Both Of St.Francis County.The Marriage Took Place At The Clerk's Office Last Monday, June 29,1896.
8-14-1896 - Todd - F.P. - - F.P.Todd And Miss Maggie Turner Were Married Yesterday.The Bride Is Said To Be Only 13 Years Of Age.
10-2-1896 - Hodges - Sam - - (My Maternal Grand Parents)Sam Hodges And Miss Emma Havens Were Happily Married At The Residence Of The Bride's Parents In The City Last Night, Rev.F.E.Taylor Officiating In His Usual Happy And Impressive Manner. Quite A Number Of Intimate Friends Were Present And Many Were The Expressions Of Good Will And Good Wishes. A Goodly Number Of Presents Were Received By The Newly Married Couple, And They Start Upon The New Life With Flattering Prospects. The Times Wishes Them Much Joy And Happiness.
10-9-1896 - Wynne - Joel Echols - - Cards Are Out Announcing The Near Approach Of The Date Of The Wedding Of Miss Edyth Malone, Daughter Of Dr.& Mrs.George B.Malone Of Memphis, To Our Highly Esteemed Young Friend And Highly Esteemed Fellow-Citizen, Joel Echols Wynne. The Ceremonies Will Take Place At The Central M.E.Church, In The City Of Memphis, Wednesday Morning At 10:30 O'clock, October 21.
11-6-1896 - Long - Ernest - - Quite A Flutter Was Occasioned In Social Circles Last Monday, By The Rumor That Ernest Long Had And Miss Katie Izard Had Been Quietly Married Sometime Previous. Inquiry Proved The Rumor. On The 14th Of October, 1896, The Young Couple Betook Of Themselves To The Parsonage Of The Methodist Church In This City And Were Quickly Married By Rev.F.E.Taylor, The Pastor.
11-6-1896 - White - Jasper - - Miss Julia Rattan Of Widener And Jasper White, Of Raggio, Were Quietly Married At The Residence Of Peter Laurie, On Blackfish Lake Last Monday Evening. Squire P.T.Raiford Officiating.
11-6-1896 - Robertson - J.P. - - J.P.Robertson And Miss Mary J.Jones Were Issued Marriage License.
11-6-1896 - Anderson - Wm. - - Wm.Anderson And Miss Mollie Coggan Were Issued Marriage License.
11-6-1896 - Mooneyhans - Y.A. - - Y.A.Mooneyhans And Miss Annie Roy Were Issued Marriage License.
11-6-1896 - Thomas - A.N. - - A.N.Thomas And Mrs.M.A.Gould Were Issued Marriage License.
11-6-1896 - Summerville - Jesse - - Jesse Sumerville And Miss Emma Jordan Were Issued Marriage License.
12-4-1896 - Hull - Cicero - - Last Tuesday Night At 7 O'clock, At The Home Of The Bride's Parents, Mr.& Mrs.J.W.Crippen, Mr.Cicero Hull And Miss Lou Emma Crippen Were Joined In The Bonds Of Holy Matrimony By Rev.W.W.Hendrix, Of Brinkley. Mr.& Mrs.J.T.Crippen Of Colt Station Came Down For The Festivities.
12-25-1896 - Shumate - J.S. - - J.S.Shumate And Miss Dora Anderson Of Colt Were Married Last Sunday Afternoon At 4 O'clock, Dec.20,1896.Rev.Jas.F. Jernigan Officiating.
12-25-1896 - Robinson - W.W. - - Marriage License Issued-W.W.Robinson And Miss Willie James
12-25-1896 - Dudley - Robt. - - Marriage License Issued-Robt.Dudley And Miss Edna Nugent
12-25-1896 - Beard - C.J. - - Marriage License Issued-C.J.Beard And Miss Antoinette Elenore Barnes
12-25-1896 - House - Franklin - - Marriage License Issued-Franklin House And Miss Annie Greenhill
1-17-1896 - Hull - John - - Born To Mr.& Mrs.John Hull Sunday Morning An Infant Daughter.
2-28-1896 - Roberts - J.Q. - - A Fine, Large Baby Girl Arrived At Mr.& Mrs.J.Q.Roberts Home Last Night. She Tipped The Beam At Nine Pounds.
2-28-1896 - Barrow - T.W. - - T.W.Barrow Is Perhaps The Happiest Man In Town. At Least One Would Suppose So By The Sunny Smille Which Illuminates His Face On The Birth Of A Baby Girl, Who Tom Says Weighs 9 Pounds, Arriving Wednesday Night.
2-28-1896 - Webb - D.C. - - A Bouncing Baby Boy Arrived At The Home Of Mr.& Mrs.D.C.Webb Last Friday Afternoon.
3-27-1896 - Littlefield - T.T. - - T.T.Littlefield Is All The Go In Fergusonville. His Wife Presented Him With A Boy On March 23.
7-3-1896 - Izard - Baby - - A Fine Boy Arrived Wednesday Night, Jul.1,1896, At The Home Of Mr.& Mrs.R.J. Izard. All Are Doing Well And Dick Is In Ecstasies.
7-3-1896 - Evans - Baby - - A Little Stranger Arrived At The Home Of Mr.& Mrs.Will Evans Monday Night, June 29,1896. It Was Not A Boy, But Will Is Just As Happy As If It Were Two Boys.
7-3-1896 - Rollwage - Baby - - We Extend Congratulations To Mr.& Mrs.Otto Rollwage, An Angel Visited Their House Sunday, And Took Up Abode, Spreading Nothing But Sunshine In That Already Bright Home- It'sa Girl-There Is No Other Kind Of Angels.
7-10-1896 - Mcbee - Baby - - Madison-A Ten Pound Boy Made His Appearance At The Home Of Mr.& Mrs. W.A.Mcbee Sunday Night.The Mother And Little One Are Doing Well.
12-11-1896 - Chaney - Lucy Eggleston - - Madison-The Broadest Smile, The Most Plastic Step, The Glibest Utterances Of Thetongue, Comes From Our Friend F.M.Chaney On The Birth Of A Baby Girl.
Phone Numbers:
1 - W.T.Sanders-The Grocery Man-Telephone No.1-Breakfast Cereals - - - - 1902 1903 - - -
6 - Memphis Steam Laundry-Edward Roleson, Jr. Prop. - - - - 1902 - - -
16 - R.H.Winfield & Co.-Opera House Block-Dry Goods - - - - 1908 1911 - - -
17 - Fondren And Smith, Grocers-Corner Of Washington And Jackson Street-Free Delivery - - - - 1901 1903 - - -
18 - Klondike Bakery-James Toney Prop. - - - - 1911 - - -
18 - Forrest City Steam Laundry-Mrs.J.B.Moody, Prop.-Rollwage Building, South Sode - - - - 1903 - - -
19 - J.S.Shields & Co.-Prescription Druggists - - - - 1908 - - -
24 - Rollwage & Alderson- - - - - 1903 - - -
26 - A.J.Vaccaro & Co.-Proprietors Of The Emporium-Ladies Millinery - - - - 1909 - - -
28 - Furnished Rooms For Rent-Call 28 - - - - 1911 - - -
29 - G.N.Laughinghouse & Co.-G.N.Laughinghouse And T.E.Haskins-Dealers In Fresh Fish, Beef, Pork, Mutton, Vegetables In Season-Free Delivery - - - - 1903 - - -
29 - Mallory & Fogg-The Palace Saloon-Cor.Washington & Jackson Streets In The Winthrop Bldg..-Fine Wines, Liquors, & Cigars-Keg & Bottled Beers - - - - 1908 - - -
31 - The City Drug Store-O.N.Warren, Prop. - - - - 1909 - - -
31 - Hatcher & Caldwell, City Drug Store - - - - 1911 - - -
34 - H.R.Neblett-Grocery And Dry Goods - - - - 1910 1909 1911 - 1912 - -
34 - W.T.Sanders-Dealer In Dry Goods-114 Front St.-Free Delivery - - - - 1908 - - -
38 - Ewart-Marshall Lumber Co. - - - - 1910 1911 - - -
40 - Hotel Marion, Formerly The Belser, Mrs.Pauline Goddard, Prop.-The Only $2 House In The City - - - - 1901 - - -
41 - Fussell-Graham-Alderson Company-Successors To Fussell-Graham & Co., And L.Rollwage & Alderson-Telephone 41 - - - - 1902 - - -
42 - Landvoight & Vadakin-Book, Music Store And Printing Office - - - - 1908 1911 - - -
44 - The Forrest City Bottling Works- - - - - 1911 - - -
48 - F.W.Derossitt-Will Pay Cash For Mule And Horse Colts - - - - 1909 - - -
49 - Forrest City Real Estate Co.-J.L.Newsome, Pres./W.H.Brown,Sct./Wm.W.Campbell, Treas. - - - - 1910 - - -
49 - Newsome, Eldridge & Co. - - - - 1910 - - -
52 - Newsome & Ferrell-Realtors - - - - 1911 - - -
61 - The Pearl Saloon-I.W.Mallory Prop.-Telephone 61 - - - - 1901 - - -
61 - N.B.Nelson & Co.-Jug Trade A Specialty-Formerly The Pearl Saloon - - - - 1902 1903 - - -
58 - Pettus & Buford-General Merchandise And Plantation Supplies - - - - 1910 1911 1912 - - -
59 - Robert L.Pettus-Clothing And Dry Goods-Invites Your Trade-Telephone No.59-Mccrary Building - - - - 1902 - - -
71 - J.T.Dement-Dealer In High-Class Groceries-Phone 71-Successor To V.B.Izard & Co. - - - - 1902 - - -
71 - New Meat Market-B.Fussell, Prop.-Beef, Pork, Mutton, Lamb, Veal & Poultry-Also Handle Fresh Eggs, Butter & Vegetables - - - - 1908 1909 - - -
73 - E.N.Gilliland-Tubular Wells, Plumbing, Steam Fitting-North Washington Street By The Presbyterian Church - - - - 1908 - - -
75 - Grobmyer Lumber - - - - 1910 1911 - - -
75 - Grobmyer Lumber & Feed Co.-Dealers In All Kinds Of Lumber, Sash, Doors, Shingles, Etc.-Prompt Delivery - - - - 1908 1912 - - -
77 - Brandon & Baugh-North Front Street-Long Distance Phone 77 - - - - 1901 - - -
79 - Purity Dairy-S.B.Trapp-Prop. - - - - 1912 - - -
81 - Neely & Neblett-Dry Goods & Groceries - - - - 1908 - - -
82 - Klondike Bakery-Fred Kleiber, Prop.-Telephone 82-Fresh Bread Every Morning - - - - - - -
84 - Forrest City Ice & Power Co.-Agents For Cudahy Packing Co.'S Products - - - - 1901 1902 1903 - - -
86 - The Combination Shop-S.L.Berry, Mgr.-Shoe, Saddle & Harness - - - - 1908 - - -
86 - New Racket Store-M.Rutsky & Co., Prop.-Free Delivery - - - - 1909 - - -
88 - C.H.Havens, Undertaker And Funeral Director-All Kinds Of Coffins And Caskets, Burial Robes Kept In Stock-Telephone 88, Two Rings-1901 - - - - 1901 - - -
91 - Enterprise Meat Market=Schuh & Co. - - - - 1910 - - -
91 - The Palace Market And Grocery-Tom O'brien And Willie Havens, Prop.-Rosser Street Opposite The Red Gin - - - - 1911 - - -
91 - T.O'brien-Dealer In Fresh Beef, Pork, Veal, Mutton, Poultry & Produce-Prompt Delivery - - - - 1908 - - -
97 - Jno.W.Naylor-Teams Wanted To Transfer Lumber From St.Francis River To Crow Creek - - - - 1908 - - -
101 - W.D.Paslay & Co. On Jackson Street, Near Stone's Livery Stable. Telephone 101, Free Delivery - - - - 1901 - - -
108 - Havens Bros.-J.K.Havens & Chas.Havens-Dealers In Staples And Fine Groceries, Etc.-Lunches To Order-Telephone No.108-Free Delivery-Rush J.Ash's Stand-West Jackson Street - - - - 1902 - - -
108 - Restaurant-Short Orders Only-Rush J.Ash=Staple And Fancy Groceries-Rollwage New Building,W.Jackson St.-Telephone 108-Free Delivery - - - - 1903 - - -
112 - Turley Bros. & Gilliam- In The Hancock Building On N.Washington Street - - - - 1910 - - -
112 - E.Turley & Co.-Byhalia Cash Store-Hancock Building - - - - 1902 - - -
124 - W.B.Mann, Jr.- Laundry - - - - 1902 - - -
126 - Izard & Williams, Forrest City, Ark., Real Estate And Insurance-Office Over J.W.Beck & Co. - - - - 1901 - - -
126 - W.E.Williams & Son-Real Estate & General Insurance Agents - - - - 1902 - - -
126 - Stevens Brosl, Undertakers & Embalmers-Southeast Corner South Washington And Front Streets-Phone 126 Day And Night - - - - 1903 - - -
103 - J.W.Williams-Dress Goods, Trimmings, Notions, Etc. - - - - 1903 - - -
131 - A.L.Grady-Dealer In Dry Goods-New Store-Telephone 131-Free Delivery - - - - 1902 - - -
134 - Atkins & Horne, Dealers In Hardware, Stoves, & Tinware-J.H.Atkins - - - - 1901 1902 - - -
134 - J.H.Atkins-Next To Post Office-Hardware, Tinware, Agricultural Implements, Builder's Hardware, Lumberman Outfits, Cutlery, Harness,Etc.-Telephone No.134 - - - - 1902 - - -
134 - L.R.Grobmyer's City Meat Market - - - - 1911 - - -
137 - Pettus & Fogg-General Merchandise=Robert L.Pettus And E.K.Fogg, Prop. - - - - 1909 - - -
147 - R.C.Prewitt,Physician And Surgeon-Over Dunavant's Drugstore - - - - 1902 1901 - - -
147 - City Water & Light Company - - - - 1911 - - -
147 - City Water & Light Company - - - - 1912 - - -
170 - Forrest City Ice & Coal Co.-Bottling Works And Steam Laundry-Geo.P.Taylor, Prop. - - - - 1910 1911 1912 - - -
174 - Becker & Lewis Coal - - - - 1910 - - -
174 - Becker & Lewis Furniture - - - - 1909 - - -
184 - W.E.Kirby & Co. - - - - 1910 1909 1911 - - -
188 - Robt.Brittain Staple And Fancy Groceries - - - - 1910 - - -
189 - Bus Service From Iron Mountain Railroad To Hotel Fisher - - - - 1911 - - -
191 - Forrest City Cleaning And Pressing Club-L.S.C.Williams, Prop.Chop Near Presbyterian Church - - - - 1902 - - -
191 - The Pearl Caf-R.J.Ash Brothers, Props.-Fresh Fancy Groceries, Fruits, Nuts & Confections. Cigars & Tobacco - - - - 1908 1909 - - -
199 - J.T.Sanders, Ph.G.-Enterprise Drug Store-Hoadley's Ice Cream-Prescription Druggist-Prompt Delivery - - - - 1908 1902 - - -
204 - W.F.Klotz-The Hardware Man-West Jackson Street-John Deere Plow Co.'S Implements - - - - 1912 1911 - - -
209 - Sellers & Scott Grocery - - - - 1910 - - -
211 - Planters Gin-Talk To Arthur Boyle About Your Coal Supply For Winter. - - - - 1908 - - -
212 - Our Bakery - - - - 1911 - - -
225 - J.I.Hawk-Realtor - - - - 1908 - - -
228 - W.L.Lawrence-Proprietor City Grocery-Prompt Delivery - - - - 1909 - - -
239 - Jim Thompson Hauling - - - - 1910 - - -
248 - City Grocery-W.L.Lawrence Prop. - - - - 1910 - - -
248 - L.F.Rollwage & Co.-High Class Groceries, Fruits, Produce-Quick Delivery - - - - 1908 - - -
248 - Lawrence's City Grocery-Fresh Holsum Bread - - - - 1911 - - -
248 - New Meat Market-B.Fussell, Prop.-Beef, Pork, Mutton, Lamb, Veal & Poultry-Also Handle Fresh Eggs, Butter & Vegetables - - - - 1908 - - -
252 - W.J.Stolzer-Proprietor-Concrete-Plant On Madison Road - - - - 1909 - - -
254 - Forrest City Furniture Company-214 North Front Street - - - - 1908 1911 - - -
269 - B.B.Boggs-The New Plumber-Residence Phone - - - - 1909 - - -
293 - C.C.Weier-Bricklayer And Builder - - - - 1910 - - -
299 - R.E.Sellers-Groceries-Pettus Building - - - - 1909 - - -
299 - Sellers & Scott Grocery - - - - 1911 1910 - - -
300 - Forrest City Steam Laundry-E.H.Overfield,Manager - - - - 1910 - - -
311 - Wood For Sale-J.L.Newsom-First Class Wood Yard - - - - 1911 - - -
312 - A.D.Boyle Jeweler-Imperial Building - - - - 1912 - - -
341 - Joe E.Beck-Blacksmithing-Shop On Jackson Street Near Iron Mountain Railroad 1911