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Forrest City Times Newspaper-Year 1897 Articles have been summarized! Paul V. Isbell
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Deaths: - - - -
1-1-1897 - Murdock - Lee - - Madison-Lee Murdock, aged nineteen years died at the the hotel last Sunday morning, Dec.27,1896, after a protracted illness of five weeks. He was in the employ of Wheeler & Co., and had been here only several months.
1-8-1897 - Levy - Samuel - - Samuel Levy, brother of Gus and S. Levy, died at the residence of his brother Gus, in this city last Saturday, Jan.2,1897, after a lingering illness. The remains were taken to Memphis Sunday for interrment.
1-8-1897 - Maris - Annie - Miss - Mrs.R.J.Williams reached home Tuesday evening from Sommerville, Tenn., where she had sometime been caring for her sister, Miss Annie Maris, whom we regret to state, died on Dec.27,1896.
1-8-1897 - Rodgers - Mrs. - - McDaniel-Mrs.Rodgers, mother of our fellow citizen, Joe Rodgers, died Wednesday, Dec.24 at Haynes, age eighty-two years.
1-15-1897 - Graves - Rufus - - A sad dispensation of Providence was visited upon the family of D.W.Graves Wednesday afternoon, Jan.13,1897, in the death of their little baby son, Rufus. Rev.Mr.Simpson officiated at the funeral.
1-22-1897 - Moore - Eva - Miss - Uncle Bob Mitchell, of McGuffin, visited the city last Saturday morning and reported the sad fate of Eva, the five year old child of W.R.Moore, who lives near Moon Lake. The little one was burned to death the day before, Jan.15,1897, by her clothing accidentally catching fire.
1-22-1897 - Grant - Charlie - - McDaniel-Charlie Grant, son of J.J.Grant, died on the 9th of Jan.1897, and was buried at the Yocona burying ground.JAN.22,1897 FORREST CITY TIMES NEWSPAPER
1-29-1897 - Sutton - Oliver - - Oliver Sutton died at his home on Blackfish lake one day last week, and was buried near his home. He had lived in the locality for many years, and was well known and respected by all who knew him. He leaves an interesting family who have our sympathy.
2-5-1897 - Merritt - Lizzie - - Old "Aunt" Lizzie Merritt, an old resident of the city died at an early hour Monday morning, Feb.1,1897.
2-5-1897 - Gill - Lucy - Mrs - Mrs.Green Gill, nee Lucy Anderson, died at the residence of T.W.Hughes in Widener north of Madison, at an early hour Monday morning, Feb.1,1897.
2-12-1897 - Sullivan - J. O. - Mr. - Mr.J.O.Sullivan, of Palestine, died at his home at that place Tuesday night, Feb.9.1897.
2-12-1897 - Williams - Jeff Davis - - A sad sequel to man's weakness and proneness to evil was shown in the death of Jeff Davis Williams, who died in a cell in the county jail at an early hour Wednesday morning, Feb.10,1897. Some time during the early fall Williams misappropriated some mortgaged cotton and left the county. He was arrested, tried, and plead guilty. He then went on a starvation diet instead of going to the penitentiary. He was a man of about 40 years of age, with a family, who lives in Johnson Township in their little home down on the farm.
2-19-1897 - Allen - T. - Squire - One of the oldest landmarks of the county, Squire T.Allen, of Goodwin, died at his home in that place on last Friday afternoon, Feb.12,1897. Squire Allen has long been a familar figure in the county, and was a most reputable citizen. He had lived in the county fifteen years, and was 71 years of age. We regret to inform the immediate cause of his death originated from the effect of a wound received in the leg at the Battle of Shiloh while serving the Confederacy. He leaves a wife and one orphan child. His remains were laid to rest in the Goodwin cemetery the following day.FEB.19,1897 FORREST CITY TIMES NEWSPAPER
2-19-1897 - Currie - T. A. - Dr. - His many acquaintances and friends will regret to learn of the death of Dr.T.A.Currie, a former resident of Forrest City, which occurred at Rosemark, Tenn., last Tuesday, Feb.16,1897. His remains were buried in Memphis on Thursday.
2-19-1897 - McCutchens - Baby - - Widener-The three week' s old infant Of James McCutchens died last Sunday evening. The family have our sympathy in the bereavement.
2-26-1897 - Winthrop - H. - W. - A gloom was cast over the community last Sunday morning when it became known that Capt.H.W.Wintrhop had passed into the mysterious beyond. The fall from the balcony was the cause of his untimely death. H.W.Winthrop was a native of Ireland, of Scotch and English parentage. His parents emigrated to this country when he was 4 years old and settled in Vermont. the Captain, as he was familiarly called, cast his fortunes with St.Francis County in 1865, first locating at Madison, then the county seat. During his thirty two years of citizenship, the esteem of which he was held is manifested by the many offices of trust which he filled. He held the office of chief clerk of the United States Bureau, was United States Assessor for the Eastern District of Arkansas, United District collector for the same district, Assessor of St.Francis County for six years. He was elected Mayor of Forrest City for two terms, and many improvements stand as monuments to his interest in public affairs. At the time of his death, he was 55 years of age, and leaves a wife and two daughters to mourn their loss. The funeral was conducted under the Auspices of the Knights of Honor. At half past 3 o'clock the remains were brought from the parlor to the dining room, (the former place being unable to hold the multitude of friends and acquaintances) where the beautiful services of the Episcopal Church were read by Rev. Mr.Edward L. Ogilby. At the conclusion of the services the cortege that followed the remains to the "city of the dead" was perhaps the largest the city has known. Mrs.G.A.Winthrop wishes to express her gratitude to all the friends of her family for the many deeds of kindness offered during the period of her husband's illness and the final disposition of the remains; especially she wishes to thank the inmates and patrons of the hotel for their many kind considerations.
3-5-1897 - Shay - Charley - - A man by the name of Charley Shay, being wanted in St.Francis and Lee counties for various offenses was located near Earle, and acting on word from Sheriff Williams, Deputy Sheriff P.A.Mahon of Critttendon County, assisted by Deputy Sheriff Ed Horton proceeded to Smith's mill on Wednesday of last week, for the purpose of making an arrest. Upon being called to halt, Shay turned and fired upon the officers with a double barrelled shotgun, severely wounding Horton in the head and Mahon in the hip and was about to reload with buckshot when the officers returned fire hitting Shay twice, from the effects he died at 8 o'clock. Shays remains were returned to Wynne and turned over to Sheriff Williams who brought them to Forrest City and was buried on Thursday of last week. Shay said he thought the officers were Frank Sherman. He was 28 years of age and unmarried.
3-5-1897 - Bingham - Newt - - Last Saturday night a tenant house on B.J.Pope's place three miles south of town, was burned to the ground. Newt Bingham lost his life in the fire, being about 28 years of age, a widower with two children. Coroner Gaines discovered no evidence of foul play.
3-12-1897 - Allen - Laura - - Laura Allen was badly wounded at her home near Beck's switch on Saturday night, the 30th, by Charles Haskins, her lover, died of the wound Thursday morning, Feb.11,1897. Charles Haskins is behind bars pending his trial for his life during the current term of the court. He was convicted of murder on Mar.19, and the execution will be announced when the sentence is passed down. Sentenced to be hanged on the 24th of May, 1897 in the jail yard. Later the Governor commuted the sentence to life in prison just before the hanging was to take place.
3-26-1897 -A colored boy named Jobe, 18 years of age, lost his life, Saturday, on the Lowery Mallory place, in the Burnt Cane settlement, by drowning. He endeavored to cross a swift current and his craft was overturned.
4-2-1897 - Berry - Baby Boy - - We inadvertently did not mention the death on March 13,1897 of the baby boy of Mr.& Mrs.R.L.Berry of Madison.
4-2-1897 - Unknown - Bobo - - A boy aged 18 named Bobo died on the Lowery Mallory place by drowning, in the Burnt Cane vicinity on Saturday when a swift current overturned his craft crossing the river.
4-2-1897 - Mobler - Anthony - - Anthony Mobler, living on the L.Mallory place was drowned Saturday on Horseshoe Lake when his dugout overturned. His body was recovered and buried by friends Tuesday, April 13,1897.
4-9-1897 - Worley - King - - King Worley was accidentally drowned near the military road last Friday, April 1,1897. We learn he lost his life while rafting logs. His body was recovered, and friends came to the city Saturday for the burial outfit.
4-9-1897 - Mahaffey - J. W. - Sr. - J.W.Mahaffey, Sr., one of the oldest citzens of this county, died at Wynne, Tuesday, April 6,1897, in the 66th year of his age. Mr.Mahaffey is well and favorably known in the county, having resided in Blackfish township for many years.
4-9-1897 - Nelson - Child - - The 12 year old son of I.N.Nelson, met with a probable fatal accident last Monday, April 5,1897, when driving a wagon loaded with wood, he ran over a rut caused by the late rains, and was jostled from his seat, and the heavily loaded wagon passing over his body.
5-7-1897 - Byerly - Mother - - Alvin Byerly, of Blues Point, killed his mother, Friday morning, because she was correcting an adopted child. Byerly then put his family in a skiff and rowed away in the overflow. He was apprehended in Tunica, Miss. Monday. He was placed in jail in Marion.
5-14-1897 - Jolly - Samuel - Mrs. - Mrs.Samuel Jolly died at her home south of town last Saturday, May 8,1897, and the remains passed through the city Sunday enroute to the Hughes Cemetery, several miles north of the city where they were laid to rest.
5-14-1897 - Arthur - N.C. - Mrs. - Mrs.N.C.Arthur died at her late residence in the city yesterday afternoon, May 14,1897. She had recently refuged from her home in the overflowed district and the exposure attendant upon the trip possibly hastened her departure. She has been a resident of the county for a number of years, was forty-three years of age and leaves a husband and friends to mourn her demise. Her remains were laid to rest in the Wylds cemetery besides her only child this afternoon.
5-28-1897 - Trotman - J. - G. - Mr.J.G.Trotman, an aged and respected citizen of Madison, died at his home in the village Saturday, May 22,1897 and was buried Sunday. Mr.Trotman had lived in the county for many years, and left a wife to mourn his loss.
5-28-1897 - Dye - Van - B. - We regret to learn of the death of Van B.Dye, which occurred in the city of St.Louis on May 23,1897. The cause of his death was heart disease. Van was well known here and was born and raised here, the son of Dr.& Mrs.Thomas Dye
6-4-1897 - Davis - Sadie - E. - Mrs.Sadie E.Davis, wife of W.C.Davis, of Red Field, Ark., died on the 25of of May,1897. Mr.Davis had once resided here and has a large number of friends here who will regret to learn of his sad bereavement. She was the sister of W.F.Eppes and Mrs.Hunter Crippen.
6-5-1897-Bady-John-John Bady, a sort of "a bad n." from the Brown place is lying in the county jail in a dying condition. For some months the county authorities have been setting traps for the slippery John, but not until last Sunday morning did they succeed in making the catch. Two or three indictments have been hung over John's head, ranging as far back as last spring, a year ago. The charges were mainly for being too handy with his gun, having on one occasion put to flight a whole camp meeting of colored brothers and sisters who had assembled for Divine service in the northeastern portion of the county. Deputy Sheriff Frank Sherman had been keeping in hearing distance of the outlaw and fugitive from justice., and in some way peculiar to Frank's own method, Dep.Sheriff John Cobb of Wynne, Cross County, was notified that Badie would spend last Saturday night in that city. At an early hour Sunday morning, Dep. Cobb entered the sleeping apartment of the desperado for the purpose of making the arrest, when a desperate hand to hand encounter was, at once began. Cobb has only one arm and was for a short time at a disadvantage, but he managed to keep possession of his pistol, and during the hottest of the scuffle for possession of the weapon, the officer sent a bullet through the arm of Bady, and flashed another charge so close to his antagonist's face that he released his hold upon the officer, when another shot in the back laid him low. This last shot took effect slightly to the left of the spine and ranged downward an caused paralysis from the waist down, in which condition he still lingers. During Sunday the wounded man was cared for by Dr.Harris and the following morning, he was brought to the city and placed in jail, where he has been attended by Dr.White, who states that his chances for recovery are very slim. He died on Saturday night, June 5,1897.
6-11-1897 - Cooper - Peter - - Peter Cooper, a man living on the Parham place, north of the city, died Saturday afternoon and was buried Sunday.
6-11-1897 - Bady - John - - Maggie Bady, wife of desperado John Bady, who died in the jail Saturday afternoon, is at home of friends in a precarious conditions. During her husband's incarceration, she attended him at intervals, until one day when she left him, saying she was going to get him something. The next heard of her, she was several miles west of town in L'anguille bottoms, wandering aimlessly in the woods. She was brought to town and cared for by Sidmon Rodgers, whom, on one occasion her husband had threatened to kill over some trifling matter.
6-11-1897 - Lutz - E.C. - Mrs. - A telegram, yesterday from Mammoth Spring, announced the critical illness of Mrs.E.C.Lutz, and required the presence of her son Walter, who went to her last night. Another message this morning brings the sad news that she passed away at 9 o'clock. Thursday evening, at the home of the Editor of the Mammoth Spring Monitor, Mr.W.H.Culp, he had been married at the residence of Mr.& Mrs. Lutz many years ago. She was 46 years of age and had been accompanied to Mammoth Springs by her daughter, Miss Annie. She leaves a family of two children, Annie and Walter, to mourn their loss, and they have our sincere sympathy. Her husband was Isaac Lutz, who passed in 1896.The remains will arrive here tomorrow morning, and the funeral will take place from the Methodist church at 8:30 o'clock. Services by Rev.P.E.Taylor of Argenta, formerly of this city. Interrment at the Mt.Vernon cemetery.
6-18-1897 - Hornsby - E. - Mrs. - Mr.D.L.Nelson returned and family returned from Poplar Grove, Tenn., Monday, where they had accompanied the remains of Mrs.E.Hornsby for interment. The readers will remember that she died last week at the home of her son in law, Mr.Nelson.
6-18-1897 - Davidson - Mattie - Mrs. - Mrs.Mattie Davidson, wife of Jno.Davidson, who works as a porter at J.W.Beck & Co. died yesterday and was buried in the cemetery east of the city today, under the auspices of the Sisters of the Eastern Star.
6-25-1897 - Borum - Spencer - - Spencer Borum one of the old landmarks of Forrest City, died Last Saturday, June 19,1897.
7-2-1897 - Prewett - Mary - Ms. - Little Mary Bisco, the five month and one day old baby of Mr.& Mrs.John M.Prewett died at the home of her parents late Monday afternoon, at 6 p.m., June 28,1897. and was laid to rest at the cemetery at 10 o'clock the following day. Rev.J.B.Perminter officiating. Litte Mary had, for some time, had some trouble to adapt her food to her system, but it was not thought to be serious until two or three days before the event. The patient father and mother had watched over her very constantly and faithfully for two months, but were not expecting such end. The Times extends sympathy to the bereaved family. Birth:Lawyer Jno.M.Prewett only hits mother earth on high places these days, and it is not a boy by at least one majority, and she arrived on the early schedule Wednesday morning, January 27,1897.
7-2-1897 - Peace - Martha - - Martha Peace, wife of William Peace, died Tuesday night and was buried at the Mr.Vernon cemetery the following day.July 2,1897 Forrest City Times Newspaper
7-2-1897-Nelms-Jessie- A shooting affray, attended with possibly fatal results, occurred at Colt, yesterday about noon. Samuel M. Norvel, a one legged ex-confederate soldier and good citizen, fired three shots into the back of Jessie Nelms, his half brother-in-law. Nelm's intimacy with Norvel's 17 year old daughter led to the shooting. Yesterday morning, at Norvel's request, a physician's investigation supported the girl's confession of her ruin, and enraged her father to the desperate deed. The tragedy occurred at the village blacksmith shop. Norvel approached his victim, and despoiler of his domestic happiness and made some short remark accusing him of his crime, and at once brought his revolver into play. The irate father's first attempt was to send a ball crushing through the brain of Nelms, but in this he failed, the weapon failed to explode; at this Nelms fled but not swift enough to escape the three shots which will possibley land him in his grave. The wounded man was attended by Dr.J. O. Rush, and at 7 o'clock this morning was still alive, but with little hopes of recovery. Nelms is about 26 years of age, married and has three children. He is under an indictment, and out on bond, for violating the age of consent law upon a young woman, who is related to him. After the shooting, Mr.Norvel came to town and surrendered to the sheriff.
7-9-1897 - Aven - Child - - W.T.Aven lost a child yesterday, July 7th, 1897, and it was buried today in Hughes Cemetery.Jul.9,1897 Forrest City Times Newspaper
8-6-1897 - Dennis - J. - W. - Mrs.J.W.Dennis died last night about 8 o'clock. The funeral will take place from the Methodist church Saturday morning at 10 o'clock.
8-6-1897 - Farmer - John - N. - John N.Farmer, a prominent citizen and planter of this county, died at his residence on the plantation at the Cut-Off on the St.Francis River, sixteen miles below this city, at 12 o'clock Monday, Aug.2,1897. Mr.Farmer was about 50 years of age, and had been a resident of the county the greater portion of his life. He was a member of the K. Of H., and leaves a family of five children. His remains were buried in the cemetery in this city Tuesday at 4o'clock, under the auspices of the Knights of Honor. This is the second time in a year that death has claimed a member of this family, the wife and mother having preceded her husband to the grave a few months hence. We extend the bereaved family our heartfelt sympathy in their great affliction.Aug.6,1897 Forrest City Times Newspaper
8-6-1897 - Bradley - Charley - - Coroner Gaines was called to Madison Saturday, by telegram to hold an inquest over the remains of a drowned man. On his arrival at Madison, he found the circumstances attending the drowning of such a nature as not to require an inquest. The drowned man's name was Charley Bradley, a native of Phildadephia. He was engaged in rafting logs, two miles above Madison, and while in shallow water, endeavoring to float a grounded raft, stepped into a "pocket." and, being unable to swim, lost his life. A companion endeavored to save him but came near to losing his own life, the drowning man grasping him around the body. It was a difficult job to loosen the man's hold, but at last succeeded and Bradley was left to his fate. His remains were interred in the cemetery in Madison.
8-6-1897 - Patterson - John - Jr. - John Patterson, Jr. who has been lying in a critical condition for several weeks at the home of Mr.Mosby died last Wednesday night, August 4,1897. He had many friends who join us in sympathy with his relatives in their bereavement.
8-6-1897 - Simmons - Belle - - A telegram Friday night, announcing the rapid sinking of her invalid aunt, Mrs.Belle Simmons, took Mrs.Vadakin to Memphis Saturday, too late, however, to see her aunt alive. She died at 3:30 Saturday afternoon, July 31,1897, and was buried Sunday.
8-13-1897 - Griggs - Geo. - - Coroner M.N.Gaines held a inquest over the death of Geo.Griggs, at Colt yesteday. The verdict was that he came to his death from a knife wound, inflicted by one Cap. Morgan. Morgan is still at large, though the sheriff and deputies are scouring the county for him. The tragedy occurred at the barbeque pits Wednesday night, and was the outcome of a quarrel. Cap. Morgan was captured at Black Oak Ridge, Mississippi County Aug.28,1897.
8-20-1897 - Wilson - Nancy - Mrs. - Mrs.Nancy J. Wilson died at Galveston, Texas on Tuesday, August 17,1897, after undergoing a surgical operation, and the remains were brought to this city for interrment, arriving last evening. Services at the grave by Rev.N.B.Fizer were largely attended by the relatives and many friends of deceased, who was the widow of D.M.Wilson, Sr., who lost his life in this city in 1889, at which time he was high sheriff of the county. Mrs.Wilson was greatly loved by those who knew her best, and her children were entirely devoted to her. She was a consistent member of the Methodist church. The bereaved have the sympathy of the community.
8-27-1897 - Stokes - Nevia - Miss - Caldwell-Miss Nevia Stokes who has been afflicted with consumption, Died Thursday and was buried Friday.
8-27-1897 - Rosenthal - Sophia - Mrs. - Mrs.Sophia Rosenthal, of Memphis, sister to M.Isaacs of Haynes, died Wednesday, and he went over Thursday to attend the funeral.
8-27-1897 - Smith - Son - - Information was received here yesterday of the death of a young son of Rev.M.M.Smith, presiding elder of the Helena district. The sad event ocurred at the residence in Brinkley on Sunday, Aug.22,1897. The deceased was about 15 years of age.
9-3-1897 - McPhaul - Maggie - Mrs. - Mrs.Maggie McPhaul died Aug.23,1897 at her home in Wheatley,Ark.
9-10-1897 - Adams - Jim - Mrs. - Mrs.Jim Adams died Tuesday night, Sep.7,1897, leaving two children, who unless steps are taken to avoid it, will become inmates of the county poor house.
9-10-1897 - Brown - C. - F. - Squire C.F.Brown died at his home in Cooper, Sunday night, Sept.5,1897. He was a successful planter and his death is deplored by all who knew him.
9-10-1897 - Jackson - Mary - M. - Mrs.Mary M.Jackson, born in Marbro County, S.Carolina,Sept.13,1834 died at the home, of her only daughter, Mrs.T.W.May at Cherry Valley, in Cross County, Arkansas, Sept.5,1897, at 8:10 of complicated bowel trouble, age 62 years, 11 months, and 23 days. The remains were brought to this city Monday, and interred at the Forrest City Cemetery, Rev.Jas.F.Jernigan conducting the funeral ceremony. Mrs.Jackon's maiden name was Mary M. Ware, and she was the daughter of the eminent Methodist divine, Rev.Nicholas Ware of Brownsville, Marbro County, South Carolina. She was married to W.W,Jackson in 1857, and five children were born to them:viz.N.W., Miss Georgia, Dr.W.W., T.W., Everett and Robert, all of whom survive her. The family came to Forrest City in 1870, and are favorably known throughout Eastern Arkansas. She was a member of the Methodist Church, and was a noble Christian neighbor and mother. She had been an invalid for years, and though not expected, her death was a heavy blow to her children, all of whom were favorably attached to her.Sep.10,1897 Forrest City Times Newspaper.
9-17-1897 - Hughes - E. - C. - E.C.Hughes died at his home in Haynes, Lee county, Sunday night, Sep.12,1897. This death removes one of the oldest landmarks of Eastern Arkansas. He had resided in St.Francis and Lee counties for many years and had always been prominently connected with the interests of his locality. He leaves a large estate, a wife and many friends.
9-17-1897 - Dobson - Lucinda - Miss - Lucinda Dobson died at Newcastle Saturday morning, Sep.11,1897, aged 52 years and was buried at Bluff graveyard Sunday, She had raised five boys and two girls to respectable man and womanhood, and her death is regretted by all who knew her. Her daughter Lucy is now teaching at Democrat.
9-24-1897 - Smith - Child - - A child of Oliver Smith died due to fire accident last Tuesday afternoon on a plantation of Sheriff Williams, south of Widener. Dr.Evans was called upon for assistance, but to no avail.
10-1-1897 - Folsom - Mrs. - - The Times extends its sincere sympathy to Bros.W.W and W.B.Folsom and Miss Annie in their great bereavement. The death of Mrs.Folsom is indeed sad news to the press gang, who have known and loved her for so long and well for her lovely traits of character. She was a noble woman.
10-1-1897 - Speers - Tom - - Caldwell-News reached your correspondent yesterday that a boy named Tom Speers was killed near Bemis Wednesday by John Tackett. We knew both parties. They quarreled about watering a team. No further particulars. Oct.8-Squire Nelson was investigating the killing on Sept.20 by John Tackett was determined to be manslaugher.
10-15-1897 - Matthews - Henry - - Henry Matthews, infant son of Dr.W.J. & Mrs.Alice Matthews died Tuesday night of complication of maladies and was buried at the Forrest City Cemetery the following afternoon, the Rev.J.B.Perminter officiating. Henry was a bright little fellow, and had arrived that most interesting age when parents and grandparents, as well as others around the home, become so greatly interested in the prettle and pranks. His little voice and presence will be sorely missed, and there will be an unsatisfied longing that nothing but time and prayer will satiate
10-15-1897 - Higgins - William - H. - Died on the morning of October 11,1897, at 4:30 o'clock, William H.Higgins, at his residence in L'Anguille township. Deceased was 53 years of age last March. He was well known through the country, and beloved and honored by all who knew him. He is survived by a wife and seven grown daughters.
10-15-1897 - Evans - Georgia - - Mrs.Georgia Evans, wife of W.E.Evans and daughter of Mr.& Mrs.R.E.Arnold, departed this life October 1,1897, at her home in St.Francis County, Ark., near Colt. She was born Feb.8,1875, in the same county and state. She professed religion and joined the Methodist church when young. She wore a sweet smile for everyone. She bore her illness with Christian fortitude. When dying she lifted that sweet, smiling face, with upturned eyes toward Heaven, and said, "I'm going home; get ready Willie, and go with me." So let us ever be willing and ready for the summons, for we all want to meet the dear one again. She was a kind wife, devoted daughter and loving mother. She leaves two little ones in the hands of Him who is able to save, together with a husband and dear father and mother, two sisters and many friends to mourn her loss. M.C.Fitch,Bedford, Texas.
10-29-1897 - Moore - Frank - Cyclone" - Frank Moore, alias "Cyclone", was killed at Cicalla Monday night by J.F.Shaver. Moore was a white man about 80 years of age, light complexion, six feet high, and weighed about 100 pounds. From the meager information obtainable, it is thought his home is at or near Marked Tree. He was in the timber business, and this brought him in contact with various camps throughout the bottom country. Monday morning he robbed J.C.Hamption
10-29-1897 - Pharr - H. - N. - Capt.H.N.Pharr, who has been ill with pneumonia for two weeks past at the residence of Dr.D.S.Drake in this city, died yesterday morning, Oct.24,1897, shortly after the noon hour. While his condition was considered serious at times, his recovery was hopefully looked for until a few hours before his death. For a number of years past the deceased was very ably filled the position of chief engineer of the St.Francis County levee board and was considered a man of marked ability in his profession. Capt.Pharr has been a resident of Lee county for many years and was highly esteemed by every one as a true and conscientious Christian gentleman. His remains will be taken to his home in LaGrange this morning for interment. Marianna Index.
10-29-1897 - Neel - John - Frank - John Frank Neel, little son of Mr.John G. and Mrs.Harriet B. Neel died Oct.26,1897. He was sick but a few hours-that dreaded disease, membranous croop, having taken a fatal hold upon that little victim, and the doctor, father and mother and all had to stand by, mute in grief and disappointment, and see the little life and light go out for all time. But eternity's morn will make a change, and dear little John will be laid to rest in the Forrest City cemetery to wait for the coming day.
11-5-1897 - Brown - Wallace - A. - Died at Egypt, on Monday, Nov.1,1897, Wallace A.Brown. Wallace was the eldest son of Fred H.Brown, and was for a long time a sufferer from that fell destroyer, consumption, which he bore with Christian fortitude. The remains were interred in the Bell Cemetery, near Palestine.The Times extends their condolences to the bereaved parents.
11-5-1897 - Ashworth - Nancy - Catherine - Mrs.Elizabeth Wingate, of Gulley, Izard County, arrived here Tuesday of last week, and was driven to the Cut-off by N.J.Deveraux, to attend the bedside of her mother, "Grandma" Ashworth, who is very low. Later--Grandma Ashworth died died at 5 o'clock yesterday morning, Oct.28,1897. She was among the oldest residents of the county being 79 years of age. Mrs.Nancy Catherine Ashworth, nee Thurman, was born in Dickson County, Tenn. Dec.19,1820; was married to John C.Ashworth in 1840, and came to St.Francis County, in 1871, and lived here until her death, Nov.4th, 1897. She was the mother of eight children. four are still living-Alfred, Sam, and Mrs.Deveraux, all of this county, and Mrs.Wingate of Izard county. She was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, having joined that church when sixteen years old. She was good woman, and an earnest, faithful Christian. She died as she had lived, full of faith in God, and leaves behind a savor of a good name.James A.Mason.
11-19-1897 - Perminter - J. - B. - Last Saturday night about 9 o'clock, Elder J.B.Perminter succumbed to an illness, and his passing away to an illness of about three weeks, and his spirit passed to its maker. Every possible cure and attention was given him during his illness, and his passing away was in the midst of kind and loving friends. At 2 o'clock, p.m, Sunday his remains were escorted under the auspices of the Masons, to the Baptist Church, of which he had been pastor the past twelve months, where services were held by Eld.W.H.Paslay, who feelingly spoke of the life of Elder Perminter in our midst. How closely he had followed the footsteps of his Divine Master, going about doing good,relieving the distressed, clothing and feeding the poor and needy, ever ready to respond to the call of duty. After the services at the church, the body was conveyed to the cemetery to be interred with the Masonic observances. After the ceremony, the mound was covered with floral offerings, and will no doubt be kept green by the flock.
11-19-1897 - Williams - T. - M. - The news reached town Saturday morning that Brown Eakes had killed T.M.Williams, seven miles north of town. Reasons are rumors of an affair with wife of Eakes. Eakes rented land from the father of the slain man.
11-26-1897 - Cobb - Kit - - Mrs.Kit Cobb, of Wynne, died Tuesday. She had relatives here, to whom we extend sympathy in their bereavement.
12-3-1897 - Aven - Thomas - Lisle - Thomas LIsle Aven, the sweet little 3 year old son of Mr.& Mrs.John W.Aven of Caldwell, died Tuesday night, of diptheria, and was interred in the Mt.Vernon cemetery the following day. Dr.Crutcher attended the child and exerted all that medicine could be used to save the little boy's life. It is unknown how the little man contracted the dread disease, but it is believed to be a stray kitten which strayed from their home. He was their only boy, the pride and joy of his parents.
12-3-1897 - Skipper - John - - John Skipper, who was so desperately wounded by Joe Sarden, some two weeks ago in the western portion of the county, died Wednesday of last week. Sarden was tried tried and acquitted of assault previously because it was determined that he acted in self defense.
12-10-1897 - Hunter - Dan - Jr. - Dan Hunter, Jr., the bright little son of D.I.and Ophelia Hunter died Wednesday, December 5th, 1897, of membraneous croup, aged 5 years, and was buried in the Forrest City cemetery yesterday evening, Rev.L.R.Simpson officiating. He was their only boy--a comfort and joy to all the household-and had arrived at a most interesting age where he could run little errands for mama and be a companion to his father in many daily excursions. It is hard to part with the loved one, and we know that the hearts of these parents are acerated by deep sorrow.
12-17-1897 - Pirtle - J. - R. - The Times learned several weeks ago that J.R.Pirtle, formerly of this city, had gone to his reward Sep.3,1897. Age 28 years, died at 8 o'clock Friday night at the home of his uncle, W.C.Pirtle, at Toone, Tenn. Deceased was a bookkeeper by profession, resided in Texas for several years until last Christmas. Interment will be at the family graveyard. The dread disease consumption was the cause of his death.
12-24-1897 - Weaver - M. - E. - Mrs.M.E.Weaver, living four miles north of the city, and who is a familiar figure to the business circle of our city, a very kind and considerate friend to all, was stricken with paralysis last Tuesday morning at 1 o'clock. The right side seemed to have escaped, and she was able to converse until about 4 o'clock, a.m., when she became oblivious to all surroundings, and was thought to be beyond the help of human skill. Later--Mrs.Weaver died Wednesday evening and was buried in the cemetery near her home, yesterday morning at 10 o'clock. The funeral took place at the residence. Rev.A.E.Holloway officiating.
Births: - - - -
1-15-1897 - Berry - Baby - - R.L.Berry was the recipient of a new years' present that produced the most gigantic smile that we have seen for some time. It was a boy and weighed eight and a half pounds, mother is progressing fine.
1-29-1897 - Prewett - Mary - - Lawyer Jno.M.Prewett only hits mother earth on high places these days, and it is not a boy by at least one majority, and she arrived on the early schedule Wednesday morning, January 27,1897.
2-5-1897 - Hodges - Baby - - Lewis Hodges rides a high horse these days; it's a 13 pound girl.
2-12-1897 - Scott - Baby - - Dr.W.W.Scott, of Haynes, is the proud father of a new born baby boy.
2-12-1897 - Mann - Baby - - Sam Mann again comes to the front with a brand new boy, born on Wednesday night, Feb.10,1897.
2-19-1897 - Bell - J.A. - Rev. - Rev.J.A.Bell, of Haynes, passed through this city this morning in company with his bride, whom he recently captured in Tennessee.
2-19-1897 - Coons - Baby - - Madison.-A beautiful little "Coons" has blessed the home of Mr.& Mrs.Coons on Feb.6th, 1897.
6-4-1897 - Gray - Baby - - A baby boy came to the home of Mr.& Mrs.E.T.Gray Sunday morning. Tom is the happiest man in Arkansas.
6-4-1897 - Vaccaro - Baby - - Andy Vaccaro, of Brinkley, is taking the whole sidewalk. He had a eleven pound boy.
6-4-1897 - Trapp - Baby - - After the shower Tuesday night rolled by Wednesday morning, and the sun burst forth adding brightness and joy to everything that came under it's rays. The sunshine crept into the home of Capt.and Mrs.W.H.McDaniel, and the Capt. is a proud grandpa, is the happiest man in St.Francis County. It's a boy and it's parents, Mr.& Mrs.Syd Trapp, are correspondingly happy.
7-30-1897 - Myers - Baby - - Mrs.Josie Myers gave birth to a fine nine-pound boy on Saturday afternoon. Her husband who was on duty, secured leave of absence and came over from Memphis on the first train to have a look at the young hopeful.
8-6-1897 - Barnes - Baby - - Scott Barnes wants to contradict the assertion of all new papas, "that their babies are the finest in the world". He says that one who came to his house last Sunday that beats the record, its a boy and number 10 in a family of all boys.
8-13-1897 - Simpson - Baby - - A fine ten pound boy arrived at the home of Rev. and Mrs.R.L.Simpson last Friday night, Aug.6,1897.
8-20-1897 - Hodges - Doris - - A fine girl baby arrived to the home of Mr.& Mrs.Sam Hodges, Sunday morning, mother and baby are doing fine, and Sam, "well, we don't know whether he's still "settin" em up or not".
9-3-1897 - Sanders - Baby - - Mr.& Mrs.Jim Sanders are thanking the lord for his many blessings. This time it is a sweet little baby girl born Saturday.
9-3-1897 - Buford - Baby - - Mr.& Mrs. W.H.Buford are the happy parents of a new baby girl born Tuesday morning, Aug.31,1897.
9-3-1897 - Gwyn - Baby - - The advent of a pretty little baby girl, Saturday night, made the household of Mr.& Mrs.H.B.Gwyn as happy as could be.
11-12-1897 - Aldridge - Baby - - W.H.Aldridge is the proud father of another girl, who arrived at his house Monday. Mother and daughter doing well.
Marriages: - - - -
1-8-1897 - Thompson - James W. - - We neglected to mention the marriage of James W.Thompson and Miss Laura Brown at Forrest Chapel by Rev.W,D.Paslay on the 24th of Dec.,1896.
1-8-1897 - Bell - H.W. - - H.W.Bell and Miss Wilda Spotts of the Wheatley neighborhood were licensed to marry yesterday.
1-8-1897 - Bryant - Joe J. - - Joe J.Bryant and Miss Annie Hood were married at the residence of the bride's grandmother, Mrs.Roy, near Haynes, yesterday afternoon. The groom is the valued manager at the Iron Mountain railroad office at Haynes.
1-15-1897 - Hunt - Riley - - Riley Hunt and Miss Maggie Zuber of Haynes were married at the Methodist chruch in that village last Sunday evening. Rev.J.W.McDonald officiating.
1-15-1897 - Caldwell - Joe - - Joe Caldwell and Miss Rebecca Patterson
1-15-1897 - Black - Tillman - - Tillmand Black and Miss Frances Drane
1-15-1897 - Roberson - Ed - - Ed Roberson and Miss Graham
1-15-1897 - Powell - Emmett - - Emmett Powell and Miss Maggie Gayton
1-15-1897 - Brown - Robert - - Robert Brown and Miss Cynthia Bynum
1-29-1897 - Johnson - Sam - - McDaniel-Sam Johnson and Miss Hattie Hays were married by Squire Scott.
2-5-1897 - Ashworth - Samuel - - Last Saturday, Jan.30,1897, the society of the city received quite a flurry when it was made known that Sam'l Ashworth and Miss Florence Davenport had been privately married in the parlor at the Methodist parsonage, now the residence of Rev.Jernigan, at 10 o'clock that morning. Mr.Ashworth is one of the county's most highly respected and substantial citizens, whose home is in the fertile valley of the St.Francis river, near the Cut-Off.
2-12-1897 - McDonald - J.H. - Rev. - Rev.J.H.McDonald passed thru McDaniel Monday on his way to Holly Grove, where he was to be married Tuesday to Miss Lizzie Taylor.
2-12-1897 - Moore - John - - McDaniel-Mr.John Moore and Miss Nora Jolley was quietly married at the residence of O.W.Lambert's last Sunday night, Rev.W.H.Paslay officiating.
2-19-1897 - Hodges - James - - Those who have had the courage to swap their state of single life for that of double, thus far this month are: James Hodges and Mary Lollar.
2-19-1897 - Moore - J.R. - - Those who have had the courage to swap their state of single life for that of double, thus far this month are:J.R.Moore to Nora Jolly.
2-19-1897 - Walker - Robert - - Those who have had the courage to swap their state of single life for that of double, thus far this month are:Robert Walker to Annie Hayden.
2-19-1897 - Edwards - Chas. - - Those who have had the courage to swap their state of single life for that of double, thus far this month are:Chas.Edwards to Mattie Hunt.
2-19-1897 - McDonald - J.B. - - Those who have had the courage to swap their state of single life for that of double, thus far this month are:J.B.McDonald to Lizzie Taylor.
2-19-1897 - Hayden - A.M. - - Those who have had the courage to swap their state of single life for that of double, thus far this month are:A.M.Hayden to Anna Watkins.
2-19-1897 - Polk - Jake - - Those who have had the courage to swap their state of single life for that of double, thus far this month are:Jake Polk to Sarah Scott.
2-19-1897 - McDonald - Henry - - Those who have had the courage to swap their state of single life for that of double, thus far this month are:Henry McDonald to Jennie Williams.
2-19-1897 - George - James - - Those who have had the courage to swap their state of single life for that of double, thus far this month are:James George to Bettie Shelby.
3-5-1897 - Fussell - James - - Miss Lizzie Floyd Randolph and Mr.James Fussell were married at 6 o'clock last evening at the home of the bride, 401 Shelby Street. It was a quiet affair with only family and a few friends being present. The bride is the niece of Mrs.Anna Francis, and is a young lady of many lovable traits of character. Mr.Fussell is a member of the firm of Fussell-Graham & Co. and one of Forrest City's foremost citizens.
3-19-1897 - McDaniel - J. - H. - J.H.McDaniel and Miss Eugenia Ursery were married Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, at the residence of S.P.McDaniel, two miles south of the city. Rev.W.H.Paslay officiating.
3-26-1897 - Stark - W. - B. - W.B.Stark and Miss Sallie Phillips were joined in matrimony yesterday afternoon at the residence of Mrs.Jno.F.Lynch, three miles northeast of Haynes. Squire J.E.Richards presided.
4-16-1897 - McCain - O. - D. - O.D.McCain and Miss Mollie Weeks of Dark Corner, came in town this morning and were married by Squire Dave Duncan at the residence of Mr.Franks.
4-16-1897 - Johnson - John - - John Johnson married Angeline Clay
4-16-1897 - Burnett - Arthur - - Arthur Burnett married Nancy Roberson
4-16-1897 - Cox - Charles S. - - Charles S.Cox married Mattie Busic
4-16-1897 - Pegues - Wm. - - Wm.Pegues married Lucinda Barfield
4-16-1897 - Watson - Tobe - - Tobe Watson married Mary Goodall
4-16-1897 - Moore - James - - James Moore married Josie Duke
4-30-1897 - Yoffee - Harry - - Cards are out announcing the marriage of Harry Yoffee of this city, and Miss Rosa Lissiowitz of Baltimore. They were married Sunday afternoon, June 12,1897, at the residence of Max Yoffee. The ceremony was impressive, being celebrated by Rabbi H.Cayota of Jonesboro.
5-7-1897 - Scott - Rufus - - On Sunday, May 2, Rufus Scott and Miss Bell Williams arrived just before services, at the Poplar Grove church, and calling for Rev.W.H.Paslay to perform the marriage ceremony while they were seated in the buggy.
5-14-1897 - Scall - J.R. - - J.R.Scall to Miss Bell Williams
5-14-1897 - Richardson - Jacob - - Jacob Richardson to Miss Silvey Cotton
5-14-1897 - Pettus - S.L. - - S.L.Pettus to Miss Martha Lilly
5-14-1897 - Clapton - Harrison - - Harrison Clapton to Miss Annie Pullman
5-14-1897 - Donally - Joshua - - Joshua Donally to Miss Fannie Williams
5-14-1897 - Wolff - O.P.Jr. - - O.P.Wolff Jr. to Miss Delma Hamilton
5-14-1897 - Coleman - Mose - - Mose Coleman to Miss Ella Mullen
5-21-1897 - Moore - J.W. - - J.W.Moore and Mrs.Frances L.Cook were married by Rev.Jernigan at the residence of the bride with witnesses Messrs.Brandon, Baugh, Wolff, and Sellers.
5-21-1897 - Cobble - J.W. - - J.W.Cobble and Miss Birdie Hull were united in holy matrimony, at Madison, last Tuesday evening. The ceremony took place in the residence of the bride, conducted by Rev.J.F.Jernigan.
6-4-1897 - McFall - P.W. - - Rev.J.B.McDonald, wife and child of Haynes, came over to Madison by rail Tuesday, where the reverend gentleman had held services the previous Sunday and performed the marriage ceremony between Mr.P.N.McFall and Miss Lucy Epps Sunday night at 8 o'clock in the hotel. The bride is the daughter of Mr.& Mrs.W.F.Epps.
6-11-1897 - Snowden - Vital - - Vital Snowden and Miss Ida Lee McDonald were married at the residence of John Adair, near New Castle Sunday. Squire W.H.McLennan offciating.
6-18-1897 - Smith - Frank - Representative - Representative Frank G.Smith, of Crittendon County, and Miss Clara Webb, of Forrest City, clerk of the joint committe on auditor's and treasurer's books, were married in the parlors of the Capitol hotel at 9 o'clock last night by Rev.C.E.Pattillo, pastor of the First of this city.
6-18-1897 - Castleberry - Stephen - - Stephen Castleberry married Miss Dora Rozzell
6-18-1897 - Kinnard - J.H. - - J.H.Kinnard married Miss Susan Holly
6-18-1897 - Keller - N.V. - - N.V.Keller married to Miss Eddie Hess
6-25-1897 - Jackson - Thos. - F. - Thos.F.Jackson, of Cherry Valley, formerly this city, announces marriage to Miss Allie Wells of Germantown, Tenn.
7-2-1897 - Johnson - Tom - - Tom Johnson, of Lee county, and Miss Etta Paslay, of this city were married at 9 o'clock Wednesday evening at the residence of the bride's parents, Rev.Perminter of the Baptist Church officiating. Attendee Mrs.Mattie Beard stayed with Squire and Mrs.John R.Brown.
7-2-1897 - Evans - W. - F. - Marriage of W.F.Evans and Miss Stella Watkins, of Springfield, Mo. on the 27th of June, 1897, pleased his many friends. The bridal party is attending the centennial and will return.
7-9-1897 - Smith - Walter - - Walter Smith, a sterling young farmer of Franks township, son of W.H.Smith, was happily married July 4th to Miss Minnie Clark, at the residence of the bride's stepfather, Mr.T.W.Traylor, Squire P.T.Raiford officiating.
7-9-1897 - Stone - Harry - - Harry Stone and Miss Emma Holland, of Colt, were married last Sunday at 3 o'clock p.m.. They were invited to the home of Mr.& Mrs.Brantley where they enjoyed a nice supper.
7-16-1897 - Starcher - Sam - - Sam Starcher and Miss Ida Reed were married at the residence of Richard Cox, in the Burnt Cane neighborhood, Sunday, by Squire David Duncan.
7-16-1897 - Townsley - James - - James Townsley and Miss Edith McIntryre, of near Palestine, were married yesterday in the County clerk's office by Squire R.T.Raiford.
8-27-1897 - Pearce - W. - H. - Announcements are out announcing the marriage of Capt.W.H.Pearce, of this city, to Miss Zana Ghent on Sep.1,1897, at the residence of the bride's parents in Anniston, Alabama. They will be at home in Forrest City on the 22nd. The bride is the daughter of Mr.& Mrs.Alfred Ghent, Rev.J.H.Harrison officiating, rector of the St.Michael and All Angels.
9-17-1897 - Noble - James - Rev. - Announcements are out announcing the marriage of Rev.James Noble, rector of the Episcopal Church, of this city, to Miss Mabel H.Simpson, Wednesday Sep.15,1897 at El Reno, Okla.
9-17-1897 - Winfield - John - - The wedding of John Winfield and Miss Eliza Prewett at the Baptist church by Rev.J.B.Perminter on Tuesday night. She is the daugher of Capt.Frank M.Prewett.
9-24-1897 - Myers - Robert - - Robert Myers and Miss Nettie Taylor will be united in holy matrimony next Sunday evening.
9-24-1897 - Adams - M. - J. - M.J.Adams and Miss Mattie Lewis from "up country" were married in the parlor of the Cook hotel, Wednesday, the Squire P.T.Raiford presiding.
9-24-1897 - Crutcher - Wm. - - Dr.Wm.Crutcher of Forrest City to Miss Edna Earl Mann of Pine Bluff, were married at high noon at the Methodist Church, Rev.S.W.Crutcher of Plano, Texas and A.O.Evans of Pine Bluff officiating.
9-24-1897 - Lanier - Robert - J. - Robert J. Lanier and Miss Mary Ora McKnight, daughter of Dr.J.D.McKnight and niece of Hon. & Mrs.R.J.Williams, were married at the Episcopal Church here by Rev.Charles H.Lockwood of Helena on Tuesday at 3:45 p.m.
10-1-1897 - Winfield - John - O. - John O.Winfield and Miss Mary E. Prewitt were married Sept.14, 1897 by Rev.Mr.Perminter
10-1-1897 - Myers - Robert - A. - The home of Mr.& Mrs.Henry Jennings was the scene of a wedding party for Robt.A.Myers and Miss Nettie Pearl Taylor, Father McDonald officiating. Sunday evening at 8:30 o'clock.
10-8-1897 - Fondren - T. - J. - At the home of B.J.Pope on Tuesday afternoon, a few miles south of town, in the presence of a few friends and relatives, T.J.Fondren and Mrs.W.H.Pope were united in holy matrimony by Rev. McDonald
10-22-1897 - Wynne - Hugh - Ross - Announcements via cards are out for the marriage of Fleecie, daughter of Mr.& Mrs.James Goodlett, to Mr.Hugh Ross Wynne, at Memphis, Tenn. Oct.26,1897. Mr.Wynne is the second son of Capt.& Mrs.J.W.Wynne, formerly of this city
10-29-1897 - Reynolds - John - David - Invitations have been received by friends for the marriage of Miss Carrie Witt and Mr. John David Reynolds, to take place at the Central Baptist Church, in Memphis, Wednesday night, Nov.10,1897.
11-5-1897 - Beasley - George - - On Thursday evening, the 14th, Mr.George Beasley, of Forrest City, and Miss Annie B.Carleton, of Vanndale were united in marriage by Rev.Mr.Cox. The groom is 29 years of age, and a son of Judge Beasley. They will make their home in Corning.
11-12-1897 - Archer - I. - S. - Covington, Tenn.-I.S.Archer, of Forrest City, and Miss Maude Rutherford were married by the Rev.R.M.King at his residence at 9 o'clock last night. Mr.Archer is the general manager of the St.Francis Electric Light Co., of this city.
11-26-1897 - Rochan - Henry - - Henry Rochan and Miss Hannah Arenkiel, hailing from Wheatley, came over Wednesday, secured license, and were united in holy matrimony by Eld.W.H.Paslay the same evening at his residence.
12-10-1897 - Fisher - Will - - Married at the residence of Mr.& Mrs.Calloway Casteel, Sunday evening, three miles south of the city, Mr.Will Fisher to Miss Hallie Cobbler, Squire Richardson of Franks township officiating. Will Fisher is the son of Mr.& Mrs.Henry Fisher.
12-24-1897 - Hambleton - M. - C. - M.C.Hambleton and Miss Estelle Paslay were married Wednesday. Rev.J.H. Wise of Marianna officiating. He is the son of the County Treasurer, and she is the youngest daughter of Rev. & Mrs.J.H.Paslay
12-24-1897 - Lewis - P. - W. - P.W.Lewis, better known as Wright, was married to Miss Mary Starke, Tuesday, at the residence of Mr.& Mrs.S.N.Landers., Rev.L.R.Simpson officiating. Wright Lewis is the youngest son of Mr.& Mrs.Walter Lewis.
12-24-1897 - Worrall - J. - W. - J.W.Worrall and Miss Maggie Ferguson of Franks Township were married at the Baptist church, at Haynes, Sunday night. Mr.Worrall is the manly son of Mr.& Mrs.Samuel Worrall, and Miss Ferguson is the daughter of W.C.Ferguson, an extensive merchant and planter.
12-31-1897 - Moye - C. - F. - C.F.Moye was married to Miss Sallie Albright at the home of Mr.& Mrs.H.W.Wilkins, three miles south of town last Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, Rev.N.B.Fizer officiating. The bride was the sister of Mrs.Wilkins.
Announcements: - - - -
1-1-1897 - Missouri Pacific Plans Hospital in Little Rock - - - The Missouri Pacific Railroad will open a hospital in Little Rock.
1-1-1897 - Belle North Leaves - - - Madison-Miss Belle North left Tuesday for Hazen to make it her home. A sociable event was held at the home of Mr.& Mrs.Dave Thorn Monday night.
1-1-1897 - Confederate Veterans Appointed - - - Ex-Governor J.P.Eagle, brigadier general commanding the 1st Brigade, Arkansas division, United Confederate veterans has appointed B.W.Green Adjutant-general and chief of staff, with rank of major. The following named gentlemen are appointed to the staff positions indicated:B.S.Johnson, inspector-general;Chas.Coffin, quartermaster-general;J.E.Gatewood, commisary-general;H.G.Dunn, judge-advocate;Dr.C.M.Taylor, surgeon-general; and to rank of major:Robert Neill, John R. Johnson,J.S.Thomas, John Driver,aids; and John H.Dye, chaplain, to rank as captain.
1-8-1897 - Home Again - - - T.C.Folbre has purchased the Magnolia Saloon stock and fixtures and invites all his friends to visit.
1-8-1897 - Joel Wynne Purchases Interest In J.W.Beck & Co. - - - Joel E.Wynne has purchased the E.Turley interest in the J.W.Beck & Co., he was essentially reared here and we welcome his interest.
1-8-1897 - Announce New Electric Plant - - - Mr.J.P.Blanton has authorized the Times to announce he contemplates opening an electric light plant. He has fixed the rates as $1.00 for sixteen candle power, and $1.50 for thirty two candle power, per month.
1-8-1897 - W.E.Ingram Moves Here - - - We welcome the family of W.E.Ingram and wife, Mattie, from Byhalia, Miss. who recently moved to the city in the western part.
1-8-1897 - Cotton Belt Route to Memphis, Cairo, and St.Louis - - - Cotton Belt route announces two daily trains with pullman cars and free reclining chairs.
1-15-1897 - G.N.Laughinghouse Goes to Fayetteville - - - G.N.Laughinghouse went to Fayetteville after receiving word that his brother, Fenner was ill.
1-15-1897 - Jim Izard - - - Jim Izard, son of the late W.H.Izard, who was well and favorably known here, is now boarding with Uncle Jesse Hodges and going to school.
1-15-1897 - Rev. Simpson Installed - - - Rev.Mr.Bingham of Marianna will be in attendance at the installation of Rev.Mr.Simpson as pastor of the Presbyterian church here. Wynne Sentinel.
1-22-1897 - Evans School House Open - - - McDaniel-The school at this place, known as the Evans School House, began Monday with Miss Lula Davis as it's teacher.
1-29-1897 - Dr.E.Q.Gibson Locates Here - - - Dr.E.Q.Gibson, formerly of Paragould, Doctor of Dental Surgery has located here in Forrest City. He will make his office with Dr.Donley, one block north of the postoffice.
1-29-1897 - Mound Builders Pottery Shown - - - Gordon Casteel exhibited a perfect specimen of Mound Builders pottery, also a skull of a human, on the street this week, they were dug from one of the mounds on his father's plantation on the St.Francis river, six miles southeast of the city.
1-29-1897 - Ex-Marshall Visits Brother - - - Ex-marshall M.L.Monroe, visited his brother at Gregory, in Woodruff County the latter part of last week.
1-29-1897 - Henry Jacobs Fined - - - Squire Raiford gave Henry Jacobs the hot end of the law to the tune of $15 for fighting. He settled and returned to his home on Blackfish lake.
1-29-1897 - Hardy Owen and James Wallace - - - Hardy Owen and James Wallace of the Upper Cut Off neighborhood were doing the city in a business way Saturday. As all visitors of the bottom country, reported new improvements in their section.
1-29-1897 - Mrs.C.H.Havens Visits Memphis - - - Mrs.C.H.Havens Visits Memphis with her daughter, Mrs.S.L.Hodges, and son Louis.
1-29-1897 - Mr.John Prentiss of Cahoun, Miss. - - - Mr.John Prentiss of Cahoun, Miss. passed by on his way to Wheatley where he has purchased a tract of land.
1-29-1897 - P.L.Gray of Edgar - - - P.L.Gray of Edgar, paid the Times a visit this morning.He is one of the wide awake and progressive farmers of the bottom country, and is located on the Military road some twenty miles above Madison on the river.
2-5-1897 - Scott Bond Ill - - - Scott Bond, one of the wealthiest men in the county, was in the city Monday, convalescing from a bout of pneumonia and a la grippe.
2-5-1897 - B.J.Adkins Leaves - - - B.J.Adkins and family left for their new home, Liberty, Mo., last Saturday. We will miss them.
2-5-1897 - B.C.Holcomb Arrives - - - B.C.Holcomb, of Columbia, Tenn., has become a citizen of the city, and is making his home with his sister and her husband, Mr.& Mrs.O.A.Ezell.
2-5-1897 - Stave Plant Runs Day and Night - - - MADISON-The White River Stave Co. is the only thing alive, and runs day and night.
2-5-1897 - Purchasers of Stock Depart - - - Col.A.B.Jones and Frank Beck who have spent several months in this locatity buying cattle left for their home in Whitewood, S.Dakota. They are loud in their praise for the stock of this locality.
2-5-1897 - Floating Ice Damages Madison Bridge - - - There was floating in the St.Francis river large chunks of ice during the latter days of last week. The piers of the railroad bridgewere gouged which soon assumed large proportions. The ferry cable was broken and it floated downstream some distance, having suffered not other damage.
2-12-1897 - Flying Visit to City - - - Dr.A.B.Ferrell and Peter Vantrain of Palestine made a flying trip to the city Saturday evening.
2-12-1897 - First Lady Notary - - - Forrest City has the honor of the first lady appointed as a notary public, Miss Mary Sweet was appointed by Gov. Jones last Saturday.
2-12-1897 - Visitors for Mrs.Davis - - - Mrs.Lena England, of Clinton, Ky, and Mrs.Mollie W.Davis of Humboldt, Tenn. are vistiors to Mrs.R.W.Irby. The ladies are respectively niece and sister of Mrs.Davis.
2-12-1897 - H.W.Winthrop In Accident - - - Mrs.B.R.Shade, returned from Memphis last night on being notified of the accident which happened to her father, H.W.Winthrop. He is a proprietor of the Forrest City Hotel, where leaning on a frail railing, it gave way and he fell fifteen feet below, landing on his head in soft mud, which probably accounts for a less injury, with a broken rib and spinal concussion.
2-12-1897 - E.L.Vadikin Improves - - - E.L.Vadikin, junior of this paper, is improving and is now practicing with the lasso.
2-19-1897 - Capt.J.S.Fitch Sells All - - - Caldwell-Capt.J.S.Fitch, of Caldwell, advises us he has sold his entire interest in his holdings, including stock and merchandise, and ginning to Messrs.J.B.Terry, C.B.Caldwell,J.W.Avent, and R.J.Lanier. He is moving to Fort Worth, Texas.
2-19-1897 - Henry Webb Escapes Jail - - - A telegram received early this morning by Sheriff Williams from Sheriff Harrison, of Augusta, advises of the escape from jail of Henry Webb and the entire lot of prisoners in that jail.
2-19-1897 - J.R.Kinton Relocates to Fishing Lake - - - J.R.Kinton, Esq. of the Fishing Lake neighborhood was in the city last Monday and advises that he has settled in that area, coming from West Tennessee, and has opened a gin and general merchandise on the Dawson farm, and is pushing for a post office to be named Kinton.
2-19-1897 - Forrest City The County Seat - - - The city of Forrest City which has a population of 2,000 is the county seat.
2-26-1897 - Prof.Geo.D.Barker Advises of Burnt Cane School Closure - - - Madison- Prof.Geo.D.Barker Advises of Burnt Cane School Closure and is now one of the Sons of Rest.
2-26-1897 - Peter Burrow In Charge of Ferry - - - Peter Burrow In now in Charge of Ferry in Madison.
2-26-1897 - Mrs.W.S.Durborow Returns - - - Mrs.W.S.Durborow Returns from Little Rock on visit to her daughter and husband, Mr.& Mrs.J.B.Neely, who have recently moved from this place to Little Rock.
2-26-1897 - Lewis Hodges Has Dance and Social - - - A score or more couples attended a dance and social at the home of Lewis Hodges, one mile south of the city, Wednesday night. The occasion was a complimentary to Miss Sadie Myrick, of Missouri, cousin to Mrs.Hodges.
3-5-1897 - Mardi Gras Attendees - - - The following is a partial list of those attending Mardi Gras in Memphis:Dr.& Mrs.Stone;Mrs.J.S.Horn;P.T.Raiford;James Fussell;Mr.& Mrs.W.S.Graham;L.Rollwage;Sol Lewis;Mrs.T.W.Barrow;Mrs.E.A.Rolfe;Gordon Casteel;Jno.T.Brady;Miss Tommye Davis;and Misses Edna and Lee Rhodes.
3-5-1897 - Against New Courthouse Site - - - L.Rollwage has asked that the site of the new county courthouse not be put on the hill next to the railroad due to the fact it will face North and West, causing problems with heating and cooling over the year.
3-12-1897 - Guests of Mr.& Mrs.C.H.Havens - - - Mrs.Fannie Ezell and Mrs Mattie Barlow returned to Wynne after a week's visit with their parents Mr.& Mrs.C.H.Havens.
3-12-1897 - Little Wilber Izard Adopted - - - Little Wilber Izard Adopted and returned to Little Rock with Mr.& Mrs.M.M.Hankins who have adopted him. Hankins is connected with the Little Rock Democrat and grand secretary of the Knights and Ladies Honor for the state of Arkansas. They spent a short time this week with Mr.& Mrs.J.T.Fondren.
3-12-1897 - Wm.J.Bryan Passes Thru the City - - - Wm.J.Bryan Passes Thru the City Monday night enroute to Little Rock where he addressed the state legislature, he was unable to speak to the crowd of people who had assemble, due to the late hour of his arrival. The next afternoon on his return he did make a small talk from the rear platform of the train.
3-12-1897 - Fire In The Forrest City Hotel - - - At 1:30 o'clock, Wednesday morning the usual fire alarm, lambing iron doors, coal oil tanks, and the free use of fire arms was heard. It occurred in the Laundry and Kitchen department of the Forrest City Hotel. The building was doomed even before the first stream of water was applied.
3-19-1897 - Trains Stopped from Forrest City to Memphis - - - Due to recent high waters, the rail service between Forrest City and Memphis has been rerouted thru Wynne and Bald Knob branch of the Iron Mountain railroad. About 800 square miles is underwater in Eastern Arkansas.
3-19-1897 - Dr.J.J.McCorkle Visits Aunt - - - Dr.J.J.McCorkle of Newport, was visiting his aunt, Mrs.J.J.Finnerty over the weekend enroute to Mississippi.
3-19-1897 - Two Boats Launched by J.B.Beck - - - J.B.Beck has launched two ferry boats for the county, one will be used at Burnt Cane narrows, and the second at mouth of Fifteen Mile Bayou. This fills a long felt need to allow boats from here to the Mississippi river via Madison, Widener, Burnt Cane, Rawlison, Lula and Bledsoe.
3-19-1897 - W.A.Simmons purchases Interest in Livery - - - W.A.Simmons purchased the Lyon interest in the livery of Sellers and Lyon.
3-19-1897 - W.R.Adkins leaves for Mammoth Springs - - - W.R.Adkins and family leaves for Mammoth Springs as he passed thru from Democrat Monday enroute to relocate.
3-26-1897 - Judge Cowan takes Skiff to Get Home - - - Judge Cowan took a skiff Monday afternoon, via of Widener and Burnt Cane for his place at Lula, near the eastern portion of the county.
3-26-1897 - Don Juan Strikes - - - Oscar Chatman, a local Don Juan, was shot with buck shot in the neck while paying attention to the wife of Julius Wilson. It is thought that the shootist, now in jail, will be released because of the unwritten law, don't monkey with another man's wife.
3-26-1897 - Posse Chasing Thief - - - Mose Arlouk, struck the town last week and found employment with Max Yoffee. On Friday evening, Max found the occasion to be out from the store for a short time, on return he found that Mose had moseyed off with $125 in cash, and other valuable items. Sheriff Williams deputized Oscar Prewitt and John Finley to go west on the L.R. and M. and they apprehended the subject who only had $18 left, and was put in jail pending trial on bail of $300.
3-26-1897 -Teachers:Crowley Ridge Institute-Crowley Ridge Institute:Teachers, High School and Principal:Mrs.C.R.Ross; Intermediate and Primary:Miss Irene Freeman; Music:Miss Foy Ross;Elocution and Physical Culture:Mrs.B.I. Adkins-This is a graded school, fully equipped for the thorough education of both sexes. In addition to the Common School Branches taught in the Primary and Intermediate Departments, classes will be sustained in the Collegiate Department, as follows: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Physical Geography, Botany, Physics, Chemistry, Rhetoric, General History, Civil Government, Latin, Literature, and Psychology. Tuition per month-Payable in Advance; Pupils enrolled last term, 270. Term begins Sept.14,1897.
3-26-1897 -Professional Cards:C . C. White, Physician and Surgeon; W. H. Alley, Physician and Surgeon; Dr.William Crutcher, Physician and Surgeon; Norton & Prewett, Attorneys at Law-Nathan W. Norton and J. M. Prewett; Richard J. Izard, Attorney at Law.
3-26-1897 -Mrs.M.K.Upshaw, of Helena, sister of Mrs. Carrie Chew (T. W.) Barrow, came up from Helena, Wednesday evening to visit her sister.
3-26-1897 -Mrs. Thomas H. Wheat and little daughter, Ethel, of Redfield, came over Monday evening and is visiting her mother Mrs. George W. McCormick.
3-26-1897 -Dr.C. C. White returned from a visit to home folks and "the girl I left behind," at Byhalia, Miss., Tuesday.
3-26-1897 -Her many friendswill be glad to learn of the return of Mrs.M. L. Gilliam after an absence of nearly a year, visiting through the east and south. Her return will add new life to the literary and social circles, she returned Wednesday.
3-26-1897 -Last Saturday afternoon the management of the Little Rock and Memphis railroad sent a relief train to Blackfish siding, about twelve miles east of this city, on their road. The train consisted of two boxcars and caboose and was in charge of Conductor B. R. Buck and Roadmaster A. McAvoy. A lot of Supplies for man and beast were taken from this place, and a Times reporter went. At Madison, more supplies and some lumber for the construction of boats, was added. At Widener freight was discharged and the train plunged into the wild sea of water beyond. From Widener to Blackfish an unbrokern surface of water, save a narrow ridge now and then, lay against the bed of the railroad track. John Stephens, a prominent planter and stock raiser near the station, was a passenger on the train, having come to the city for supplies, and stated he had considerable land above the flood and if matters got to their worst he was amply provided to care for his stock. Before reaching the station a terrified buck crossed the track and ran into a herd of cattle. Here the train found food for its mission. Three Box cars stood upon the siding; two of them were occupied by the families of J. R. Chizenhall and a man named Webster, who had taken refuge from the flood. The train, was coupled to them and brought the Webster family to Madison, and the Chizenhall to this city. No other help for helping hands were heard of.
3-26-1897 -Messrs. Shell Ezell, Robert Myers, and Rush Stockard were the clever musicians who executed the music at the Lander's ball, Monday night.
4-2-1897 - Electric Lights - - - The last barrier between the people of the city and electric lights is no doubt removed. Saturday evening the City Council contracted with P.H.Thompson for an electric plant which will be erected next to the water works and will take over responsibility to provide water.
4-2-1897 - Dr.Wm.W.Jackson Visits - - - Dr.Wm.W.Jackson Visits his brother E.H.Jackson, leaving Wednesday and left for his home in Bono that evening.
4-2-1897 - Van Patten Residence Sees New Residents - - - Druggist J.H.Dunnavant and family are now occupying the Van Patten residence on Church Street.
4-2-1897 - Steamer Pulls Down the Telegraph Wires - - - The steamer A.B. Patton towing a derrick up the river, in passing thru the draw of the bridge at Madison, yesterday tore the telegraph wires. The derrick was to be used to load logs on barges.
4-9-1897 - M.W.Izard Purchases Stock - - - In connection with Mr.G.W.Wells of Florida, I have purchased ths stock of groceries, confectioneries, and restaurant outfit of A.Malouf, on the east side of North Washington Street. Respectfully M.W.Izard.
4-9-1897 - Henry Wheeler Passes Thru - - - Henry Wheeler, member of the saw milling firm of J.W.Wheeler & Co. of Madison, passed through the city yesterday enroute to Madison from a visit to family in Noblesville, Indiana.
4-9-1897 - Palestine Muncipal Election Results - - - The municipal election in Palestine resulted in the following:For Mayor-W.T.Holwell;Recorder-C.C.Warr;Marshall-W.S.Shinhault;Treasurer-D.K.Burns;Aldermen-T.J.Mohler, W.H.Coffey,F.S.Sulcer,T.M.Wilkinson, and A.B.Ferrell.
4-9-1897 - Forrest City Municipal Election Results - - - Elections Results and votes:Mayor-J.H.Tipton=134;Marshall-O.P.Wolff=178;Recorder-T.C.Merwin=216;Treasurer-J.M.Nichols=215;Aldermen:James Fussell=171,J.D.Baugh=174;J.E.Stone=139,T.C.Folbre=157,N.B.Nelson=133.
4-16-1897 - Dr.J.E.Thompson Locates Here - - - Dr.J.E.Thompson, lately of Mexico, has located in our city. The doctor is an old Confed and bears with him a relic of ante bellum times, an official notification of his appointment as assistant surgeon in the Confederate Army.
4-16-1897 - Carter Mills Relocates - - - Carter Mills and his cousin, Mrs.H.J.Davis left for Grenada, Miss. where the family will make their future home. Mr.Davis had secured a position as a traveling salesman for a New Orleans firm. He had operated the New York store in this place for three years, recently sold to Mr.J.M.Brown.
4-16-1897 - Immigration to North Dakota - - - Nearly 3,000 Dunkards and Mennonites passed thru St.Paul, Minn. enroute to their new homes in North Dakota. It is the largest single movement of settlers seen in the northwest.
4-16-1897 -Doctors Ernest A. Long, J. W. Dennis, and T. B. King have recently opened a dental office in the Winthrop Building, having the suite of rooms recently occupied by Dr. C.C. White as offices.
4-16-1897 -John N. Farmer of the Cut Off, visited the city yesterday and reports water conditions in a flourishing way. He stated that the water at his place reached 18 inches above the 1882 mark, and that the present flood surpasses all former records in the way of destitution and destruction.
4-16-1897 -Carter Mills and his cousin, Mrs. H. J. Davis left Wednesday afternoon for Grenada, Miss., where the family will make their future home. Mr.Davis has secured a position as traveling agent salesman for a New Orleans firm with headquarters at Grenada. H. J. Davis has for the past three years operated the New York store at this place, which business he recently sold to Mr.J. M. Brown.
4-30-1897 -Mrs.D. C. Horn, mother of Mrs. Robert Lee Pettus, left for Byahlia,Miss., Monday to visit relatives and friends.
4-30-1897 -Mr.Henry Wheeler, of the saw mill firm of J. W. Wheeler & Co. of Madison, passed through the city Sunday, returning from a visit to home folks in Indiana.
4-30-1897 -Capt.A M. Nash, of Madison, paid a visit to the Times office on Wednesday, and reported that the receding waters would permit him to start his saw mill the early part of next week.
4-30-1897 -Capt. John C. Lynch, of Haynes, was in the city yesterday and reported matters in a fair shape in his neighborhood and that the big flood at his place went 16 inches above 1882.
4-30-1897 -Mr. N. Norton, father of our esteemed citizen Nathan W. Norton, arrived in the city, Tuesday, after a few months sojourn in Goodwin.
4-30-1897 -Mr. Frederick Rollwage, father of L.and Otto Benjamin Rollwage left for his Cincinnati home yesterday, after wintering in the sunny south.
4-30-1897 -Letters of a recent date from Mr.J. S. Fitch, of Bedford, Texass, informs us that his household goods recently shipped from here have arrived and he is now pleasantly located in his new home. Caldwell Times. He had sold out in February 1897 and was to move to Ft.Worth, Texas area.
4-30-1897 -. O. Tipton has moved to Colt Station, where he is erecting a new gin. Caldwell Times
4-30-1897 -R. L. Pettus is having quite a neat building erected on the site of the old building formerly occupied by Jules V. Brahic, on N. Washington street. W. M. Izard is the clever contractor. The building will be occupied by Thomas W. Barrow, who will move his stock of goods from his country store.
4-30-1897 -Messrs. McDonald, Mason, Thompson, and a gentleman whose name we failed to learn, representing the Electric Supply Co., of Memphis, were in the city Sunday, arranging the preliminaries of letting the contract for constructing the city light plant. They conferred with one or two of the contractors of the city, took some specifications and returned, to arrange the blue prints which they mailed to the parties interested later.
4-30-1897 - Mrs.H.S.Roper Moves - - - Mrs.H.S.Roper and son left for Clifty, Kentucky where she will make her home with him. We wish her best in her new home.
4-30-1897 - Grandma Nancy Ashworth - - - Grandma Nancy Ashworth, returned to her home on Blackfish and Frenchman's Bayous, Saturday. She had been visiting friends and relatives while getting out of the flood waters, she is mother of Alfred and Sam Ashworth, and is 78 years of age.
4-30-1897 - Party at Colt Dance - - - A party was held at the Colt dance recently and attendees were:Thad Sellers and Miss Mary Stark, Rush Stockard and Miss Ada Roles, Walter Taylor and Miss Sadie Myrick among others.
4-30-1897 - J.C.Craddick Applies for Seminole Pension - - - J.C.Craddick, who lives three miles west of Palestine, spent Saturday and part of Sunday in the city. He is a native of Alabama, is 81 years of age, cheerful and sprightly, has lived in this county 39 years, and has 21 great grandchildren, and this is his second visit to the city since its founding. The first visit being last November. Mr.Craddick came over to apply for a pension due him for services in the Indian or Seminole war some 60 years ago. By act of Congress, July 27,1892, the remaining survivors of that war were granted $8 per month, which now amounts to about$456, and will come in handy for the gentleman.
4-30-1897 - The Fire - - - About 2 o'clock, a.m., Wednesday morning, Reverend & Mrs.Jernigan found a fire in the home near the Methodist church. Alarm was answered by S.L.Hodges and a boy in a few minutes and helped Mr.Jernigan escape from the building by forcing a door open.
5-7-1897 -S. B. Cupp, of Colt, Ark., is out in a card to the Arkansas Democrat advocating the repeal of the law with regard to hanging criminals, to make in private, not public.
5-7-1897 -Mrs.J. B. Ramsey of Memphis, came over to visit her parents, Mr. And Mrs.John Newton Cotton, Tuesday.
5-7-1897 -Mrs.T. A. Hawkins, and son, Arthur McCulloch, of Heth, were visitors to the city, Tuesday.
5-7-1897 - Homage to The Hero - - - New York-April 27,1897-Dedication of the General Ulysses S.Grant Mausoleum at Riverside Park is accomplished.The generations of the Grant family and the Widow of the Illustrious dead, received the popular plaudits. Gen.Greenville M. Dodge was the Grand Marshall of Grant Memorial Parade. Gen.Horace Porter was the Chairman of the Grant Monument Committee. President William McKinley presented the address.
5-7-1897 - Mrs.R.J.Izard Departs - - - Mrs.R.J.Izard left for a visit with her parents at Howell Station, this week.
5-7-1897 - A.J.Pipkin Local Planter - - - A.J.Pipkin, one of St.Francis County's most progressive planters was in town on business Wednesday.
5-7-1897 - J.S.King Departs - - - J.S.King of the Wylds settlement, sold out to Mr. Dan Wylds and moved to Austin, Texas.
5-7-1897 - Wild Cat Distillery - - - A wild cat distillery was discovered in Goodwin by Deputy Sheriff Frank Sherman, they apprenhended Wm. Bray plying his trade.
5-14-1897 - Confederate Memorial Day Observance - - - The Confederate Memorial day will be observed in Memphis tomorrow.
5-14-1897 - Lucy Havens Celebrates Birthday - - - Miss Lucy Havens entertained quite a few friends to celebrate her birthday last Friday.
5-21-1897 - Price McDaniel Sets Electric Plant - - - Price McDaniel has contract for putting the Electric light machinery and material on the plant site. The electric light poles have been set this week, being cypress and are 35 feet in length, and 14 inches at the butt.
5-28-1897 -Capt.Haskins, this noted stallion will make the Season, 1897, at Seaborn Place, three fourths of a mile east of Forrest City. Terms $10-Being a fine fox trotter and single footer. Good pasture for mares. J. N.Holden In Charge.
5-28-1897 - Site for New County Courthouse Set - - - Judge Cowan took vote and the site selected was 15 to 1 for the site next to the current jail site, southside of the railroad tracks.
5-28-1897 - Paul Fizer Missing - - - The 16 year old son of N.B.Fizer is missing, his name is Paul Fizer. He later returned from St.Louis around June 4,1897.
5-28-1897 - Monument for B.R.Shade - - - A monument to the memory of B.R.Shade will be unveiled in Quincy, Michigan by the Woodemen of the World. His wife was visiting his relatives there.
5-28-1897 - Mrs.Winthorp Leaves the Hotel - - - Mrs.Winthrop will resign her position effective June 1, at the hotel, no successor has been named.
5-28-1897 - Editor Vadakin Returns - - - Editor E.L.Vadakin returned from his trip to Texas trip Monday evening. In appearance when he stepped from the train was that of a regular cowboy, a white sombrero, long beard all over his face, and a decidedly brown complexion.
6-4-1897 -Prof. William L. Prewitt is in the city for a few days pending the opening of his school at the Lattimer school house, in Johnson Township. He will begin his school some time after the close of the county normal, which begins on the 14th, inst.
6-4-1897 -Mrs.T. C. Merwin went to Helena Wednesday morning to be at the ceremony of the marriage of her niece, Miss Julia Govan to Mr.John C.Davidson, of Louisville, which came off that afternoon.
6-4-1897 -Gervais McCrary returned home from school at Arkadelphia yesterday.
6-4-1897 -Mrs.Buchanan, daughter of Mrs.Irby, and two children, and Mrs.Arthur Lytton, of New Orleans, arrived in the city Wednesday and are guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henderson Atkinson and Rebecca W. m.Cole Irby.
6-4-1897 - Uncle John Patterson - - - Uncle" John Patterson, off the Military road, was a visitor to the city Friday. He is a typical backwoods pioneer, 86 years of age, and has made his home in the swamps since 1858. He is yet as agile as the average young man, an expert horseman, an quick, sure shot, and is a stranger to fear of any wild animal that roams the forest, and is a staunch friend of the levee.
6-4-1897 - $20,000 Court House Out for Bid - - - A $20,000 courthouse is out for bids to architects in Memphis, Little Rock, and St.Louis. Mr.Baugh, Commissioner, has till June 10th for bids, at which time he will select the design.
6-4-1897 - Sol Levy Departs - - - Sol Levy departs for Jonesboro Monday, which place he will make his home in the future after four years here.
6-4-1897 - Indian Mound Madstone Used - - - Mr.Demaster, of Cicalla, was in the city Monday and exhibited the madstone he found in the Indian mound on his premises. It was used on his son who was bit by a moccasin and produced the desired effect.
6-11-1897 -W. H. Paslay returned home from Ouachita College, Friday.
6-11-1897 -W. A. Simmons, formerly of the firm of Sellers & Simmons, South Side liveryman, has severed his connection with the firm, and accepted his old situation at the Stone stables.
6-11-1897 -James Harris, the well known baggage master on the Iron Mountain, wife and son Harold, were guests of their relatives, the family of Edward Bonner, Sunday.
6-11-1897 -Miss Pearl Dennis returned from school, Washington College, D.C. last week.
6-11-1897 -Miss Rosa Lanier, who had been visiting her sister, Mrs.Sallie Wyse, at Paragould for three weeks, returned Friday.
6-11-1897 -On Crowley's Ridge, about half a mile from Madison, there is a small enclosure in which rests the remains of about a dozen Federal soldiers. With nobody to care for it, the fence was soon destroyed, the mounds leveled to the ground, and the wooden slabs that marked the graves were rotted down. The attention of the Federal authorities were called to the condition of the resting place of their dead soldiers by Mr.Ed Landvoigt, of the Times, and a prompt response was made by the arrival of Capt. G. H.Mitchell, officer in charge of the National Cemetery in Memphis, Tenn. The following names of soldiers now in progress of disinterment: Clarence Galloway, Co. E, 10th U. S. Infantry died Jul.30,1867;Jacob E. Amon, Co. C, 19th U. S. Infantry, died July 27,1867; Henry Pendergast, Co. C., 19th U. S. Infantry, died Aug.2,1867; Michael Gorman, Co. C., 19th U. S. Infantry, died Oct.28,1867; Peter Martin, Co. C., 19th U. S. Infantry, died Aug.22,1868; Lembourgh, Co. C., 19th U. S. Infantry, died July 10,1867. Yours, etc. George H.Mitchell.
6-11-1897 -Robert Lanier is still the same bachelor this week, despite the rumor that he was married last Sunday.
6-11-1897 - Miss Lucy and Willie Havens Return - - - Miss Lucy Havens and brother Willie returned from visit with sister in Memphis.
6-11-1897 - Electric Light Plant Fires Up - - - The electric plant raised steam and blew whistle for the first time Monday afternoon.
6-11-1897 - Elder J.M.Suggs Horse - - - The 2 year old colt of Elder J.M.Suggs is one of the finest in the state. He is a trotter and and shows excellent speed and reach.
6-11-1897 - Bridge to Be Dedicated in Little Rock - - - The new free bridge spanning the Arkansas river at Little Rock will be dedicated on July 5th.
6-11-1897 - John Patterson Jr. Returns from Memphis - - - John Patterson Jr., from off the Military road, arrived in the city yesterday morning en route home.He had been in a Memphis infirmary and was in a very poor state of health. He went to the infirmary several weeks since in the hope of recovering his health, but returned very much discouraged. He is a son of the famous "Uncle John" Patterson, who is known to a large portion of the county.
6-18-1897 -Mrs.A. Vogel and brother, Robert Myers, went to McGoffin's switch, Sunday, to visit the family of Uncle Robert Mitchell. They spent a most enjoyable day, returning in the afternoon.
6-18-1897 -Edward Green and Will Marshal, colored, are pooked to be hung at Marianna today for the murder of Frank Shaw in that (Lee County on the night of 15th of February, this year. The hanging will only be witnessed by officers, physicians, ministers, and newspaper men.
6-18-1897 -J. F. Stockard, of Goodwin, came over Sunday, and spent Monday morning in the city on business. Mr.Stockard is an old resident of this town, and helped to build the first house ever erected in Forrest City. He once owned the property north of the alley running east and west between Dunnavant's and Miley's respective places of business, and did a livery business there. He says that he made considerable money in those days, but unfortunately met reverses in merchandising, and has since been farming near Goodwin. He is one of the most progressive farmers in the county.
6-18-1897 -Per J. H. Bard, Agent, Little Rock and Memphis RR will offer round trip tickets to Confederate Reunion in Nashville for $6.50, and will go on sale 20th and 21st.
6-18-1897 -Administrator's Notice:Notice is hereby given that I will file in the Probate Court of Cross County, Arkansas, at the July Term, 1897, for an order to sell the following lands, belonging to the estate of C.D.Oliver, deceased. The land is almost 200 acres in St.Francis Co., Arkansas. June 1,1897-O.N.Killough, Clerk.
6-18-1897 -Mrs. Ora Paslay returned to her home at Brinkley yesterday, after a short visit to the home of her father, Rev.W.H. Paslay
6-18-1897 -D. C. Webb, and his wife, and Miss Mattie Cummings returned from the Centennial Wednesday.
6-18-1897 -J. E. Eldridge was in town Monday as genial as usual, and gave us a pleasant call, admiring while up this way two beautiful perspective views of court houses drawn by Mr.McDonald, Architect, of Louisville, Ky., which were on exhibition at the newsstand.
6-18-1897 -Peter E. Grasmick, of Marianna, brother of Mrs.L. R.Grobmyer, spent a short time in the city this week with his father and mother of Kentucky, who are visiting their daughter, Mrs. Mary Emma Grobmyer. Pete is well known in the city, and is in the butcher business with Walton & Lindsey at Marianna.
6-18-1897 -Mrs. Lillie m.Landvoigt Vadakin departed Sunday morning to visit her sister, Mrs. Annette m.Landvoigt Powers, wife of Charles Powers, in Galveston, Texas. She will remain several weeks and hopes to be greatly benefitted by the gulf breeze and surf bathing. The children remain at home with their papa, who thinks if he is successful in keeping them during their mother's absence, he will be in fact a model husband.
6-18-1897 -Mr.James H. Clark, the old reliable photographer, formerly of this city, and more recently of Tennessee, has returned and will reopen his gallery in the Wilson building opposite the court house, on church street. He is now selling coupons at 25 Cents each, which entitles the holder thereof to receive one dozen Cabinet photographs and one large 8X10 inches, for the small sum of one dollar and seventy five cents. He guarantees all work.
6-18-1897 -Mr. Sterling Price McDaniel and family have moved into their new house on the corner of Church and Davis Street.
6-18-1897 -Charles H. Havens Advertisement: Is now prepared to do Woodwork and Blacksmithing; Plow sharpening and General repairing, Cross Cut Saws Gumming a Specialty, making them good as new. Carrriage, Furniture and General Painting and Varnishing. Funeral Undertaker-Coffins of all kinds. Shingles, Flooring and Ceiling always in Stock. All kinds of Shop Work done on Short Notice.
6-18-1897 - A Monstrosity - - - Mrs.Loma King, living at Texarkana, gave birth to a monstrosity that promises to prove puzzling to medical science. It is a male child whose limbs are perfectly shaped, but are completley covered with a heavy growth of hair. It is without a nose or mouth, with the exception of a small indentation where they should be. It has only one eye, which is in the center of his forehead. The woman is the mother of eight living children, and is 40 years of age.
6-18-1897 - L.P.Smith Retained as Manager - - - Mr.L.P.Smith, the efficient erstwhile water-works engineer, has been retained by the electric light management in the same capacity.
6-18-1897 - Two Old Soldiers Meet - - - Two old soldiers, the blue and the gray, met at the Forrest City hotel one day this week and lived over a period of the exciting days of the rebellion. The veteran who wore the gray was Dr.L.Augspath, a popular physician of Little Rock, and H.W.Goodykoontz, a grain dealer from Vinita, Indian Territory, was among the host who didn't wear the gray. At the meeting the two grizzly veterans were strangers. Topics of the war times sprang up and they soon found they had had some close experience some thirty years earlier, near Clarendon, when the doctor in gray was taken prisoner by the corpulent grain dealer in blue.
6-18-1897 - General Geo.P.Taylor Returns - - - General Geo.P.Taylor returns Saturday from Woodward, Okla. where he had accompanied his daughter, Miss Alva, to visit with relatives at that point.
6-18-1897 - S.W.White Visits - - - S.W.White, Esq., father of Dr.C.C.White, arrived in the city Friday on visit to his son.
6-18-1897 - Mrs.Ora Paslay Returns to Brinkley - - - Mrs.Ora Paslay returned to her home in Brinkley yesterday, after a short visit with her father, Rev.W.H.Paslay.
6-18-1897 - Electric Lights Turned On - - - One Hundred and Fifty Four lights were turned on in the city this week, and next week will witness the completion of the entire system.
6-25-1897 -Glad to Get Back-J. M. Keller, colored, an 18 year old brother, and their aged mother who were of a party that left St.Francis County in 1896 for Liberia, the promised land of plenty for the colored race, have returned to their old home much the worse for their trip. They tell a sad story of suffering and hardships endured by them while in that country.
6-25-1897 -Mrs. Irene Terrell and two children, Mattie and DeWitt, left Sunday on a visit to friends and relatives at Collierville, Tenn.
6-25-1897 -John M. Prewett, Homer Folbre, and Miss Clara Horton attended as delegates, the Baptist Young People Union which convened in Little Rock, Jun.18 to 20.
6-25-1897 -Mr. Thomas O. Fitzpatrick, J. C. Bell, Capt. J. G. Stern, William Tackett, and Jack Cavanaugh, met in room no.5 in the Forrest City hotel Saturday and took steps leading to he organization of a white republican party. The meeting adjourned to meet again on Wednesday.
6-25-1897 -Mr. Thomas O. Fitzpatrick, J. C. Bell, Capt. J. G. Stern, William Tackett, and Jack Cavanaugh, met in room no.5 in the Forrest City hotel Saturday and took steps leading to he organization of a white republican party. The meeting adjourned to meet again on Wednesday.
6-25-1897 -The Iron Mountain Railway handled a total of 1,278 old vets into Memphis last Sunday, all enroute to the re-union at Nashville for the Confederate Veterans. Of this number, this branch contributed 213, and notwithstanding special accommodations had been made by this road for their special comfort, one from this city and two from the Palestine constituted the St.Francis Co. contingent, the others going over the Little Rock and Memphis Railway. Considerable rivalry between the respective agents at this place was on tap, but the latter road made a better rate by twenty cents, and thus knocked the persimmon.
6-25-1897 -Judge W. E. Dabbs, of LaGrange, Tenn., was shaking hands with old friends in the city a couple of days this week. The Judge is well known in the community, having resided here in the 70's, some twenty years ago. He was much impressed with the remarkable change in the appearance of the city today compared to that date.
6-25-1897 -We are sorry to learn of the misfortune of Willie Rawlings. While gathering plums in the door yard of his mother, Mrs. Martha Ann (J. J.) Finnerty, Monday morning he had a second paralytic stroke, and when picked up was unconscious. He was carried into his room and medical aid summoned, and was soon resting easily, and regained consciousness. He had been a victim of Paralysis for several years; has always been an industrious and courteous boy, and his many friends join us in kindly sympathy in his great affliction.
6-25-1897 -Buck Legg got a day off Wednesday and joined a party at Forrest City, and spent the day fishing on L'Anguille river. He reports having spent a very pleasant day, though but few fish were caught. Some one accused Buck of doing his fishing on dry land. Cross County Democrat.
6-25-1897 -The first cotton bloom of the season was brought in Tuesday by Elujah Gwynne, from his farm two miles northwest of town. He has a three mule crop, and is a hardworking colored man, and is prosperous to the degree he pays his debts and lives comfortably.
6-25-1897 -The Times is informed that the undertaking business heretofore and for many years operated by our deceased friend, Isaac H. Lutz, and more recently by his widow, Mrs. E. C. m.Baxter Lutz, now also deceased, will be discontinued, and the stock disposed of.
6-25-1897 -Misses Ella Lyons and Minnie Neely, two highly cultivated and charming young ladies of Wheatley, are in the city, guests of N. B.Fizer and wife.
6-25-1897 -Miss Annie Cobb left Tuesday via Kansas City for raton, New Mexico, to visit her cousin, Mrs. E. C. Patterson, nee Miss Tabbie Oliver, of Wynne. She will remain there for several weeks.
6-25-1897 -Our old time friend and patron, E. Milam, of Hamlin, Cross County, formerly of the Pine Tree neighborhood, was in town yesterday and gave us a much appreciated call. He has considerable bad luck this year, and has our sympathy.
6-25-1897 -Peter Covington, a respectable colored man from Madison, was in the city this morning and related an act of very mean spirit on the part of Capt. Spencer, of the Steamer Ross, a small boat plying on the St.Francis. The county ferryboat at that place is propelled by the assistance of a half inch wire spanning the river. In the steamer's passage up the stream the wire was a temporary obstruction, and the captain, in a fit of rage, deliberately cut the cable, and even while the Covington's boy was lowering it from the captain on the bank, a fact which the captain was aware. The steamer was in no danger and in a minute's time the rope would have been under water.
6-25-1897 -Answering the call of the annual reunion for Confederate Veterans in Nashville were the following to answer the roll call:Capt. W.H. McDaniel, Dr.J. D. McKnight, Capt. T. E. Haskins, William H. Smith, O. E. Hambleton, T. C. Merwin, Ed Landvoigt, T. J. Davis, Jessie Hodges, and Thomas B.Caldwell.
6-25-1897 -Mrs. W. L. Page arrived yesterday afternoon and joined her husband, who is stopping with Judge Cowan and working the in the interest of the Farmer's Record.
6-25-1897 -Wednesday afternoon, the residence of County Clerk George H. Mallory, two miles north of the city, was totally destroyed by fire. The blaze originated in the kitchen flue, while Mrs.Mallory and children were absent visiting relatives and Mr.Mallory at his post in the clerk's office. The fire was discovered too late to save anything except a few articles of household goods. The loss of building and contents is about $1,200, with no insurance.
6-25-1897 - New Methodist Church - - - Rev.J.B.McDonald, pastor of the Methodist Church at Haynes, announced the active participation construction of a new Methodist church below Dan Wyld's place.
6-25-1897 - Cineograph on the Road - - - The enterprising proprietors of the Cineograph, Messrs.Claude Folbre and Max Durborrow, left Wednesday for Wynne, Lonoke, Morrilton, Conway, Russellville, Clarkesville, Ozark and Van Buren to display their new venture.
6-25-1897 - Plans Approved on New Court House - - - The agony is over for the architects, the plans as submitted by Mr.Charles L.Thompson for the new court house have been accepted.
6-25-1897 - Possible Fatality Revealed - - - A possible fatal cutting affray took place at the old Lewis place just below the Cut Off Monday evening between Ed.Leatherwood and John Munn. We learned that Munn was unhurt, but that he had inflicted wounds upon Leatherwood, Munn is still at large.
6-25-1897 - Confederate Observance in Nashville - - - June 23-Nashville-Many special trains arrived with ex-confederate soldiers and friends, who came for the purpose of attending the annual reunion of the United Confederate veterans. Capt.W.H.McDonald,T.J.Davis, T.C.Merwin, O.E.Hambleton, and Edwin Landvoight were among the attendees from this section. Gen.John B.Gordon was unanimously re-elected Commander-in-chief at the convention due to expansion from ten to a thousand camps in the eight years he has been in charge.
7-2-1897 -Judge Edward Dale Robertson, of Marianna, has been appointed Chancellor of the Fifth Chancery district, of which this county is a part. He has many friends here, who join the Times in congratulations.
7-2-1897 -Mr.A. L. Stevens, of St.Louis, was in the city Wednesday and stated that he was a prospective successor of the undertaking establishment of the late Isaac H. Lutz.
7-2-1897 -It is with pleasure we announce the coming of M. R.Stinson, dentist, about July 8. His work in the city is his recommendation.
7-2-1897 -Mr.Will Kirk, the new candy merchant in the Ezell building, is open and ready for business and his store and stock is quite a novelty in the city.
7-2-1897 -R. A. Haynie, of Pine Tree, visited the city Wednesday and reported the rains and good crop prospects in his locality.
7-2-1897 -Prof. George W. Jackson has secured the summer term of the Moro school and leaves for his field of duty Monday.
7-2-1897 -Orville Jessie Hall, of Burnt Cane, was in the city Tuesday, extending an invitation to all to be present Saturday at the big fish fry.
7-2-1897 -Capt. and Mrs. Jesse Watkins Wynne, and son Jessie, came over from Memphis Tuesday and are visiting their son and brother, Joel E. Wynne.
7-2-1897 -W. J. Lanier, returned from Ann Arbor, Mich., Tuesday, where he had been attending college for a few months. He is much improved by the change of climate and duties and reports an enjoyable time.
7-2-1897 -F. J. Sanders, of Lebanon, Tenn., brother of C. H. Sanders, and Prof. I. W. Buchanan, president of Cumberland University at that place, arrived in the city Tuesday and are guests at the hospitable home of Charles Hughes Sanders.
7-2-1897 -Among the callers at The Times office yesterday none was more welcome than Bristow (Tobe) Aldridge, Tobe is well known in Forrest City having been a resident for many years. He left this city about fourteen years ago, and there is but few places in the world but what he has visited. He expressed a desire to live here again and we hope he may find it profitable to do so. He was living with Louis Rollwage in the 1880 Census, born Mississippi age 17.
7-2-1897 -Mrs.Ritter Hazinmark, of Marianna, sister of Max Yoffie, is visiting her brother and family. Her bright little baby boy has had a stubborn spell of sickness, but is rapidly improving under the treatment of Dr.Crutcher.
7-2-1897 -Capt. William H. McDaniel and daughter Miss Ada, returned from the exposition Sunday. The Captain was not well while in Tennessee, but he took in the sights anyway, and went over to Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain, and the Battlefield at Chickamauga, where on a memorable day in the 60's he was wounded, while bravely battling the enemy. He greatly enjoyed his trip and has an interesting tale to tell.
7-2-1897 - Louis Altman Leaving - - - Louis Altman returned from South McAllister, Indian Territory, where he recently arranged to enter business August 1st.
7-2-1897 - Miss Irene Freeman Leaving - - - Miss Irene Freeman is leaving for a visit to Monteagle, Tenn., before moving to Dallas, Texas where she will take charge of a school.
7-9-1897 - Addition To Sheriff Williams Home - - - C.H.Havens, who has the contract for an addition to Sheriff Williams residence, has the job almost completed. It consists of a room, hall, and front gallery, and is quite a pretty improvement.
7-16-1897 - First Home Electrified - - - The first home to be connected to electricity is that of Mr.& Mrs.J.M.Nichols, and we learn it is highly satisfactory.
7-16-1897 - Stevens Bros. Opens Undertaking Establishment - - - Stevens Bros. of St.Louis will probably purchase Lutz Undertaking Supplies, and has rented the building next to A.Meyer & Co., where Rush Stockard will manage when they open up early next week.
7-30-1897 - Post Master Hawkins Passes Through Town - - - T.A.Hawkins, the efficient postmaster of Heth, passed through the city Wednesday on his return from Hot Springs where he been in search of health.
7-30-1897 - Resignation of Rector Ogilby - - - The vestry of the Church of the Good Shepherd met Monday, and accepted the resignation of Rev.Edward L.Ogilby, as rector.
8-6-1897 - Yukon Gold Discovered - - - The excitement of large quantities of gold found along the Klondike River in Alaska has led to a boom.
8-6-1897 - Price McDaniel Hurt in Accident - - - Price McDaniel while wiring the residence of L.Rollwage's residence fell thru the ceiling when he missed his footing. He is very bruised and jarred.
8-6-1897 - C.H.Havens Adds to His Undertaking Establishment - - - Mr.C.H.Havens is building an addition to his undertaking department, and will add a hearse to his funeral facilities.
8-6-1897 - J.W.Moore Well Drilling - - - J.W.Moore wants the public to know that he is still in the well drilling business and will drill for 50 cents per foot and furnish everything complete.
8-13-1897 - Republicans Form a Permanent Organization - - - The "lily white" Republicans met in council Saturday afternoon and affected a permanent organization. A.M.Nash was elected President, and C.P.Hemenway was elected secretary. The club was baptized the H.L.Remmel Republican Club of St.Francis Co.
8-13-1897 - John Bartol of Germany Seeking Land - - - Mr.John Bartol of Germany was in town several days and is looking for 22,000 acres of timber land. He was accompanied by M.N.Gaines to the St.Francis County bottom Tueday.
8-20-1897 - New Courthouse Architect in Town - - - Mr.Chas.L.Thompson, architect of the new court house was in town the first of the week assisting the commisioner in opening the contractor's bids.
8-20-1897 - Mrs.Gussie V. Johnson Leaves - - - Mrs.Gussie V. Johnson leaves Friday for Holly Springs, Miss. where she will make her new home.
8-20-1897 - A.D.Boyle Replaces J.H.Bard - - - A.D.Boyle succeeded J.H.Bard as agent for the Little Rock & Memphis Railway Company due to illness of Mr.Bard.
8-20-1897 - Bid Accepted for New Courthouse - - - Mr. C.W.Clark of Little Rock submitted the winning bid for the new courthouse at $23,698. There were a total of 6 bids received and work is expected to begin no later than Sept.15 on the new structure.
8-27-1897 - Hotel Has New Operator - - - Mr.L.H.Belser of Covington, Tenn. has leased the Forrest City Hotel. and will reopen that excellent house as soon as it can be refurnish, renovated, and remodeled.
9-3-1897 - New Hotel - - - The brick building at the corner of South Front and Washington Streets, is being remodeled for a hotel, to be occupied by M.W.Izard, of the Izard House.
9-3-1897 - Crockett Brown in City - - - Crockett Brown, one of Lee county's most prominent citizens from Raggio City is in town with friends enroute from the centennial.
9-3-1897 - Robt.Delano Departs City - - - Robt.Delano has sold his home in the city to Will Moore, as he and his family have moved to Missouri. on Sept.17,1897 he returned and said he would live and die in Forrest City.
9-3-1897 - Rev.James Noble New Episcopal Minister - - - Rev.James Noble preached his introductory sermon last night at the Episcopal church, and held communion this morning.
9-3-1897 - Check For $5,000 Received - - - Becker & Lewis received a check from Equitable Life Insurance Co. for settlement of J.N.Farmer, who died in August. Geo. P.Taylor is the agent for this company.
9-10-1897 - General Forrest's Command - - - A reunion meeting of General Forrest's command is planned at Memphis, time to be announced. October 12, 1897 in Memphis to pass in review before Gen.A.J.Vaughn, Commander of the Tennessee Division of Confederate Veterans announced by James R. Chalmers, Commander 1st Division Forrest's Cavalry.
9-10-1897 - New Levee Approved - - - The St.Francis County Levee board accepted bid for new levee from Pecan Point for seventeen miles at a cost of $77,787.60.
9-17-1897 - John Seaborn Sentenced - - - The sentence for murder was guilty for John E.Seaborn who received 5 years punishment in the penitentiary for shooting Tom Tally.
9-17-1897 - E.H.Jackson Goes to Bono, Ark. - - - E.H.Jackson Goes to Bono, Ark. to be treated by his brother, Dr.W.W.Jackson, of that city, and will undergo surgery.
9-24-1897 - Dr. and Mrs.J.B.Wise - - - Dr. and Mrs.J.B.Wise, of Paragould, came down to attend the wedding Tuesday, and visit relatives and friends. The groom is the brother of Mrs.Wise.
9-24-1897 - John Bartol and German Immigrants Arrive - - - John Bartol and a colony, a dozen or more Germans have arrived and are planning to set up a stave camp near Cicalla.
9-24-1897 - Sam Hodges Working with Father In Law - - - Sam Hodges Working with Father In Law C.H.Havens at his gin.
10-1-1897 - New Courthouse Expected - - - The new courthouse is expected to be finished by Mar.1, 1898.
10-1-1897 - New Saw Mill at Cicalla - - - Mr.Hasinsell is putting a new saw mill on Biven's Bayou, near John Patterson's.
10-22-1897 - W.S.Hemenway In Town - - - W.S.Hemenway and wife, of Wheatley were in town Monday, visiting relatives, friends and on business.
10-22-1897 - Forrest City Marble Yard Visit - - - At the invitation of the proprietor, Mr.Peter Doyle, we visited the Forrest City Marble Yard yesterday, and were shown a handsome monument in course of construction for the grave of the daughter of W.M.Partridge of Palestine.
10-29-1897 - Yellow Fever Halts Railroad Trains - - - Quarantine regulations by the Little Rock and State Boards of Health have caused the abandonment of all passenger trains between Little Rock and Memphis.
10-22-1897 - Deposits In the New Courthouse Corner Stone - - - At ceremonies here is a list of some of the articles deposited in the new Courthouse Cornerstone:Souvenir edition of the Times dated Mar.12,1892;five $100 dollar Confederate Currency by P.D.Boyle; and numerous other items.
11-5-1897 - J.L.Adams Buys Farm - - - Pine Tree-J.L.Adams buys the L.R.Grobmyer stock farm, and will turn it into a cotton farm.
11-12-1897 - First Passenger Train - - - The first passenger train from Little Rock , Tuesday evening was met and greeting by usual crowd upon arrival since the Yellow Fever quarantine was lifted.
11-26-1897 - N.B.Fizer Disposes of His Abstract Business - - - N.B.Fizer disposed of his abstract books to Mrs. Alice Matthews who will continue the business for about $1,000.
12-10-1897 - R.S.Stevens Moves to Forrest City - - - R.S.Stevens, of Horn Lake, Miss. and a member of the Stevens Undertaking Firm of Stevens Bros., has rented the residence from M.W.Izard, and will move here around Jan.1 with his family
12-10-1897 - W.H.McDaniel Raises over 500 Bales of Cotton - - - Capt.W.H.McDaniel raised over 500 bales of cotton this year, and on Tuesday, a wagon train with over 100 bales drove into town and unloaded at the platform.
12-17-1897 - D.M.Wilson and Mrs.S.E.Sweet Depart - - - D.M.Wilson and family, Mrs.S.E.Sweet, departed for Texas where they will live.
12-24-1897 - New Postmaster - - - W.A.Higgs has been appointed postmaster at Colt, vice John J.Ables, removed.
12-24-1897 - Mrs.J.Q.Roberts Departs - - - Mrs.J.Q.Roberts departed for Deckerville to join her husband.
12-24-1897 - John W.Aven Departs - - - Mr.John W.Aven announces his sale of the Caldwell Mercantile Co. to R.J.Lanier.
12-31-1897 - First Snow on Christmas - - - Forrest City experienced it's first snow on Christmas day last week.
16 - R.H.WINFIELD & CO.-OPERA HOUSE BLOCK-DRY GOODS - - - - 1908 1911 - - -
18 - KLONDIKE BAKERY-JAMES TONEY PROP. - - - - 1911 - - -
19 - J.S.SHIELDS & CO.-PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS - - - - 1908 - - -
24 - ROLLWAGE & ALDERSON- - - - - 1903 - - -
28 - FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT-CALL 28 - - - - 1911 - - -
31 - THE CITY DRUG STORE-O.N.WARREN, PROP. - - - - 1909 - - -
31 - HATCHER & CALDWELL, CITY DRUG STORE - - - - 1911 - - -
34 - H.R.NEBLETT-GROCERY AND DRY GOODS - - - - 1910 1909 1911 - 1912 - -
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52 - NEWSOME & FERRELL-REALTORS - - - - 1911 - - -
75 - GROBMYER LUMBER - - - - 1910 1911 - - -
79 - PURITY DAIRY-S.B.TRAPP-PROP. - - - - 1912 - - -
81 - NEELY & NEBLETT-DRY GOODS & GROCERIES - - - - 1908 - - -
91 - ENTERPRISE MEAT MARKET=SCHUH & CO. - - - - 1910 - - -
124 - W.B.MANN, JR.- LAUNDRY - - - - 1902 - - -
134 - L.R.GROBMYER'S CITY MEAT MARKET - - - - 1911 - - -
147 - CITY WATER & LIGHT COMPANY - - - - 1911 - - -
147 - CITY WATER & LIGHT COMPANY - - - - 1912 - - -
174 - BECKER & LEWIS COAL - - - - 1910 - - -
174 - BECKER & LEWIS FURNITURE - - - - 1909 - - -
184 - W.E.KIRBY & CO. - - - - 1910 1909 1911 - - -
209 - SELLERS & SCOTT GROCERY - - - - 1910 - - -
212 - OUR BAKERY - - - - 1911 - - -
225 - J.I.HAWK-REALTOR - - - - 1908 - - -
239 - JIM THOMPSON HAULING - - - - 1910 - - -
248 - CITY GROCERY-W.L.LAWRENCE PROP. - - - - 1910 - - -
293 - C.C.WEIER-BRICKLAYER AND BUILDER - - - - 1910 - - -
299 - SELLERS & SCOTT GROCERY - - - - 1911 1910 - - -
312 - A.D.BOYLE JEWELER-IMPERIAL BUILDING - - - - 1912 - - -