Date of birth:  Jan 9, 1831 in Pond River, Hopkins Co.
Date of death: Sept 6, 1908

Name of father:  Samuel Baylis Earle, lived at Hopkins Co. KY.  He
 lived & died in White Hare, MO.  Died on Feb 8, 1859.  He
 married Jane Woodson in Hopkins Co. KY on Sept 13,
 1818.  Was son of Baylis Earle & Mrs. Anna Mosely
 of Spartanburg Co. SC

Name of mother:  Jane Woodson, daughter of Samuel
 and Sarah Miller of Glasgow, KY

Comments:  His mother?s family descended from French Huguenot ?
 from a Dupuy who came over with the Huguenots.
 John and Mary Earle came from England to Virginia in
 1649 or 1652.  The father of Bayles Earle, also Bayles, was
 the first county judge of Spartanburg Co. SC.  He was the
 father of 14 children.  He?s said to have killed a bear
 ?offhand? at the age of 94.  Bayles Earle
(grandfather of
 subject) disguised as a woman in liberating Capt. Wood
 from the Tories in SC.  He came from there to KY

Occupation:  Minister of Gospel
Civil Service:  First Public Instructor in AR
Legislature in 1866
Military service: Capt. ? Co. B, 34th AR Ing
Political party:  Democrat & member of the National
Church connection:  Cumberland Presbyterian.
President of
 Cumberland College
Organizations:  Mason

Wife & date of marriage: Nancy Amanda Buchanan, June 15, 1865.
 She was daughter of John Buchanan and Ellen Crawford Buchanan.
  Descended from Scotch who came to America in 1702,
 To VA, to TN, and to AR.  Was an influential educator.

 Mary Kate Earle ? died in infancy
 Clara Earle ? Lebanon, TN
 Woodson Earle ? Bakersfield, CA
 Harold Earle ? died in infancy
 Ellen M. Earle Richardson ? Cane Hill, AR
 Fountain Pyeatte Earle ? Fayettevlle, AR
 Emma Earle ? died in infancy

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