Lincoln, AR
Date of birth:  Jan 5, 1835 in Alton, Green Co. IL

Name of father:  William Finley of NC, son of John
Finley of IL

Name of mother: Elizabeth Ozbun & she was from near
 Cincinnati, Ohio

Military service: Capt. Shumate Scout Service, Col. Quaid Reg.
 Spent 3 years on Frontier of Texas
Political party:  Democrat
Church connection:  Missionary Baptist

Wife & date of marriage:  Fannie Evaline Cook, Aug 10, 1872,
 daughter of Harper H. Cook & Elizabeth Cook

 Walter Finley ? Westville, OK
 L. Emmett Finley ? Collinville, OK
 Willard Finley ? Lincoln, AR
 Elizabeth Finley ? Lincoln, AR
 Eugene Finley ? Lincoln, AR
 Martha Rich ? Lincoln, AR
 Roy Finley ? Lincoln, AR
 Ruth Finley ? Lincoln, AR

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