--photo courtesy of Paul Miller

Wools Cemetery

Judsonia, Arkansas

This "cemetery" is actually a lone grave of little Katie Wools who died at age 6 after a brief illness and was buried at the James Wools homeplace at the foot of a pine tree she had planted.

Wools, Emma Kate – April 9, 1877 – August 23, 1883

Kate was the daughter of James and Angeline Wools (see HISTORY) and was survived by three brothers -- Elihue and twins Barton and Martin – and sisters Clara (Wools Morgan) and Florence. Two other Wools daughters, Alma and Ruella (Wools Miller), were later born at this place and grew to adulthood. Both became teachers. Ruella lived in the Plainview community until the early 1960s. Florence never married and died after Ruella.

According to family legend, when the Wools family moved to this area in 1878 there were no pine trees in the area. While the family was visiting, Emma Kate saw pine trees and loved them so much she was allowed to pull a small seedling and bring it home in a fruit jar. Only 4 years old, she planted the small pine tree by the boundary fence about 300 feet from the house, where with tender care the little seedling began to flourish. When Kate died shortly after her sixth birthday the lone pine tree became a marker for her grave. More than a hundred years later, Kate’s tree is gone but the farm now has numerous large pine trees. Flowers planted near the grave by the family bloom yearly. Generation after generation of the Wools family has cared for the grave.

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