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White County, Arkansas

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White County Loose Probate Papers 1835 through 1920

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The papers represented by this Index contain a wealth of information about White County estates and guardianships.  When a file is about an estate it can contain information such as the date of death, the heirs, who was to take care of the estate and the kind and quantity of property included in the estate.  If the file is about a guardianship the first name listed is usually the oldest of those covered by the guardianship.
The first column contains the name of the deceased person if it is an estate or the name of one of the wards of the court, if it is a guardianship. The first column is arranged in alphabetical order. The second column contains the name of the administrator if it is about an estate or the name of the guardian if it is a guardianship. When the first column contains the term et al (and others) it means that the guardianship is for more than one person. When there is room in the first column all of the names in the guardianship may be listed.    The third column contains the approximate date of death which should have been given on the Letter of Administration (LOA) or the date when the guardianship was enacted. The LOA also sometimes lists the heirs of the estate. If there is no LOA in the file then the date given in the third column should be the earliest date found in the file.  Some of the estate papers contain Wills.  Often there are inventories of personal property such as livestock, farming implements, spinning wheels etc.  Sometimes there will be a list of property contained in an estate sale along with the names of who bought it. Quite often family members buy a big portion of the property. The estate papers often contain legal descriptions of any real estate included and can be used to find the location of where they may have lived.
If you find a file listed that you think may contain some of your ancestors you will need to contact a White County Historical Society volunteer to arrange for them to visit the courthouse to look at the file and make copies of the papers that you want. This will be done by printing out the Look-up Request Form (Click Here for Form) .  The form contains a question about any financial limitations. These files may contain from one piece of paper to as many as 3 full file folders.  Copies are 50 cents a page so be sure to answer the question about any financial limitations. After you print out the form, answer all the questions except as directed otherwise and mail the completed form to

White County Historical Society
%Marriage Records
P O Box 537,
Searcy, Arkansas 72145
There is a minimum charge of $5 for postage and handling. If you will include this amount with your request and also send an Email to Marriage  you should receive an Email or a phone call within a few days telling you how much and what type of information is included in the file.
Please note that some of these papers are as much as a hundred sixty years old and vary widely as to legibility. Several members of the White County Historical society have been involved in this sorting project.  We had to make decisions about how the names were spelled based on a number of facts.  If you do not find the exact spelling that you think represents you ancestor try other spellings.  Some files contain several variations of the spelling of names.  We have tried to use the spelling given on the LOA if it was legible. A lot of individuals could not read and write and were dependant on the Justice of the Peace or whomever to get the spelling down correctly.

Look-up Request Form

Name of Decd or Ward Name of Adm or Guardian App Yr Comments
Abbington, W H & E H Beam, H N 1888 Guardianship
Abernathy, Clayton Rawls, W A 1885 Estate
Aclin, C C  Hartley, John 1892 Claim
Adair, B M Holland, John G 1865 Estate
Adair, Elizabeth Adair, Robert 1881 Estate
Adcock, William J Adcock, Elizabeth 1862 Estate
Addison, James Addison, Elizabeth (Widow) 1871 Estate
Aden, John Guthrie, T W 1844 Estate
Adkins, Sarah S Thomas, Edgar 1915 Guardian
Adkinson, George W Malinda Adkinson 1856 Estate?
Aiken, Alexander McDaniel, Perry 1857 Estate
Akin, William McDaniel, P A 1844 Estate
Akins, Jane McDaniel, P A 1854 Estate
Allen, Darlin Pate, Jacob 1869 Estate
Allen, Jasper Waddy, John 1914 Estate
Allen, Malinda & Mary? Smith, Pres 1892 Guardianship
Allen, Mary C & Alatha Allen, Richard 1872 Guardianship
Allen, Rasa L Claiborne, Jon B 1872 Guardianship
Allen, Samuel Sanders, William G 1864 Estate
Allen, William & Henry Jackson, Samuel W 1870 Guardianship
Allison, David Bolton, Benjamin 1864 Estate
Allison, John Allison, Mary 1877 Estate
Anderson, Andrew Anderson, J T 1861 Guardianship
Anderson, Henry Anderson, S B 1890 Guardianship
Anderson, I N Vested in Widow 1876 Estate
Anderson, John A Anderson, S B 1889 Estate, LOH
Anderson, John T Anderson, Susan 1862 Estate
Anderson, Jordan J Foster, A M 1881 Estate
Anderson, Lorenzo L Piker, John P 1877 Guardianship
Anderson, M W et.al. James, Benjamin 1857 Grdn - M W, M F, M M, & I W
Andigier, Lutie J Moore, J M 1883 Guardianship
Andrews, W  A  Andrews, Frankie (Widow) 1900 Estate
Armstrong, J D Armstrong, S D 1881 Claim against Estate
Armstrong, James Not Available 1878 Claim against the Estate
Armstrong, Louise Armstrong, L  T  1912 Guardian
Arnold, Christopher Hanson, Geo W 1887 Estate
Arnold, Sherrod Arnold, Erastus 1851 Estate
Arnold, William McDaniel, P A 1849 Guardian
Audigier, Emile Robertson, Perry A 1870 Estate
Aunspaugh, Benjamin F Smith, F W 1877 Estate
Aunspaugh, Hattie et.al. Foster, J L 1878 Grdn - Marietta, John C, Julia & Palmyra.
Aunspaugh, Ida  Aunspaugh, M M 1889 Guardianship
Aunspaugh, John H Smith, F W 1872 Estate
Aunspaugh, S B F Middleton, Wm H 1884 Appraisal
Autrey, Absolum Booth, T W & Dorris, J M 1870 Estate
Badgett, A A  (See Comments) Badgett, Dora 1890 Estate &Grdnship of Sveeta A Badgett
Bailey, Alfred Bailey, Hudson 1855 Estate (See Hudson Bailey
Bailey, Elijah Bailey, Abner 1842 Estate
Bailey, Elizabeth Bailey, John 1853 Guardian
Bailey, Eveline Sutherland, William 1859 Guardian
Bailey, Hudson Bailey, K B 1867 Estate # 36  (See Alfred Bailey) 
Bailey, Isaac Bailey, Abner 1839 Estate
Bailey, John F Bailey, Henrietta 1858 Estate
Bailey, Joseph, William et.al. Cargile, William 1857 Grdn - + George, Susan, Alfred, Franklin
Bailey, L W Whitley, W R 1876 Estate
Bailey, Silas M Bailey, Sarah Ann 1916 Estate (Has a Will)
Bailey, William Rogers, B K 1861 Estate, Combined  w/Heir Richard Bailey  
Baker, H C Snipes, James A 1867 Estate
Baker, I N Baker, Francis E (Widow) 1900 Estate
Baker, J W Wofford, Moses 1883 Estate (List of Heirs With Addresses)
Baker, James M   et.al. Hester, H C 1877 Also Grdn of Nancy Tabitha & John
Baker, Matilda et.al. Scott, A H 1880 Guardianship
Baker, Roberta Bradley, M C. 1892 Guardianship
Baldwin, A D Anderson, J M 1879 Estate
Baldwin, Josephine Baldwin, T C 1881 Guardian  (W C Baldwin is father)
Baldwin, W C Baldwin, Josephine 1879 Petition (See Josephene Baldwin)
Ballew, Adeline Ballew, William B 1860 Grdnship - See William Ballew
Ballew, W B Ballew, B B 1910 Estate
Ballew, William, Harriat, Adeline Ballew, William B 1853 Grdnship - Contains Will of John Ballew
Bane, John Hill, Samuel 1850 Estate
Banner, North J Pendergrass, W H 1894 Guardianship
Barber, Anna & Travis Hart, James H 1884 Guardianship
Barber, Ellen Henry, Good 1865 Guardianship/Apprentice to Henry Good
Barber, Henry N & Ida A Slaten, Stephen O 1876 Guardianship
Barber, J C Siddal, Ira A 1876 Estate
Barber, James Barber, Jessie H 1865 Estate - List of Heirs
Barber, James R  et.al. Hart James H 1889 Guardian (See James Barber)
Barber, John C Wish, Christopher 1867 Estate
Barber, Matthew Teer, Manuel 1865 Guardianship/Apprentice
Barber, Pleasant Barber, James H 1880 Estate
Barber, Samuel D Gass, J B 1865 Estate
Barbour, Henry & Jane James, Isaac. 1869 Guardianship
Barger, D A Harvey, H F 1884 Estate
Barger, Henry Barger, Matilda 1866 Exetrix, Last Will & Testament
Barger, J S Harvey, H F 1888 Guardian
Barker, Elijah Barker, Stephen C 1871 Guardianship
Barnett, Joseph H Watkins, B F 1887 Estate - See also Joseph H &   Mollie J
Barnett, Joseph H &   Mollie J Watkins, B F 1873 Guardian
Barnett, Stephen B Barnett, John 1867 Estate
Barr, John A Montgomery, James 1866 Estate
Barr, Matilda Montgomery, James W 1865 Estate   
Barten, Joshua West, James M 1858 Estate
Baswell, Miles N Baswell, Miles B 1877 Estate List of Heirs
Bates, Martha A Wilks, J J 1892 Estate
Battle, James Gist  Battle, T M 1883 Guardianship - See James Gist Berry)
Baugh, C H Baugh, Mattie 1881 Estate
Baxter, James M Blasingame, Benj & Dougan 1866 Estate
Bearden, Thomas Vested in Widow 1866 Estate
Bearden, Wm. T Neal, John H 1862 Guardian -Nancy E & Richard Bearden
Beaver, James H Payne, Romulas 1875 Estate
Beavill, J E & Nora Beavill, J E 1890 Estate
Beck, Charlie E Beck, J J 1894 Estate - Widow is Willie Beck
Beeber, Hannah E J Beeber, B B 1867 Guardian
Beeler, David Rogers, T J 1873 Estate
Beeler, John McDaniel, Jas & Sam Beeler 1846 Estate
Bell, J J Bell, Sarah 1910 Estate
Berry, James Gist Battle, T M 1883 Guardian - See  James Gist Battle
Bevill, John & Nora Sullevan, W T 1895 Guardianship
Bevill, Joseph Bevill, J A 1888 Estate
Bevill, Mary C  et.al. Bevill, Sarah W 1868 Guardian - Robert H & Gideon
Bevill, R H Hendrix, W 1899 Estate - Ads in Citizen & Ark. Methodist
Bevins, Susana M et.al. Bevins, Adeline 1869 Grdn - Also Catherine H & Henry C
Bewley, J A Humphries, C D 1874 Estate
Biles, Arthur E et.al. Biles, Renton H 1893 Guardianship - List of Siblings
Biles, John Porter Biles, Sarah Jane 1862 Estate
Bingham, Adaline V Grizzard, Joseph J 1870 Guardianship
Bingham, Fredrick Bingham, Soloman 1861 Estate
Biram, David O Biram, Sarah J 1895 Estate
Birdwell, Samuel Fortner, James B 1869 Estate
Bishop, James M Bishop, Martha A 1877 Estate   
Bissett, Eunice Holley, A. J. 1880 Estate
Black, Benjamin & James H Black, Thomas 1859 Guardianship
Black, Cornelia Black, C. M. 1905 Estate
Black, John F Black, J L 1871 Estate
Black, Levisa A Walker, James G 1871 Guardianship
Black, S H Black, Thomas & William N/D Estate (Wrapper Only)
Blakemore, Henry B Thos Oliphant & Milt. Vaughn 1872 Willie Blakemore, Widow
Blakemore, T J Blakemore, T. J. Mrs. 1880 Estate
Blasingame, James T Blasingame, Mary 1871 Guardianship
Blassengame, Benjamin Blassengame, J M 1871 Estate
Blassengame, William 1 of 2 Blassengame, Benj 1866 Estate 
Blassengame, William 2 of 2 Blassingame, John M 1871 Estate
Blevins, Harrison Blevins, Nancy J (Widow) 1881 Estate - See W A Blevins
Blevins, William A Blevins, Harrison 1873 Estate - See Harrison Blevins
Boatwright, Artimesia Boatwright, R  J & L D K 1883 Estate
Boatwright, J A Claiborne 1873 Estate
Boatwright, Joel Goss, Joel S 1863 Estate
Boatwright, Joel M Boatwright, Ellen A 1858 Estate
Boatwright, V K Boatwright, R. J.  1897 Guardian
Boatwright, W D Hillis, J B 1880 Guardian
Bobbitt, L W Beam, H N 1886 Estate
Boggs, Anna Boggs, Frances  M 1878 Guardian
Boggs, Joe Emma Sharp, Levy 1871 Guardian
Boggs, Newton J Sprenall?, Fanny Boggs 1881 Estate
Boggs, Rufus Boggs, W. R. 1862 Estate
Bogle, David Bogle, R W Mrs. 1869 Estate
Bogle, Mary B & Daniel Jr. Bogle, Rachell 1879 Guardian
Bohley, William Bohley, Annie P 1891 Guardianship
Boley, William S Boley, Osa 1886 Estate
Bolton, Nettie  et.al. Bolton, J H 1901 Grdn - Also Haal, Hollie & Lillie
Bond, James R & Nannie Bond, John W 1862 Guardian
Bookout, Calvin Bookout, Mahala 1880 Estate 
Booten, Valentine  et.al. Faulkner, W D 1870 Grdn - Jane, James,  Wesley / Estate
Booth, C E & Cora Booth, Henry 1867 Guardianship
Booth, C L Booth, G H 1904 Estate
Booth, Gillian H, et.al. Lawton, William A 1866 Guardian  Also Charles L & Mary E
Booth, Gullium H Davidson, J P 1912 Estate
Booth, Martha E ,George,Casper Booth, Julia A Mrs 1885 Grdnshp-Martha Married a Brown
Booth, Mary C Bevill, Sarah J 1870 Guardian
Booth, Maud Ollie Booth, J. S. 1897 Estate
Booth, William A Crow, Joshua B 1858 Estate
Bost, Mrs. E Myrick, C M 1879 Estate
Bost, William A Myrick, C M 1880 Guardian
Bowden, George Bowden, E J 1892 Estate
Bowden, J M Wood, ? C 1867 Estate
Bowland, John W Harvey, Calvin L 1860 Estate
Bowland, Lucinda & Martha Frizzell, Thomas 1866 Guardian
Bowman, Minnie et.al. Hopper, M R 1898 Grdn - Also Robert, Elnora,  Bolzoran?
Boyd, Fannie Cale, D. D. 1899 Cale was first Guardian
Boyd, Thomas A Boyd, Ed A 1876 Last Will & Testamint
Boyle, F J Black, B C 1873 Estate
Bracey, John D Bracey, McRae 1852 Court Notes
Bradberry, James Christian, John A 1866 Estate
Bradford, Myrtle H Bradford Martha M 1884 Guardian
Bradley, C M Bradley, Benjamin B 1859 Estate
Bradley, Frank House, J W 1871 Guardian
Bradley, M E Bradley, Benjamin B 1858 Estate
Bradley, William Branch,  H. 1896 Estate
Brady, Amanda  et.al. Fleming, L H 1856 Grdn - Also James M & Catherine
Branch, Haywood ( Same Folder) Coleman, W F 1886 Guardianship
Branch, Haywood (Same Folder) Branch Mary & Coleman, W F 1880 Estate
Branch, Sudie Booth, M L 1871 Guardian
Brandon, Lemuel Brandon, W L 1876 Guardian
Brannan, Thomas Ladd, J S 1901 Estate
Breen, C T Breen, C. J. Widow 1895 Estate
Brewer, Bradford Brewer, James W & John 1869 Estate
Brewer, Moses M Hilger, Lewis 1876 Estate
Briggs, Mabel, Harry, Helen Briggs, E. W. 1901 Guardianship
Briggs, Oscar D Briggs, Addie 1896 Guardianship
Britt, J W Smith, K E 1887 Estate
Britt, Thomas F Wilks, J J 1872 Estate
Britto, Thomas Wilkes, J J 1885 Estate
Brooks, Anne & Cornelius Brooks, Emily A 1873 Guardian - See C B Brooks
Brooks, Cornelius Bradford Brooks, Mary C 1871 Estate
Browin, Oritha & Margaret M Porter, James M 1865 Guardianship
Brown, Alminio Brown, Henry H 1867 Estate
Brown, C M Keith, J. H. 1914 Estate
Brown, Duff  et.al. Brown, William M 1865 Guardian, Also Marcus W & Holly Ann
Brown, Early E Exum, Robt W 1853 Estate
Brown, Francis J Short, W. J. 1872 Estate
Brown, Fredrick Brown, Elcina 1857 Estate
Brown, H H Black, Ben C 1881 Estate
Brown, Haley Norville, E B 1888 Guardian
Brown, Harrison Rogers, T J 1867 Estate
Brown, Henry H Black, Benj. C 1875 Estate
Brown, John House, J W  1874 Estate
Brown, John P Zimmerman, Christopher 1842 Inventory
Brown, Samuel & Jeffery Booth, J S 1884 Guardianship
Brown, Willie Weir, W H 1885 Guardianship
Brown, Winfield Moore, Perry 1853 Guardianship
Bruin, J C Hutches, John 1861 Estate   
Brumlow, Sarah A Smith, Joel W 1872 Estate
Brundidge, G W  Brundidge, Alice 1889 Estate
Bryant, A S Rucker, C N 1883 Estate
Bryant, Mary, William, Soloman E Jones, Richard J 1867 Guardian
Buck, William Wyatt, G B 1905 Estate
Buckels, Isaac Plant, William 1856 Estate - See also Polly Ann Buckels
Buckels, J A Buckles, J W 1890 Guardian
Buckels, Polly Ann & Joseph Once, Phillip 1856 Grdn - Also Hyram, Willis & V A Buckles
Buckles, Barbary Buckles, J W 1883  
Buckles, Van A Patterson, J W 1875 Estate - Emily R Goodwin Name Incl.
Budgett, Lucetta N/A 1900 Guardianship
Bullock, C B (Or C D) Meadows, Willis 1888 Estate - LOH
Bullock, Gideon F Bullock, Susan E 1869 Estate
Burkhart, Franklin Sanders, William C 1871 Estate
Burns, Daniel Burns, Jane (Widow) 1867 Estate
Burns, L C  (Minor) Wright, J M 1888 Guardianship
Burrow, William A Burrow, Caroline E 1877 Estate - First Adm. Wilshire Riley
Burrows, S H Burrows, Mary 1886 Estate
Burrows, Thomas Aclin, C C then Sarah B 1878 Estate 
Burton, Miles Noland, Andrew 1860 Estate
Burton, W G Hicks, Will 1862 Estate
Byers, James M Markham, Sidney 1866 Estate
Byler, James H Byler, John H 1870 Estate
Byram, Alfred Wooten, John R 1861 Estate
Byrd, Lemuel Byrd, E J 1881 Estate
Cable, Lawson W Yarnell, A. W 1897 Estate
Calvin, John et.al. ( Barbour?) Barbour, Samuel 1860 Grdn - & Missouri, Sarah & Jeff. Barbour
Campbell, A W Campbell, Elizabeth 1902 Estate
Campbell, John H & Florence Crabtree, Sam D 1902 Guardian
Campbell, Neal C Davis, Robert W 1875 Estate
Canada, Andrew Canada, R M 1898 Estate
Canada, Charles Cleveland, H P 1898 Guardianship
Canada, James R Canada, Robert W 1875 Estate
Canada, Martha A Warren, C P 1871 Estate
Canada, Martha J, Thomas & Joseph Warren, Caleb P 1871 Guardian
Canada, Thomas S Warren, C P 1878 Guardianship
Canada, William J Canada, Martha J 1864 Estate
Canfield, D D Mrs. Beam, H. N. 1888 Estate
Carbon, Lilly C Battington, John D 1867 Guardianship
Cardwell, John W Perry, Stephen 1861 Estate
Cargal, George M Edens, Ezekial 1855 Guardianship
Carlile, Stephen Petty, William 1860 Estate
Carmichael, David Crow, Joshua 1859 Estate
Carmichael, Henry C Carmichael, George J 1868 Guardianship by a Brother?
Carpenter, Fontain Fielding, Henry R 1867 Estate
Carpenter, Pleasant Chrisman, Francis M 1860 Guardianship
Carrigan, Walter Lee Carrigan, W. J. 1881 Guardianship
Carter, Albert Samuel Carter, Alfred 1871 Estate
Carter, Alfred Carter, R. W. 1878 Estate
Carter, Cora, Minnie, Monroe Ward, Jessie & W S Carter 1850 Also R. W. Carter Estate
Carter, Cyrus Huling, Jessie M 1859 Estate
Carter, Francis C & Alfred Carter, Nancy A 1880 Guardianship
Carter, George O  et.al. Carter, A T 1904 Grdn - Also John T, Nina and Myrtle
Carter, Lewis (Vested in Widow) 1863 Estate
Carter, R F Ward, J F 1893 Guardianship
Carter, R U Carter, R A 1906 Estate
Carter, R W Carter, W S 1888 Guardianship
Cartwright, Jacob L .(or S) Blassingame, B G 1857 Estate
Cartwright, Joseph Tapscott, A B 1884 Estate
Cartwright, Ralph Brown, Henry  H 1862 Estate
Cartwright, Robert A, Alice & Wm. Jones, John H W 1866 Guardian
Caruthers, Rebecca Pate, Jacob & Calvin 1859 Estate
Caruthers, Samuel Caruthers, Jackson 1865 Estate
Caruthers, Samuel Sr. Caruthers, Samuel Jr 1847 Estate, See also Rebecca
Casey, George & William Kendle, William 1856 Guardianship
Casey, James Casey, William 1855 Estate
Castillon, Elijah Castillon, Mary 1873 Estate
Castleberry, George F Castleberry, W M 1887 Guardianship
Castleberry, J A Cunningham, W A 1887 Guardianship
Castleberry, W R Castleberry, J D 1889 Estate
Cathey, Sallie F.  Wm. Thomas Massy, W B 1874 Guardianship Dispute
Caudell, Andrew J Caudell, M J (Mrs) 1877 Estate
Cavender, James M Cavender, Lafayette 1870 Estate
Ceders, James Wilson Strange, H C 1880 Guardianship
Chalk, Lillie, Sallie & Porter. Olmstead, E S 1901 Guardianship of Heirs of W. A. Chalk
Chamberlin, Jonathan Cypert, Jessie N 1855 Guardianship
Chamblee, Joseph & John Whitley, W R 1870 Guardian
Chamblee, Julia Hallum, R W 1894 Estate
Chandler, C J Chandler, Nancy & Allen, Sam 1862 Estate
Chandler, Charles E Church, William S 1862 Guardianship
Chandler, Columbus P   et.al. Chandler, Elizabeth M 1874 Grdn - +John B & Nancy E
Chandler, Elizabeth Chandler, N F 1889 Estate
Chandler, John W Chandler, Elizabeth M 1857 Estate
Chandler, M L Chandler, W R 1915 Guardian
Chandler, Malinda et.al. Plant, William 1862 Guardianship
Channell, Charles Morgan, Samuel 1871 Guardianship
Channell, Louisa L Harrington, M H 1878 Guardian
Channell, Nancy A C Crosby, William M 1874 Guardianship
Chasteen, J L Walker, C B 1862 Estate
Chasteen, John C Walker, James E 1866 Estate
Cheek, Augustus S McCauley, George W 1865 Estate
Cheek, Frank Harris, D. C. 1874 Guardianship / Estate
Cheek, Fredonia Cheek, Augustus & McCauley 1860 Guardian
Cheek, Nathan Greer, Green B 1872 Estate
Cheek, Rebecca Morris, Thomas 1868 Estate
Childers, Alice Prothro, J H 1889 Guardianship
Chitester, Joseph Linscott, John S 1890 Estate
Choat, Lee & W S Wells, G G `1890 Guardianship
Christian, Haywood Christian, W A 1867 Guardianship
Chuks, A L N/A 1873 Estate  Tax  Record
Clairborne, John B Clariborne, John H 1874 Estate
Clark, Lola N/A N/A Guardianship (Jacket Only)
Clark, Minnie E Woods, H. J. 1882 Guardianship - (F. M. Clark Deceasd)
Clark, Moses Hodges, W. A. 1916 Estate - Mentions William A Clark
Clark,John T  et.al. White, F. C. 1885 Guardianship
Clemson, Mary J Murphy, M J 1887 Estate
Cleveland, Kate C Cleveland, H. O. 1900 Estate
Clifton, Texanna Laramore, S. M 1873 Guardian
Clink, Nathan Greer, Green B 1867 Estate
Clopton, Pearl Moore, S A 1900 Estate
Cobb, Florence Battle, J M 1883 Guardianship
Cobb, Mary Cobb, John A 1878 Guardianship
Cobb, Thomas J Part 1 of 2 Cobb, A J 1883 Estate  (Widow is Rebecca Cobb)
Cobb, Thomas J Part 2 of 2 Cobb, A J 1883 Estate  (Widow is Rebecca Cobb)
Cobbs, Susan Welch, W H 1888 Guardianship
Coburn, A. J. Skillion, James E 1889 Estate
Cochran, Eliza A Travis, W W 1876 Guardianship
Coffee, D M Huff, James A 1860 Claim
Coffey, D P Dr. Pemberton, J. A. 1882 Estate
Coffey, W. D. Coffey, J. R. 1897 Estate
Cogwell, James et.al. Blassengame, John M 1865 Guardianship (Also Wright & Washack
Cogwell, Richard Blassengame, John M 1871 Guardianship
Cogwell, Richard (Combined File) Blassengame, John M 1871 Estate
Cogwell, Thomas Blassengame, Benjamin 1865 Estate
Cohill, William Westmorland, William 1860 Estate
Cole, D. D. Cole, Charles T 1903 Estate - Contains list of Heirs
Cole, John A West, N H 1861 Estate , Appraisement
Coleman, B T Lewis, A K 1872 Estate
Coleman, Charlotte L Turner, D B 1866 Estate with Will
Coleman, D B Coleman, Wm. F 1871 Estate
Coleman, Tyre B Coleman, W F 1878 Estate 
Collingsworth, Covinton M Stewart, George W 1866 Estate
Collinsworth, Edward J Harper, W K 1882 Guardianship
Colvin, Albert Baxter Colvin, Nellie F. (Wife) 1899 Estate
Combs, Jesse D Thornton, F M 1854 Estate
Conditt, William W Conditt, Sarah Ann 1866 Estate (# 68)
Conley, Nannie C, John C & Wm. C Shepherd, C C 1880 Guardian - See Wm C Conley Estate
Conley, William C  (See Above) Irwin, Isaac 1863 Estate
Connell, A M Hendrickson, D W 1898 Estate
Conner, Richard Clark, Thomas    P 1865 Estate
Conway, A B N/A 1852 List of Property
Conway, B D N/A 1866 Estate / List of Property
Coocksey, Pauline Carnes, R. W. 1894 Grdnship - See  John & Minnie  Marks
Coody, W R Coody, Orville 1892 Estate - Hand Written Will
Cook, Addie Yingling, E. S. 1910 Estate
Cook, Daniel Cook, Walker 1852 Estate
Cook, Hannah E Beeler, Hannah 1858 Guardianship
Cook, J B Booth, W. S. 1913 Estate- List of Heirs stated as None
Cook, John Hutches, John 1866 Estate
Cook, John T Crabtree, Sam J 1905 Estate, contains list of Heirs
Cook, Margaret P N/A 1868 List of Property
Cook, Sarah W Simpson, R W,Gilley, W. R.  1853 Guardian, Father? David Cook
Cook, Walker Cook, Margaret 1857 Estate
Cook, William Cypert, Jesse N 1859 Estate
Cooper, Fannie Jones, J. M. 1892 Guardian
Cooper, Joe Henry Johnson, Otto L 1913 Estate
Cooper, Portia C (Insane) Cooper, J. F. (Husband) 1897 Guardian
Copeland, Eugene (Father) Smith, John M 1854   No File - See  Jessie  M Copeland
Copeland, Jessie M &  Lula  et.al. Smith, John M 1894 Guardian - Also Eugene C Copeland
Copeland, John H Christian, John A 1860 Estate
Cordwell, John  H Perry, Stephen 1883 Estate
Cottrell, Lawrence Cox James 1866 Guardian
Couch, G. M. Couch, A. Z.  (Wife) 1885 Estate
County Roads T S Rudd  et.al. 1888 (Historical)
Cowen, John (Maybe Cowan) Rogers, R. J. 1875 Estate   
Cowen, W  S et.al. Cowen, J. S. 1880 Guardian
Cox, Silas R Robison, M. M. 1879 Estate
Crabtree, J W Turner, B. D., Bradley, Jas 1907 Estate
Crabtree, John W Crabtree, A C 1876 Estate
Craig, William Key, Samuel D, Chrisman 1857 Estate (Large Folder)
Creal, Joseph Creal, U. B. Mrs. 1885 Petition
Creson, William Hutcherson, T. R. 1897 Also W F. Sale Adm.
Creson, William  et.al. Rogers, H F 1886 Grdn  - Also Walter and Bell
Crise, Rebeca Cypert, J N N/D Guardianship
Crisler Eugenia Edens, Robert 1888 Guardianship
Crittendon, John F Pryce, John T 1871 Estate
Critz, Ashley N/A 1904 An adult and has no guardian
Critz, Flossie Harvey, John P 1884 Guardianship
Critz, Ford G   et.al. Quary, Robert 1865 Guardianship (Five Listed)
Critz, J B Hicks, John T 1883 Estate
Critz, John Critz, Nancy A Mrs. 1875 Estate
Critz, John H Grammer, Joseph H 1865 Guardianship
Critz, Lillian R Horton, Eliza 1879 Guardianship
Critz, Lucy Brewer, William 1887 Guardianship
Critz, Mary J Critz, Robert 1883 Guardianship
Critz, Samuel Critz, John 1866 Estate
Critz, William H Hicks, J T  1883 Estate - LOH
Crocket, Lula V et.al. McNeil, W A 1885 Guardian - Also John V & Julia V Crocket
Crook, James B Pangburn, David 1862 Estate - LOH
Crook, Sarah G Pangburn, David 1862 Estate
Croom, J F Fleming, Z T 1878 Guardianship
Crosby, John G & Sarah Ellen Crosby, Cyrus 1857 Guardianship
Crosby, W. M. Crosby, Julia T 1884 Estate
Crosson, John Jeffery, James  1862 Estate
Crow, Gertrude Crow, C A 1877 Guardianship
Crow, Joshua B Cypert, Jesse N 1866 Estate
Crow, Ruth Riley, Willshire 1878 Guardianship
Crow, Thomas R West, W C / Watkins, B F 1874 Guardianship
Crow, William T Barnett, S B 1863 Estate & Guardianship
Crowell, Eldridge G Hicks, William 1863 Estate
Crump, J P Hilger, N B 1878 Estate
Crump, James et.al. Crump, W C 1886 Grdn - James, Samuel, John & Elizabeth
Crump, W. C. Pension App. 1898 Pension App, Civil War, Lung Disease
Culliver, Vernon & Herman  et.al. Hooks, Columbus E 1906 Grdn - Gertrude, Elizabeth, Hardy Culliver
Cullum, Alexander Cullum, Jane 1855 Estate
Cullum, Brass? H Cullum, Thomas 1860 Estate
Cullum, J A Cullum, N. L. Mrs 1916 Estate
Cullum, Leaner Drennan, A R 1895 left to her Sister, Deceased Signature
Cullum, M M Edwards, James 1862 Estate
Cullum, Newton J Cullum, Margaret Jane 1878 Estate
Cullum, William & Frandis Morgan, Samuel 1862 Guardianship
Curtis, Cyrus Freeling, Jesse 1866 Estate
Curtis, Willie Norvill, E B 1892 Inquisition by Coroner
Dailey, James L Beaur, N N  & Dailey, Mrs. N J 1883 Grdn -  +Oscar, Earl, Lola  & Otho Dailey
Daniels, Noah Goad, W H 1899 Guardian
Daugherty, J D Moore, J. L. 1901 Estate
Davidson, W M Booth, G. H. 1892 Estate, See also J. A. Brown Est.
Davis, L B Patterson, W James 1876 Estate
Davis, Otho Epperson, J R 1893 Guardianship
Dawson, Henryeta Humphries, John B 1854 Guardian
Dean, D Moore, Jno M N/D Estate - Folder only
Denim, Russel Edwards, B H MD. 1936 Death Certificate - Died in El Paso
Dickenson, James W et.al. Lessenberry, J A 1857 Guardian - Also Frances & Thomas
Dollar, D L Dollar, J Y 1907 Estate
Dougan, Robert S Dougan, Sarah E 1870 Estate
Dougan, W G Dougan, Sally 1872 Guardianship
Dungan, William Fewell, Nancy E & Hodges JS 1898 Pension- Company C 3rd Reg. KY INf.
Dungan, William J Hodges, J S 1899 Estate
Durham, Genevive Davis, L D N/A No date given
Dyer, A S & S L Dyer, J H 1893 Guardianship (List of Published Notices)
Edney, James Alexander Edney, W. K. A. 1874 Guardian
Edwards, William Edwards, James 1875 Guardian
Elam, Robert H Elam, G. F. 1871 Estate, Robert died in TN
Ennis, John S  Part 1 of 2 Harris, D. C. 1889 Estate Book A, Pages 430, 439
Ennis, John S  Part 2 of 2 Harris, D. C. 1889 Estate Book A, Pages 430, 439
Falkner, W D Falkner, W. F. 1887 Estate, List of Heirs
Faucette, Mary Ellen Faucette, Ed W 1874 Guardianship
Fee, Grauberry Fee, Mary E 1872 Estate
Fender, William Craig, Ed H. 1917 Estate
Ferguson, R H Saye, W B 1888  
Fields, A B Fields, J C  1895 Adm. Contains list of Children
Findley, R A et.al. Slayten, J H & Scott, D S 1889 Grdnshp - Also Minnie, Bennet and Lula
Fortner, W R Fortner, James B 1887 Estate
Franklin, Martha J "Mattie" Weathers, F. M. 1889 Guardianship
Freeman, London Heard, M C 1920 Estate
Fulbright, Mona Lee Fulbright, Mrs. S. L. 1933 Guardian
Fuller, James E. & Maggie Fuller, W. T. 1904 Guardian
Gaddis, John & Monroe Sanders, T. N. 1900 Guardian
Gatewood, G. G. Ferron, H. A.  1915 Estate
Gattan, A Gattan, Samuel 1853 Estate
Gay, E B, B S,, Eulus Baker, James 1891 Guardian
Gay, L B Hooper, J. F 1897 Estate LOH Insane Wife
Gay, M M Mrs Gay, R L 1916 Estate
Gay, Texana Hooper, J. T 1897 Grdnshp-Insane Widow of L. B.Gay
Gibson, John K, L L, C H Gibson, Lizzie 1907 John K Gibson Estate - Also Thomas A
Gideou, Daniel  (G is in Question) Castilge, Elijah 1871 Estate Settlement
Gilbert, C E Crocker, L J  1887 Curator
Gilbert, Henretta (Water Damaged) Gilbert, Carroll 1891 Guardian
Gilbert, Mrs. Sinie? Liles, J M 1895 Estate
Gilliam, Daisy May et.al. Ross, Jno,. H 1900 Guardian & LOH
Gilliam, Travis 1899 Gilliam, T N 1899 Guardian
Gilliam, Travis 1909 Gilliam, Foster C 1909 Guardianship
Gilmore, Savannah Gilmore, Ida 1910 Guardianship
Glenn, Ida May, Ivory,Myrtle Roberts, James 1891 Guardianship
Glosson, Mary Glosson, George 1909 Contains Will (Lonnie Glosson"s Ancestor
Godsey, Julia Godsey, James A 1887 Estate
Gollithan, Albert West, J. A 1902 Guardianship
Goodioui, Emily R Jones, B F N/D Guardianship (Jacket Only)
Goodwin, E C Hicks, W 1867 Estate
Gordon, J B (See Lucy Gordon) Gordon, Nannie A 1893 Guardianship
Gordon, Lucy (See J B Gordon) Gordon, Nannie A 1893 Guardianship
Gordon, W T Barney, J W 1872 Estate Settlement
Gosnell, Cyrus Keeling, James M 1860 Estate?
Grammer, J B Baugh, J J 1914 Estate (Contains sale Bill)
Grammers, J W Mrs. Jones, E E 1904 Estate
Gray, Jewell & Walter Gray, J A 1911 Guardianship
Greenwood, Moses Lawsuit 1870 Settlement of Estate
Grice, Rebecca Jones, Stephen 1867 Guardianship
Griffin, John Hicks, William 1865 Estate
Guthrie, Susan Versus John Freeman 1854 Circuit Court?  #36
Gwinn, Jesse Watson, S. A. 1891 Guardianship
Haigh, Pearl Booth, R S 1893 Guardianship
Hale, Elizabeth Hale, F M 1860 Guardian
Hale, Giles? Chrisman, F M 1865 Estate
Hale, Green et.al. Holland, W B 1868 Guardianship
Hale, James M Chrisman, Frances 1865 Estate  - List of heirs
Hale, John W et.al. Hale, John M 1871 Guardianship
Hale, Maclin? B Hale, Susan 1878 Estate
Haley, J M Brewer, J W  1876 Estate
Hall, James H Hall,M J S 1893 Estate  - Left to Widow
Hall, T J Shetter, J C 1900 Estate
Halliday, Emma & Agnes N/A 1885 See Halliday, W A
Halliday, W A Wallis, W T 1885 Guardianship/Estate / LOH
Halliday, William Halliday, Richard 1872 Estate
Halloway,Lyman et.al. Utley, D T 1877 Guardianship - Fannie, Anna & Adnes
Hames, Alice A Porter, James  M 1866 Guardianship
Hames, C F Hames, Martha 1860 Estate - List of Heirs
Hamilton, Gladys & Milton Seany, Samuel D 1909 Guardianship
Hamilton, H M Sr. Hamilton, H M Jr. 1904 Estate
Hamilton, Mary N  et.al. Hamilton, H M 1882 Grdn - Mary, James, David
Hamlet, Thornton Appraisal 1861 Appraisal
Hampton, Isaiah Hampton, J. W. 1886 Estate
Hanes, Harris  & Alice Porter, James M 1866 Guardianship
Hanes, Margaret E Cox, John C 1877 Later Guardian Margaret Brown
Hanes, R J  Appraisal 1880 Estate
Haney, J N Haney, N J Mrs 1893 Estate
Hanks, Calvin J Kniffen, Joseph 1853 Estate
Hanna, Ella L  et.al. Hanna, J K 1880 Guardian
Hardcastle, Isiah et.al. Lawrence, J M C 1891 Guardianship
Harkrider, John Harkrider, James 1860 Estate - List of Heirs
Harlan, John R Harlan, Emeline 1863 Estate LOH
Harlan, Valentine Harlan, J W 1880 Estate
Harman, John H Hutches, John 1865 Estate
Harrell, J D (See W H Harrell) N/A 1877 Estate
Harrell, Mary  Part 1 of 2 Hardy, Ninus 1889 Guardian, (Insane)
Harrell, Mary  Part 2 of 2 Hardy, Ninus 1889 Guardian, (Insane)
Harrell, W H Harrell, Mrs. A A 1889 Estate
Harrington, C. E. Robbins, Lee 1895 Grdn. Collete,Virgil, Ellie,Althie
Harrington, Meriman  H Harrington, Martin 1881 Estate
Harris, Eliza Ann Evans, White M 1866 Estate
Harris, Elizabeth Evans, White M 1872 Estate
Harris, John A Harris, Kimbel 1859 Guardianship
Harris, John W & Mary D Crump, W. C. 1894 Guardianship
Harris, Jonathan Ruff, Thomas H 1855 Estate
Harris, Joseph C Harris, Mary Jane 1855 Estate - List of Heirs
Harris, Kimbrall Harris, John A 1866 # 160  Estate
Harris, Raymond C et.al. Walden, Alvin 1910 Guardian
Harris, William C Floyd, John W 1865 Estate
Harrison, J P (HIs minor heirs) Norman, Jessie 1870 Guardianship
Harrison, Mary L (See comment) Wdw Nan PIckens Harrison 1888 See File for Pickens, John W et.al.
Harrison, Simpson King, Thomas B 1858 Estate
Harrison, William H. Pension 1911 Increase in Pension
Harrod, C C Harrod, John 1868 Guardianship
Harrod, Janie Harrod, John 1864 Estate
Hart, Thos M Sanders, M M 1874 Executor Will
Hart, Vincent James Pettus, James 1880 Estate
Hartsell, Elan Hartsell, M 1885 Estate
Harvey, Calvin L (or J) Harvey, Calvin L 1855 Estate
Harville, W M House, J W 1886 Estate
Haskins, Wesley Erwin, Isaac 1867 Estate
Hastings, John W & Geo. E Hastings, M. M. 1899 Guardian
Hathaway, Mary R  et.al. Hathaway, Samson 1859 Guardianship
Hauger, Green Darden, Will 1913 Estate
Hawthorne, Ray H Hawthorne, Henry E 1899 Guardianship
Haynes, Edward & Joseph Bridges, T. J.  1878 Guardianship
Haynes, Smith Chambers, George 1876 Estate
Haynie, Mary H Graves, P Y 1877 Estate
Hays, C. D. Allen, E. B. 1912 Estate
Haywood, James D Haywood, W W 1875 Guardianship
Hazelwood, Randolph Perry, Sstephen 1860 # 151 Estate
Hazle, A S Rogers, Thomas 1865 Estate
Heard, B E Smith, W B 1896 Estate
Heard, Hubbard P Sr. Heard H P 1867 Estate (LOH)
Heard, Sarah A Womack, John 1877 Estate - List of Heirs
Hedrick, E B Hedrick, Phoebe 1860 Inventory
Hedrick, William B Little, Elijah 1856 Estate
Heffington, Stephen Plant, Sarah J (Widow) 1861 Estate
Heflin?, William F Hicks, William 1866 Estate
Heins (or Heing) Minors Coleman, Jessie B 1870 Guardianship
Henderson, A J Mrs. Henderson, A J. 1892 Estate
Henderson, G A   et.al. Henderson, John 1888 Grdn - G S, Martha & N L
Henderson, H E Henderson, John 1877 Guardianship
Henderson, J U Howell, T J 1877 Estate
Henderson, W D Henderson, Widow 1883 Vested in Widow
Henderson,William   et.al. Henderson, A J 1897 Grdn - William, Little   P Henderson
Hendrickson, George & Sarah Hendrickson, D. W. 1869 Guardian
Hendrickson, John Hendrickson, James 1866 Estate
Hendrickson, William B Hendrickson, Daniel W 1866 Estate - # 149
Hendrickson, Willis  Hendrickson, David W 1866 Estate
Hendrix, William Canada, R W 1867 Estate
Hendrix, Wm. D, George, Erastus + Hendrix, John K 1863 Guardianship Also Sarah, Daisy & Mary
Henly, W. L. Pension 1911 Application for Pension
Henry, Fenton Dupriest, James 1875  
Henry, William Davis, James M 1869 Estate
Hensley, Robert Hensley, Eliz 1887 Estate- Vested in Widow & Minors
Hensley, T P Hensley, Rile (Wife) 1889 Estate - Vested in Widow
Henson, Alfred W Henson, Minerva 1863 Estate
Heovfren,John None Listed Half a paper 1860 Last  Name Likely Mispelled
Herndon, D. N. Herndon, J. M. 1904 Estate  # 220,,
Herndon, Joseph Sewell, F P 1880 Estate
Herrick, Richard Davis, W, D. 1917 Estate
Herrin, James R Herrin, P P 1892 Guardianship
Herring, George Herring, Carrie 1918 Petition for Vesting Order
Herron, Bessie Barger or Smith 1900 Guardianship
Hicks, Howell? Hicks, William 1866 Estate
Hicks, Jasper Hicks, Ida 1898 Estate
Hicks, John T 1 of 3 Hicks, William 1864 Estate
Hicks, John T 2 of 3 Rivers, J F to Estate
Hicks, John T 3 of 3 Hicks, Martha & Rieves, J F 1879 Estate
Hicks, Wm. Holland, John 1869 Estate
Hilger, Jefferson Davis Hilger, Louis 1878 Estate/Guardianship
Hilger, John Hilger, John & Mariah 1853 Estate & Guardian
Hill, Joshua Sappington, Samuel 1876 Estate/Appraisment
Hill, Martha & Eliza Judge, Robt. T 1876 Guardianship
Hill, Mattie, Annie, Henry, James Hopper, M R 1889 Guardianship
Hill, Odom Patton, T B & Jinkins, J R `1888 Estate
Hill, William K Hill, William A 1860 Estate
Hinds, John & Alabama Smith, J A 1869 Estate
Hinson, Mary C Rauson, Mrs. A R 1893 Guardianship _ Grandmother
Hinson, William A Erwin, Isaac 1865 Estate
Hixon, H U Mrs. Hixon, W. H. 1900 Estate
Hodges, John W. Hodges, W. A. 1913 Father was adm. of Estate
Hodges, R. R. Greer, G. B. 1876 C;laim
Hogue, J P Adkeson, Anderson 1862 Estate
Hogue, John Et Al Steele, James 1904 Guardianship
Holbrook, James Holbrook, Joseph E 1872 Estate - List of heirs
Holbrook, Nancy Ann Holbrook, Joseph 1871 Nancy Ann Russell
Holder, Elizabeth and Richard Black, Wm J 1861 Guardian
Holdford, Nellie Et al Hollford, B F 1906 Guardian
Holland, Fannie Holland, Martha 1869 Guardianship
Holland, S P A Holland, Martha J? 1874 Estate
Holliday, Cora Dean Ray, G C 1885 Guardianship
Holliman, Henry Holliman, William H 1868 Estate
Holloday, William Holloday, Richard 1864 Estate
Holloway, Alford Holloway, Q T & T B 1862 Estate
Holloway, J P Strange, H B 1877 Estate
Holt, Jacob Claiborne, M. V. 1911 Estate
Holt, Stephen C Holt, John W 1862 Estate - LOH - 1862 - 1872 Probate
Hooper, John Laws, J T 1859 Guardianship
Hope, A B Hedgpeth 1866 Estate
Hope, James McCauley, George 1856 Estate
Hopper, Albert Perry, W M 1871 Guardianship
Hopper, George W Kynard, Jacob H 1866 Estate
Hopper, Jacob Hopper, Mrs. Jacob 1863 Estate
Hopper, M R Pension 1911 Pension Application
Hopper, Sallie, Riley, Lou,S&E Massey, L. A 1892 Guardianship
Horn, Nola & Eva May Robbins, E A 1895 Guardianship
Horn, Thomas Andrew Terry, C K 1859 Estate
Horton, John J Horton, J. A.  1905 Guardian
Hotopp, Caroline Hotopp, W. C. 1914 Estate
House, Ann Eliza et.al. Walker, Willaim B 1853 Grdn - Also James & Morning Elizabeth
House, J B Vested in Widow 1877 Estate - Property Vested in Widow
House, Joseph House, A B 1862 Estate
House, M B House, S C 1869 Estate - List of Heirs
House, Susan or Mary Malone, Wm. 1867 Guardianship
Howard, Janey Howard, John 1867 Estate
Howard, Leroy, Iamuel, Nellie et.al. Hursh, P G 1881/87 Guardianship -  Also Pleasant Jo
Howell, H O Howell, H W 1876 Guardianship
Howerton, Martha et.al. Pate, F C 1839 Grdn - Stephen,Francis,Louisa, Sarah, Wm
Hubbard, Thomas H Poe, R H 1862 Estate  -  No Known Heirs
Huff, D M Huff, Mahalia (Widow) 1896 Estate
Huff, George M Miller, Pete (Appraiser) 1902 Estate
Huff, William A Aarmstrong, J D 1870 Estate
Hughes, Birdie S, Et al Hughes, Mrs. N. J. 1907 Estate
Hughes, Hardin Hughes, Sarah 1857 Estate
Hughes, Thomas Claimant 1879 Estate
Hull, John Reiff, John 1855 Estate
Humbard, J S  et.al. Wise, B S 1888 Grdn - Averd?, Elizabeth, Ida, J S
Humbard, R J Mrs Wise, B S & Nowell, J A 1887 Estate
Humbard, Walter M Humbard, Walter M 1903 Petition for Recognition as Adult
Humphries, Carroll B Batte, James F 1855 Estate  - Died intestate -= List of Heirs
Humphries, Flandrin Chrisman, Francis 1865 Estate
Humphries, John C Bradley, 1867 Estate
Hunt, Benjamin B Hubbard, T H & Poe, L V 1857 Estate
Hunt, E R Lessenbery, J A 1870 Guardian
Hunt, Elijah Lessenberry, J A 1856 Estate
Hurt, Oscar et.al. Hurt E E 1888 Ending in Guardianship in 1891
Hutches, Charlotte  & Fancy Rogers, B K 1878 Guardianship 
Hutches, John Shepherd, Arnold 1878 Estate
Hutches, Mary Hutches, John A 1876 Estate - List of Heirs
Hutton, Cynitha Plant, William 1874 Estate - List of Heirs
Inlow  Mary A White, John W 1870 Estate
Inlow, James W Waller, James A 1862 Estate
Irwin, Lissbon Irwin, Elizabeth & Lewis, G. W 1864 Estate
Isbell, Wm Benjamin- Part 1 of 2 Isbell, Thomas Benjamin 1859 Estate
Isbell, Wm Benjamin- Part 2 of 2 Isbell, Thomas Benjamin 1859 Estate
Isbell, Wm C Isbell, Benjamin 1856 Guardianship[
Jackson, Ella B & W R Jackson, J M 1857 Guardianship
Jackson, Hesekiah Strange, W. B. 1866 Estate - 211
Jackson, J C Martin, M. C. 1884 Estate
Jackson, J F Appraisal - Vested in Widow 1881 Estate Appraisment
Jackson, James H Jackson, Sally & Samuel 1862 Estate - Father? died 1 Dec, 1862
Jackson, Newt Laws, Lillie 1901 Estate
Jackson, W M Jackson, M B &Luddard, H W 1891 Estate - Mary First Adm.
James, B H James, Elizabeth (Widow) 1869 Estate - Vested in Widow
James, H W & H L James, L H 1882 Guardianship
James, Husem  Joyner, Joseph H 1873 Guardianship
James, James L Snipes, J. A. 1881 Guardianship
James, Q B Johnson, M B 1896 Estate
Jameson, Isaac Adcock, Wm. J 1852 Estate
Jeffery, F Cypert, J. N. 1870 Estate
Jeffery, James Owen, J J 1869 Estate
Johnegan, J. H.  Moore, G. W. 1862 206 - Estate- West Point
Johnson, Daniel Pierce, ? W & Johnson, Zeno 1866 Estate
Johnson, David Pearcey, J. W. 1860 209 - Estate
Johnson, E P Prince, John H 1890 Guardian
Johnson, Overton McDaniel, Perry A 1856 Estate
Johnson, Phillip & Elizabeth Jones, Sterphen 1867 Guardianship
Johnson, Phillip & Mary Jones, Stephen 1872 Guardianship
Johnson, William N/D 1873 Probate number 179
Jones, Bessie & Lelia Coleman, W F 1897 Guardianship See Book B, Page 372
Jones, David & Stephen Jones, Stephen Sr 1869 181  -Rebecca Groce  also a Guardian
Jones, Isaac N/A 1860 Estate Appraisment
Jones, James B N/A 1854 Estate
Jones, John W Jones, Julia B (Widow) 1897 Appraisement
Jones, McFarland Jones, Reuben 1874 Guardianship
Jones, William Nicholson, J T 1877 Estate
Jordan, Samuel Cross, B W 1877 Guardianship
Jordon, Almon Pettus, D W ? 1868 Estate
Jordon, George W Bright, Mason 1868 Guardianship
Jordon, William & John Burrows, E. K. 1869 202 Guardianship
Jowers, J J Wofford, Moses 1888 Estate
Joyce, James Hanson, George W 1882 Estate
Joyner, Sarah Joyner, William H 1860 Estate
Joyner, William H Joyner, Sarah E (Widow) 1877 Estate to be vested in Widow
Judge, J F & Mollie Wyatt, Ed 1885 Guardiandhip
Judge, R T N/A 1889 Estate Appraisment
Jumper, Elizabeth Overstreet, John H 1871 178 - Estate
Junkind, Eula (Mrs) N/D 1939? Estate
Keathley, Julia Keathley, R 1871 Guardianship
Keel, J C Keel, Rebecca (his Widow) 1881 Date could be 1891 Estate
Keeler, B A Keeler, Mrs. Jenne 1899 Estate
Keeling, Jessie Heard, Hubbard P 1867 Estate
Keith, Absolom D Keith, Martha & Guyn, Andrew 1863 Estate
Keith, Bettie B Mrs, Jones, Raymond 1907 Estate
Keith, John H Keith, Luticia - Adminx. 1866 Estate
Kelly, Paul P Kelly, V P & W R Coody 1852 Estate/Guardianship
Kelsick, Joseph L Pension  1912 Pension Application
Kemper, Annie Belle Kemper, H J 1903 Guardianship, 14 years old
Kempson, Permelia Moore, J L 1900 Estate
Kendale, Lucy Kendale, Albert 1861 Estate
Kendell, William Kendell, John & Lucy 1854 Estate
Kerbellian, Kate Oholendt, Charles 1891 Guardianship
Kerr, Joseph Kerr, Elizabeth 1857 Estate
Key, James McMurtry, W H 1886 Guardianship
Key, Samuel D Key, J T & M J 1879 Estate
Key, W T Key, T C 1891 Estate - LOH
Kidd, Alexander Foreman, J. T Loven, J 1870 Estate - James & Stewart
Kidwell, John Hicks, William, Booth Spencr 1861 Estate
Killough, Thomas L-- et.al. Killough, Nancy 1881 Guardianship - See also William Killough
Killough, William Killough, J. H.  1877 Estate - See also Thomas L Killouigh
Kinder, John McDaniel, Perry A 1859 Estate
King, A J & W T Hartsell, Eliza 1886 Guardianship - J. T. Masters Gdn. 1887
King, Edith Clair King, Otho 1898 Guardianship
King, Elias C & John King, Thomas 1875 Guardian
King, Gladys King W. E. 1886 Guardianship
King, J L King, B S  1888 Guardianship
King, James King, John Thomas 1879 Estate - A Will is referenced
King, John A King, P. M. 1888 Guardianship
King, L. C.  et.al. King, Mary Ellen 1888 Guardianship
King, T B King, William E 1879 Estate
Kirby, Thomas Kirby, John W 1869 Estate
Kirkland, Bertie & Leslie Rogers, Emma 1901 Guardianship
Kirkland, Mary F    et.al. Sessums, Richard 1862 Grdn - Mary, William, Thomas Kirkland
Kirkland, T  B Pension 1909 Pension App
Kirkman, Rebecca  et.al. Kirkman, Elizabeth 1871 Guardian
Kirkpatrick, Crawford Price, Delphina 1876 Guardianship
Kirtwright, Celia Goss, Mary 1864 Estate
Kittrell, Annie, Ruby, Ova Kittrell, D. H. 1889 Guardianship
Kittrell, John J Kittrell, D. H. 1889 Estate, LOA
Knapp, John Henry Fisher, John 1904 Guardianship
Knight, David S. Terry, John 1853 Estate
Knowlton, C M Knowlton, H Clay 1885 Estate
Knowlton, H C Wells, Marion C 1894 Estate - Good list of heirs
Kynard, Jacob H Crow, J. J. 1876 Estate
Lacy, Isaac Lacy, Lucinda 1860 Estate
Lafex, Joe Lafex, Mattie Mrs 1907 Estate
Lamb, J P Lamb, Joseph 1900 Estate
Lambert, Henry N Henderson, John 1889 Estate
Lambert, Robert & Reetha Lambert, B F 1893 Guardianship
Land, Francis White, S H & Patterson, N 1899 Estate?
Langford, Eli Moss, Thomas 1870 Estate
Langford, Hiram Pension 1911 Pension App for increase
Langley, John See Kyle Langley 1908 Estate
Langley, Kyle & Thomas (See above) McEuan, Arch 1908 Guardianship - See John Langly File
Lanier, Nancy R. Mrs. Dickey, L. W. 1893 Estate - List of Heirs
Lankford, Caroline & Lucine? Lankford, Peter 1870 Guardian
Latimer, Thomas Latimer, Mary E Widow 1894 Estate
Latta, Addisin, A J & Henry W Moore, John  T 1873 Guardianship (See Nancy C Latta)
Latta, Grandison? Latta, Nancy 1865 Estate LOH
Latta, Nancy C Meadows 1873 Estate (See Addison Above)
Law, J C Faulk, C? R 1860 Estate/Appraisment
Law, James A McCauley, J C 1882 Estate
Law, Newton C Liles, A & Taylor, Wm. 1858 Estate?
Lawrence, Ambrose H Jeffery, James 1858 Estate
Lawrence, Joseph Lawrence, R. J. 1892 Estate
Lawrence, Ollie & Ora Belle Wood, T. B. 1905 Guardianship
Laws, Catherine Laws, Georte W 1873 Estate
Laws, James L Laws, G W 1874 Guardianship
Laws, James P Griffin, A G 1870 Estate
Lawson, Mary E Pearson, Mary 1876 Estate
Lawson, T B Pension 1910 Pension App for increase
Lawson, William Pearson, Mary 1881 Estate
Lea, Martha et.al. Lea, William M 1855 Guardian - John, Elizabeth & William
Lebrick, William T Cleveland, H. P. 1912 Guardianship
Lee, Ida B Lippman, L 1886 Guardianship
Lee, Katie, Charles & Alice Lee, Sue J Mrs. 1906 Guardianship
Lee, Mary H Pension 1910 Pension App, Civil War
Lee, Thomas Price, Fielding 1860 Estate
Lee, W J Sr. Lee, W J Jr 1898 Estate
Legate, Louis Legate, Mrs P A 1889 Estate
Legate, W. A. Legate, P. A. 1886 Estate
Leggett, Cordelia & Geneva Leggett, Frances 1870 Guardian
Leggett, Francis C Riley, Willshire 1872 Estate
Leggett, Thomas Leggett, Francis C Mrs 1870 Estate
Lepp, E H Lepp, Coma 1888 Estate
Lessenberry, James A Williams, Carroll K 1880 Estate
Levens, James H Edwards, J R 1885 Guardianship
Lewis, E S Lewis, L S (his Widow) 1896 Estate
Lewis, George W Smith, John A 1902 N/A
Lewis, J D Wood, J P O 1866 Guardianship
Lewis, Mary A Strange, Rollin? 1859 Husband - Charles Lewis?
Lewis, Mary L, Oliver & Francis J Lewis, Erwin D 1867 Guardianship
Lewis, Oliver H Lewis, Irvin 1867 Guardian
Lewis, Richard Carter, W F /Holland, John G 1865 Estate
Lewis, Scott, Mary, William, et.al. Lewis, Hermminia 1870 Grdn - Frank, Maria, Dellphinia and John
Lewis, Thomas Richard Strange & Eliz. Edens 1866 Estate
Lewis, William D Johnson, W. R. 1854 Guardianship
Light, Lucinda et.al. Light, C. L. 1913 Grdn - Geo. Newton,Della,Tom&May
Light, William Light, J. M 1913 Estate
Lightle, John T et.al. Hicks, John T 1883 Guardian - Richard, Sallie,William T
Liles, Amaziah Sanford, Wyatt 1866 Estate
Liles, Arthur Liles, J C 1897 Guardianship
Liles, Martha Pension 1912 Civil War Pension
Liles, Minnie,Annie,Lena,Dewit Cochran, R. W 1912 Grdnshp - Father was R. A. Liles
Lindley, Lucy West, E 1882 Guardianship
Lindsey, Joseph & Benjamin Choate, J A 1890 Guardianship
Lindsey, Nancy McDaniel, P A 1837 Estate
Lindsey, R A Crisp, R W 1885 Estate
Lindsey, Rachael Gist, James M 1876 Estate - Will Included
Lindsey, T J Robins, Jacob 1867 Estate
Linsey, James Franklin & Creed M Pickens, J. R. 1883 Guardianship
Linsey, Wm N/D 1858 Debt of $10 for Gun Shot Wound
Lippmann, Ed Lippmann, L 1890 Estate
Lipscomb, Archebal Yarborough, Francis 1856 Estate
Little, Elijah Little, G. W. 1891 Estate
Logan, Albert  et.al. Canada, Robert M 1870 Guardianship
Logston, J N Logston, Mary 1910 Estate
Long, William J Dodson, William J 1869 Guardianship
Longmire, Mary N & Milissa Barnett, Stephen B 1853 Guardianship
Lott, Mrs. S. A. Davis, J. E. 1900 Estate
Love, David,Jno,Wm.,C & A. Love, William 1867 Guardianship in  Ira Love File
Love, Ira (Combined with David etc Roach, Wm. L & Robbins, J.D 1862 Estate - Look in David Love File also
Love, Steven Love, W. L 1916 Guardianship
Lovell, Andrew Weir, J. W. 1900 Guardianship
Lovell, Daniel or David & Virginia Lovell, Nicholas 1868 Guardian
Lovell, George W Lovele, Nicholas 1866 Estate
Lovell, Luticia & Nancy Lovelle, Nicholas 1866 Guardian H 230, Henry S Lovelle Father
Lowery, Samuel Giles Lowery, william F 1859 Guardian
Lowery, William  Castelon, Elijah 1877 Estate
Lowery, William T Jones, L W 1873 Estate
Loyd, Mary A Price, Fielding 1860 Estate
Ludlow, Charles Ludlow, H. W. 1892 Guardianship
Ludlow, M K Wise, J F (Will Witness?) 1888 Estate
Lumpkin, Benjamin H Lumpkin, Thomas 1862 Guardian
Lumpkin, George Washington Edwards, H S 1859 Estate - Hand Written Will
Lumpkin, Walter W Scales, Walter 1901 Estate
Lybroad, Henry Blackwood,  A. S. 1884 Estate
Lyons, Michael Lyons, Kate (Widow) 1881 Estate - Vest in Widow
Maddox, G W Maddox, A B 1892 Estate - LOH (7)
Magee, Edgar Stark, J M 1907 Guardian
Magers, Lavina E Magers, Isaac L 1860 Guardianship
Magers, Richard I    et.al. Watson, James S & Dowdy 1880/83 :
Magness, John Walker, Crawford 1844 Estate
Magness, Kissiah Cypert, Jesse N 1858 Guardianship
Magness, Perry C Montgomery, J. W. 1849 Estate  # 261
Magness, William Magness, John H & Susan 1844 Estate # 2
Mahan, D W Smith, H A & Others 1903 Estate
Majors, Francis  et.al. Majors, R 1917 Guardianship - Also Hazel & William
Majors, Isaac L Bennett, Z. T. 1882 Estate
Malcom, Barnett Blassingame, Benjamin 185? Estate
Malcom, Robert Blassingame, Benjamin 1859 Estate
Malone, B. T. Malone, M. J. 1885 Estate
Maness, Wiley F Maness, Jas J 1901 Estate - LOH
Marks, John & Minnie Carnes, R. W. 1894 Guardianship
Marks, Ulyses  et.al. Beverley, Elizabeth L 1891 Grdn - Ulyses,Jno,Pauline MInnie,Marks
Marsh, John Jr. Marsh, Emily 1888 N/D
Marsh, Thomas M Howell, J J 1887 N/D
Marshall, Eva May Wilson, J H 1894 Guardian
Martin, B F Martin, Belia 1894  
Martin, Beckie Poindexter, C C 1911 Estate
Martin, Benjamin Norvill, E B 1883 Estate
Martin, Bessie & Levara Aclin, B. C. 1902 Guardianship
Martin, Florence Pittman, P A 1883 Guardianship  - #53
Martin, John Martin, G. Mrs 1869 Estate
Martin, R H N/A 1863 Estate
Martin, Robert M Williams, Alexander H 1870 Estate #262
Martin, Sampson et.al. Martin, G. Mrs. 1869 Guardian also W R & Geo Martin
Mash, Thomas Howell, J Y 1888 Estate
Mason, Edward Tilley, J T 1885 Estate
Massengill, Henry McMorrain, Silas 1868 Estate
Massey, Clifton & Bessie Roberts, Eugene 1909 Massey, V. T. Estate
Massey, J S Pension 1909 Pension
Massey, Jacob W & William E Brauch, Mary S & Geo Branch 1905 Guardianship of Brothers
Massey, James N Massey, Jeremiah 1863 Estate - Slave Owner
Massey, John S. et.al. Caradine, William H 1869 Guardian
Massey, Mary D Massey, Joel 1869 Estate
Massingale, John Richardson, A W 1864 N/A
Mathews, Robert Mathews, J W 1868 Estate
Mathews, Walter M Dowits?, Mahala 1867 Estate?
Mathina, Thomas Norman, W B 1857 Estate
Matthews, Delila Matthews, John W 1855 Guardian
Matthews, E J Turner, John D 1888 Estate
Matthews, Nellie & Netta Walker, G B 1892 Guardianship
Matthews, S. E. - Part 1  Turner, John J 1883 Estate - See Part 2
Matthews, S. E. - Part 2  Turner, John J 1884 Estate - See Part  1
Matthews, W A  et.al. Bennett, Z T 1883 Guardianship
Maxville, H J Maxville, A. F. 1906 N/A
Maxwell, Alva Maxwell, Ben 1912 Guardianship - 5 Children
May, Manning I Neal, John H 1881 Estate
Mays, Thomas G Rayers 1893 Estate
McCamey, John N/D 1877 Claim against Estate
McCamy, Elmer Vandiver, P J 1898 Guardian
McCarty, Isaac Claimant 1846 Estate
McCarty, John Smith, Samuel 1866 Guardianship Settlement
McCastley, Isaac See Isaac McCarty N/A See also Isaac McCarty
McCauley, Hiram McCauly, James 1861 Estate - # 242
McCauley, John F et.al. Lewis, A. K. 1887 Guardian - # 217 & 272
McCauley, Lula McAdams, T W 1896 Estate
McCauley, Martha Edens, E. H. 1871 Guardianship
McCauley, Nancy F Carter, William R 1861 Estate
McCauley, Thomas Edenz, Ezekiel H 1861 Estate
McClure, James Sowell, David G 1884 Guardianship
McColm, I Nathan McColm, Nancy M 1898 N/D
McCreery, Decius Parker, L B also McCreery Mat 1863 Estate - List of heirs
McDaniel, Allen & James Dewberry, Daniel A 1859 Guardian
McDaniel, Hannah Perry, Stephen 1867 Estate
McDaniel, Henry & Eliza Dewberry, William R 1859 Guardian - See McDaniel, Allen & James
McDaniel, Mumsford D McDaniel, Maria A 1853 Estate
McDaniel, Perry A Cypert, Jesse N 1865 Estate
McDaniel, Stephen A McDaniel, S A 1896 Estate
McDaniel, Thomas M Chandler, H B 1880 Estate
McDaniel, William Howell, Canada 1857 Estate - Wrapper Only
McDaniel, Wm H, James J et.al. Middleton, Parks 1859 Grdn - Also Louisa, Allen A
McDevitt, Bryant Meek, Edward 1896 Estate
McDonald, Andrew McDonald, Benny T 1861 Estate
McDonald, Hannah Perry, Stephen 1861 Estate - # 228
McDonald, Joshua Wright, John 1835 N/A
McFerran, Charles R N/A 1845 Minor
McGinnis, A J House, J. W. 1886 Estate -  List of Heirs
McGinnis, Charles & Thomas Armstrong, J W 1898 Guardianship
McGlasson, G W Mary Ann (Young), Widow? 1883 Estate
McGraw, William Guthrie, Sam E 1839 Estate
McIntyre, Benjamin McIntyre, Terry 1858 Estate
McKamey, John C Branch, Haywood 1876 Estate
McKay, J A Pension 1910 Pension
McKay, J S McKay, George    P 1878 Estate
McKay, John W Cypert, Jessie N 1867 Estate - # 257
McKinney, G W McKinney, W T 1910 Estate
McMichel, Charles McMichel, Sarah (Widow) 1876 Estate
McNeal, J. B. McNeal, J. T. 1878 Estate
McNutty, John  (Could be McAnutty Bond, John R & Jones, E 1844 Estate - John R Buckley Security
McPherson, Adam Poe, L S & Bradshaw, Wm. H 1856 Estate
McPherson, David G McPherson, Elizabeth & Othrs 1837 Guardianship & Estate
McPhirson, Henry     Estate
McRae, Bracy McRae, Dandridge 1861 Estate
Meacham, William et.al. Meacham, J P 1885 Grdnship Also James, Lutie & Fannie
Meadows, James Part 1 of 2 Meadows, Willis 1873 Estate
Meadows, James Part 2 of 2 Meadows, Willis 1873 Estate
Meadows, Thos P Meadows, Mrs. Emma 1890 Estate
Meadows, Ura, Daisy, Oma & Fern Meadows, Mrs. F V 1892 Guardianship
Meadows, Willis Meadows, J Conley 1892 Estate
Mearrow, George et.al. McCauley, James 1856 Guardianship
Merideth, William et.al. Buckley, John R 1849 Grdnshp - #247-Also about Bradshaw
Michaels, August Rachels, G or J N 1900 Estate
Middleton, P S Middleton, D C 1893 Estate
Miller, Christian Harrod, John 1861 Estate
Miller, Jacob P? Baldwin, J F & Edwards, R H 1854 Estate
Miller, James N Pension 1911 Increase in  Pension
Mills, Isaac N/D 1837 Estate
Mills, Lafayette A Mills, Eliza A &  A A Gilliam 1895 Estate
Milner, Mary C HIcks, Jno. T 1899 Estate - Contains a will
Milner, Travis L Hicks, Jno. T 1899 Estate - Contains a Will
Mitchel, Lewis Mitchel, Mary 1858 Estate
Mize, W H Mize, Nelia 1900 Estate
Mize, William - et.al. Cleveland 1906 Guardianship
Monday, William F Monday, Beulah B 1904 Guardianship - List of Heirs
Monrow?, Mariah McCauley   Guardian (Folder only, No date)
Montgomery, E T Ellis, T B  (Exe) 1910 Estate - Contains Will
Moon, Narcissa Carnthus, G C ** Guardianship
Moore, Catherina, Martha E  et.al. Moore, Mahala 1856 Guardianship - Also James A & Sarah E
Moore, Christopher Moore, R L 1876 Estate
Moore, Etta Moore, Lurn 1899 Guardian
Moore, F P Moore, J C 1871 Estate
Moore, George W Cleveland, H W 1894 Estate
Moore, Harry E Moore, J L Cleveland, H P 1908 Guardianship
Moore, Henry MIddleton, Parks S 1870 Guardianship # 266
Moore, Henry D N/D 1851 Claim
Moore, J H Claim 1886 Claim of Stray Steer
Moore, James Leonard Moore, L E 1912 Guardianship
Moore, John Elms, Thos & Peel, Robert 1839 Estate
Moore, John M   et.al. Moore, Soloman 1860 Guardianship
Moore, L G Carlton, James 1876 Estate
Moore, M V Vested in Widow 1878 Estate
Moore, Mary F N/A 1870 Guardianship?
Moore, May Moore, Oliver 1897 Guardian
Moore, Narcissa & Jane Caruthers, Greene 1856 Guardianship
Moore, Noah B Moore, Soloman G 1859 Est.  or Grdn - See File for Nancy Moore
Moore, Penelope Pinegar, Wm & Porter, J M 1856 Estate - Widow of John Moore (1853) LOH
Moore, R. T. Linder, J. R. 1910 Estate
Moore, Ruby et.al. Moore, Josiah 1901 Grdn - Ruby, Camy, Cora & Josy Moore
Moore, Soloman Qerry, Stephen 1868 Estate
Moore, Terrah Mary Moore, R. P. 1905 Guardianship
Moore, Thomas R Cypert, Jesse N 1863 Estate
Moore, W H White, William 1868 Guardianship
Moore, Wessley Moore, Robert W 1870 Estate
Moreford, Owen Hall, J E 1906 Estate
Morgan, James H Pettus, David W 1863 Estate
Morgan, John A Pension 1907 App for increase in Pension
Morgan, John W & Nancy Morgan, Palmyra 1865 # 430 Guardianship - Incomplete File 
Morgan, Lucy Morgan, J W 1876 Guardian
Morgan, Mary Pettus, D W 1871 Mary Owe  D. W. Pettus
Morgan, Nancy Arnold, John W 1866 Estate - See Seth Morgan
Morgan, Sara et.al. Morgan, Mary 1870 Guardian Heirs of J H Morgan
Morgan, Seth Morgan, David 1867 Estate
Morgan, William J Goss, Joel B 1864 Estate- Died Nov 1, 1864 Pulaski Co
Morris, Bracy et.al. Morris, Thomas 1865 Guardianship
Morris, Ethel Morris, Anne 1911  
Morris, Henry Morris, Sarah F 1868 Estate
Morris, James Neely, Asaph 1869 Guardianship
Morris, M M Morris, Mrs. M M 1889  Estate - Wife is only Heir on L of H
Morris, Martha  et.al. Moss, Thomas 1891 Also Grdn William M & Robert E Morris
Morris, Monroe G Morris, Madison M 1867 Guardianship
Morris, Monroe J Morris, M M 1870 Guardianship
Morris, S A Aiken 1878 Guardianship
Morris, Walter B Dye, Jno H 1917 Estate - List of Heirs
Morris, William J Atkins, Julia 1877 Estate - contains a list of heirs
Morrison, Mary T Westmorland, W J 1882 Estate
Morrison, Thomas E Morrison, George A  1914 Guardianship
Morrow, G. W. N/A Information only 1897 Salary as County Judge
Morrow, Martha A, George, Aurelia McCauley, John F 1854 Guardianship
Morse, Newton J James, David 1856 Estate
Morton, J A  Morton, E M 1888 Guardian # 17 & 488
Morton, James W  Vann, W H 1875 Estate - A 475
Moseley, T B McRae, Coody 1869 Estate
Moser, Jacob Moser, Catherine (Widow) 1854 Estate Contains Will
Mosley??, Seth Best , William E 1870 Estate
Moss, Enoch Moss, Naoma 1867 Estate
Moss, Mary V Moss, John S 1890 Guardian
Moye, William T et.al. Moye, James 1905 Grdn- Brittian T, John, Thomas A & Della
Mullinix, Bobbie William, W. M. 1899 Guardianship
Munn, Alice Yarnell, A. W.  1896 Estate
Murdaugh, Richard C Barten, J E 1913 Estate - LOH - 7 children
Murphree, G. M. Pension 1911 Pension App.
Murphy, Claude V Wright, Amanda M 1898 Guardianship # 271
Murphy, Sam N/D 1856 Estate - Contains Will
Murray, Elijah A Murray, Jane 1873 Estate
Muse, K. H. Muse, Sallie 1929 N/D
Neal, J R Brumlow, J N 1895 Estate
Neal, James M Neal, Mary 1859 Estate LOH
Neal, John H Neal, John D 1896 Estate
Neal, Otho Lorance, J N 1893 Guardianship
Neal, Stephen M Grisham, James E 1865 Estate
Neal, William D Vested in Widow 1869 Estate
Neaville, John C Neaville, Martha A 1887 Estate
Neavils, Mary Wilkes, Abraham N/D Guardianship? Incomplete File
Neely, James Key, Samuel D 1860 Estate
Neely, N J Neely, Asaph 1862 Estate
Nelson, Centenia &  Babe Freeman, John 1890 Guardianship
Nelson, Nathaniel Goodloe, Theodore 1860 Estate, Numered 275
Nelson, Thomas Freeman, London 1883 Estate - LOH
Nesbitt, Betty Sue & W J Nesbitt, J B 1874 Guardianship
Nevill, Elihu Nevill, Margaret 1852 Estate
Nevills, Mary Wilks, Abraham 1870 Guardianship
Newlin, T J Durham, R E 1900 Estate
Newman, Francis Marion Newman, Dilly 1872 Estate
Newman, Lazarus Newman, Emily A 1863 Estate
Newman, Sarah & Feriby Jones, Stephen 1862 Guardianship
Nichols, Asa Matt Nichols, C. O. 1878 Guardianship
Nooman, Thomas Holeman, Henry 1865 Exeecutor His Will
Norman, D S N/D 1879 Estate
Norman, Francis Norman, Thomas 1858 Estate - LOH
Norman, Mary J N/D 1874 Guardianship
Norman, Mary W Norman, Jessie 1858 Guardianship
Norman, W B N/D 1859 Appraisal
Norris, N B Baker, B P 1891 Estate
Norton, George J Nesbit, T J 1877 Estate
Norton, Thomas M Anderson, Robert 1860 Guardianship
Norvill, Martha Norvill, E. B. 1869 Estate, Numbered 231
Norville, Wm & Mattie Harrison, P W `1871 Guardianship
Notices of Settlement Need other Entries 1900 ND
Nowell, Lemuel F Laws, Jas. P 1859 Estate - LOH
O'Kelley, Arnold et.al. O'Kelley, Ludie 1895 Guardianship - Noah & Pattie O'Kelley
O'Kelly, Martha et.al. Carter, William B 1866 Guardianship  - John & William O'Kelly
O'Kelly, Nancy Jane O'Kelly, John F 1895 Estate
O'Kelly, W J O'Kelly, Lucy 1885 Estate
Old, Wm A Deener?, R W 1867 Estate
O'Neal, Isham S Heard, Bailey 1861  Estate
O'neal, Sarah E   et.al. Oneal, Lucy Ann 1870 Guardian - Sarah, William, Isom, John
Orto, M A Price, J W 1887 N/A
Oskins, William H Batte, James F 1856 Estate   - LOH
Owen, David Owen, E. H. 1891 Estate
Owen, G W Pruitt, Phillip W 1874 Estate
Owen, George Holland, Martin 1871 Guardianship
Owen, James M Black, Thomas E 1865 Estate
Owen, Jane W Andrews, Lycurgus 1858 Estate
Owen, Leander et.al. Owen, W. M. 1876 Guardianship - Mark Owen
Owen, Louisa J Walker, James G 1866 Estate
Padgett, D M Pension 1907 Civil War Pension
Palmer, Malachi Peebles, David L 1878 Estate
Pangburn, David Pangburn, J. A. 1880 Estate
Pannell, W D Pension 1896 Pension App.
Panter, Joseph Cunningham, Charley B >> 1896 Estate - Also J. B. Moore Adm.
Parker, Anna Parks, John B 1869 Guardianship
Parker, Hannah E Sutton, Mary  & Williams, J. L 1902 Estate - Mentions a will
Parker, Jas K Hicks, J N/A Estate - 1 piece of paper
Parks, Ann Elizabeth Query, Robert 1853 Guardianship
Parks, David Wood, J.  P.  1903 Estate
Parris, John Eiapcock, Thomas J 1861 Estate
Paschal, James P Paschal, Lucy 1868 Estate
Pate, A J Harman, W R & Pemberton, W 1901 Estate
Pate, Louis Inventory N/D Inventory
Pate, Rebecca Elizabeth Caruthers, Rebecca 1851 Guardianship
Pate, Sarah R Pate, Martha W & Howerton 1869 Guardianship (James B Pate is Father)
Pate, William Joyner, A R 1883 Appraisment
Patram, John Hopkins, W. O. 1876 Guardianship
Patterson, John T Patterson, Emeline (Widow) 1898 Appraisal
Patterson, Norville N/A 1878 Depositions
Patterson, Sena Mrs. Whitney, Elijah 1872 Estate - Also John M Haley Adm
Patterson, Strother Patterson, Norvill 1858 Estate
Patterson, W B Patterson, J. H. 1877 Vested in Children - Joseph and  Palmira
Patterson, William Patterson, James A 1852 Estate - List of Heirs
Patton, G E Patton, April (Widow) 1887 Estate - Vested in widow
Patty, Obed Patty, R. S. 1892 Estate
Patty, R S Yarnell, C W 1899 Estate
Payne, James Part 1 of 2 Payne, Thomas L 1885 Estate Book B Page 44?
Payne, James Part 2 of 2 Walker, Robert L 1885 Estate
Pearce, James M Heard, Sarah Ann 1863 Estate
Pearce, Montgomery Sanders, A P 1886 Estate
Pearcy, J W Renfrow, W C,Pearcy, Lou 1873 Estate
Pearcy, Laura Pearcy, J W 1879 Guardianship
Pearson, E. W. Pearson, M. B. 1870 Guardianship
Pearson, James M Keeline, Jessie M 1865 Estate
Pemberton, J A Pemberton, Jane 1901 Appraisment
Penter, Charley, Harry & Myrtle Penter, Eva 1896 Guardianship
Perry, W T Pension 1909 Civil War Pension
Pettus, D W (See Mary Morgan) See Mary Morgan File 1891  
Petty, Booker  N/D N/A About Land
Petty, W C Part 1 of 2 Key, Wm. T 1873 Estate
Petty, W C Part 2 of 2 Key, Wm. T 1873 Estate
Phelps, Charles A Bundridge, Stephen Jr. 1878 Estate
Phillips, George (1st) Booth, Robert 1854 Guardianship
Phillips, George (2nd) Rogers, W. H. 1870 Guardianship
Phillips, Ophella  (See also >>) Phillips, W. H. 1890 Guardianship - Also John Thomas.
Phillips, William   et.al. Whitley, W D 1898 Guardianship- Grover, Misrilla and Allsie
Phillips, William D Carl, Joseph 1858 Estate
Pickard, J. E. Pickard, B. R. 1916 Estate
Pickard, Thomas Pickard, J. M. 1888 Guardianship
Pickard, W J Kurtz, A R 1887 Estate
Pickens, John D Pickens, David F 1883 Estate
Pickens, John W   et.al. Kurtz, A R & Pickens, D W 1887 Guardianship - Harrison, Mary L
Pierson, Bird Pierson, Mary 1851 Estate ?
Pinkett, Wm. D.  Fleming, Franklin 1860 Estate
Pitts, Aaron Pitts, Benjamin J 1860 Estate
Pitts, B J Yancey, T M 1888 Estate
Pitts, E D Pitts, E J Mrs. 1904 Estate
Pitts, William et.al. Yancey, .  1888 Guard. - Saphronia, William & Fannie
Plant, S M Pension 1911 Civil War Pension
Plant, William,  Part 1 of 2 Plant, D W 1884 Estate
Plant, William,  Part 2 of 2 Plant, D W 1884 Estate
Poe, J B et.al. Poe, Lewis S 1866 Grdn.  Also Thmas,Sarah,Rhoda,Martha
Poe, James H Poe, R. H. 1859 Estate in West Point
Poe, Thomas Poe, Mary 1860 Estate
Pool, O A P King, L. C. 1881 Estate
Poor Farm Papers Not a Person 1897 History
Porter, Louis C Johnson, Daniel 1853 Estate
Porter, Sarah et.al. Porter, James M 1866 Guardianship
Porter, William B Hicks, William 1867 Estate    
Price, A Price, F 1862 Guardianship
Price, Alonza Price, Nancy 1870 Guardianship
Price, C M Wife - Emlie Price 1909 Civil War Pension
Price, Dilla Silias, Emisiah 1844 Guardianship
Price, Eliza A &  M W Martin, Sherrod - Moss, S H 1872 Guardianship
Price, Fielding Price, Mary & Adair, R L 1867 Estate
Price, Frederick R Price, Willis 1873 Guardianship - # 256
Price, George et.al. Bearden, John W 1878 Guardianship
Price, Henry B Moore, Joseph C 1871 Guardianship
Price, J W & James J Martin, Sherrod 1872 Guardianship
Price, James Jonson, Jeptha 1867 Estate - # 250
Price, John Walker, James G 1866 Estate
Price, Joseph Price, Joseph 1860 Estate
Price, Joseph & Nancy Price, Fielding 1845 Estate - Martha is  Wife
Price, Nannie E & Charles E Ladd, John S 1884 Guardianship
Price, Narsissa Jones, Reuben 1874 Guardianship
Price, R M   Cleveland, H. P. 1913 Estate
Price, Richard Goss, J. B. & Price, Rariah 1862 Estate
Price, Russell 1838 Sisler, A & Price, Fielding 1838 Estate
Price, Russell 2nd Adair, R L 1876 Estate
Price, Thompson Moore, Solomon 1859 Guardianship
Price, W J  et.al. Price, C A Mrs. 1883 Guardianship
Price, William Price, Benjamin C 1868 Estate
Prince, B W Prince, Sarah M 1870 Estate
Prince, Cary Hutches, John  1863 Estate
Prince, Francis M Prince, Sarah H 1867 Estate
Probate Court Docket List of Names for Info 1856 26 items
Pruitt, Sarah et.al. Pruit, Polly A 1873 Guardianship
Pryor, Luke Tappscott, Samuel 1866 Estate
Purcell, Richard Griffith, George 1888 Estate
Purcell, William S Greer, Green B 1867 Guardianship
Quarls, Peter W & Edward Quarls, P J 1866 Guardianship
Quattlebaum Geo & Martha McNeil, Wm A 1880 Guardianship
Querry, A M Horton, L S 1876 Estate
Querry, Robert M See also A M Querry McCauley, Jno C 1871 Estate, LOH
Quick, T J Pension 1911 App for Pension increase
Ragsdale, Henry Ragsdale, Cynthia 1878 Estate
Ragsdale, Lee Ragsdale, Aurelia 1900 Guardian
Ragsdale, Moses C Old, William A 1866 Estate
Ragsdale, Temperance H Skillern, James E 1896 Estate
Ramsey, Alexander Pension 1909 Civil War Pension
Ramsey, James Zimmerman, C W 1837 Estate
Rassen, A T Hicks, John T 1889 N/D
Ray, Samuel Ray, Sarah G (widow) 1900 Estate - Contains Will
Rea, James P Harris, C A 1882 Grdn  _ Grandfather died in Alabama
Red, Martha, Josiah & Iris Red, James J 1874 Guardianship
Reddick, John W Moss, Thomas 1860 Estate
Redus, D J et.al. Simmons, James M 1870 Guardian - Also M ? & ? J Redus
Redus, Joel S Redus, Susan & Geo Lewis 1858 Estate
Redus, Susan Redus, William 1869 Estate
Reed, Edith E (Minor) Reed, Harry H 1899 H. M. Hamilton Guardian
Reed, William Appraisal 1860 Appraisment of Personal Property
Reems, Fannie Reems, James 1881 Guardianship
Reeves, S H  Reeves, Helen (Widow) 1876 Estate - Widow and Children
Reid, Laurie Reid, S. C. 1881 Estate
Reynolds, Edward Briggs, F G 1896 Estate
Reynolds, Effie  et.al. Reynolds, Sally 1898 Guardianship
Reynolds, Florence Moody, M. D. 1898 Guardianship
Reynolds, Jackson.Van Reynolds, M. L. 1897 Estate
Reynolds, Samuel H Reynolds, Margaret 1860 Estate
Reynolds, Thomas H Billings, J D 1844 Estate
Rice, John Cook, William (The Sherrif) 1839 Estate
Richards, Anna Price, Willis 1876 Estate
Richardson, Thomas James Richardson, Nancy 1891 Estate
Richert, A J Richert, Susan Gabrello 1885 Estate
Richert, Mary et.al. Harlan, W E 1884 Guardianship - See A J Richert
Richert, Susan G Harlan, W. E. 1889 Estate
Richton, Geo Richton, Myrtle 1903 Guardianship
Rideout, John Rideout, William 1870 Estate
Right, Stephen Right, Amanda 1864 Estate -  Vested in Widow
Rives, J F Jr Yarnell, A W 1892 Estate
Roach, John Hicks, William 1867 Estate
Roach, Mary & Rebecca Roach, Stephen 1873 Guardianship
Roach, William L Poe, R H 1867 Estate
Roads / County T S Rudd et.al. 1888 N/A
Robb, Thomas J Robb, W. P. 1904 Estate
Robberts, Andrew Woodley, George 1862 Estate
Robbins, E M Mrs. N/D 1891 Guardian?
Robbins, Edmond et.al. Perry, Stephen 1871 Grdn - Edwin Willie,Alice,Stephen Paul & Jas
Robbins, Elizabeth Black, J N 1871 Estate - # 268
Robbins, Green D Thompson, Archibald 1865 Estate - #272
Robbins, J B Robbins, E M Mrs. 1890 Estate
Robbins, J G Robbins, Harriett G 1881 Appraisement of Estate
Robbins, John G et.al. Guthries Robbins, Jacob 1859 Gndn-Arlinda, John, Jacob & Lucinda R
Robbins, Paul Perry, Stephen 1861 Estate
Robbins, Sallie Robbins, James 1862 Guardianship
Roberson, J A N/D 1909 Estate
Roberson, John A & Joseph N Jr. Birdwell, Joseph C 1867 Guardianship #324?
Roberson, M A Mrs. Price, W J 1904 Estate, Filed in Book C, Page 192
Roberts, Asa Marsh, Sarah A 1904 Guardianship
Roberts, John Guthrie, P W 1846 Guardianship - Father was John A Roberts
Roberts, John A Lindsey, Thomas J 1846 Estate
Roberts, John J Bolwell, Andrew J 1866 Estate
Roberts, Lucy A M Hopper, J F 1869 Guardian
Roberts, Mary H Claiborne, John H 1870 Guardianship
Roberts, Texas Roberts, Charles 1899 Guardianship
Roberts, William F Boatwright, C W 1859 Estate  - LOH
Roberts, William F & John Boatwright, Charles W 1871 Estate - # 266
Robertson, W N  Cleveland, H P 1906 Estate
Robinson, J H Stayton, D H 1892 Estate
Robison, M M Robison, T G  1898 Estate
Rodgers, B K N/A 1873 Rodgers Versus Allston, Mrs. J F
Rodman, James C Rodman, Alexander 1867 Estate
Roe, Mentice Graham, James 1890 Guardianship
Roe, Nevada Knox, W T 1890 Guardianship
Roetzel, H F Ford, J W 1897 Estate
Rogers, B K Pension 1906 Pension Application
Rogers, Henry Clay et.al. Rogers, William L 1872 Grdn - Rufus, Sarah, Mary, Yancy Rogers
Rogers, J F Rogers, Mrs Margarett 1891 Estate
Rogers, James, Frank, McKinley Pate, A. J. 1896 Guardianship
Rogers, John W Rodgers, Ben 1873 Guardianship
Rogers, Joseph R Rodman, A. J. 1886 Guardianship
Rogers, N C Rogers, Emma 1895 Estate
Rogers, Rufus Rogers, Willie 1866 Estate (See Willie Rogers File)
Rogers, S Mallie Dowdy, P P 1906 Guardianship 
Rogers, Sarah Cypert, Jessie N 1868 Estate
Rogers, Thomas J Green, Grant 1901 Estate
Rogers, Willie et.al.  Canada, R W 1874 Grdn - (See also Rufus Rogers Deceased)
Rogers, Yancy Rogers, W R 1876 Guardianship
Rollings, John A Robbins, Jacob G 1862 Estate (LOH)
Rook, Elijah Rook, Anse & Lucy 1858 Estate
Rook, Mint Rook, Nancy N 1863 Estate
Ross, Angus Robbins, Jacob & Gordon, R 1866 Estate
Ross, Joseph Watkins, Allen D 1880 Estate
Ross, Mattie E et.al. Ross, Bettie L 1889 Guardianship + E M, E L, W B & C J
Ross, Wm Henry & Mary Margaret Joyner, Amos 1861 Guardianship - Father Angus Ross
Roysten, Thomas B Hicks, William 1864 Estate + Grdn Billie Roysten (Willie is widow)
Ruddell, J T Walker, J G 1887 Estate
Ruddell, S D Wright, George W 1863 Estate- 2 Ruddells Adm. Before
Ruff, Thomas H      et.al. McDaniel, P A 1856 Est. & Grdn - Wife Jane.
Rumble, Frank, Fred, Agustus et.al. Rumble, Martha H 1889 Guardianship
Rumble, Martha H Drake, Thomas B 1891 Estate-Book B, pages 116 & 535
Rumble, Thomas Rumble, Martha 1881 Estate
Rusk, Eliza J Oden, George W 1884 Estate
Russell, John A Russell, Jennie M 1894 Estate
Rutherford, John J Rutherford, Mary S 1862 Estate
Safford, Seaborn Bailey, L. M. 1856 Claim against Estate
Sanders, A P House, J. W. 1885 Estate
Sanders, Carrie Sanders, Mary A 1885 Guardianship
Sanders, Milton Sanders, T N  1887 Estate
Sanders, O C N/D N/D Hannah Buler & Alfred Bright
Sanders, Thomas R Sanders, Julia Ann 1867 Estate
Sands, Hugh Sands, Kate 1904 Estate
Sanford, Clayton, Eddie & Minnie Cooper, Jno. K 1887 Guardian
Sanford, Franklin & Nanie Greer, Green B 1872 Guardianship, Wyatt Sanford Estate
Saws, James P Griffin, A G 1867 Estate
Saye, Jefferson Saye, W B 1875 Estate
Scroggins, Martha J Herrington, C C 1880 Guardian
Sea, James R McCauley, James 1855 Estate
Seawell, Francis M Seawell, W 1872 Estate - Summons for Administrator
Shank, Harvey Shank, M (Widow) 1851 Vest in Widow
Shanks, John Goodlow, Thomas 1859 Estate
Sharp, Ida A Lytal, J. L. 1883 Guardian
Sheets, Minnie M Davidson,  J. P./Sheets Arthor 1905 Estate
Sheets, Nowlan  & Welborne Sheets, A. J. 1906 Guardianship
Shelton, Lilian Bell, A J 1909 Guardianship
Sherer, R I Mrs. Sherer, C. A. 1913 Estate
Shetter, Henry Owens, J. F. 1887 Guardian
Shetter, John C Owen, J. F. 1887 Guardianship
Shidler, Mary et.al. Cox, F. E. 1908 Guardian
Shoffner, A C Shoffner, J. M. 1908 Estate
Short , Robert H Short, Ann E 1895 Estate
Shumate, Ellis H Pence, O. D. 1908 Estate, List  of Heirs
Simmons, Joseph Slayton, Lemuel 1866 Summons - Guardianship
Simmons, Solom Appraisal 1866 Estate
Simmons, Wm. Tomlinson, B. B. ? 1867 Estate
Simpkins, John (Map) 1866 Estate
Simpson, Enoch Simpson, Naomi (Widow) 1873 Estate
Simpson, James Cooper, Jno. K 1887 Guardianship
Sims, G H Sims , T. A. 1914 Estate
Sims, John Taylor Davis, George W 1855 Grdn -Apprintice Bond of Six Year Old
Singletary, C A Singletary, Agnes 1910 Estate
Singleton, Irby? McRae, Dandridge R 1863 Will- References to Clark Co Alabama
Singleton, James & Sallie Sanders, A P 1883 Guardianship
Singleton, Samuel Maure, Joseph J 1881 Estate
Skillern, John A    et.al. Skillern, Theopholus N/D Guardian
Slaten, Rachel Snipes, James H 1870 Estate
Slaton, Joseph Slaton, Robert 1860 Estate
Slaughter, Garland Johnston, Mrs. Ruth 1916 Guardianship - 
Slaughter, H A MD. Slaughter, Mrs. Julia 1912 Estate
Slaughter, James D Caradine, J. R. 1886 Guardianship
Slayton, Annie Slayton, Thomas W 1896 Estate
Slayton, Carrie Sue & Olivette Staton, Lelia C 1896 Guardian
Slayton,Ruby Bell Sullivan, W. T. 1898 Guardianship
Sloan, J W Sloan, S. A. Mrs 1915 LOA, List of Heirs
Smith, A Martin et.al. Martin, Lillian 1914 Grdn - Also Margaret
Smith, Alonzo L & Charles Clew, B F 1884 Guardianship
Smith, Bette M  et.al. Smith, J L 1887 Guardian Also Charley & Henry
Smith, Claudie Caradine, J. T 1890 Guardianship
Smith, Ezekial G Coleman, J V Appraiser 1859 Estate
Smith, Frank W Fuller, W T 1896 Estate
Smith, Henneage Horsley Williamson, J. H. 1884 Heir is Mrs. Hannah Smith of Scotland
Smith, Hiram Smith, Joseph Alexander 1861 Estate
Smith, Hubert,Odus,Carrie,Annie Smith, Jeff D 1906 Guardianship
Smith, J F Smith, Nancy A 1877 Vested in Widow
Smith, J Floyd N/D 1888 Estate
Smith, J K Smith, Samuel C 1870 Estate Settlement
Smith, James Smith, Louis & King, T B 1866 Estate
Smith, James M Smith, W. E. 1896 Estate
Smith, Joel W N/D 1895 Estate
Smith, Joseph F Tapscott, C. V. 1896 Cora Smith Widow
Smith, Lee (Minor) Brundedge, J M 1876 Guardian
Smith, Mattie Love, John A. 1887 Guardian
Smith, Maud, Claud & Henry Vausaut, M. E. Mrs. 1907 Guardianship
Smith, Robert Boggs, John M 1870 Guardianship
Smith, S M Stevens, W S 1887 Estate
Smith, Samuel Smith, Margarett 1859 Estate
Smith, Thomas J Fuller, W. T. 1895 Estate
Smith, W A  et.al. Smith, Samuel 1870 Guardian
Smith, W H Armstrong, J B 1877 Estate
Smith, W P Foster, W H 1903 Estate
Smith, Wm. N Parker, L. B. 1888 Estate
Snipes, J A Yarnell, A. W. 1892 Estate
Sowell, Cader N/D 1900 Folder Cover Only
Sowell, David G Part 1 of 2 Baker, B. P. 1895 Estate
Sowell, David G Part 2 of 2 Lightle, James E 1911 Estate
Stacy, Henry McRae, Dandridge 1852 Guardianship in Chancery Court
Stanley, H J Smith H. A 1905 Estate
Stearns, Charles James, J. C. 1908 Estate
Steed, Augustus Steed, Mary 1866 Estate
Steed, Mary Andrews, John & Owens, Rbt 1870 Estate  (#282)
Steele, N F Wilson, J. P. 1852 Estate includes Prairie Co Property
Steele, Virginia Owen, R. H.  1870 Guardianship
Steffey, Rollie Brunson, P 1903 Guardian
Stennett, Houston et.al. Andrews, William 1858 Guard.- Houston, A.I, Camelia, Thomas
Stevenson, Hugh Stevenson, Alex 1870 Estate
Stewart, Alexander  et.al. Stewart, Sarah 1870 Guardianship
Stewart, Allie H Allen, R J 1881 Guardianship
Stewart, Andrew J Stewart, F. K. 1902 Estate
Stewart, Chloe et.al. Stewart, Maggie 1905 Guardianship of Forrest & Jessie
Stewart, Robert M Walker/James G Stewart 1868 Estate
Stolz, Nancy Burgess, W C 1891 Estate
Stone, U N/D 1914 Estate (Folder Only)
Street, Norah Hipp, C. R. 1900 Guardianship
Stricklin, Solomon Poe, R H 1860 Estate - Inventory of Affects
Stroud, Isabella & Daniel L Baugh, D B 1877 Guardianship
Such, Jasper Guilford?, Peter 1866 Estate
Sutherlin, Wm. Southerlin, E. J. Mrs. 1879 Estate
Sutton, Archibal Price, Martin & Mary 1892 Estate
Swift, Charles Petty, W C 1871 Estate
Taliaferr, James  M Crisp, Robert 1873 Estate
Tate, J B Bell, W F 1869 Estate
Taylor, Amelia Viola Lewis, J D 1876 Guardian
Taylor,Thos W (See Harry E Moore) Moore, J L 1908 Grdn - See Harry Ed Moore
Tharp, Jerimiah Walker, W A J 1838 Petition for Guardian
Thomas, Callie Davis, L D 1893 Guardianship
Thomas, John R (See Phillips,Ophel) Phillips, W. H. 1890 Guardianship of two people.
Thomas, Vinson & James King, Thomas 1863 Guardianship
Thomas, W A Blassingame, D H 1889 Estate
Thompson, J L Patterson, J B 1877 Estate
Turner, J D Patterson, J D 1895 Ferry License
Van, Veriow W Sanford, Wyatt 1856 Guardianship
Vanmeter, Americus V Taylor, Thomas & House J W 1875 Estate  List of Heirs
Vanmeter, Americus V ( See Above) Hanson, George W 1878 Guard & J W Vanmeter as Adm.
Vanmeter, Martin Patterson, William 1867 Guardianship
Vanmeter, Susan & Caroline Vanmeter, Henry 1849 Guardianship
Vanmeter, Thomas Vanmeter, Americus V 1872 Estate
Vann, Edwd W Robbins, J G 1866 Estate
Vaughan, Deno Vaughan, Casey 1884 Estate with LOH
Wadley, John T Gentry, U E 1887 Estate (# 20)
Wadley, Mattie Gentry, U E 1893 Guardianship
Walker, A G Smith, W B 1896 Estate
Walker, Burnell Walker, James G 1859 Estate
Walker, Charlie  et.al. Walker, R S 1897 Grdn-Tennie,Possie, Ada,Mattie & Eva
Walker, Crawford Walker, James & Louisa 1851 Estate
Walker, Emily Sophronia Walker, Louisa 1851 Guardian
Walker, Finis & James Walker, W B 1894 Guardianship
Walker, George Walker, John T 1882 Estate
Walker, James Rupell, William 1852 Claimant
Walker, James & Emma Atkinson, A J 1904 Guardianship
Walker, James F & Robert O Walker, R C 1887 Estate & Guardianship
Walker, John B Pearcy, J W 1873 Guardianship
Walker, R D Appraisal 1887 Estate
Walker, Susan Norman, Wm P 1855 Guardianship
Walker, W B Sr. Walker, W B Jr 1890 Estate
Wall, Thomas Booth, Martha C 1870 Guardianship
Wallace, James A Manten, Wm. 1865 Guardianship
Wallace, John N Massey, O S 1877 Guardianship
Wallace, Lewis S Martin, William 1883 Guardianship _ List of Heirs
Wallace, Reuben Martin, Joseph 1874 Estate
Wallace, T J Martin, William 1869 Estate
Wallace, William O Stewart, Robert M 1865 Estate List of Heirs
Walls, Coleman et.al. Walls, S E 1917 Grdn - Also Lawton, Katie and Cloris
Walls, Joseph Boggs, John M 1865 Estate
Walls, Willis J & Willie V Upsham?, Joseph 1877 Guardianship
Walton, Robert Leggett, Thomas W 1869 Guardianship
Ward, Sallie  et.al. Ward, Elizabeth 1889 Guardianship - Also Alice & Dora
Wardlow, John B Bell, William F 1868 Estate
Warlick Or Wallick, James Warlick or Wallick, N 1853 Guardianship
Watson, B F Rogers, L H 1892 Estate
Watson, Caleb None 1876 Estate
Watson, Charles Wood, J A 1896 Estate
Watson, Charles & Benjamin Lewis, N J 1900 Guardianship
Watson, Mr.  Bailey, L A `1856 Claimant
Watson, Sam A Watson, James C. 1894 Sale of Personal Property
Watson, William N/D 1843 N/D
Watt? Harrison, C W N/D Guardianship? # 233 (Jacket Only)
Weaver, H B Weaver, H B Mrs. 1886 Estate
Webb, Harret Appraisement 1879 Estate
Welch, Elizabeth B Jackson, Sara A 1881 Guardianship
Welch, Joseph B Querry, Robert 1870 Estate Settlement
Welch, W D Jones, Mark P 1915 Estate
Wells, T W Wells, M C 1895 Estate (He died 11/29/1895)
West, Cordelia E Thomas, R G 1878 Guardianship
West, Elisha Isabell, Benjamin 1883 Estate (Wife was Clarisa J West)
West, Eliza J Wooten, J R 1860 Estate
West, James M House, T T 1869 Estate
West, Peter West, Aurella 1853 Estate
West, Phillip Hassell, James 1853 Estate
West, Thomas M Dr. West, Noah H 1871 Estate
Westbrook, S A Vest in Widow 1875 Estate  - Vested in Widow & Children
Wheeler, Isaac Wheeler, Sallie 1870 Estate
Wheeler, L F (Linzy) Barker, Peter L 1880 Guardianship
Wheeler, Robert B Wheeler, Angeline (Widow) 1904 Estate
Wheeler, Sarah Huff, J A 1897 Estate
White, John D White, Ann E 1863 Estate
White, John W Last Will 1911 Estate
White, Mary S & James L Hansen, George W 1877 Guardianship
Whitehead, John Brite, Thomas J 1859 Estate
Whiteley, William O Blevens, Elizabeth A 1869 Guardianship
Whittle, Dora N/D 1861 Estate
Whittle, James & Theodore Barnett, S B 1866 Guardianship
Whittle, James G & Lewis S Barnett, S B 1857 Guardianship
Whittle, L T Water Damaged 1875 Estate
Whittle, Sterling B Cypert, Jessie  N 1858 Estate
Wiggs, Caroline Stevens, Hugh W 1873 Estate
Wiggs, L R  Wiggs, Caroline 1860 Estate
Wilcox, Charley Baker, John B 1860 Estate
Willard, Wordon Willard, Marion 1889 Estate
Williams, Earnest Bond, J W 1850? Guardianship
Williams, Fannie Williams, John 1874 Guardianship
Williams, Hallie E et.al. `Shaunahan, Thomas 1885 Guardianship
Williams, Hiram Massingil, John 1859 Narcissa Williams Pate
Williams, J C Williams, Mrs. S A 1892 Estate
Williams, J West Shanahan, Thomas 1886 Estate
Williams, Jesse R   1920 :
Williams, John R Gravley, Milton 1881 Estate (Sallie is the Widow)
Williams, L Appraisement 1886 Estate
Williams, Mattie S et.al. Shannehen, Thomas 1886 Guardianxhip
Williams, Milton  (Also John Rice) Byber, James 1839 Estate  - See also John Rice
Williams, Nancy, Lewis & James Oneal, Hiram & Byber, James 1839 Guardianship
Williams, V H Moore, S A 1903 Estate
Williamson, Charles P Williamson, Elizabeth 1860 Estate
Willingham, S E Willingham, W T 1896 Estate
Willis, Jimmie Nealy, G E 1900 Guardianship
Willis, W W Sanders, Albert 1875 Estate
Wilson, C D Wilson, Mary 1866 Estate - Vested in Widow
Wilson, D W Wilson, J J 1877 Estate
Wilson, Frazer Roberts, Booth 1885 Guardianship
Wilson, Jennie Wilson, Mattie Mrs. 1913 Guardianship
Wilson, Murphy Lindsey, James   P 1861 Estate
Wilson, R J Cypert, J N 1867 Estate
Wilson, W B Claim 1909 Estate
Winford, Samuel H Bradley, Benjamin B 1857 Estate
Winn, A M Dillehay, W M & Debois John 1890 Estate
Wise?, Vinie? Sanford, Wyatt 1870 Guardianship
Withers, Scott Chapman, J H 1895 Estate
Womack, W W Womack, Stephen C 1870 Estate
Wood, A L Adair, B M 1860 Estate
Wood, Ann Gill, Jane 1879 Estate
Wood, David S Lewis, George W 1870 Estate Settlement
Wood, Henry Wood, M L 1874 Estate
Wood, Lorena Taylor Wood, J. A. 1905 Estate
Wood, M J Landers, Thomas 1886 Estate
Wood, Robert S West, Thomas M 1866 Apprentiship
Woodley, A M Randall, John F 1877 Estate - List of heirs
Woodley, Mattie L Randall, John ? 1881 Guardianship
Woodley, Nancy Randall, John T 1882 Estate
Woods, Nancy & Mary Woods, Joshua 1855 Guardianship
Woodson, J R   et.al. Hicks, J N 1904 Guardianship - Also Joel & Seth
Woodward, David Hicks, William 1866 Estate
Wooten, B E Smith, James S 1874 Estate
Wooten, John R Wooten, Mrs. Sarah E 1869 Estate List of Heirs
Worden, Edwin W Vested in Widow 1887 Estate
Worthington, Lunsford Steward, L H 1881 Estate
Wray, J M Armstrong, J R 1883 Estate
Wright, Breckenedge  Crisp, W H 1906 Guardianship
Wright, Elizabeth Poe, R H 1853 Guardianship
Wright, James Wright, Mahala 1852 Guardianship
Wright, John Terry, John 1853 Eliza Wright is the Daughter
Wright, Nathan E Strange, Henry L 1882 Estate
Wright, Rial Haley, J ? & Newman, Henry 1869 Estate
Wright, William Thrasher, John 1866 Estate
Wright, Willie  et.al. Hurst, P C 1889 Guardianship - Laverat, Mary
Wright, Zachariah Barclay, W C 1889 Estate
Wyatt, Newton & Sarah Ann Wyatt, Robert W 1872 Guardianship
Yancy, James M Yancy, Sarah C (Widow) 1866 Estate
Yarbrough, E B Petty, Wm. C 1866 Estate
Yarbrough, Francis Yarbrough, William 1867 Estate
Yarbrough, Genie Cleveland & McDearman 1893 Estate & Guardianship
Yarbrough, Sarah Norman, H W 1886 Estate
Yingling, Sebastian Yingling, Christena 1866 Execritrix of Will
Young, George Bradley, B B 1862 Estate
Young, George Haywood Young, Mary B/J G Robbins 1849 Estate
Young, George William Castelow, Elijah 1855 Guardian
Young, J M   et.al. Young, ? & Castleton, E 1870 Guardianship Settlement
Young, John, Mary, A M & Zachari T Young, Thomas 1857 Guardian
Young, Martin S Williamson, J W 1884 Estate
Young, Mary Billups, John D 1855 Estate
Young, William Stepherd, C C 1876 Estate
Younger, J H Ellis, J K 1889 Estate
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