Chickalah Precinct
September 19, 1868

Adney, J B
21, farmer

Adney, J D
56, physician

Adney, J M
23, farmer

Adney, M V
27, school teacher

Adney, W A
33 farmer

Caldwell, P H
22, farmer

Carroll, B T
21, farmer

Carroll, W R
49, farmer

Dyer, Z G
33, farmer

Fink, Levi
22, farmer

Gunter, Claborn
24, farmer

Gunter, J L
29, Farmer

Gunter, T J
22, Farmer

Gunter, W M
31, farmer

Harkey, JM
26, miller

Harkey, M J
36, farmer

Harkey, J S
33, Farmer

Hull, David
56, farmer

Hull, S S
33 farmer

Jones, Caleb
41, farmer

Jones, J T
26, farmer

Leach, Ladson
31, farmer

Lipe, Isaac
38, farmer

Moudy, A D
44, farmer

Reed, A D
30, Farmer

Townsell, James
26, farmer

Tucker, Jacob
63, farmer

Tucker, Paul
36, farmer

Tucker, Solomon
30, farmer

Westmoreland, M B
23, farmer

Whitson, R D
21 farmer

Wiggins, Adam
37, Farmer

Wiggins Isaac
33, farmer



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County Coordinator

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State Coordinator: 
Betsy Mills

Assistant State Coordinator: 
Jeff Kemp & Sundee Anderson
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