Robert Precinct
September 30, 1868

Brown, Thos
21, farmer

Brown, W J
22, farmer

Brown, W M
21, farmer

Buford, W H
31, farmer

Buford, Wm L
60, farmer

Burruss, John
33, farmer

Burt, A H
46, farmer

Burt, F W
53, farmer

Cathy, Elias
68, farmer

Cathy, J W

Cathy, W H
31, farmer

Chesney, S O
30, physician

Ferguson, G W
83, farmer

Ferguson, R V
33, farmer

Gladden, E W
42, farmer

Gladden, W L
32, farmer

Guerry, S M
32, farmer

Hardberger, Rufus M
49, mechanic

Hunt, A M
34, farmer

Hunt, B D
27, farmer

Hunt, James
68, farmer

Hunt, J W
21, farmer

Hunt, Wm J
39, farmer

Kirkes G L
31, farmer

Kirkes, James
73, farmer

Kirkes, J C
45, farmer

Kirkes, Wm H
42, farmer

Lambert, J P
22, farmer

Lambert, O W
58, farmer

Luker, J H
36, physician

Martin, D W
21 farmer

Martin, William
45, farmer

Mathis, R W
25, farmer

Mc CLain, J W
33, farmer

Mc CLain, W R
22 Farmer

O'Daniel, James
24, farmer

Pilgrim, R L
40, farmer

Porter, Jack
49, farmer

Pugh, H M
31, farmer

Pugh, L J
34, farmer

Reed, S R
22, farmer

Reed, William
25, farmer

Smith, D G
23, farmer

Smith, D L
21, farmer

Smith, F H
33, farmer

Smith, G E
31, farmer

Smith, Jones
36, farmer

Terry, S W
26, farmer

Turner, E B
29, farmer

Turner, S A
28, farmer

Walden, J H
26, farmer

Walden, L W
50, farmer


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