Hardin/Harden Family of Boone County

with Links to Bowlin, Starkey and Hale
Gladys Turman, Mannford, Okla. famres31 at msn.com

My mother, Georgia Safronia Harden, was born 18 May 1893, Bellefonte, Boone County, Ark. she died 1 June 1965 Tulsa, Okla. and is buried at Sperry, OK.

She was a daughter of HIRAM HARDEN, born 7 May 1853 Bellefonte, AR, died 1908 Clarksville, Ok. He married, 28 Sept. 1879 Harrison, Ark. to Martha Elizabeth Bowlin, born 1857 Marshall Co. Ky. and died in Bellefonte, Ark. in 1896. She may have been buried in the Starkey Cemetery.

HIRAM HARDEN was the son of THOMAS PRESLEY HARDEN, born 1820 Lincoln Co. Tenn. died in Bellefonte, Ark. ? He married 4 Dec. 1850 Shelby Co. Tenn. to MANERVA JANE STARKEY, born 1834 Davidson Co. Tenn. died perhaps in Russellville, Ark. she remarried to a WILLIAM SMITH, the widower of her sister Tenn. Starkey.

THOMAS PRESLEY HARDEN was the son of WILLIAM HARDEN born 1795 North Carolina and was murdered in Bellefonte, Ark. by two men who wanted to know where he had hid his money. They didn't find his body until a year later and he was layed to rest on his farm north of Bellefonte. He married AGNAS (AGGY) HALE, born 1800 Tenn. and died after 1880 in Boone Co. Ark.

We believe that WILLIAM HARDEN (HARDIN) was related in some way to the MOSES HARDIN of Lincoln co. Tenn. as the name HIRAM and PRESLEY were used.