The Hugheys of North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas

By Dolores Raines Sutton 1981

#1 Ezekiel Hughey
#2 Henry Hughey
#3 William Brice Hughey
#4 James Langston[Lank] Hughey
#5 Otie Jane Hughey Raines
#6 Dolores Raines Sutton

Ezekial Hughey

Ezekiel Hughey was born ca 1784 in North Carolina.he married Sarah Harrison Sept 4 1804 in Rowan Co N.C. she was born ca 1790 in Maryland.
Their Children Were:
[1] Robert H b 1805 in N.C. married Julie Ann Hargrove
[2] Henry born 1807 in N.C. married Ann Wilson 1832 in Lincoln Co Tenn Died 1847 in Carroll Co Ark[my ancestors]
[3] George D b 1809 in N.C. married Elizabeth Hargrove
[4] Isaac b 1812 in Tenn married Francis Hampton
[5] HarrisonH. b 1824 in Tenn married Elizabeth Hampton
[6] Rufus L b 1817 in Tenn married Elizabeth Sibley
[7]Margaret b 1822 in Tenn married Washington Morris
[8]Sarah born 1827 in Tenn.
[9] Bryson born 1828 in Tenn Married Harriett Lewis.
Ezekiel Died march 14 1871 in Limestone Co Tenn

Henry Hughey

Henry Hughey was born 1807 in N.C .moved to Tenn at 2yrs of age
with his parents Ezekiel and Sarah Harrison Hughey.
He Married in 1832 in Lincoln Co Tenn to Ann Wilson Daughter of Margaret Mc Elroy And James Wilson.
Their first 3 children were born in Tenn.
[1] William Brice[Bill] my ancestor]Born Oct 29, 1833
[2]Alfred Wilson born August 2, 1834
[3] Mary Louisa born April 2, 1836.
Anns Father ,James Wilson moved to Carroll Co Ark.after the death of his wife in 1837 and in 1838 Henry and Ann Joined him in the Crooked Creek Township in Carroll Co Ark.
Henry purchased 6 acres of land there in 1839.
there their other 3 children were born.
[4] James P b 1839
[5]Albert A b april 26 1841
[6] Robert Henry b 1843.
Henry died of Pneumonia in 1847 and Ann lived out her life there She died bt 1870-1880.

Info Obtained From:
1840-50-60-70 Carroll Co census
1840 Ark tax list
letter written by James Wilson dated 1848.

William Brice[Bill] Hughey

Wm Brice{Bill] married Amanda Jane Deshields Ca 1856 in Carroll Co.,Ark He was The son of Henry and Ann Wilson Hughey
She was born Dec 23 1833 in Illinois .daughter of Wm Jasper and Elizabeth Martha Mc Bride DeShields
Their Children were :
Margaret b 1857 died bt 1860-70
Martha E b 1858 married Gan Cantrell
Minerva Ann b 1859 married Calvin De Shields
Camelia {Cammie] b 1862 married Thomas Keeling
Lavena Laura b 1867 married Wm Trusty
James Langston{Lank] b 1869 Married Melissa Hannah
Richardson .
Colombus Harrison b 1871 married Nora Miller
Loduska[Lodie] married John Samuel Owens
Henry Brice b 1876 married Maude Day
On the 1900 census Amanda stats she gave birth to 11 children . 2 had to have died by census years. as they are on not census with her.
Bill was a Mason and a member of the Polar Star Lodge #224 in Lead Hill ,which went defunct in 1916.
He was a Civil War veteran and served from 1862 to 1864 with Herrills Btn Ark.[Union Army]
He died Dec 26 1902 and is buried beside Amanda in the Milum Cem in Lead Hill..Family members said he had the hiccups,continually for 6 days prior to his death. Bill was a Carpenter .
Luther Hughey showed me a Cedar Chest in 1978 that Bill built .
Amanda {MANDY} died July 27, 1907 and buried beside Bill in Milum Cem.
She Drew a pension of $26.00 after Bill's death - - from the government.

Alfred Wilson Hughey

Alford Wilson Hughey[DICK]was born Aug.2 1834 in Lincoln Co Tenn.He was the son of Henry and Ann Wilson Hughey
He married Susan Jane Call ,Dau of Uriah Call on Dec 31, 1854 in Carroll Co Ark.
Their Children were:
George Washington b Mar 31 1856, he was a dentist. never married
JuLiann b Sept 1857 married L.S. Gullick Divorced Never Remarried.
James Alford b Aug 17 1859 married Mary Presley
Milford b 1868 Married Sarah Manley
Francis Isabel b 1872 married Robert A Brown
Sarah Sophie b 1862 married W.T. Stacy
Core Arizona[ZONIE] b 1866 married A. W. Graves.
Lavrnia[Vinnie}b 1870 married F.H. Thomason
Alford served in Civil War [Union Army]1863-1865
He died feb 1 1917 and Susan died oct 21 1921.
They are buried side by side in Alpena Cemetery.

Mary Louisa Hughey

Mary Louisa Hughey was born April 2, 1836 in Lincoln Co Tenn. She was the eldest Daughter of Henry and Ann Wilson Highey
She Married Richard Carslile Wilson[her cousin] 1860 in Carroll Co.,Ark
They Had 3 children
Riley T b 1861 married Ella Hughs
Frank Carlisle b 1863 married Jessie P Hughs
Dovie Ann b 1865 married James Thompson
Mary died 1866 in Polk Co., Mo and is buried in the Greenwood Cem there.

James Sanford P. Hughey

James was born 1839 shortly after his parents arrived in Ark.
He Married Elizabeth ? Lipps .a widow with 3 children in 1862
They were
Idaline Lipps b 1856
Sara A Lipps b 1858
J.R. Lipps b 1860 .
James And Elizabeth had 3 children:
Estella b 1864
James Robert b 1866
Jasper F b 1870
In 1870 they lived in Boone Co.,Ark.
in 1880 Elizabeth is listed as Widowed again.

Albert A [Tobe] Hughey

Albert A.[Tobe]Hughey was born April 26, 1841 in Carroll Co.,Ark .
He was the son oF Henry and Ann Wilson Hughey
He married Mary Holmes
Their Children Were:
Grace married Evel Campbell
Lorene married Willie Turney
Mary married Wm Fenix
Ruby married James Gulliam
Sarah Married George Cole Manley
M.N. married F.L. Ryan
Albert Died April 4, 1916 and is buried in the Enon Cemetery
Mary is also buried there.

Robert Henry Hughey

Robert was born 1843 in Carroll Co., Ark
On the 1860 census he was 16 and living with his mother
No further record found of him.

Margaret Ann Hughey

Margaret was born 1857 in Carroll Co.,Ark to Wm Brice and Amanda De Shields Hughey
She is listed on the 1960 Carroll Co. census with her motherso she is the one that died by 1860-70.

Martha Elizabeth[Liz] Hughey

Liz was born 1860 in Carroll Wm Brice and Amanda De Shields Hughey.
She married Gan Cantrell,a barber, ca 1876, She was a seamstress.
Their Children were:
Ina b 1878 Married Ocie Justus, They had 3 children,Wayne,Clara and Pearl.
Effie b 1880 died in her early teens
Earnie B 1882 never married. died in Los Angeles Calif in 1970
Allie b 1884 married Montie Humphrey died after 1974
Bonnie[Son] b 1886, never married,also a Barber, died late 1950s in Seattle wWashington.
Gan died 1921 in Boone Co.,Ark. and after his death Liz moved to Seattle Washington and died there in 1930s
Info furnished by Mrs Irene Justice Lafferty Springfield Mo 1981. [neice of Ocie Justus]

Minerva Ann [Nervy] Hughey

Nervy was born May 16, 1861 in Boone Co.,Ark, she was the dau. of Wm and Amanda De Shields Hughey
She married Calvin De Shields[her cousin] Feb 10 1878 in Boone Co Ark
They had 8 children
Collie b 1882
Milford b 1884
Burlist b 1887
Estella b 1893
J.N. b Jan 1880 died Aug 1880
unnamed son b and d 1881
Benjamin H. b and died 1889
William Tilton
Calvin Was born 1855 and died 1928
Manerva died 1897
They are buried in the Green Cem in Boone co Ark.

Camila Estelle Hughey{CAMMIE}

Cammie was born Jan 31, 1862 in Boone Co.,Ark to Bill and Amanda Deshields Hughey
She married Thomas Weldon Keeling Ca 1890 in Boone Co Ark
He was born 1-7-1860 and died 5-30-1924
Their Children were:
[1]Claude Chester b June 16 1891 Died March 1977 in Santa Anna Calif. He Married Ethel Curtiss Aug 3, 1913 and they had 2 Children Agnes b 7-18-1915 and Roger b mar. 19 1917
[2] Ida V. b Oct 29, 1897.Married Almus Riggs Jan 1, 1924 in Boone Co Ark.
They had 2 children:
George Weldon b Nov 7, 1928 and Rita Fern b and d Sept 2, 1930
{3] Artie Lee b June 21 1899 married Harley Pumphrey 1919
they had 1 child Dwight Edwin[Jack] b July 5, 1920 died April 1977

[4]Henry Clay b feb. 25 1901 married Silva Milum mar 1 1921 in Boone co Ark . Silva was born 11-4-1900 she died 8-12-1973
Clay died 2-8-1977 .They are buried beside Thomas in the Cedar Grove Cem in Boone Co.Ark.
They had 1 daughter Willa Dean
Cammie died April 22, 1960 in Santa Anna, Calif.
Thomas died May 20, 1924 Buried in Cedar Grove Cem in Lead Hill, Ark [info from Willa Dean Keeling Risley August 1981]

Laura Lavena Hughey

Laura was born 1867 in Boone Co Ark. Dau of Bill and Mandy Deshields Hughey
She Married William Trusty May 12, 1896 in Boone Co Ark.She was 35, he was 43.
She was his #2 wife.His #1 wife and daughter drowned in a flood in Boone Co. Ark
Bt 1900-1905 they moved to Haskell Co., Texas
They had 4 Daughters
Edna b 1897 in Ark
Twins Belle and Mandy b 1899 in Ark
Viva b 1905 in Texas
On 1910 Haskell Co., Texas census his son Lester b 1878 in Ga lived with them
No further record found.
They moved To Texas

James Langston{LANK} Hughey [My Grandfather]

Lank Was born Aug 8 1869 in Boone Co., Ark . He was the oldest son Of Bill and Mandy DeShields Hughey
He married Melissa Hannah Richardson July 10, 1891 in Lowry Ark.She was the Dau. of Wiley And Betsy Green Richardson.
They had 11 children:
{1] Offie Howard Sept 4, 1892 married #1 Ida Smith #2 Beaulah Goodnight. No Children.
Howard died Jan 31 1980 in Mc Doel Calif, buried in Lakeveiw
[2] Audie Marie b Jan 1, 1894 married Henry Maines Davis died Feb 1, 1980 in Skiatook Okla. Buried in Osage Memory Gardens there.
[3]Otie Jane b Feb 7, 1897 [My Mother] Married Robert Colombus Raines Nov 30, 1917 @ Lowry Ark.
Died May 3, 1990 in Lexington, Okla. Buried Paoli Cem in Garvin Co Okla.
[4] Almus Sylva b April 6, 19000 Married Cuma Johnson
Died 1980 buried in Cedar Creek Cem in Taney Co Mo.
[5] James Alvie b Dec 13, 1902 Married #1 Ethel Purdom #2 Annie Blanlenship Died- Nov 1984
[6] Ora Alfred b July 12, died Sept 23, 1907 of diptheria. Buried in Chaney Cem @ Lowry Ark.
[7] Troy Michael b July 25, 1907 Married Flora Shanks. Died Jan 2, 1998
[8] Samuel Clay b Sept 23, 1909,died April 30, 1975 in Taneyville Mo buried McCarty Cem @ Cedar creek mo. Married Oma Smith
[9]Bennie Thurman Born Feb 17 1912 , Married Jewell Collins
They lived inKlamath Falls Oregon as of Jan 22, 2005
1 Son Pharris Thurman.
[10] Argie Betty b Nov 26, 1914 mArried #1 Bryan Moore #2 George Parker died ----------buried Memorial Gardens Cem. Hollister Mo.
Orville, Quinton,Clovis, Gearldine, Shirley,Barbara,-------
[11] Virgie Mae b March 7, 1918 Married #1 Corbon Clarkson #2 George Reed . died ---buried in Memorial Gardens Cem Hollister Mo.
Don,Gary,Mary,Betty,Kaye,Garland,and Beverly

Lank and Melissa separated in 1925 but did not divorce unti 1942,
He married Martha Joy Pate-1943-- But divorced in 1944-.
Lank Died dec 4 1944 in Taney Co Mo and is buried in the McCarty Cem @ Cedar Creek
Melissa died July 1961 and is buried in the Ozark Memorial Cem @ Hollister Mo. Taney Co.

Info told to me by Troy Hughey in 1979.
Lank Homesteaded the old homeplace about 1907 and built a house and moved there in 1908.
He"proved up"on it seven yrs later.
Robert Richardson and Billy Parnell were his Witnesses.
He began carrying the Mail from Lowry To Omaha in 1914.
He carried out someone's unexpired time then he bid in the next term for $1.15 a trip until 1918.
In 1923 Dave Dunlap got the goverment to open a route from Lowry To Lead Hill by promising he could get a carrier for $30.00 a month--2 days a week.Wed and sat.
Lank took the job and carried the mail down Carrollton Hallow and back up to Lead Mine Hallow until 1938 then the goverment stopped the route.{ have a picture of Lank and his horse taken in front of the Lowry Post Office in 1913]

Colombus Harrison Hughey[Clum]

Clum was born March 28, 1871 in Boone co ark.
He was the son of Bill and Mandy De Shields Hughey
He married Nora Millerin 1896 in Boone Co., Ark
Their Children were:
Luther Guy b feb 2, 1898 married Mamie Long [i visited him in Omaha Ark in 1979.]
Bessie Mae b Jan 29, 1904 Married Garland Manis.
She died Aug 6, 1930 in Midland Indiana .
Clum died Aug 31, 1934 and Nora died Sept 4, 1934.they are buried in Midland Indiana.

Loduska[Lodie] Hughey

Lodie was born Mar 24, 1873 in Lowry Ark .dau of Bill and Mandy De Shields.
She married John Samuel Owens Nov 21, 1895 in Boone Co., Ark.
Lodie died Jan 4, 1913 and is buried in the Enon Cem in Boone Co ark .

Henry Brice Hughey

Henry was born Jan 11, 1876 in Lowry,Ark. son of Bill and Mandy DeShields Hughey.
He Married Maude Day Aug 16, 1899 in Jones Co Texas.
They had 2 sons.
Hubert b feb. 26 1913 Married Barbara Dee
Joseph b Sept 2 1922[adopted]
Henry died Sept 23, 1952 and Maude died Jan 1980, they are buried in the Cavalry Cem in Wichita Kansas.