Dr. D. P. Ruff, Jr.

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Dr. D. P. Ruff, Jr., is a prominent member of the medical firm of Kirkscey & Ruff, of Dover, Ark., and was born in Searcy County of this State, in 1852, being a son of D. P. Ruff, Sr., a physician and farmer. On the farm belonging to the latter, the subject of this sketch resided until he was seventeen years of age, and although his opportunities for early education were rather limited, he, by close application and industry, obtained sufficient education for teaching in the public schools of his native county, and used the salary thus obtained to gain a better education, being an attendant of the Academy at Bellefonte, Boone County. Ark. After leaving there he taught another term of school, after which he entered the store of Ellenburg & McDowell, dealers in general merchandise at Marshall, Ark., in which business he was engaged for about two years. During this time his leisure moments were devoted to the study of medicine under the instruction of Dr. Wilson, and after leaving the store he devoted his entire time to this acionce for one year. He then went to Richland, Ark., where he formed a co-partnership with Dr. B. F. Stephens, and at that place his practice was begun. After this partnership had lasted about eight months Dr. Ruff entered Vanderbilt University of Nashville, Tenn., and after attending a course of lectures in the medical department he returned to Richland and again began practicing. Eight months later he became a student in the University of Tennessee, at Nashville, and from this institution he was graduated in 1878. The following five years were spent at Richland, but since that time he has been one of the able and talented physicians of Dover, having already formed a partnership with Dr. Kirkscey as mentioned above. He is in the full sense of the word a self-made man, for he has never had help given him that he has not fully repaid. He has a good reputation as a physician and surgeon, and has made his medical practice a success. By his endeavors he has accumulated quite a fine property, and besides his fine residence has thirty-two acres adjoining in the eastern part of the town, other town property, and a small tract of land lying about four miles from Dover in Liberty Township. He devotes some attention to the raising of horses and cattle. He was married on November 7, 1878, to Miss Minnie Truett, of Richland, Ark., she being a daughter of H. M. and Elizabeth Truett, and by her he has two sons: Samuel Wirt (born May 9, 1881), and David Henry (born March 18, 1886). The Doctor has always been a Democrat, and is a member of the Masonic order of Dover. He takes an interest in school work, holding the position of director in the town schools, and is liberal in his support of churches as well as all other enterprises of a public nature. He is a member of the State Medical Association. From 1858 to 1861, when he was from six to ten years of age, he was afflicted with a diseased condition of the ear to such an extent that he was not able to attend school, and the war then coming on kept him from school for the following four years, which accounts for his educational disadvantages in early life. On entering school in 1865 he was unable to read, but this state of things did not last long, for he was ambitious and was possessed with a strong desire to become an intelligent man, and made the most of his opportunities. He is one of five sons and two daughters born to Dr. D. P. and Keziah (Smith) Ruff.

Transcribed from: Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Western Arkansas, Chicago Southern Publishing, 1891