Heirs Of William Timmons

Submitted by Mary T. Miller, a descendant, as contributed by Frances West.
The document is located in the Lincoln County TN Courthouse in the "loose papers". These names are extracted from the estate settlement. If you have questions, contact Mary Miller hlm at garcon.qtm.net.
I. Charles TIMMON
1. William Timmins
2. Ambrose Timmins
    a. John H. Timmins
    b. James M. Timmins
    c. Eliza Timmins
    d. Virginia Timmins
    e. Nancy Timmins m. J.M. BLACKBURN
        1. William Blackburn
        2. Ambrose Blackburn
    f. C.W.E. Timmins
        1. Mary J. Timmins
        2. John M. Timmins
        3. Robert Timmins
        4. Mattie Timmins
    g. Effie Timmins
    h. Syntha P. Timmins m. Joseph L. MAY
    3. Priscilla Timmins m. Alexander HODGES
    4. Motara Timmins m. Felix G. LANDERS
    5. Malinda Timmins m. Martin L. PARKS
    6. Virginia Timmins m. Thomas LINDLEY
    7. Alexander Timmins
    8. James Timmins
    9. Susan Timmins m. Alexander CALL
    10. Thomas G. Timmins
        a. B.A. Timmins
        b. Mary Ann Timmins m. John H. GARRISON
            1. Ellen A.Garrison
        c. Hannah Timmins
    1. William Timmins
    2. Amanda Timmins m. Jacob TURNEY
    a. Ambrose Turney
    b. Rebecca Turney
    c. ___ Turney, a daughter
    3. Abigal Timmins m. Isaac Turney
    4. Charles Turney m. Margaret ROBERTSON
    a. James Timmins
    b. John Timmins
5. Mary Timmins m. John COLDWELL
6. Thomas Timmins
    a. Nancy Timmins
    b. Elzina Timmins
    c. Moses Timmins
    7. Martha Ann Timmins m. William BAUGHMAN
    8. Elizabeth Timmons m. William C. BYROM
    9. John H. Timmins
1. James F. Timmins
    a. James Robert L. Timmins
    b. Mary E. Timmins
    c. Cyntha A. Timmins
    d. John F. Timmins
    e. Henderson B. Timmins
    f. Walter F. Timmins
    g. Thomas J. Timmins
    h. Charles L. Timmins
2. Minerva Timmins m. Allen ANDERSON
3. Francis E. Timmons
4. Augerona Timmins m. J.W. TURNER
5. Mary J. Timmins m. James CALHOUN
6. Martha Timmins m. Joseph HUMPHREYS
    a. America Humphreys m. William COX, Sr.
        1. William Cox
    b. Adelia Humphreys m. John COX
        1. John Cox
    c. Mary E. Humphreys m. David RUDDICK
    d. Florence A. Humphreys m. W.G. WILLIAMS
    e. Josephine Humphreys
    f. Uriah Humphreys
7. Felix G. Timmins