Mountain Meadows Massacre

Monument UPDATE April 19, 2004
It has been reported by Dave Sperling who has just returned from the monument site that it is now standing upright and looks real nice.

The full story of the Mountain Meadow Massacre has been told in a number of publications. A wagon train of families, many of whom were from Boone and surrounding counties, were on their way to California when they were attacked and killed at Mountain Meadows.

This monument - the newest one - is presently lying on its face due to a small earthquake and the freeze/thaw cycles in the location which allowed the improperly constructed monument to be damaged. Plans are underway to replace the monument and the historic area around it.

Please visit the Mountain Meadows Association for the latest news and plans afoot as of May 21, 1999!!!!

To Remarks at Dedication of New Monument

Mountain Meadows Monument

This is the Inscription of the Mountain Meadows Memorial in Utah. This memorial marks the burial site for some of those killed in the Mountain Meadows Massacre in September 1857:
The Baker-Fancher Party camped at Mountain Meadows, a well-known stopping place along the Old Spanish Trail.

 In the valley below, between September 7 and 11, 1857, a company of more
 than 120 Arkansas emigrants led by Capt. John T. Baker and Capt. Alexander
 Fancher was attacked while en route to California.  This event is known as
 the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

 Those believed to have been killed at or near Mountain Meadows were:

 William Allen Aden, 19
 George W. Baker, 27
 Manerva A. Beller Baker, 25
   Mary Lovina, 7
   Wards of George and Manerva Baker
         Melissa Ann Beller, 14
         David W. Beller, 12
 John T. Baker, 52
         Abel, 19
 John Beach, 21
 William Cameron, 51
 Martha Cameron, 51
         Tillman, 24
         Isom, 18
         Henry, 16
         James, 14
         Martha, 11
         Larkin, 8
 William Cameron's niece, Nancy, 12
 Allen P. Deshazo, 20
 Jesse Dunlap, Jr. 39
 Mary Wharton Dunlap, 39
         Ellender, 18
         Nancy M., 16
         James D., 14
         Lucinda, 12
         Susannah, 12
         Margerette, 11,
         Mary Ann, 9
 Lorenzo Dow Dunlap, 42
 Nancy Wharton Dunlap, 42
         Thomas J., 17
         John H. 16
         Mary Ann, 13
         Talitha Emaline, 11
         Nancy, 9
         America Jane, 7
         William M. Eaton
 Silas Edwards
 Alexander Fancher, 45
 Eliza Ingrum Fancher, 32
         Hampton, 19
         William, 17
         Mary 15,
         Thomas, 14
         Martha, 10
         Sarah G., 8
         Margaret A., 7
         James Mathew Fancher, 25
         Frances "Fanny" Fulfer Fancher
 Robert Fancher, 19
 Saladia Ann Brown Huff
         Two other sons.
 John Milum Jones, 32
 Eloah Angeline Tackitt Jones, 27
 Newton Jones,
 Lawson A. McEntire, 21
 Josiah (Joseph) Miller, 30
 Matilda Cameron Miller, 26
         James William, 9
 Charles R. Mitchell, 23
 John Prewit, 20
 William Prewit, 18
 Milum L. Rush, 28
 Charles Stallcup, 25
 Cynthia Tackitt, 49
         Marion, 20
         Sebron, 18
         Matilda, 16
         James M., 14
         Jones M., 12
 Pleasant Tackitt, 25
 Amilda Miller Tackitt, 22
 Richard Wilson
 Solomon R. Wood, 26
 John  Mitchell, aged 2 mos. or 2 years

 Others Unknown

 Other names associated with the caravan included:

 Laffoon Family
 Morton Family
 Poteet family
 Poteet brothers
 Smith Stevenson

 The following children survived and were returned to their families in
 northwest Arkansas in September 1859:

 Children of George and Manerva Baker
         Mary Elizabeth, 5
         Sarah Frances, 3
         William Twitty, 9 months
 Daughters of Jesse and Mary Dunlap
         Rebecca J.,6
         Louisa, 4
         Sarah E., 1
 Daughters of Lorenzo Dow and Nancy Dunlap
         Prudence Angeline, 5
         Georgia Ann, 18 months
 Children of Alexander and Eliza Fancher
         Christopher "Kit" Carson, 5
         Triphenia D., 22 months
 Daughter of Peter and Saladia Huff
         Nancy Saphrona, 4
 Son of John Milum and Eloah Jones
         Felix Marion, 18 months
 Children of Jos. and Matilda Miller
         John Calvin, 6
         Mary, 4
         Joseph, 1
 Sons of Pleasant and Armilda Tackitt
         Emberson Milum, 4
         William Henry, 19 months

 At least one other survivor remained in Utah