1880 Marriage Licenses

Transcribed & Submitted by Vicky Dennis <VDennis at alltel.net>

H.C. King was the Boone County Clerk

In 1880 Boone County used their remaining 187__'s marriage licenses,
marriage license top
The 7 was crossed out & 80 was written in the space provided.
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Marriage Book B
Arrington, J. M. age 30 of Valley Springs to Austin, Ruth C. age 15 of Valley Springs; page 141
Clark, Joseph J. age 33 of Harrison to Christian, Margaret E. age 19 of Harrison; page 187 Married in October 1880 filed &
     recorded in November 1881.
Echerson, W.C. age 23 of Burlington to Boyd, C.B. age 21 of Burlington; page 127
Fisher, W.D. age 22 of -------, Boone County to Stone, Dosie age 18 of -------, Boone County; page 120
Harrollson, J.B. age 55 of Harrison to Sheppard, Susannah age 27 of Bellefonte; page 160 Married November 1880
     recorded on May 30, 1881
Harty, James age 33 of Bellefonte to Bryant, Nancy age 22 of Bellefonte; page 107
Hawkins, Jas. P. Jr., age 25 of Lead Hill to Moore, Edie age 30 of Lead Hill; page 139
Kirkpatrick, Wm. Age 26 of Carrollton to Shipman, F.E. age 16 of Carrollton; page 138
Marler, L.P. age 20 of Pleasant Ridge to Walker, Mary age 18 of Pleasant Ridge; page 128
Mc Lellen, G.R. age 22 of Carrollton to Rudgriff, Nancy age 21 of Carrollton; page???
Muns, A.J. age 21 of Carrollton to Victory, Nancy age 16 of Carrollton; page 117
Oxford, J.A. age 22 of Burlington to Sipe, L.L. age 16 of Burlington; page 150 Married in December 1880 filed &
     recorded in February of 1881
Robinson, J.L. age 21 of Cincinnati, Washington County to Christian, Ursula age 21 of Bellefonte; page 110
Swofford, Adam age 21 of Harrison to Hulsey, Louisa age 19 of Harrison; page 125
Walker, James A. age 21 of Lead Hill to Wilburn, Mary age 18 of Lead Hill; page 113
Willis, T.T. age 44 of Rally Hill to Williams, E.S. age 32 of Rally Hill; page 130
Young, A.K. age 36 of Harrison to Morgan, N.A. age 23 of Harrison; page 136