1881 Marriage Licenses

Transcribed & Submitted by Vicky Dennis <VDennis at alltel.net>

H.C. King was the Boone County Clerk
Some of the licenses by A.L. King DC and A.C. Hull DC

Marriage Book B

Baughman, D.A. age 21 of Bellefonte to Buie, Nancy age 16 of Bellefonte; page 160
Blevins, James P. age 22 of Omaha to Sinnsier?, to Sallie A. age 18 of Omaha; page???
Brown, Wm. A. age 25 of Lead Hill to Gray, Tennesee age 36 of Lead Hill; page 155
Brumead, John J. age 48 of Burlington to Rex, Nancy A age 38 of Burlington; page 186
Clark, J.L. age 22 of Bellefonte to Eoff, Eliza age 21 of Bellefonte; married November 1881 by Chas. R. Taylor, filed January 18, 1882; page 194. This entire marriage license is hand written!
Edgman, Wm. J. age 22 of Elm Wood to Young, Lucy Ann age 21 of Elm Wood; page 158
Fancher, Richard age 37 of Harrison to Hulsey, Bettie age 20 of Harrison; page 132
Ford, R.R. age 24 of Harrison to Hursh, Emma age 25 of Harrison; page 167
Johnston, J.Y. age 22 of Marshal Prairie to Owens, Nancy J. age 17 of Marshal Prairie; page 175
Josephus, Lewis age 36 of Valley Springs to Cecil, Caroline age 46 of Valley Springs; page 172
Lierson, Andrew age 38 of Valley Springs to Richardson, E. Catherine age 38 of Valley Springs; page 199
Matlock, Thomas age 35 of Pleasant Ridge to McNelly, Mary age 28 of Pleasant Ridge; page 159
Morgan, B.C. age 63 of Harrison to Lamb, E.C. age 47 of Harrison; page 185
Morgan, R.G. age 22 of Burlington to Humphries, Rebecca age 20 of Burlington; page 178
Parks, J.S. age 19 of Duggers Mill to Stepp, Bettie age 14 of Valley Springs; page 179
Parton, John age 45 of Duggers Mill, Searcy County to Nichols, Rachel J. age 44 of Duggers Mill, Searcy County ; page 199
Sims, P.S. age 21 of Forsyth, Tayney County, Missouri to Coulter, Laurie age 17 of Cedar Creek, Tayney County, Missouri; page 179
Slone, Thomas age 18 of Bellefonte to Gott, Sarah E. age 15 of Bellefonte; page???
Stockton, John A. age 49 of Burlington to Gordon, Melvina age 37 of Burlington; page 169
Sullivan, Wm. S. age 29 of Bellefonte to Martin, Ida M. age 20 of Bellefonte; page 165
Tedford, W.D. age 21 of Elm Wood to Cooper, J.J. age 18 of Elm Wood; page 170
Walker, James age 21 of Burlington to Blevins, Sarah age 23 of Burlington; page 199