1882 Marriage Licenses

Transcribed and submitted by Vicky Dennis, VDennis at alltel.net

H.C. King was the Boone County Clerk and Recorder for part of 1882
By July of 1882 licenses read H.C. King by A.L. King DC, and then by November A.L. King was the Boone County Clerk and Recorder.

There are two different marriage licenses for 1882.
marriage license

marriage license

Marriage Book B

Bly, J.E. age 24, of Elm Wood to Hopper, Arminda age 14 of Elm Wood; page 216
Brumfield, A.M. age 25 of Huntsville to Eoff, Dora age 16 of Bellefonte; page 230
Clark, J.L. age 22 of Bellefonte to Eoff, Eliza age 21 of Bellefonte; married November 1881 by Chas. R. Taylor, filed
     January 18, 1882 book B, page 194. This entire marriage license is hand written!
Couley, W.P. age 26 of Harrison to Johnson, Addie age16 of Harrison; page 200
Crawford, C.M. age 25 of Lead Hill to Maples, Mary E. age 15 of Lead Hill; page204
Farren, W.F. age 20 of Lead Hill to Byrd, P.L. age 21 of Lead Hill; page 234
Fine, A.L. age 24 of Lead Hill to Parrish, R.B. age 22 of Lead Hill; page 226
Freeman, J.T. age 20 of Bellefonte to Hancock, A.E. age 23 of Bellefonte; page 248
Gray, W.G. age 23 of Rally Hill to Martin, P.J. age 21 of Rally Hill; page 235
Harris, William A. age 59 of Bellefonte to Roork, Phoebe age 59 of Harrison; page 218
Hembree, Oren V. to Stillwell, Du Etta [NOTE: Marriage Bond!] signed September 8, 1882
Jolly, H.C. age 35 of Valley Springs to Whorton, Kanzadie age 21 of Valley Springs; page 212
Jones, Wm., age 47 to Maron (Marou?). Amanda age 27; [NOTE: license only! Amanda returned to the State of
     Missouri & refused marriage of Mr. Jones] Back of license reads: August 30, 1882 Amanda J. Marou run off
     to the State of Missouri and refused to marry me W. Jones by his atn. W. Re???e
Kennedy, A.C. age 24 of Rally Hill to Willis, M.P. age 22 of Rally Hill; page 220
King, Simon age 24 of Elixir to Chandler, Harriet M. age 15 of Elixir; age 226
Maley, J.W. age 35 of Marshall Prairie Mc Alister, R.C. age 22 of Marshall Prairie page 210
Marler, J.H. age 19 of Oregon to Walker, R.C. age 18 of Elixir; page 212
Medley, Jacob age 34 of Boone PO to Rigsby, Mary E. age 36 of Boone PO; page 210
Morgan, W.H. age 24 of Rally Hill to Davis, M.A. age 18 of Rally Hill; page 228
Porter, W.S. age 22 of Carrollton to Gass, Clemie age 18 of Carrollton; page 224
Raferty, W.R. age 25 of Valley Springs to Hays, L.A. age 19 of Valley Springs; page 225
Scismin, R.N. age 23 of Harrison to Rush, F.J. age 23 of Harrison; page 196
Stanley, Jho. L. age 23 of Harrison to Glover, Mary E. age 22 of Harrison; page 208
Stephens, J.A. age 22 of Burlington to Humphres, Elizabeth age 16 of Burlington; page 217
Whorton, W.C. age 25 of Valley Springs to Green, Kate age 23 of Valley Springs; page 230
Widewer, Michael age 55 of Burlington to Early, Rebecca C. age 38 of Burlington; page 201
Wilkinson, W.H. age 25 of Valley Springs to Taylor, Mary age 20 of Valley Springs; page 211
York, P.A. age 28 of Harrison to Watkins, Nannie age 23 of Harrison; page 218