1889 Marriage Licenses

Submitted by Vicky Dennis

Book C

Allen, S.B. to Allen Margaret
Bailey, G.N. to Sharp, N.L.
Bell, James T. to Briscoe, Patsy J.
Blair, A.D. to Lane, P.A.
Blevins, F.B. to Stewart, Nancy J.
Blevins, John M. to Youngblood, Martha
Boryers, Deck C. to Williams, M.F.
Cantrell, E.A. to Vowell, Mary
Clark, T.H. to Winter, M.J.
Dickson, M.M. to Adair, Sallie
Edward, W.N. to Ingram, Mary
Flippo, Marion to Blevins, Dora
Halkson, Thos. To Pratt, Mary
Haskins, S.G. to Turley, Margaret
Kiddy, Frank to Jones, Mary
Kiny, Luke to Ryan, Emma
Kindall, R.H. to Nichols, Elizabeth
Kirkpatrick, Henry to Tate, Adelia
Loffer, Daniel to Shodes, Patsy
Moore, Sam to Brittenham, Jane
Morris, Henry to Craigg, E.C.,
Riley, W.W. to Buie, S.P.
Sevier, Guthrie to Herd, Elizabeth
Sims, A.M. to Branson, Sarah
Slafe, J.A. to White, Mary
Tinelove, F.M. to Taylor, E.L.
Thorton, James to Straud, Ida
Tipton, James T. to Nichols, Cora
Turner, R.J. to Wood, N.W.
Vernon, L.P. to Holt, M.A.
Warren, A.C.I. to Gage, Ida
Weast, G.J. to Harris, Dosie
Wells, Joseph to Young, Adline
Willis, R.E. to Thomas, Hulda
Willis, R.R. to Newman, Eliza