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Crawford County was the largest county in Arkansas when it was established in 1820. Originally, Crawford County included part of eight counties as well as part of the Indian Territory and was named for William Harris Crawford (1772-1834) The Crawford County Court House is located in Van Buren, Arkansas. Van Buren was first incorporated as a town, by the State Legislature, December 24, 1842. On the night of March 23, 1877, the court house burned. Most of the records were destroyed. A few partially burned ones were saved and re-recorded.

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Crawford County Clerk
Van Buren, AR 72956-5765
(479) 474-1511

Birth and death records are NOT kept at the county level in Arkansas; there are STATE records and therefore must be ordered through the Vital Records office in Little Rock

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Hotels in Van Buren

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Fort Smith/Alma KOA Campground

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A-C Biographies
Alexander, William N
Allen, James A
Allen, John M
Allen, Thomas
Allen, William M
Barker, Martin
Bolling, William R
Bourland, Addison MacArthur
Bowlin, William
Boyd, H
Bradford, John
Branson, J H
Briscoe, G I
Brown, Benton Jackson
Brown, Charles Fox
Brown, Eliab M
Brown, William D
Burrows, J W
Bushmiaer, John F
Byars, L B
Byars, Thomas T
Byers, William H
Cain, John W
Campbell, Isaac A
Carney, Silas M
Carson, R B
Clonch, Mrs Matilda Jane
Coatney, William T
Cole, Jesse P
Coleman, Zill
Colgrove, A H
Collins, Samuel
Comstock, James M
Comstock, Tom
Conley, Barnett C
Cornelius, Nicholas F
Coryell, Daniel R
Cradduck, Henry Clay
Cradduck, John W
Craven, Philip R
Creekmore, David H

D-F Biographies
Daniel, John S
Daniel, Thomas L
Daniel, William R
Dean, Elisha
Dean, James M
Decherd, Ben
Dibrell, James A
Dick, James M
Dickson, Davidson
Dillon, Robert L
Dougan, John H
Drewry, M M
Dunham, Joseph Starr
Dyer, Benajmin
Dyer, Stephen M
Early, Thomas R
Edmondson, T W
Elkins, Leander
Ellis, Emmett Nathaniel
Farmer, Samuel
Farris, J A
Flanagin, John
Flinn, R M
Floyd, James A
Formby, Eugene N
Foster, Sterling Price

G-K Biographies
Gideon, Gillead J B
Gooding, Alexander
Greig, James
Hale, Harrison B
Hall, Moses
Hammack, Harrison D

Harden, J R
Harrison, Robert G
Harvey, Charles F
Hawkins, James D
Hayman, Henry Clay
Henry, William
Henson, Jeremiah J
Henson, John
Hinson, Wesley
Hodges, Ben F
Holcroft, Richard
Hollis, Mrs Catherine
Howell, Henry
Howell, James K P
Huckleberry, Andrew H
Huckleberry, James H
Hutchins, H M
Hutchins, Mrs Lucinda (Meeks)
Hynes, Robert S
James, John D
James, William M
Kenner, James
Kerens, J M
Kerr, Frank G
Kibler, John B
Kimbler, A J
Kimes, Francis M
King, H P
Kuykendall, Peter

L-M Biographies
Larue, James C
Larue, Samuel L
Laurent, Francis
Leach, Mrs Nancy G
Lee, Edward
Lewers, Hugh S
Littlejohn, Robert M
Lloyd, James G
Locke, M F
London, M L
London, Rufus H
Lowrey, Elisha M
Lynch, Michael
Maddox, Dennis
Massey, Benjamin F
Matlock, Joseph W
Matlock, Nathaniel W
Matlock, William A
Mattax, Hardy
McGee, Thomas M
McKibben, Frank R
McKinney, James W
McNeely, James A
Meadors, George W B
Meadors, John R
Miller, Samuel A
Mitchell, Thomas M
Montgomery, Kindred
Moore, D W
Morgan, William T
Morton, Jackson T
Moss, John W
Mueller, Henry C
Murta, Charles J

N-Q Biographies
Neal, Berkeley
Neal, John Franklin
Neal, Lee
Nordin, A J
Obar, John
Obar, William
O'Bryan, John C
O'Bryan, Richard T
Ogden, John B
Oliver, R C
Paine, Francis Marion

Palmer, John E
Pape, Henry Frederick
Perkins, Jesse
Pernot, Henry C
Pesterfield, H L
Polly, John H

Quesenberry, John

R-S Biographies
Rains, P M
Rea, Joseph L
Reed, David
Reed, S H

Reinhardt, John D
Renfro, B P
Robinson, Elisha H
Rogers, T Robert
Savage, Joseph John
Scott, Philip Drennen
Shaberg, John W
Sharp, John
Shibley, William Henry Harrison
Simco, Albert
Simco, Thomas
Simpson, J W
Sims, George W
Smith, Alfred
Southmayd, Leonard Clay
Speir, Wilborn Augustus
Spencer, Deweese
Stafford, P E
Stevens, William C
Stevenson, John A
Stevenson, Samuel
Steward, Samuel
Steward, William H
Steward, William T
Stewart, John P
Strong, B F
Swearingen, John
Swearingen, Philip B
Swearingen, R E
Swearingen, Mrs Sallie (Cox)

T-Z Biographies
Tarpley, Pleasant M
Taylor, William Logan
Temple, Francis M
Testerman, Thomas J
Thayer, George C
Thayer, John A
Thompson, David
Thompson, Henry
Trewitt, John
Truitt, Winfield S
Turman, John B C
Turner, Jesse
Varbel, Henry
Vestal, Vincent S
Vinsant, Isaiah B
Waddle, Josiah
Walker, W K
Wallace, William T
Warden, T M
Wardlaw, Andrew C
Weaver, J M
Webb, Mrs Jeanette
Webb, John L
Wells, Jacob F
Wells, Zachariah
West, John Q
White, Luther C
Wilcox, Henry
Williams, W S
Wilson, L J
Winfrey, John F
Yoes, Jacob
Yoes, William C


 Newspaper Accounts of the Black Population in Crawford County - 1891

 Arkansas Freedmen of the Frontier-The African American Experience in NW Arkansas
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 Crawford County Look-ups

Crawford County Newspaper Books by Fran Warren

Wonderful Resource!

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Look-up Page for Arkansas

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Surname Index for Crawford County Cemeteries

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 BATEMAN Cemetery

 BEAL Cemetery

   BOLTON Cemetery

CHESTER Cemetery

Crown Hill


 DOBBS Cemetery (partial)

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DUGAN Cemetery 

An Offsite Link 

 Echols Cemetery, Mulberry, Crawford County, Arkansas

 Fairview Cemetery - The Mystery Grave

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Another site for Fairview Cemetery

 GREGORY Cemetery

 HALL Cemetery

 Hillcrest Cemetery

(aka Orrick Cemetery, Wayside Cemetery, McCabe Cemetery)

 KENNEY Cemetery

 Liberty Hill Cemetery

 LOCKE Cemetery

An Offsite Link 

LOVE Cemetery



  Macedonia Cemetery

 Mt. Gaylor Cemetery


Mulberry City Cemetery

South Side
North Side

  Newberry Chapel Cemetery

 Oak Bower Cemetery

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 PETERS Cemetery


 Sarah Grove Cemetery

 STEWARD Cemetery




 1821 Crawford County Tax List

 1828 Crawford County, Arkansas Tax List

 Crawford County 1830 Census

Crawford County 1840 Census Index 

1840 Census of Pensioners - Military

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  Crawford County, 1850 Census Index

1880 Census

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 Downloadable Abstracts for Census Records

 Arkansas Census Records

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 Crawford County, Arkansas Quickfacts from the US Census Bureau


 Electronic census spreadsheets

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Heritage United Methodist 



Crawford County, Arkansas Civil War Biographies


   1892 Confederate Reunion

 Newspaper Articles of Crawford County in the Civil War

 Edward G. Gerdes Civil War Home Page

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 The Civil War in Arkansas

 CW Battles in AR

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 Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

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AR Union Regimental History

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AR Confederate Regimental History

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 1872 Southern Claims Commission Disallowed Claims Index (States A-N)
P2257 roll 1 of 1
National Archives & Records Administration

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1911 Census of Confederate Soldiers in Arkansas

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 1850 Crawford County Mortality Schedule

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 Newspaper Accounts of Deaths in Crawford County

 Funeral Homes in Crawford County



Crawford County, AR Federal Land Records

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 The Official Federal Land Patent Records Site
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 Newspaper account of the burning of the courthouse

 The Yellow Fever Plague & Small Pox in Crawford County

Murder and Mayhem in Crawford County

The Shootings of Col. William Whitson and State Senator John Lasater, 1836-1838, in Crawford/Franklin Co., Arkansas

And the escape of John Witherspoon Whitson

The true story of a 70 year old secret and a 166 year old family mystery



 Cain School, 1912




Families, Personals and Community News of Crawford County


Lewis SUTTON Family - A history written in the 1960's

KIMES Family

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MOORE Family

An Offsite Link

NEAL Family

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PRYOR Family

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WHITE Family

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 The Search for Phillips Landing

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Online Arkansas
Library Project

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 Crawford County Libraries

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 Alma Public Library

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1895 Map of Crawford County

 1936 Crawford County Map

 Perspective map of Van Buren, Ark. county seat of Crawford County 1888



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Miscellaneous Marriages

Crawford County Marriages 1877-1887


 Crawford County Resources at Rootsweb

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Crawford County Gov Page

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How Carriages are Sold out West


Common Nicknames

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Some Historic Sites in Crawford County

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 Arkansas Native American Links

 Indians In Crawford County, AR


Press Argus Courier

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SW Times Record

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 Search Enigine for Crawford County Obituaries

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Death of Moses FORD

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 Crawford County DEATHS,


Crawford County Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 276
Alma, AR 72921

Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 796
Rogers, AR 72757-0796

The Backtracker (quarterly)
Calendar year dues - $15.00


Crawford County Historical Society
929 East Main Street
Van Buren, AR 72956-4317

Arkansas Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 17653
Little Rock, AR 72222

A list of Civic Clubs and Organizations in Crawford County w/addresses and phone numbers

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 Arkansas History Commission

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 Crawford County, AR Family Photos


 Harding Glass Co.

Contributed by Rhonda Hart Bradley



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Fern Springs

 Fine Springs, Rudy Township

 A Glimpse into the past of Rural Crawford County

Town of Mulberry



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 National Register of Historic Places in Crawford County

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Van Buren

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Baptist Church in Van Buren 

 Lake Fort Smith


 Main Street


 1831 Tax List

 Crawford County Arkansas Land Owners in 1832





Crawford County World War II Casualties

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 Geographic Nameserver

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 USGenWeb Archive Search Engine, State-by-State

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

 Where to write for Vital Statistics

 Calculate a Birthdate

 University of AR: Special Collections

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The Association for Gravestone Studies  

 Search the DAR Library Catalog

Native American Resources

 Create a time line of History

 AR County Courthouses

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