Carthage Presbyterian Church

Pecan & Key Street;  P.O. Box 134, Carthage Arkansas 71725 

Carthage Presbyterian Church, organized in September 1906, was the direct result of a ten-day revival led by the Rev. Thomas C. Johnson. In September 2006 this community of faith celebrated their 100th anniversary.

History is unclear about where the church held worship services the first year, but by the fall of 1907 a building had been erected at the site where the church now stands.  In 1908, the building also served a Methodist congregation whose church had burned.  One could say that this spirit of co-operation with other denominations is a hall-mark of the Carthage Presbyterian Church.

During the 1920's and 1930's the congregation grew as Carthage grew into a small city.  In the late 1950's the population of Carthage decreased, and today most worshippers come from Tulip, Fordyce, Sheriday, and as far away as Cabot.  An average attendance is about 20 for Sunday services, however the annual Christmas Eve service swells the sanctuary with about 100 people.

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