1998 Queries

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Surnames: AMIS, RATCLIFF Submitter: Larry Amis Date:08 Sep 1998 Q147 I am researching the AMIS family and have found they have been in Dallas County for several generations. Is anyone else out there doing research on the AMIS or RATCLIFF families? 


Surnames:STANLEY Submitter: Missy Jeffrey Date:04 Sep 1998  Q146 Please email me if you have any knowledge of the S. STANLEY family listed in the Chester Township of the 1860 Census of Dallas Co. Arkansas. I am searching for any relatives of my ggrandfather who was Charles Bascom STANLEY b. Arkansas. 


Surnames:BARLOW Submitter: Phyllis Solter Date:26 Aug 1998  Q145 BARLOW - Henry Barlow bought property in Dallas County in 1855. I find records of the family in Dallas County at least through 1870 and then I lose track of all of them except my gggrandfather. Here's a list of Henry and Nancy's children and their dates of birth. Please contact me if you recognize any of these people. Mary J. Barlow, b. Alabama 1835, James H. Barlow, b. Alabama 1838, William B. Barlow b. Alabama 1843, Elizabeth Barlow b. Alabama 1845 and Frances Barlow b. Alabama 1849. There's also a John Barlow b. Arkansas 1862 whom I believe to be a grandson. Thanks


Surnames:DONAHUE, DONAHEW, HARRIS Submitter: JO ANN DONAHUE HARRIS Date: 06 Aug 1998  Q144 I am looking for information about my grandfathers grave site. Oliver DONAHUE DONOHEW he might have died in Dallas Co. Ark years maybe 1920-1922. I think he worked as a lumberman. May have lived near a place called Holly Springs. He was married to MARY JANE HARRIS. They had children William, John, Rhoda, Rosie, Joe, Tony. Rhoda his daughter was suppose to have been killed in 1923 leaving 3 children. Any information about this family would greatly appreciated. Thanks Jo Ann 


Surnames:FOWLER, REDDIN, MC CANN, DAVIS Submitter: Diane Marine Date:03 Aug 1998  Q143Looking for any reference to Dr. Thomas A. FOWLER or Charles F. and Joe H.,his two sons. Charlie had a blacksmith shop in Fordyce,married Mellie McCANN. Joe married Elzie REDDIN of Blue Springs in Bradley Co. They had a half sister, Nora FOWLER DAVIS, wife of Jack.


Surnames:McCARGOSubmitter:Walt McGeeDate:03 Aug 1998  Q142I am seeking information on Jonathan McCargo, James R. McCargo, Radford McCargo 


Surnames:SETTLE, SETTLES, SUTTLE, SUTTLESSubmitter:Mary SETTLESDate:31 Jul 1998  Q141I'm searching the parents of James W. SETTLES, b. abt 1867 in Arkansas. The family is not in any county in Arkansas in 1870. Can someone tell me if there were states during the Civil War - that would have been considered "safe places" such as, not involved in the Civil War? Thanks for any help! Mary Settles 


Surnames:WRIGHT, CROWDER, HUNT, DAUBSSubmitter:Phyllis HuntDate:28 Jul 1998  Q140Looking for information on John Rhea and Julia WRIGHT, Samuel Moody and Rosa CROWDER. These are buried in Wright Cemetery in Bunn. Also HUNT or DAUBS some of whom are buried in Oaklawn in Fordyce. 


Surnames:FREEMAN, NIXSubmitter:Doris HoustonDate:20 Jul 1998  Q139Searching for information about Arzela Angeline NIX FREEMAN AND Daneil Webster FREEMAN. They lived in Sparkman, Dallas County, on August 21, 1895, when their daughter, Lillie Berta Freeman, was born. Would like to know parents names of Daniel and Arzela. Contact me at DHous85229@aol.com Thanks. Doris 


Surnames:BULLOCK MYERS OVERTON GRISSOM FITE KNIGHT CLIBURN WATSONSubmitter:Linda ByrdDate:17 Jul 1998   Q138I would like any information on the following folks who are my grandparents. David Myers b. 9/22/1841 m. to Sarah Caldwell Bullock on 12/10/1864. Moses Overton b. 6/12/1812 m. to Melvina Grissom. Gilbert Monroe Watson b. 4/14/1814 m. to Sarah Fite. Rueben Knight m. to Mary Alice Cliburn d. 9/18/1918.They all resided in Willow, Tulip, Wave, Dalark communities. I will share any records that I have. Thanks. 


Surnames:RIPPYSubmitter:Ann LimmerDate:16 Jul 1998   Q137Fred Nathaniel RIPPY was born 28 Feb 1928 in Sparkman, Dallas Co, AR. His father was John Sidney RIPPY. Need any information on John Sidney RIPPY. Especially need to know if he had any Native American connections. 


ROYSTONLovell Johnson11 Jul 1998  Q136Charles Royston


Surnames:WALKER TAYLORSubmitter:Mary GarrisonDate:08 Jul 1998  Q135We are searching for information on the family of Edgar Doyle WALKER (1918-1994) He was born in Dallas County. His father was Joe WALKER and we think his mother was a TAYLOR. He is buried in the Taylor family cemetery near Jacinto. The family lived between Sparkman and Princeton and had 12 children. The two oldest (names unknown) were killed in WWI. Names of children we know were Sam, Dave, Ada, Corinne, Mary, Bud, Willis (Jack) - Edgar was the youngest. Any help with finding our more on this family will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mary 


Surnames:WAITSSubmitter:Wally WaitsDate:02 Jul 1998  Q134I would like to correspond with students who were taught by my father, Francis Waits, in Sparkman just before WWII. Would especially like to pay for copying photos. 



Surnames:SPARKS KING TIMSSubmitter:Gina ClinganDate:20 Jun 1998  Q133I am doing research on my ggrandmother, Laura SPARKS KING. She was born in Ar. on 22 Feb., 1870, to John SPARKS, and Mary TIMS. I noticed a John SPARKS on the Dallas County 1870 census index.I would appreciate any information that anyone may have on the SPARKS family. Thanks in advance. 


Surnames:TAYLOR WATTSSubmitter:Jeff ThomsonDate:19 Jun 1998  Q132PRESLEY WATTS and AMELIA TAYLOR were married in 1837 Coosa County Alabama. In 1849 they were living in Dallas County Arkansas and remained there as late as 1861. Their children were: George, Kielly and Alice, although there could have been others. Would like to find other WATTS or TAYLOR researchers related to this family. The AMELIA TAYLOR family is well documented in Alabama, but we need to know what happended to Amelia and Presley to complete the story. Have much material to exchange for useful inputs. 


Surnames:BROWNSubmitter:Melanie JacksonDate:07 Jun 1998  Q131I am looking for any information on my paternal grandfather, Frank Pierson Brown, born somewhere in Arkansas abut 1875. He married Sallie Texia Moore, but I don't know when. They lived in Hollis, OK where my father Hollis Brown was born in 1906. Frank worked the railroad (unknown which rail line) and belonged to the Woodsmen of the World and died about 1912 near Burk Burnett, TX in a railroading accident.


Surnames:MCGARRAH SELLERS BEARD MAULDINSubmitter:Kim BurnellDate:04 Jun 1998  Q130
I am looking for any information on the McGarrah, Sellers, Beard, or Mauldin families. My mother's maiden name was McGarrah, and she was born near Holly Springs on 07/20/24. Her father's name was James Henry McGarrah, and her mother's name was Fannie Sellers McGarrah. I would appreciate any information I can get as I am researching my family. Thank you. 


Surnames:BASS MHOON/MOON SMITHSubmitter:Nettie PhillipsDate:28 May 1998  Q129I am trying to locate information, perhaps an obit on Margaret Mhoon BASS, wife of Peyton M. BASS, that died in Dallas Co. in 1855. Also, Frances W. Smith BASS that I'm guessing died between 1855-1860 also in Dallas Co. I have looked at every probate/court record that I can find to try to locate a will/probate for Frances W. BASS, widow of Benjamin J. BASS and have not located any information. I would also like to know how old the "Fordyce Advocate" is and what records still exist. If anyone is researching the MOON/MHOON family, I would like to talk with you. Thank you in advance for any help that you can give me..Nettie 


Surnames:PRIDE PASKELLSubmitter:ShariDate:28 May 1998  Q128 I am searching for information about Sanford PRIDE. He died in about 1893, where I am not certain. His wife, Isabelle PASKELL (Paschall), also died about the same time, leaving a four-year old orphan, Ora Frances Pride. 


Surnames:WESTSubmitter:Clementine West HughesDate:27 May 1998  Q127 I am looking for the decendents of Ollin WEST b/Nc,married Martha Ann Johnson 1841 in Madison Co.,Tn. Died Dallas Co. 1866. Any information would be appreciated. Clem 


Surnames:BIRD (BYRD) DORRISSubmitter:Dan LengefeldDate:27 May 1998   Q126In 1843 Joseph Lewis BIRD, Nathaniel BIRD, and William Lafayette BIRD began commercial pottery operations at or near Tulip Ridge. On 12 April 1844, Joseph Lewis BIRD (BYRD) married Eliza Lee (LEA) DORRIS. Marriage record was recorded in Clark County. Eliza was daughter of James DORRIS and Susan Stark (Starke) DORRIS. The father of Joseph, Nathaniel, and William BIRD was William C. (Cornelius?) BIRD. He should have been in Clark/Dallas County during this same time period. He died in AR in 1874. Would be very interested in any info, anecdotal or otherwise, pertaining to any of the above named individuals. 


Surnames:YOUNG SMITH JONES HARGROVESubmitter:DAVID M.DUNLOPDate:24 May 1998   Q125 Am looking for any descendants of Capt. William Henry YOUNG and Hester Ann SMITH, daughter of Samuel Webb SMITH and Hester Ann HARGROVE. William's parents were Dr. John Y. YOUNG and Eliza Henry JONES. They resided in Dallas County. 

Margaret Flacy April 30, 1998 Q124
Am searching for parents, siblings and first wife of Thomas P.(Paul?) HOWELL, b. 1/23/1845, d. 8/29/1899.  Thomas known to have lived in Fordyce in late 1889 after death of 1st wife, Rebecca, and his 2nd marriage to JeannieROBERSON. Wherabouts prior to that time likely in area, but cannot find evidence. Children included Frances (married Dr. J.C. NORCOTT of Little Rock), Ivie Ewing HOWELL(prominent banker in Waldo), Vann Manning HOWELL (prominent citizen and mayor of Fayetteville), Ina Rebecca HOWELL DALY (my grandmother) and Thomas Edwin.  May have been related to Rev. F.M. HOWELL, mid 1800 Presbyterain minister in Arkadelphia and Tulip. Also, strong similarity of given names with Edwin A. HOWELL family of Pine Bluff and Mississippi. Ina married Clint Atkins DALY of Huntington, TN, while in Fordyce as local agent with Cotton Belt Railroad.  They lived in Fordyce,
Kingsland, Campbell, MO, Camden.  Thank you. Email: tefpacker@worldnet.att.net

Robert Echols April 30, 1998 Q123
In 1850 Thomas Peterson and family moved to Dallas County, settled near Holly Springs.   Their oldest son, Alfred Marion Peterson, born in 1842, married Mary Francis Gatling.  They had a son named John T. Peterson, born Oct 8, 1868, in Dallas County.   John T. Peterson married Lilly Beard in 1887.  They had five children:   Eva Lily, Ava Almira, Dan W., Max B., and Don A.  At the time of the birth of their first child, John T. Peterson was a farmer.  He became a merchant and also served as Sheriff of Dallas County.  Lilly Beard Peterson died some time around 1905.   I have not been able to determine the exact year, or where she is buried, but I am sure it was in Dallas County. If anyone has this information and would share it with me, I would be grateful.  Thanks. Email:  cambium@bayou.com

Dennis Robert NIX April 23, 1998  Q122
I am looking for information on my great-
great-great-father, George NIX, who was born in South Carolina in 1795, lived in Dallas County sometime in the 1840's and who supposedly died there sometime in 1852. He was married to Naomi CHANDLER, who was from Georgia, and who was listed in the Dallas County Federal Land Records as owning property as of June 1,1859 in section #10, comprising 80 acres. Any help you could give me in reference to finding out his exact date of death beyond the year would be greatly appreciated. I would be glad to give you any other information I might turn up on him.  Email:  KENANDLOU@aol.com

Jana Cole March 18, 1998 Q121
I am researching my maternal grandparents Randolph SMITH and Dorothy ROSEBOUROUGH, both black. The following information comes from Dorothy's Bible.  Randolph b. Oct. 17, 1899 in Fordyce.  In 1921 married Dorothy b. May 20, 1902 in Pine Bluff.   Dorothy may have been known as Tabithia.  As a child she spent time away from Arkansas, possibly with relatives, in Kansas City, Kansas, where she attended Dunbar School in 1909-1910.   Randolph and Dorothy had at least 4 children in Arkansas: Louis b. Jan. 13 1921 in Fordyce, Ethel b. July 5 (place and year unknown), Kenneth b. July 22 1924 in Thornton, Della b. Mar. 16 1931(place unknown).   The family moved to Kansas City, Kansas abt. 1933. Please contact me if you have any additional information about this family, especially about Randolph and Dorothy's parents, and I would be very grateful for any suggestions of resources that I might try.
Email: quikscor@ix.netcom.com

Penny March 16, 1998 Q120
I am looking for parents of John Clayton Ham of either Princeton or Little Rock, Arkansas around 1700-1800's.  He married Julia Dailey of Princeton, Arkansas.  They had two children.  Julia Dailey's father was William (Bill) Dailey. Email:  Ehier7tz@aol.com

Andrea Dunnahue March 15, 1998 Q119
I am looking for information on Irvin DUNAHOE b. ca1810 married Permilia Emaline KEY COOK, 20 May 1854. They had one son Rufus Thomas Jackson DUNAHOE, b. 12 Apr 1855. They were divorce 1857. I am seeking any information where Irvin DUNAHOE was born and died. Email: vdu875@airmail.net

Virginia Allen March 15, 1998 Q118
Robert Lee Edwards was born Oct 16, 1889 in Dallas County, Holly Springs Ark. married 1911 in Yacona ( I do not know what co. that is) died June 20,1936 in Polk Co. Mena Ark.   I know nothing about his family but it was thought that the family came from Mississippi and settled in Holly Spring Ark.  It was said that they owned and operated many of the businesses in the town including the Post Office.  Father & Son were known as Big Bob & Little Bob.  A baby girl died at birth and Roy Ralph Edwards was born Jan. 13, 1913 in Holly Springs, with other children born in Ink and Mena. Thanks.  Email:  vallen@1starnet.com

Cheryl (Hardcastle) Endicott March 14, 1998 Q117
I am searching for anyone who knows the burial location or any other information about William A. HARDCASTLE, born abt 1867, married to Sarah Josephine Gentry, (sister of Frances Elizabeth Gentry). Thank you. Email:CLEndicott@aol.com

Dee Couvillon; March 12, 1998  Q116
Surname: DUNN I am trying to find out about my fathers' family.  He recently passed away and I found a paper with his parents name on it.  Rush and Alice (Hamilton) Dunn.   It seems they are buried in Rock Springs Cemetary in Dallas County.  I found a very nice lady that was a neighbor and distant relative of my fathers' when he was growing up.  She is 84 yrs young and helped a lot.  My fathers' name was Howard Coleman Dunn.  He had several bros. and sisters.
Some of the names I remember are Blanche, Josephine, Bud (a nickname) and Sonny (also a nickname). If anyone can help me I would appreciate it greatly.  Oh yes, it seems that Coleman is a family surman also. Thank you.

Bill King March 10, 1998 Q115Searching for information of JOHN T. KING (b.abt. 1816 in SC) and wife, MARTHA CARRIE WITHERINGTON (b. abt. 1830 in AL). Moved to Arkansas from Alabama about 1847.  Appeared in Ouachita Co 1850 Census, then in Calhoun-Fayette Township in 1860 and 1870 census records.  Nothing beyond 1870.  All of their children were raised in the river bottoms, south of Artesian, in Calhoun County.  Children were:  Mary (born in AL in 1846), John S. (born in AR in 1847), James M. (1849-50 / AR). William R. (b. 1852 / AR), Florence E. (married J. J. McDonald), Orlando Lee, and Lona Catherine (married Theodore Grant).It was thought that this family lived in the part of Dallas CO that went to Calhoun CO, when established in 1850-51. Most of their children became land owners and long time residents of the area of Calhoun CO below Artesian from 1880-1910.  Request that anyone working these areas of Southern Arkansas from 1845-1870, contact me if they have anything on John T. King and Martha Carrie Witherington.  Thanks.  Bill King - living in Houston, but of Arkansas Roots

Maxine Crawford Hornaday March 3, 1998 Q114
I am searching for parents of James Crofford/Crawford born in Indiana on the 8 of Feb 1853.  He married Florence R,Hammonds (born on 3 March 1865 in South Carolina) on the 20 day of August 1899  in Fordyce, Dallas County, Ar .  He was married prior to this to Adeline Brock  on  27 of March 1892 in Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co. Ar.   If anyone has any information that link these to their parents I would appreciate it.  My email address is hornaday@sat-co.net  My name is Maxine Crawford Hornaday.  They are both buried at Temperence Hill Cemetary in Dallas County.

Rochelle White February 27, 1998 Q113
I am researching the following surnames in Dallas Co., AR.:  HOLMES, JENKINS, McGARRAH and NEWSOM.  They all arrived in the mid to late 1870's from GA.   Please let me know if you are researching any of these families.

Rosie Buzzard February 25, 1998 Q112
My father,OSCAR LOWELL DOHERTY, died in the Arkansas State Hospital March 3,1974. He is buried in Temperance Hill Cemetery. His mother, CORA MITTIE COLVERT DOHERTY & brother LEWIS WILBUR (or WILBURN) DOHERTY are also buried there. My grandfather, JOHN LEWIS DOHERTY is buried in the DOHERTY-STEVENSON CEMETERY. Email:buzznest@ponyexpress.net

Rod Pennington February 24, 1998  Q111
I have the following surnames in Dallas Co., AR:  PENNINGTON  My great grandfather James Buchanan "Buck"PENNINGTON was born in Lawrence Co., TN in 1856 and came to Clark Co., AR as a boy, around 1857.  Married Cornelia Thomas PARKER and settled in Dallas Co. before 1880.  Hundreds of descendants in Clark and Dallas Co.'s.  Buck was a great grandson of Jacob PENNINGTON who came from SC and settled in Lawrence Co., TN around 1816.
LEE  My g grandfather John Stephen LEE (1838-1892) was pastor of the Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church in western Dallas Co.  He was originally from Johnston Co., NC and lived in TN, Franklin Co., AR, and Galliton Co., IL before settling in Hot Spring Co., AR around 1873.  Later moved to Dallas Co. near present site of  Macedonia Church.  Many hundreds of descendants in LEE, PENNINGTON, HUNEYCUTT and other lines.   His brother Sam LEE also had large family in Manchester Community area of eastern Clark, western Dallas Co.'s.  John and Sam LEE were gg grandsons of John LEE, Esq. of Johnston Co., NC (probably one of the largest LEE lineages in the US). PARKER  My gg grandfather Wiley A.PARKER (father of Cornelia above) was from Wake Co., NC.   Married Mary W. "Polly" HORTON in NC and moved to Dallas Co., AR before 1850.   Many hundreds of descendants. HUNEYCUTT  I'm not a HUNEYCUTT descendant, but most of theHUNEYCUTT's of the Manchester Community are connected to the PENNINGTON, PARKER, or LEE lines.  The progenitor of the Manchester Community HUNEYCUTT's was Calvin M. HUNEYCUTT who is kin to the HUNEYCUTT's of Stanly Co., NC.VOSS   I'm not a VOSS descendant, but am kin to the progenitors of VOSS line of the Round Hill Community of Dallas Co., AR were Elihu D. VOSS and his wife Camilla Fredonia PENNINGTON VOSS.  Elihu was a cousin of my ggrandfather BuckPENNINGTON, both being great grandsons of Jacob PENNINGTON of Lawrence Co., TN.  Camilla was Buck's sister, making her my gg aunt. I'm not looking for ancestors so much as I am trying to make contact with cousins who are also researching these lines.  If you're interested in these lines, I'd like to hear from you. Email: rodpenn@sage.net

Jimmie W. Williams February 24, 1998 Q110
I am looking for Info. on my GGGrandparents: Thomas w. SISSION b. abt. 1814 in GA or AL married Mary L. CRAFT b. abt. 1808 in SC or AL they moved to Dallas County, AR at an early age. Thanks. E-Mail HACKER@centuryinter.net

Jimmie W. Williams February 16, 1998 Q109
I would like any info. on my GGrandfather; Robert Fergurson SISSION b. Feb. 19, 1848 d. Nov. 5, 1928 married to Nannie Frances WOMACK b. March 12, 1844 d. Aug. 30, 1923. Thanks,
E-Mail HACKER@centuryinter.net

Jimmie W. Williams February 16, 1998 Q108
I would like any info. on my GGGrandfather & GGGrandmother; W. J. STRINGER b. July 14, 1831 d. Jan. 22, 1902 Burried in Moss Cementary, Bearden Ark. Married to Emily P. ? b. Nov. 26, 1840 d. Oct. 14, 1892 burried in Moss Cemantary, Bearden Ark. Thanks.   E-Mail HACKER@centuryinter.net

Gail H. Banes February 13, 1998 Q107
I am researching Peter MABRA/MARBRA who I found in the 1910 census in Dallas county.  He was originally from Cotton Plant, AR.  He owned property on First Street in Fordyce and had a cobbler shop uptown.  There used to be speculation that he was white, but the 1910 census listed him as black, so perhaps he was just very light-skinned.  His wife was Amanda and they had a son named John who was 19 in 1910. Peter is my gggrandfather on my father's side.  He died in 1937, are there death records available for that year? If you could find out anything else about the MABRA family, land records, marriage, his parentage, etc., or get me pointed in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
Email: g.banes@csuohio.edu

Oscar M. Wilkinson, Jr.

February 6, 1998 Q106
My great great grandfather, Dr. John Toole CRAIG, came out of TN to Dallas County.  He was first coroner when Dallas County was organized.  It is family tradition that he treated the wounded soldiers at the Battle of Marks Mill. His daughter, Mary A. CRAIG, married Joseph RITCHEY, and they were my great grandparents.  Were there any other children of Dr. John Toole CRAIG? Email: wilk100@ev1.net

Sarah Cook February 4, 1998 Q105
I am looking for any information on a Valentine BROWN living in Dallas Co. in 1860 along with his wife Nancy MatildaHEARD. They had one son at that time, John W. BROWN.
Email: SCook1817@aol.com

Sharon Cooley Sandlin January 29, 1998 Q104
David Wilson Forrest. I am trying to track down information on my grandfather's parents' names and his siblings.  I was told that he was probably born in Fordyce.  His birth date was April 13, 1871. I think his father was a blacksmith who also farmed.  I am not sure where to start to find his parents' names, so I thought you might be able to give me a hint.  I do know that he had brothers Jimmy, Johnny, Calvin and a sister Jacquelina. Can you advise me on where I might find his parents' names? Thank you in advance. Email: dixied@Beau.lib.la.us

Rose Marie Spencer January 28, 1998 Q103
I am seeking information on parents of Isaac HOLMES b abt 1787 in Mechlenberg Co VA who came to Dallas Co between 1840 and 1850, with wife Henrietta Wilson HOLMES and children:  Wm T.M., Elizabeth Wilson, Robert F., H.G.L.  H.G.L.HOLMES marr. Betty Jane HARRIS in 1856 in Princeton, and they later moved to Clark Co. Email: rspencer@soark.net

Molly Walls January 23, 1998 Q102
I am looking for Miss MORMAN (of Dallas County) who married J. P. GRAY abt. 1875-1877. She probably moved to Texas about 1890. My database connects the GRAYs, ALSABROOKs, LAWLERs, ELLISs all of whom ended up in Callahan County, TX. by 1900. They had children named Jesse Payne GRAY, Amanda GRAY, and Leonard GRAY, probably other brothers and sisters. Please help if you can. Email: mewalls@swbell.net.

Molly Graham Welch January 14, 1998 Q101
Do you know of any lists which would show the men who served in the Civil War from Dallas County? My gr-grandfather William Hargrove Smith was living in Tulip when the war started and I have been unable to determine which unit he was in because of there being so many William Smiths and W.H. Smiths.  I have the book "The Romance of Tulip Ridge" only it doesn't give his affiliation. I know he served and think that he may have had an arm shot off. I know that after the war he moved to Malvern and died in the 1880s.  I was unable to find record of his widow Lockie Lenore Smith applying for a pension. Thanks.
Email: mwelch@river-valley.net

Pat Gohlke January 13, 1998 Q100
My grandmother Ella Berta DAILY was born in Dallas Co., Fordyce, Ark 17 Oct 1889.  She m. George Washington DOWNSin New Edinburg, Ark. 26 June 1904.  Her father was James William DAILY b. 27 Oct 1861 in Dunklin Co., Mo.  He m. Elizabeth Susan HITTS (HITZ) about 1888.  She was b. in Richwoods, Ark. He is buried in Dalark, Ark in the Atchly Cemetary.  Elizabeth died in 1892 in Fordyce. James parents both died in Ark.  John DAILY June 1913 and TemperenceTAYLOR DAILY January 19, 1919.   My query is where are the others buried.  I visited the library in Fordyce a few years ago, but couldn't find anything in the cemetary files about any of these people.   James remarried 3 times after Elizabeth died.  All of his wives but the last preceded him in death yet none are buried with him. Any help you can give me will be appreciated.  Thanks, Pat. Email: antique@eastland.net

Tanya Holsapple January 4, 1998 Q099
Researching CAUTHRON from Arkansas.  John Cauthron is shown in the 1860 Dallas Co. census, Owens township.  I need any information on this family available.  
E-mail: tanyah@iocc.com.

Sjw 500 January 3, 1998 Q098
I am looking for the parents of David C. Smith and his brother James. They were born in Dade Co MO. 1858 1856. Thier father unkown was born in Ark.  Thier mother name unkown . Born in Mo. Thier father was killed in a gun fight. Mother remarried a Saunders or Sanders.   A son was born . Name is unkown. Smiths moved to Larwance Co., Ark, then on to Hot Springs Co Ark to Donaldson, Ark. where David stayed. He married Harriet Fullington. James moved to Tex. I was born in Malvern, Ark also. I live in Mich now. My grandpaw Albert Marion Smith lived in Donaldson, Ark. He is a son of David. I need help. A few say David's father was John Crittened Smith and Sarah Haley. But I have found no proof. My father Bill Smith and my mother Mary G. Manning was born in Ark also.

Belinda Winston January 3, 1998 Q097
Would like any information on Marion Johnson. Son Edgar, married Jetta Mae Phillips, daughter of Perdy Phillips. Anything would be helpful. Belinda Winston, Rison, AR

Belinda Winston January 3, 1998 Q096
I am looking for any information on William Phillips buried in Hunter's Chapel Cemetery. Born 1773 in Tenn? Died 1860 in Dallas County, AR. Was in War of 1812. I believe his son to be Isaac C. Phillips and would like any information on his family. Belinda Winston, Rison, Ar

Damon Hudson, January 1, 1998 Q095
I am trying to verify whether, or not, James K. "Polk" BRITTAIN died in Carthage, Dallas Co., AR in 1915.    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Damon Hudson, Cave City, Ar

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