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Many of the names found below are spelled several different ways, sometimes to the extent that they are hardly recognizable as to being the same family. This is due in part to the abstracter and other times due to the person writing the original names. Many were of French origin and the writer may not have been of French descent. Also many of these pioneers were not educated and did not know how to spell their own names. Please do not accept these notes as fact. They are meant only to serve as a reference to help you in your research.

ROBERT ALCORN - He was born c1801 in Kentucky. After 1844 he married Mrs. Annie E. (Waters) Bayliss. He died in 1861. Annie E., his wife, was born c1814 in Tennessee.

HENRY ALLEN - He was born c1795 in New York.

ANTOINE BARRAQUE - b. 15 Apr 1773 France; d. 29 Oct 1858. He came to the United States in 1816. He married Mary T. Dardenne. She was born c1796 Ark. He was the founder of New Gascony located a few miles below Pine Bluff. He died at the home of his son in law B.F. Smith in Pine Bluff.

LOUIS BARTILAMY (BARTHOLOMEW) - He married Ellen Duchassin 14 Apr 1838 in Jefferson Co.

JOSEPH WILLIAM BOCAGE-He was born in the year of ,1819, on May, 8th in St. Lucia, West Indies. His parents were William Coit du Bocage and Marie Ann Gouliard Lavoisier. He was the great-nephew of Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, the discoverer of oxygen. He came to Arkansas in 1837, and three years later married Frances Sanford Lindsay on 22, May,1840, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Together they had thirteen children. He studied law under Albert Pike, another early Pine Bluff resident. In the summer of, 1865, they built a grand house named "La Bocage" which meant "the forest". It was patterned after the home of General John A. Lillingworth in North Carolina where he grew up. J. W. Bocage was an Episcopalian and belonged to the Trinity Episcopal Church in Pine Bluff. He also belonged to the Jacob Brump Lodge #160 of the Free and Accepted Masons. In, 1866, he was senior warden and helped in a cornerstone ceremony for the Trinity Episcopal Church. He died January 14, 1898 and is buried in the family plot at the Pine Bluff Cemetery.

IGNACE BOGY - He was born c1791 in Arkansas. He married Desire' Mitchell 23 June 1823 in Arkansas Co.

LEWIS BOGY - He was born c1791 in Arkansas.

PETER BOGY - He was born c1815 in Arkansas.

JOSEPH BONNE - He was born c1794 in Arkansas. left Ark Post in 1819 and was the first permanent white settler at the site of Pine Bluff. His possessions were a rifle, canoe and a dog. In 1825 he built a wigwam on the banks of the south side of the Arkansas River.

FRANCOIS COUSSOTT - He married Genevieve Bartelemy (Bartholomew), 22 May 1797 at Arkansas Post.

ABRAM DARDENNE - He had an inn and operated the ferry across the river at Pine Bluff in 1830.

GABRIEL DARDENNE - He was born c1814 in Arkansas.

STANISLAUS DARDENNE - He was born c1810 in Arkansas.

FRANCIS DARDENNE - He was born c1805 in Arkansas.

JOHN DERRESSEAUX - settled near Pine Bluff in 1825. Two log cabins constituted the town of Pine Bluff in 1825, one belonging to John Derresseaux and the other being Joseph Bonne's cabin. He must have died prior to 1830 as he is not found on the 1830 census. It is also possible that the Mrs. Mary Deruseaux that married Maj. Francois Vaugine on 2 Dec 1826 was the widow of John Derresseaux.

WILLIAM DROPE - He married Eloisa Dardenne 21 Feb 1818 in Arkansas Co.

GEORGE W. FLYNN - He married Sally Haynes in Sumner County, Tn., on March 26, 1796. He Purchased 200 acres on the Ohio River in Livingston Co. Ky. He built a Ferry across the River to the Ill. side. He and his Family ran this ferry for about 20 years. They then moved to Jefferson Co. Ark. in the late 1820's. He was given Land in Arkansas for fighting in the War of 1812.  He was given 160 acres. I believe the land was in Lonoke County, but he liked being next to the river, so he bought land on the Arkansas River, in Jefferson County.  He brought his whole family with him and they all lived close together.

George FLYNN JR. - He married Caroline Hill on February 6, 1827. This is George W Flynn's son. At this time he had purchased land in Ill. George and Caroline were moved to that land and lived their until their son was born, John William Flynn. After he was born George W. packed up his whole family and came down the Ohio River then to Mississippi River and down to Arkansas.

WILLIAM FLYNN - He was born c1803 in Kentucky. He was either George W. Flynn's Son or nephew.

JOSEPH FUGATE - He married Mary Imbeau 4 Sep 1834 in Jefferson Co. He operated a store in Pine Bluff as early as 1840.

PETER GERMAN - He was born c1804 Va.

JOSEPH GOCIO - b. 1803 at Arkansas Post. d. 1856. Parents from France settling at New Orleans, then Ark. Post. m. Elizabeth Johnson b. 1818 (of Georgia). Elizabeth married second, R.S. Dollarhide who died in 1876.

THOMAS GREENFIELD - b. c1804 of Todd Co., Ky. m. Lucy Hannah b. 1806 of Ky. moved to Pine Bluff in 1837. T.G. died 1840. Lucy d. 1853. He was a son of Thomas G. Greenfield of Va., an 1812 veteran, who followed Daniel Boone to Ky. The Hannah family was from Christian Co., Ky.

ABEL GRIFFIN - He was born c1801 in Canada.

THOMAS GRIFFIN - He was born c1799 in North Carolina.

WILLIAM P. HACKETT - He was elected the first judge of Jefferson county in 1830.

ALFRED HARRINGTON - He was born c1794 in Georgia.

MAJ. JOHN HARRINGTON - The Quapaw Treaty was signed 15 Nov 1824 at Maj. John Harrington's place on the north bank of the Arkansas River near Pine Bluff.

FRED HAVIS:  This is a short biography of my late ggg uncle Fred Havis son of John Havis, former slave master. This bio was taken from microfilm of a newspaper article written around 1889 or 1890.  Fred Havis, circuit clerk and recorder, Pine Bluff, Ark. Fred was born in Desha, county, Ark. on Nov. 15, 1846 and went to Jefferson county when just a young boy. He was a barber by trade and followed this vocation up to the date of his election to his present office. In 1871 he was elected alderman in the city of Pine Bluff, and served two years; he was elected as a member of the legislature in the fall of 1872 for two years, and upon the adjournment of the legislature in 1873, and was appointed assessor of Jefferson county for four years. In 1888 he was elected to the office of circuit clerk, and was elected to that office three times. He was also a delegate to the National Convention in the years 1880, 1884, and 1888. He was also the vice president for the state of Ark. in the National Convention off 1888. He received the caucus vote of the republican members of the legislature of 1887, for United States Senator, from the state of Ark. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity the G.U.O.F. Lodge and United Brothers of Friend ship. He owned about 2,ooo acres of land and was quite wealthy. He had a daughter Essie born Sept. 15, 1889, who married a Frank Moore. She died in 1972. She had an only son Frank.  If anyone can give me more information on my late uncle or GGG grand-father John Havis I would be very grateful. Marlene Howard

JOHN HENRY - He was born c1790 in North Carolina.

AMBROSE HUDGENS - b. 1814 Texas; d. 13 June 1889 in his 76 year. m. Eliza Irwin b. Tenn., dau. of Maj. David Irwin of the Revolutionary War. Ambrose came to Jefferson Co., Ark with his parents in 1826. He resided in Jefferson Co. until 1869 when he located in Lincoln Co., Ark. He served in the Jefferson Co. legislature for one term. Both husband and wife are of English descent. After the death of his first wife, Ambrose married Jane Derresseaux, who died in June 1868. He married the third time in 1869 to Mrs. (Adkins) Brewster, of Tennessee.

FRANCIS IMBEAU - He was born c1799 in Arkansas.

JESSE INGLEBRIGHT - He was born c1807 in Kentucky.

ANTOINE KELLY - He was in Richland Township in 1830 and may have died there prior to 1840. A Mrs. Kelly is listed in Richland Twp. in 1840.

WIGTON KING - He was a planter of Jefferson county. His death occurred on board the steam-boat Arkansas on a trip from New Orleans, 19 June 1833. He died from Cholera. His wife Elizabeth, had predeceased him dying in Richland Township, 22 Aug 1829. She was in her 58th year.

JAMES L. JOHNSON - b. 1811 in Canada, He came to Pine Bluff in 1835, but settled near Swan Lake in Arkansas Co. in 1839. He built the first frame house in Pine Bluff.

JOSEPH KUYKENDALL - He settled a few miles downstream of Pine Bluff in 1819.

WILLIAM H. LINDSEY - b. 1812 Va.; d. 1869. m. Catherine Cochran of Ky., came to Pine Bluff 1836. He was the 2nd Judge Jefferson Co. ever had. She d. 1852. m.2 Mahala Moore of Rutherford Co., Tenn. She d. 1867 in Jeff Co. Ark.

ASA MASON - He was born c1755 in South Carolina.  Asa had three daughters that married into the Flynn family. Lovey Mason, Sarah Mason, and Elizabeth Mason.  Lovey will marry John William Flynn, and they will have two children, John and Sarah Flynn.  Sarah Mason will marry V. Y Carnes and they will have two children.  Something happens between 1860 and 1870.  I do not know if it was a disease running rampant through the community or not.  But I do know that Sarah Mason Carnes will lose her husband and her two children and John William Flynn will lose his wife and his son.  Sarah Mason Carnes and John William Flynn will marry.  Elizabeth Mason will marry Robert L. Flynn (John William's brother).  

RANSOM McCALL - He was born 1817 in Tenn. He married 1st 4 Jan 1838, Mary Barraque, b. 1819 d.1871. He m.2 Mrs. Martha Jane Jones, widow of Dr. J.P. Jones of Pine Bluff.

JOHN D. MOSBY - He married Sarah Taylor b. 1803 d. 1842, she was the dau. of Creed Taylor.

ZEDNOR PLACIE - He was born c1807 in Missouri.

JOHN W. PULLEN - one of the first English settlers in the area.

JAMES T. PULLEN - Dr. James T. Pullen had served as county clerk since 1830 and postmaster since Dec 1834. He was shot and killed by John N. Outlaw, 11 June 1839.

SAMUEL CALHOUN ROANE - b. 27 Feb 1793 Mecklenburg Co., N.C. He was the son of Hugh and Hannah Calhoun Roane. He grew to manhood in Wilson Co., Tenn. After the war of 1812 he went to Ky. and married Ann Hobbs who died in 1815. He then moved to Arkansas Post. He was appointed recording clerk for the first general assembly of the Arkansas Territory in 1820. He designed the territorial seal which later became the state seal. In 1825, he m. Julia Embree, dau of Moses and Sarah Embree. He died on his plantation across the river from Pine Bluff, 8 Dec 1852. He is buried in Mt. Holly Cemetery in Little Rock.

JAMES SCULL - b. 1782 England d. 3 Jul 1846; He was an immigrant from England, and kept a trading post for the Indians in Ark Co. as early as 1809. He m. 1809 Marie Felitita (Mannette) Vaugine from La. He settled on the north bank of the Arkansas River across from Pine Bluff. He ran a tavern and inn and was Postmaster in 1828. He died 3 Jul 1846 in Jefferson Co, age 64. wife d. 8 Feb 1859, age 65.

ARCHIBALD TAYLOR - came to Jeff Co in 1826 from Ky. He was born in Ind. Lived near Rob Roy. Arch. died in his 30th year. His wife Mary Harrington of Indiana, she m.2 Mr. Oneill.

CREED TAYLOR - b. 1 Jan 1800 Mercer Co., Ky.; d. 8 June 1887 Jefferson Co., Ark. bur. New Gascony. He moved to Ark. in 1817 settling at what is now Lewisburg, but stayed only one year returning to Ky. Returned to settle at Pine Bluff in 1822. Parents - John Taylor b. c1767 Buckingham Co., Va.; d. 9 Mar 1841; Nancy Lewis b. c1776 Goochland Co., Va.; d. c1820. He was the 1st sheriff of Jefferson Co. He also served as county and probate judge. He married 1st Eulalie Vaugine, dau of Francis and Felicita Valliere Vaugine; he married 2nd Mary Ann Vallier, dau of Don Francois Valliere, son of Don Joseph. She was born c1801 d. 9 Nov 1837 Jeff. Co., bur. New Gascony. He married 3rd Mrs. Mary B. Jones, widow of Col. John J. Jones of Chicot Co. She died in 1879.

EULALIE TAYLOR - b. 3 Mar 1825, m. 27 Jan 1842 Robert Woods Walker, b. 11 Sept 1810 Rockbridge Co., Va. His mother, Margaret Woods died in Caldwell Co., Ky. His father, John Moore Walker died in 1816 in Arkansas. Robert is said to have lived in Nashville, Tenn. prior to coming to Ark. in 1836. She was the dau of Creed Taylor. gr-Granddau. of Don Joseph Vallier who was governor general of The Territory of Louisiana under the Spanish government.

SAM TAYLOR - bro of Creed Taylor, b. 5 Nov 1794 Mercer Co., Ky.; d. 16 Mar 1853 Pine Bluff, Ark. He married 6 Apr 1814 in Mercer Co. to Elizabeth Williams. She died in Ky. before 1820. He married 2nd, 8 Apr 1820 in Mercer Co., Elizabeth Hanna.

WOOD TUCKER - He was born c1790 in Virginia.

DON JOSEPH VALLIER - He was born in Languedoc, France. He was at one time governor-general of the Territory of Louisiana under the Spanish Government. He commanded Arkansas Post from about 1786 to 1791. He died 1799 on a trip to New Orleans. He married about 1763 Maria Feliciti de Moran of New Orleans.

MAJ. FRANCIS NUISEMENT de VAUGINE - b. 7 Aug 1768 Bayou Teche, La.; married 1790 Marie Feliciti Valliere, 2nd child of Don Joseph Valliere, commander of Arkansas Post. One of their children: Eulalie Vaugine b. c1805 Ark Post; d. 1 Aug 1827 Jeff. Co., AR; buried New Gascony Cem.; m. 22 Oct 1821 Creed Taylor.

FRANCIS VAUGINE - b. 1800 Ark Post m. 1826, Audele Derreuisseaux b. 1808 Ark. Post. His father was a native of France. His father d. in Pine Bluff in 1831, age 63. He was a Major in the war of 1812. The mother's side were French-Canadians who came to Ark. prior to 1793.

MANETTE VAUGINE - was born c1792 in Arkansas or Louisiana. She married James Scull. She died 8 Feb 1859.

MATILDA VAUGINE - She was the widow of Stephen Vaugine, who had died prior to 1830 in Arkansas. Stephen had opened one of the first stores in Pine Bluff in 1825

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